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DOZ That Inspire You - Marilyn Smith

We are talking about home, sweet, home, in this episode of DOZ Show and the guest is, Marilyn Smith; a wife, mother, nurse, writer and homemaker. She has been married for 48 years and brings to this chat her skills and experience as a homemaker. She shares with us what it means to be a godly homemaker and have a home that is pleasing to God and conducive for His presence. She also shares how she handles difficult house guests. And young ladies waiting to be married and dreaming of their...


DOZ That Inspire You - Karen Abercrombie

If you have seen the movie WAR ROOM and loved it, then you are going to love this episode of DOZ Show. Eturuvie Erebor has an exclusive chat with award-winning actress, storyteller, singer-songwriter and motivational speaker, Karen Abercrombie who played the 80-year-old prayer warrior, Miss Clara, in the Kendrick Brothers movie, WAR ROOM. She shares how she was selected for that role and how amazing opportunities have continued to open up for her afterwards. God brought her to the...


DOZ That Inspire You - Vernel Edwards

Vernel Edwards is an Evangelist, Psalmist, Song writer and Poet. She is also a Health Life Coach helping individuals with spiritual, physical and mental development to receive God's kingdom. Many years ago, she felt a marble like lump in her breast and a visit to the doctor led to a cancer diagnosis and a recommendation that she begin chemotherapy immediately. The doctors were shocked when Vernel turned down chemotherapy. In her opinion, chemotherapy is toxic and she didn't want to...


DOZ That Inspire You - Cynthia Wilson James

In this episode, Cynthia Wilson James chats to Eturuvie Erebor about getting married for the first time at the age 40 and going on the conceive naturally and have two beautiful healthy daughters at ages 42 and 44. During the birth of her daughters, she made two important discoveries, one, that the population of first time mums over 35 is growing in the US and two, most healthcare providers offer little or no positive information or support for older expectant mums. She founded Inseasonmom...


DOZ That Inspire You - Ria Story

When Ria was 12, her father told her that she was God's gift to him so that he would not commit adultery and for 7 years that followed, he sexually abused her. In this Episode, Ria Story chats with Eturuvie Erebor about life with a father who forced her to play the role of wife, even giving her a wedding ring, and how he shared her with other men. Ria ran away from home at the age of 19; she had no job, no money and no high school diploma. She worked two jobs and went to school a night....


DOZ That Inspire You - Jennifer Workman

Jennifer Workman is a woman who wears many different hats. She is an inspirational writer and speaker, a song writer, a screenplay writer, an editor and proofreader with her own writing service and a producer and host of an online show. She is also an evangelist who volunteers with a prison ministry, and the list goes on. In this episode she chats with Eturuvie Erebor about her work as a writer, her newest book and how she uses her different gifts to serve others, plus how she juggles the...