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Intoxicating Your Wrestling Minds with the latest news from WWE, AEW, and all things wrestling!

Intoxicating Your Wrestling Minds with the latest news from WWE, AEW, and all things wrestling!


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Intoxicating Your Wrestling Minds with the latest news from WWE, AEW, and all things wrestling!






DWI Podcast #250: Only So Many Balls To Go Around

250 Episodes! It's been a great journey...and we have PC Tunney's "Best Friend" Big Dave on the show to help us celebrate! We do talk a little wrestling though. We break down the few matches that have been announced so far for the show. And we also have trivia as well as a surprise Braun Strowman's Favorites!


DWI Podcast #249 You Say Tomato...

I say potato... The DWI crew is divided this week as DPP & PC's Packers take on AJ Balaz's Bucs! Besides that, we give our thoughts on the recent WWE Draft as well as the first year of AEW. Plus, trivia & fantasy football.


DWI Podcast #248 Y2XXXJ

Y2J celebrates 30 years in the business, and we debate where he ranks in the history of professional wrestling. Plus, the WWE Draft is upon us and AEW's 1 year anniversary show is coming up! And as always, trivia and our football picks are in for this week!


DWI Podcast #247 The Appropriate Future

PC Tunney returns! We review Clash of Champions and preview this weekends NXT Takeover 31. Plus, trivia and our fantasy football picks!


DWI Podcast #246 What A Rush

Big Dave fills in for PC Tunney this week as we preview this weekend's Clash of Champions. Also, we talk about the upcoming NXT Takeover title matches, and play some funky fresh trivia. Finally, we say goodbye to the second half of the Legion of Doom, Animal.


DWI Podcast #245 Rating The Game

This week on DWI...is Triple H Over/Under Rated? Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse gets a little real. Week 2 of the DWI Fantasy Football picks. Plus, trivia and a whatcha watching/playing to close out the show!


DWI Podcast #244: AJ Takes Over

A myriad of topics hit the wrestling world this week. Lots of job losses at WWE. NXT UK introduces the new Heritage Cup with all new rules. Rusev debuts in AEW. And Bayley vs Sasha becomes imminent. Of course, trivia is in order. And we begin a weekly fantasy football challenge.


DWI Podcast #243 Ranking The Assholes

Greg DeMarco joins in on the fun as we preview AEW All Out, moving forward from Payback, and where the Beast Incarnate will end up in the sports entertainment world. Also, Greg takes his first shot at Phenomenal Funky Facts...and we can't have a show with Greg without playing the good 'ole Braun Strowman's Favorites!


DWI Podcast #242 A Big D For Ciampa

Summerslam may have been last weekend, but there is no rest for the weary, as Payback is right back at you this weekend! AJ, DP, and PC are here to give our opinions on what will happen at the show. We also discuss the returns of Reigns and Zayn on Smackdown. Finally, we talk about the upcoming Fatal 4 way Iron Man match for the NXT Title next week!


DWI Podcast #241: Sunday in Texas via Orlando

The Tri Cast is back! Kinny Killa makes a return, Big Dave from Attitude of Aggression, and the DWI Crew are back to their old shenanigans! Summerslam weekend is upon us. It's NXT Takeover XXX. And it's a four way battle for Phenomenal Funky Trivia!


DWI Podcast #240 Shout Out To The Jack Man

As we trek through the mud to get to SummerSlam, the DWI crew finds whatever they can to discuss in the world of professional sports! WWE is relocating to the Amway Center? Is Randy Orton the best heel in the business right now? Quick topics for AEW. A UFC last call. And of course, the funky facts from AJ Balaz!


DWI Podcast #239 Pussiest Position To Play

The Rock bought the XFL? Daniel Bryan wants a match with him, and The Rock basically accepted? Did Marty Janetty really admit to murder? Lots of questions that need answering in this week's episode. Also, Adam Cole vs Pat McAfee is happening, and we give our thoughts. And after the credits, we started DWI Underground since we forgot to talk about Raw Underground!


DWI Podcast #238 Pulling Kyle Petty Out Of My Ass

We are back for another edition of DWI! But we are not thrilled with the current product of wrestling. So where to turn? Let's talk sports! Let's talk video games! Let's play some phenomenal feud! There's always something to talk about! Enjoy some grab bag of topics!


DWI Podcast #236 Extreme Elimination Lane

We've got a weekend of pay per views! Impact's Slammiversary starts off the weekend and we run down that card and the potential free agents we may see. Then, Extreme Rules, and the horror show that awaits us when we get to see someone's eye get ripped out of their socket...no really...it's gonna happen people!! Don't miss it!


DWEye4anEye: Andrew's Got A Boner

Big Dave from Attitude of Aggression joins the crew today to talk all about what's next for Keith dub champ, Karrion Kross, Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era. Plus what does AEW have in store for Brian Cage, Tazz, and the FTW title. A last call Eye don't think Eye even need to bring up here...just open your Eyes and listen!


DWI Podcast #235 Barf Bag Buddy

Happy 4th of July! The DWI Podcast crew goes over week 1 of the Great American Bash and Fyter Fest. We also discuss free agency and what that has done for Impact Wrestling. A last call trivia that evens the score. And stay tuned for the brand new sponsor for the podcast...The Barf Bag Buddy!


DWI Podcast #234 Good Golfers, Great Drinkers

AJ, PC, and DP are here to talk amidst the Covid outbreak that is happening in the WWE Performance Center, which in turn also affected AEW. Also, a new segment that you will either Love or Hate. In lieu of standard trivia, PC and AJ battle it out in wrestling theme song trivia. And finally, a last call that is perhaps the last call for the Dead Man!


DWI Podcast #233 Personal Accountability

PC Tunney, DPP, and The Phenomenal One AJB give our thoughts on the recent news going around the wrestling world and the change in culture that in needed, as well as the Covid case that could impact the Performance Center. We also do some fantasy booking, where we feel things need some freshening up in WWE. And can DPP regain his throne on the latest episode of Phenomenally Phunky Phacts!


DWI Podcast #232 Frankie DeFalco Show #28

Brew City Wrestling is Back! FANdemonium action at the Elks Lodge 400 in Waukesha, WI this Saturday at 7:30pm as BCW presents "Reload" The Godfather Frankie DeFalco is on location at the Elks Lodge preparing for the show, and is here to break down the card for this weekend. We also get interrupted by Doc Simmons to discuss his open challenge for the Heritage Title. Also, a "Demented" Chucky Bates terrifies the airwaves with his thoughts on the triple threat Tag Team Championship Match. Tune...


DWI Podcast #231 The PENis Mightier

The Big Show Sheet and the Last Call is in disarray as PC Tunney locates a pen to actually write the show! This week, we give our review of NXT Takeover In Your House, and what is our feelings on where NXT is taking each of their titles. Also, we preview this weekend's WWE Backlash PPV. How do we feel about the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? Tune in and find out!