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Jeremy Chatelaine, founder of and Jack Reamer, founder of talk about the strategies and tactics around cold email outreach. Straightforward, to the point, no fluff for actionable insights to help you succeed with your cold email outreach.

Jeremy Chatelaine, founder of and Jack Reamer, founder of talk about the strategies and tactics around cold email outreach. Straightforward, to the point, no fluff for actionable insights to help you succeed with your cold email outreach.


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Jeremy Chatelaine, founder of and Jack Reamer, founder of talk about the strategies and tactics around cold email outreach. Straightforward, to the point, no fluff for actionable insights to help you succeed with your cold email outreach.




#188 - What is Lead Generation in under 10 minutes

Today we are going to define what Lead Generation is - short and clear. HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: What it means to win interest from qualified prospectsJob titles that involve lead generation as a primary roleInbound and outbound paths to lead generationHow to qualify leadsWhat personalization is and how it can benefit you If you want to master more topics in the cold email world, check out our in-depth course Cold Email Outreach MasterClass where you can upgrade...


#187 - Cold Emailing Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street

Today, we’re facing a challenge - 10 minutes to find Jordan Belford’s email address and send a cold email to him. This is what we came up with: Jordan, I’ve taken a straight line 2 times and have already seen 3x more sales because of your training. But that’s not actually the reason I’m contacting you today… I see Oracle has sponsored your Youtube channel and my company (selling a cold email tool for salespeople) could be a fit for your next sponsorship. What would it take for you to...


#186 - Top Four Campaigns for 2020 You Can Steal

In this watercooler episode we’re talking about the four types of campaigns that were getting 40-60% reply rate in 2020. Let’s see what they are! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: How the pandemic affected reply ratesWhy it was a good year for campaigns that are inquiring about purchasing a companyThe advantages of re-engaging your LinkedIn connections by email The best ways to provide a job opportunity by cold emailWhy providing an audience results in a very high reply...


#185 - 10 Practical Questions On Sales Outreach in 2021

Today we have a sales outreach rapid fire. Here are the questions: Should I reach out during the holiday season?How would you cold email for competitor research?How can I follow up with people who replied “not interested” six months later?What is the future of B2B prospect data?What should I do with the prospect who opened my email, clicked on it but did not reply, if I hate cold calling?I’ve got 10000 prospects. What’s the fastest way to prioritize them?Who should send outbound emails and...


#184 - How to Double Appsumo in 2021?

In this growth chat we are talking about well established entrepreneurial businesses proposing great lifetime deals for their cool products to a huge audience. If you’re dealing with a well established company, you need to be careful about how you do outreach, because you can tarnish a brand that’s been doing nicely for a while. We’ll use the growth of Appsumo as an example this time. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: How to get most of the buyers listWhy you can’t...


#183 - Should You Hire A Lead Generation Agency Or Build A Sales Team?

If you are trying to find the best way to ramp up sales, you must be wondering if that involves an agency, or you should focus on the internal sales team. Let’s see what are pros and cons to either of the choices. HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: Questions to ask yourself when planning next year’s salesThe risk of outsourcing outbound effortsThe value of having a solid process in placeWhat the biggest resistance to hiring an agency is Red flags to watch out for when...


#182 - Nudge Campaign: How to Automatically Convert Leads?

Today we are talking about the action on leads who were interested enough to visit the sales page, but not enough to purchase. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: How to use both inbound and outbound mindset for a successful nudge campaignHow to generate insight and act based on what the people click on How to use links in your signature to filter leadsHow to use software to put a nudge campaign in place You don’t have to talk to every prospect the same way. You can...


#181 - Tips for Keeping Outbound Leads Engaged

We all know about a lot of easy marketing outbound stuff that we could do, but we are just not acting on it. So let’s see how we can take action and avoid losing low-hanging-fruit prospects. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: What to do when your prospect is interested in your offer, but not at that momentHow to automate reminders to follow up with a prospect in a couple of monthsCTAs for keeping the prospects warm until you call themHow to turn a blog post into...


Episode #180 - Racking The Shotgun

The reality is that most of your market will not buy from you. So wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time and effort with the people who are more responsive and truly need what you have to sell? HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: Why you would want to cut down your listWhere to find the hottest leadsHow to contact prospects WHEN they want to buy There’s a lot of money in the quest for the hot list, for a good reason. Use our tips to make a strong strategy and wish yourself a...


