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A show that empowers women to pick up tools to do some DIY, repurposed projects and more.

A show that empowers women to pick up tools to do some DIY, repurposed projects and more.


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A show that empowers women to pick up tools to do some DIY, repurposed projects and more.




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All About Maker 13

Do you know what a maker space is? Maybe there is one near you. I have a super maker space that I love going to in Jeffersonville IN. In episode 26 of DIY with MRL, you'll hear all about the classes and events. Hop over to for more details and show notes.


10 Power Tool Safety Tips

Stay safe in your wood shop with these 10 safety tips. Maybe nothing new, but definitely items you may need to remember.


Options for DIY Projects

DIY with MRL Episode #24 We all have those times when it’s too hot or too cold to work on projects outside. Maybe you have a climate controlled shop, but I think the majority of us diy’ers battle the elements when we work on projects. In today’s podcast I talked about Jenny’s comment on Facebook. Jenny says: I've been enjoying repurposing silver flatware, was just wondering if you have done this as well I mostly redo/upcycled furniture but am finding this very therapeutic and easier in...


Thrift Store Furniture Redos

Have you missed DIY with MRL? I’ve taken a few weeks off, but I’m back this week talking about redoing all kinds of furniture for your home. This includes cutting, sawing, and painting furniture you find on the curb, in a thrift store, or in your own home. These are the projects I discuss in this week’s episode. Brass Floor Lamp Black Cabinet Refinished/Painted Coffee Table (before) Painted Ceiling Fans Buffet into Media Center Small side table cut in half from years...


All About Pallets

Today’s show is about pallets. Where to find them, what to avoid, how to dismantle them and more! Pallet furniture and pallet projects are so popular these days. It use to be companies would beg you to take them, now it seems some companies want to sell them. Times, they are a changin’. I did a roundup post of great pallet projects from my friends, with lots of great information, but if you prefer to listen to the podcast, please click play below. There are some tidbits in the podcast...


The Power of Spray Paint

Today’s show, episode #21 is all about spray painting. What can you spray paint, and the best way to go about it? I give you my six best tips on spray painting. This podcast is a spin-off of a popular blog post The Power of Spray Paint, where I will tell you my opinions and thoughts on spray painting. Thanks for listening! Please remember, this is an audio podcast that you can listen to here on the blog, or you can Subscribe to DIY with MRL on iTunes, Google Play and Tune...


Are you ready to paint your kitchen cabinets

Welcome to episode #20 of DIY with MRL! In this episode I ask, are you ready to paint your kitchen cabinets. Yep, put down the power tools and pick up the paint brush. I only have one kitchen, but I have painted three sets of cabinets. Each experience was different. You can see the post How To Paint Oak Cabinets for details and tips. How to Update Cabinets will give you ideas if you’re looking to add some definition to your flat panel cabinet doors. I want to thank everyone who...


Fabulous at 50+

I mentioned last week that this week’s episode would be a little different. I’m joining in with some other fab at 50 ladies to share all things fifty and fabulous. For me, turning 50 was during a difficult time in my life. At the time, I wondered how I was going to even make it through those first few months, but little did I know that great things lie ahead for me. That’s what I’m discussing in this weeks podcast episode. Some of the things you hear you may already have known about me....


Project Fails and Fizzles

Welcome to the newest episode of DIY with MRL , #18—all about project fails and fizzles. We’ve all had them, right? You might not think that seasoned diy’ers like myself actually have them, but we do! Please click PLAY on the DIY with MRL player below to listen to the latest episode. Project fail or fizzle? Rose from Confessions of a Curbshopaholic inspired me to do a lot of my projects, including this Radio Cabinet repurposed into a Portable Bar that challenged me the first time...


Let's Talk About Flipping Furniture

Here we are on episode #17 of DIY with MRL. I’m flying solo this week, discussing flipping furniture and whether or not you can make money at it. It’s a question I get often via emails. If you’d like to know all the details, you’ll just have to push that little “play” button down yonder on the player. The only thing that was really mentioned about blog was Glendale Crossing Days over the years—and how I rented a U-haul for the first time last year. Today’s Sponsor I have been using...


#16 Kim Six talks about her favorite tools

Kim Six from The Kim Six Fix blog was our guest today. If you’ve never heard Kim do a video or interview, you are in for a treat! She’s so much fun to talk to and hang out with. If you listened to last week’s show, Cher from Designs by Studio C and I were talking about an upcoming “one board” challenge and how awesome Kim’s project was going to be. Be sure to check out her first scroll saw project, a wooden basket/bowl. *this post contains affiliate links* Can you believe this is her FIRST...


