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512: What I Wish I'd Known - Advice for Young Musicians

Today we’re digging into a question that I’ve asked many of my past podcast guests: what advice would you give your younger self? This question is answered today by the following people (in order of appearance): Tom Zera Christian McBrideSusan Wulff Peter Seymour Carlos HenriquezMatthew McDonaldLois RobinsonEric HansenMitch MoehringArnold SchnitzerDavid GageBill GouldDonovan Stokes Jacqueline PickettJoe McFaddenGeoff NeumanMelody Chia Steve TramontozziMarek RomanowskiMicah Howard Pascale...


511: Edwin Livingston

I’ve been a fan of Edwin Livingston’s bass playing ever since hearing him play with Natalie Cole several years ago. Edwin is one of the most in-demand bassists working today, having worked Elvin Jones, Ellis, Delfeayo, and Jason Marsalis, The Headhunters, and dozens of other familiar names. Edwin and I cover a lot of territory, including: …and much more! Edwin is a great guy and one heck of a bass player, and I know you’ll get a lot out of this conversation. Listen to Contrabass...


510: Joel Reist of the Nashville Symphony

Joel Reist has been a member of the Nashville Symphony for nearly 20 years, and has served as principal bass since 2003. A former student of Anthony Bianco and Paul Ellison, Joel spent time in the New World Symphony prior to joining the Nashville Symphony. He also teaches bass at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. We dig deep into a number of topics: …and much more! Joel is a great guy, and it was a blast sitting down with him to chat for the podcast! Listen to...


509: Joe Zon, Michael Manring, & Billy Gould

Today’s episode features Joe Zon of Zon Guitars plus Zon artists Michael Manring, Cody Wright, Bill Gould, and Jeff Denson. Dan Robbins joined the panel with his Ibanez 6-string and array of pedals and effects as well. Topics include: Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Kolstein Music The Samuel Kolstein Violin Shop was founded by Samuel Kolstein in 1943 as a Violin and Bow making...


508: Ethan Jodziewicz on blazing a path

Ethan Jodziewicz has carved out a remarkable career for himself in the world of acoustic music. He plays bass for Sierra Hull and was featured on her GRAMMY-nominated album Weighted Mind. A former student of Edgar Meyer, Hal Robinson, and Nicholas Walker, Ethan is forging his own path through the music world in a fascinating way. We dig into a ton of topics, like: how …and much more. Enjoy this spirited conversation with a truly fascinating artist! Listen to Contrabass...


507: gear talk with Donovan Stokes

Donovan Stokes is a one-of-a-kind artist. I’ve been captivated by his playing ever since hearing him over a decade ago, and it has been a real pleasure getting to teach alongside him at the Golden Gate Bass Camp. Donovan and I were able to carve out 30 minutes prior to a concert at the camp, and we dug into a bunch of gear-related questions that I’d been wanting to ask him, like: …and much more! We’ll have to do a “round 3” soon with Donovan—I’ve got many more questions to ask! Listen...


506: Megan McDevitt - Bass + Gender presentation

Bass and Gender Talk Megan McDevitt shares her thoughts on why she has been motivated to dig into this topic and also details about the specific audience for this talk on this bonus episode. She writes: This talk is very similar to the one I have given at the ISB Convention, College Music Society Convention, and Atlantic Music Festival. In all of those settings, most of the audience was made up of professional musicians and college students. With an audience of people with world (and...


506: Megan McDevitt on women in the bass world

Megan McDevitt has been covering a topic that is of critical importance: The Bass and Gender. She presented a session on it at the 2017 International Society of Bassists Convention, and she had a session scheduled for the 2018 Golden Gate Bass Camp as well. Megan and I dig into femininity, masculinity, and the bass, and a whole variety of topics are covered through this conversational journey. Thank you so much to Megan for enthusiastically covering this topic—I really hope you enjoy...


505: Matthew Tucker on innovations in bass luthiery

Matthew Tucker of Bresque Basses has been innovating in a number of fascinating ways in the world of bass luthiery. A regular attendee of the Violin Society of America / Oberlin Bass Workshop, Matthew has designed an innovative system of flatback double bass bracing that he calls Responsive Flatback Bracing. We dig into this bracing system, his path into the luthier world, his approach to repair (think doctor/patient relationship), the luthier and client relationship, and much...