#179 - LinkedIn Profile Teardown

We are excited about tweaking profiles lately! A couple of guests we had on the show have said that your prospects are going to check you out. So you have to consider having an updated profile that doesn’t look like a CV, but more like a sales page. Today we are tearing down three LinkedIn profiles that we have a lot to learn from. Enjoy! LINKEDIN PROFILES WE ARE DISCUSSING: Nathanial BibbyDonald MillerDragos Balasolu Check out also our episodes with Nathanial and Dragos to add a few...


#178 - How to Get a 100% Reply Rate

If you had to achieve 100% reply rate, what would your strategy look like? We’ll discuss how we would use our list and what we would ask when contacting those prospects. If you have some other interesting ideas, send us an email, we’d love to see them. Happy cold emailing! Jeremy and Jack


#177 - SMS Political Teardown

Today we’re tearing down cold sms messages. We’ll discuss what we like, what we don’t like and see if those messages could be used in other mediums. Maybe the most interesting thing in this case is to realize what you can do within 160 characters. To learn how to face this and other kinds of challenges in the cold email world, check out and master cold email. Jeremy and Jack


#176 - Vintage Cold Email Teardown

Jack found some old cold email from 1902 selling natural gas products to businesses, and we've had a blast at tearing it down. There are so many solid elements of cold email in that letter, that we've thought it's definitely worth taking a second look in 2020. You will learn how it could be easily adapted from a direct sales letter to today’s cold email format. Here it is and watch the video to the end to find out what we think about it: "How much are you paying per cubic foot of your...


#175 - Cold Outreach Rapid Fire

Here are the newest questions from our cold emailers, let’s dive right in: Rapid Fire Questions: What's the best source to learn from about cold emailing?What are the best ways to improve the response rate for "cold" emails?Are cold emails becoming less effective?What's one thing I should stop doing with cold email?How many links can I have in my cold email and not have deliverability issues?What's an easy way to write a good follow-up email?Should I invite prospects to a Zoom call or a...


#174 - Cold Outreach: Teardown

This time we’re discussing three of your emails. Let’s dive into them to pick up some nuggets! In the end it’s always about the three main things: your list, value proposition and CTA. Make sure you have them in place. Happy cold emailing! Jeremy and Jack Resources: CTA Swipe FileColdemail Masterclass


#173 - Greg Mccallum: Building Remote Sales Teams

Hey folks, today we are welcoming Greg Mccallum, a high performance executive leader with extensive B2B & B2C Commercial, Startup Consultancy and Change Management experience. We talk about the right way to build remote sales team, and challenges that are coming in this arena. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: What typical remote team looks likeWhat is missing in distributed teams and how it can be compensated Virtual office environment as a new permanent...


#172 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Not Do Outbound

Today we talk about the cases when it doesn’t make sense for your company to do outbound marketing. We have seen a pattern where certain brands are more successful in outbound than others, so we are revisiting the topic that we’ve discussed a couple of years ago. Jack’s Outbound Cons: Jeremy’s Outbound Cons: However, keep in mind that if there is a will there's a way. We described some situations where cold email is not the best option unless you do something more creative with it. So,...


#171 - Teardown: Content Agency, Socks & Appsumo

Today we have three more of your emails to learn from. Let’s dive right into them! We are happy to share knowledge, so keep sending us emails and questions, so we can have more valuable lessons. And let us know how you like our new episode format. Happy cold emailing! Jeremy and Jack RESOURCES: CTA swipe file Building a StoryBrand, a book by Donald MillerSign up for our course –Cold Email Outreach Masterclass


#170 - Should We Still Test?

Can you run an A/B test if you have a few hundred prospects in a campaign? Ask any data scientist or savvy marketer, and they’ll tell you “no”. Why? You need lots of data to have confidence that you’re actually picking the real winner. So what’s a cold emailer to do? In this episode, we explore this question and leave you with a reliable process for testing low-volume email campaigns using qualitative feedback, inbound data and a few other testing hacks you can use, right...


#169 - Brian Massey: How Data Science Helps Cold Emails Perform Better

Today we are talking to Brian Massey, the founder of the Conversion Sciences, which is a data-driven conversion optimization agency with lab coats. Brian is also the author of the Amazon bestseller Customer Creation Equation. He is joining us today to talk about data behind messaging, and metrics that can help us perform better with emails. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: How to tweek emails in order to have better conversionHow to prepare your list before engaging the...