Let's talk about furniture Building

Welcome to Episode #15 of DIY with MRL. I hope you understand that this SHOW NOTES post is about the podcast that goes along with the blog My Repurposed Life. If you would like to listen to the conversation I had with Cher Texter, please click PLAY below on the player. *This post contains affiliate links* Some of the things we discussed in this weeks show are referenced with the following links: Cher offers over 500 free furniture plans on her blog Designs by Studio C. Cher’s...


Garage Storage Ideas and Tips

My Repurposed Life Welcome to episode #14 of DIY with MRL! In this show I talk about storage, lumber storage, project storage and more. You can see the DIY lumber storage work benches in my posts Lumber Storage Bench and the work bench shown belo which were both built because the garage flooded. There is a discussion in todays show about my most recent storage solution, the rolling tool cart. Finally, I talk about the 2 1/2 car garage where I store my projects in...


Mildew, Musty and Stinky Furniture, oh my!

Welcome to another great episode of DIY with MRL. The show notes below will help you quickly find the items and projects mentioned in episode #13 How to Deal With Mildew on Furniture. Yes, whether your furniture project has mildew, mold or just plain old musty drawers, today’s show will address tips for dealing with it. This conversation starts with a question from Barbara who found an antique chair on the side of the road. The first project discussed were the blue gray bookshelves that I...


#12 Must Have Hand Tools

Welcome to Episode #12 show notes for DIY with MRL! THE diy podcast related to My Repurposed Life hosted by little ole me—Gail Wilson. The information below is a reference for today’s show content. This picture is from an old post take a peek in my toolbox. I don’t use a toolbox anymore, but I still use 99% of all the tools I used way back when. *This Post Contains Affiliate Links for your Convenience* I used my pry bar when I refinished these hardwood floors and any...


Episode #11 Road Trips and Thrift Shopping

with our special guest Sarah Ramberg from Sadie Seasongoods. I was so happy to finally “meet” Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods. I’ve followed her blog for several years, but had never had a chance to have a conversation with her. I was so excited to talk to her about her recent Thrift Trip to Louisville KY, my hometown! *this post contains affiliate links for your convenience* The hotel gail couldn’t remember the name of is 21C, and perhaps the restaurant was Proof on Main? The way Sarah...


10 DIY tips

Episode 10 gives us 10+ DIY tips you didn’t know you needed to know. The tips I share can be found in the blog posts below. Pineapple Headboard Bench (how to double the width of your bar clamps) Shutters Repurposed into a Bookcase (how to use Irwin Quick Clamps as an extra hand) How to Repair and Clamp Veneer on a Headboard by using painter’s tape and clamps. In addition there are tips from some of my best DIY friends. Elisha from Pneumatic Addict Kim Six from The Kim Six Fix Brad...


Patio Makeover-Outdoor Ideas

Do you say Reeobee or Ryeobee? Serena and I both say Ree! Serena Appiah from Thrift Diving loves 30 room makeovers, but she’s doing something different—a 30 day outdoor patio makeover. Follow along with Serena as she does her OWN patio makeover as well as a weekly webisode with Ryobi Outdoors showing you that it’s not so overwhelming as you might think. Accept Serena’s challenge this month to do your own #OutdoorOverhaul and enter to win from Ryobi Outdoors. Serena may build an...


Where do YOU find inspiration?

Have you been listening to the weekly podcasts? In episode #8 I talk about inspiration. So many people ask me “how do you think of this stuff”? Tune in to this week’s show to hear a little bit about my thought process. Above are the projects that were discussed in episode #8, the links and details are below in the show notes: Be PINSPIRED by following along with My Repurposed Life on Pinterest. Gail talks about the hall tree she made that was inspired by Debbie from Refresh...


Vintage living, shopping, decorating and more

woohoo! I’m at episode #7 of DIY with MRL. I hope that you are enjoying the chats I’m having with friends on the podcasts. This week’s guest is Anne Payetta from White Lace Cottage. Anne actually did a guest post here on My Repurposed Life a year and a half ago sharing how she made a Christmas tree skirt using a vintage sheet. Anne sells some of her projects out of her garage during here Vintage Chic Sales. She loves pastel colors so I asked her about something that wasn’t so light...