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DOZ That Inspire You - Katrina McCain

This episode of DOZ Show is all about, Katrina McCain, a former Fashion Model who has been on TV, graced the pages of best-selling magazines such as Vogue and Italia, and cat walked on the runways of New York’s fashion A-list. She is founder and president of Pearls of Hope Outreach a women’s Bible study group that seeks to provide Godly and encouraging friendships and she is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to live for Jesus authentically. She is the director of Fashion Beyond...


DOZ That Inspire You - Florence Agbugui

Florence Agbugui speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about her daughter's battle with and victory over Sickle Cell Disease, the family's discovery of bone marrow transplant that provides a cure to the disease and her son's willingness to be a bone marrow donor to give his sister a new lease of life. The story doesn't end there though, as a family, they have decided to give back by creating awareness and raising funds for research through the Amanosi 5k Walk / Run held every year. Be inspired as you...


DOZ That Inspire You - Wanda Jo Taylor

In this episode of DOZ Show, Wanda Jo Taylor talks to Eturuvie Erebor about her deliverance from a gay lifestyle. As a young girl, she liked to dress up in blue jeans, tee shirts, and tennis shoes. It was not a phase as some thought, because at 17, she came out to tell the world that she was gay and proud. For 30 years that followed, she lived like a man, attended gay clubs and parties, was a player and a pimp, and on crack cocaine. But her mother never ceased to pray for her, and after 30...


DOZ That Inspire You - Joyful Praise

Nancy, also known as Joyful Praise, is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a worship leader, singer-songwriter and a recording artist. She was attracted to music at a very early age and began her music career at the age of six when she joined the children’s choir at her local church assembly. She is currently a gospel artist in high demand in Europe, America and Africa. She speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about her passion for music, the journey so far and how she juggles music, travel...


DOZ That Inspire You - Celeste Henderson

Celeste Henderson is the guest in this edpisode of DOZ Show. She is the founder and director of The Sanctuary International Limited, a Christian organisation that seeks to restore, empower and release women into their God-given calling through brunches, retreats, conferences, mentoring and coaching. She speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about how she began the group nine years ago and what amazing impact it has had in the lives of women and in her life. According to her, when women are not...


DOZ That Inspire You - Marilyn Smith

We are talking about home, sweet, home, in this episode of DOZ Show and the guest is, Marilyn Smith; a wife, mother, nurse, writer and homemaker. She has been married for 48 years and brings to this chat her skills and experience as a homemaker. She shares with us what it means to be a godly homemaker and have a home that is pleasing to God and conducive for His presence. She also shares how she handles difficult house guests. And young ladies waiting to be married and dreaming of their...


DOZ That Inspire You - Karen Abercrombie

If you have seen the movie WAR ROOM and loved it, then you are going to love this episode of DOZ Show. Eturuvie Erebor has an exclusive chat with award-winning actress, storyteller, singer-songwriter and motivational speaker, Karen Abercrombie who played the 80-year-old prayer warrior, Miss Clara, in the Kendrick Brothers movie, WAR ROOM. She shares how she was selected for that role and how amazing opportunities have continued to open up for her afterwards. God brought her to the...


DOZ That Inspire You - Sheun Oke

This episode of DOZ Show features SUPER woman, Dr. Sheun Oke. She is a Wellness Apostle committed to helping women lose the excess weight and regain their body confidence. She is certain that a woman's body confidence or lack of it will determine to a large extent, whether she succeeds or fails. This outstanding woman has helped thousands of women all over the world improve, enhance and elevate their lives, and thanks to her, women of all ages are discovering their power, passion, and...


DOZ That Inspire You - Buife Nomeh

If you are shy it has a direct impact on your ability to succeed, so says Buife Nomeh, the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. Buife is a Nigerian writer, speaker and coach with a strong passion for helping shy entrepreneurs and professionals. Her goal is to help them overcome shyness and position them as authorities in their fields. If you would like to overcome your shyness and become more confident then you need to listen to this episode and get all the motivation you require. Whatever...


DOZ That Inspire You - Chiamaka Umeugoji

In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Chiamaka Umeugoji, all the way from Nigeria. Chiamaka is a phenomenal young woman who established a business as an undergraduate and now uses profits from that business to empower jobless youths in Nigeria by treaching them a skill and providing them with funds to start a small business. Upon graduation from the university, she quickly discovered that a lot of youth were wasting away due to the high unemployment rate in the country...