504: Katie Thiroux and her dynamic Jazz career

We’re chatting with Katie Thiroux on today’s episode. Katie’s album Off Beat was named one of Downbeat’s Best Albums of 2017, and she recently completed a three-month stint at Quincy Jones’ Dubai Jazz club. We dig into all kinds of topics, like: ..and much more! This is an engaging conversation with one of Jazz’s great young artists! Enjoy, and be sure to follow along with Katie on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS,...


503: Micah Howard on life in the Pittsburgh Symphony

Micah Howard has been on my “to interview” list for years. As a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Micah has had a huge influence on countless bass players (including my good friend Christian Dillingham!). I actually just found a note from 2008 that said “interview Micah Howard” - that’s how long I’ve been hoping to do this! A few weeks ago, I wrote him an email asking to schedule an interview, only to find that he had emailed me that exact...


502: BASS2018 Lucca final details

BASS2018 Lucca will take place July 31 - August 5, 2018. Today, we chat with Artistic Directors Gabriele Ragghianti and Alberto Bocini about what to expect at this event. I'll be there covering the event and having many conversations for the podcast. We all hope to see you there!


501: How to Practice with Lauren Pierce

Lauren Pierce has just released a new course called Practiceology. As the name implies, this is a deep-dive into the hows and whys of practicing. We dig into all kinds of topics with Lauren, like: why practice is frustratingvideo digging into warm-up routines I hope you enjoy this discussion with Lauren on a very important topic! Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Robertson & Sons...


500: Live from San Francisco!

This special 500th episode of the podcast was recorded live at the Golden Gate Bass Camp in San Francisco on July 20, 2018. It features conversations and performances from the following people: Richard DukeMichael ManringCody WrightAlex Friedman Joe ConyersSteve SwanBill GouldDonovan StokesJeff Denson Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Robertson & Sons Violins For more than four decades,...


499: Marek Romanowski

Marek Romanowski and I were housemates during the Bradetich Competition back in the fall of 2017. He and I spent some great nights with our hosts chatting about bass, music, Texas, Poland, and all sorts of other topics. Ever since the competition, I have become such a fan of his playing. Marek won the Sperger Competition in 2016 and was one of the finalists for the Bradetich Competition in 2017. We also put out an interview and performance excerpt video on YouTube as well as a...


498: Steve Tramontozzi on his path through the music world

I first met Steve Tramontozzi back in 2000 at the Pacific Music Festival. Steve was our bass coach that summer, and it was such a pleasure to work with him on solo playing, orchestral repertoire, and bass ensembles. Steve is assistant principal bass for the San Francisco Symphony and also teaches bass at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Steve is also one heck of a solo player, and I’ve had several opportunities to see him play here in San Francisco. Steve just released his...


497: The State of Young Bass Teaching

Today, we take a look at the state of young bass education. This episode is based on a recent blog post written after attending the Suzuki Association of the Americas’ 2018 Conference. Enjoy! Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Robertson & Sons Violins For more than four decades, Robertson & Sons has specialized in providing the highest quality stringed instruments and bows to collectors,...


496: Audition Thoughts from Colin Corner

Today, we dig into some thoughts that past podcast guest Colin Corner shared about the recent Oregon Symphony Assistant Principal Bass audition. Check out Colin’s most recent interview here, and check out his complete recital from the 2017 Pittsburgh Double Bass Symposium here! Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Contrabass Conversations is sponsored by: Robertson & Sons Violins For more than four decades, Robertson & Sons has...


495: Victor Wooten

Today’s special episode is Mike Forfia's conversation with Victor Wooten. An edited version of this conversation appeared in the June 2018 edition of Bass World magazine from the International Society of Bassists. Enjoy, and be sure to join the ISB if you're not a member already!


494: Luthier Round Table

Today’s special episode is a round table discussion with over two dozen of the world’s top double bass luthiers. This discussion took place at the 2018 Violin Society of America Double Bass Workshop at Oberlin College and features the following luthiers: Jay VandeKoppleGreg SmithBrian GencarelliJoey Naeger Thomas HeltonRobbie McIntoshVince JesseAndrew StolfaArnold SchnitzerElinore MorrisAndrew HasselSony NegrerosRay RamirezJacob BradfordRandy HuntMitch MoehringRalph AlcalaJack HillJeff...