DOZ That Inspire You - Adrienne Hicks-Everett

Adrienne Hicks-Everett is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. In July 2014, she was crowned Ms US Continental, an opportunity that opened doors for her to speak and teach youth about leadership, self-respect, confidence and focusing on their dreams. She believes that her life purpose is to impact the world and that being transparent about her past hurts, failures, and disappointments, help to empower encourage and inspire others to keep moving forward. She is the founder of Girls & Boys...


DOZ That Inspire You - Kim White-Donaby

In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Kim White-Donaby. She is a southern Nashville, Tennessee, girl who considers herself a lady after God's heart and a lady who wears many hats, including being a writer for a few Christian sites, co-hosting a ladies Bible class, volunteering with the homeless shelter, local women's shelter, as well as giving an encouraging word to uplift. She shares her experience about helping women and how much filfilment it brings her. She also gives...


DOZ That Inspire You - Vernel Edwards

Vernel Edwards is an Evangelist, Psalmist, Song writer and Poet. She is also a Health Life Coach helping individuals with spiritual, physical and mental development to receive God's kingdom. Many years ago, she felt a marble like lump in her breast and a visit to the doctor led to a cancer diagnosis and a recommendation that she begin chemotherapy immediately. The doctors were shocked when Vernel turned down chemotherapy. In her opinion, chemotherapy is toxic and she didn't want to...


DOZ That Inspire You - Angela Lewis-Wright

Angela Lewis-Wright is a woman with an inspiring story and she shares this with us in this episode of DOZ Show. At over 60 years of age and as a retiree Angela landed a modelling and filming contract. Her story is a pointer to the fact that we are never too old to pursue our dreams or to dream again or to start afresh. When we think life is over, it may just be starting. Listen and be inspired to find purpose and walk in it despite your age.


DOZ That Inspire You - Angela McDowell Baines

In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Angela McDowell Baines. Angela is a mother of three children and grandmother of six adorable grandchildren. She has overcome many life challenges including poverty and sexual abuse to become a successful business woman. After marriage and three children, she returned to school to pursue her dreams and earned a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, graduating Cum Laude. To this achievement she adds an induction into...


DOZ That Inspire You - Hope LeNoir

This episode features another inspirational interview, and the guest is Hope LeNoir. Hope is the founder of Rise and Fly LLC, a business that helps professionals advance personally and professionally in their careers. As a woman who has embraced several career journeys herself, Hope is able to relate with her clients experiences and help them achieve greater professional results. She shares with listeners three powerful strategies to help them rise from the ashes and fly in 2018! This is...


DOZ That Inspire You - Yolanda Schlabach

In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor and Yolanda Schlabach discuss sex trafficking, as Yolanda uncovers the reality of sex trafficking in the State of Delaware and reveals the process by which young girls are lured and trapped and eventually lose their independent identity. When we see a prostitute, we are quick to judge her; to us she is a criminal, but to Yolanda she is a victim of sex trafficking or sexual abuse or both. Yolanda is a member of the Human Trafficking Coordinating...


DOZ That Inspire You - Betty Parker

In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor and Betty Parker discuss fear. Several years ago, when her child's life hung in the balance, fear tormented Betty with the frightening possibility of his death. But she declared war on fear and deployed her Chrsitian faith along with seven effective strategies that helped her win the fight. Then she proceeded to write the book, "Waging War on Fear: Strategies to Overcome a Scary World." Fear is not only real, fear is an enemy that kills, destroys, and robs...


DOZ That Inspire You - Dr. Aday Adetosoye

In this episode of the show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Dr. Aday Adetosoye, a woman with a strong passion for children, and one who has dedicated her life to working with vulnerable children in Africa orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. Aday shares her inspiring story of losing her first pregnancy and then being advised by doctors to terminate the second pregnancy because they were certain the baby would be born with Down Syndrome. In her darkest hour, Aday turned to God and cut a deal with Him....


DOZ That Inspire You - Cynthia Wilson James

In this episode, Cynthia Wilson James chats to Eturuvie Erebor about getting married for the first time at the age 40 and going on the conceive naturally and have two beautiful healthy daughters at ages 42 and 44. During the birth of her daughters, she made two important discoveries, one, that the population of first time mums over 35 is growing in the US and two, most healthcare providers offer little or no positive information or support for older expectant mums. She founded Inseasonmom...


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