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Episode #34 - Matias Soto

The Demonic Sweaters Podcast FINALLY returns with Chilean multi-instrumentalist/producer/musician Matias Soto! Matias stopped by to talk about music, recording techniques and his unique workflow for making the lush music he produces. I'm really sorry for the LONG break, but we're finally back and look forward to more episodes in 2019.


Episode 33 - In The Park (full album)

In The Park is my latest album. It’s a collection of dark lo-fi experiments, demos, and outtakes. In The Park Mothman Chicago Drumtown Sayonara Santa Claus Based On Nothin’ Qi Ah Cosmo Boy Night Gallery Need To Know Basis Lightning Witch Drifter Love Song Download the full flac version here


Episode 32 - Greg Leatherman

Episode 32 I mention the total solar eclipse of 2017, talk about my "Sun Drums" series, an upcoming online course I am creating called "Audio Recording on a Shoestring Budget with Audacity" and my new Patreon Page Greg Leatherman is a poet, fiction writer, environmentalist, musician, and managing editor of ECO magazine and other publications and has worked for NASA and the Department of Energy. He's also just a cool as hell guy and was great to talk to....


Episode 31 - OLY

Episode 31 – OLY!! I start out this episode with a short tribute to Jim Marrs, who passed away on August 2nd 2017. Jim Marrs was one of my favorite authors and speakers and I’ve brought him up many times on this show. Then Oly stopped by on Skype for her second appearance on the DS podcast and we had a fun and hilarious conversation about music, recording, shows, dogs, relationships, and dating. Then we switched it up a bit and Oly interviewed me for a while which was a lot of fun. Oly is...


Episode 30 - Agni Zotis

For episode 30, my friend, incredible artist, meditator, and world traveler, Agni Zotis makes her second appearance on the show. We had an amazing conversation about fire walking, deep meditation, traveling to India, the weird eyebrow lady with Trump, the craziness of NYC, psychic phenomena, numerology and all kinds of stuff! It was really a great conversation and was really fun. There’s music by Oscar and Demonic Sweaters. Agni Zotis Demonic Sweaters’ Music Store...


Episode 29 - Twin Peaks, The Superspectrum and the Trump Fiasco

The Demonic Sweaters Podcast returns for episode 29! On this episode I explain the name change (again) the future of the show, and upcoming guests. I talk about Twin Peaks, and Trump + conspiracies, then wrap it up with some more talk about John Keel’s 8th Tower (Superspectrum) I also play some great music by Dafrebos, Eugene, and the cabs! Links: welcome to twin peaks Dafrebos Eugene...


Ep 28 - Richard Shaver

Chad and Justin return after a few month hiatus to talk about Richard Shaver, Twin Peaks, Ray Palmer, Gobekli Tepe, funny stories, and people that claim they have no visual component of their brains. This was a pretty fun podcast, and one of our best episodes to...


Ep 27 - Extra Live Edition!

For episode number 4, Chad and Justin were actually together in the same room for a change at Chad's house in Morgantown, WV. What ensued was a great impromptu conversation about everything from cars, to USPS fails, how we met in grade school, Justin got expelled from Jr. High School, terrible things we did in school, and then we move to a great conversation about creativity and how to maintain passion and creativity amidst our busy lives. This episode was a lot of fun to record and we hope...


Ep 26 - Fred Crisman

For this episode of The Wrong Way The Stripe Goes Chad and I's topic is Fred Crisman" Fred Lee Crisman (July 22, 1919 - Washington December 10, 1975) was an author from Tacoma, Washington known for claims of paranormal events and 20th century conspiracies. In 1947, Crisman was involved in the Maury Island incident, an early UFO hoax. Crisman's "fellow UFO witness" Harold Dahl believed the 1960s TV series, The Invaders was based on Crisman's life.[1] Prior to this, Crisman had written to...


Ep 25 - The Jar Jar Binks of Podcast Episodes

Horribly late, and plagued with technical difficulties, Chad and I finally finished episode two. This was originally going to be an all Star Wars episode, and the first half of it still is. However, we got cut off before we finished, then we got tied up for about two weeks before we recorded the second half. Then that recording that got lost by YouTube somehow since we were doing it as a hangout on-air and it just failed to save the arcrive. So all of that we ended up having to re-record...


Episode 24 - Time Travel

Formerly The Demonic Sweaters Podcast. In this episode Chad and Justin talk all about time travel! We touch on time paradoxes, closed timeline curves, real science being done in the field of time travel, endless Marty McFlys, personal experiences, and more! youtube playlist on time travel


Episode 23 - New Beginnings

The Demonic Sweaters Podcast returns to announce a new start with a new show name and a new co-host! We are now known as The Wrong Way The Stripe Goes! Co-hosts Chad and Justin talk about the direction of the show, episode schedule, dreams, computers, and Batman!


Episode #22 Oly | Slippin' and a Slidin'

This episode I had a very quick intro where I mention my new drum set then go to Skype where I had a great conversation with longtime friend and musician/photographer Oly (ooLyyyy). Oly and I talk about her new to-be-released album, the Miami weirdness phenomena, the differences between playing music live and recording and hearing alligators in the sewers while on acid, plus much much more! We also hear two great tracks by ooLyyyy and one off my album Blood Reef. Links: Oly’s...


Episode #21 Frank Meyers | History of Japanese Electric Guitars

For this episode I talk briefly about my new musical equipment purchases. I also talk about starting a surf rock band with my sister and co-worker/friend. Then play a song where I used a homemade electronic drum set. After that I’m joined by Frank Meyers on Skype, the author of History of Japanese Electric guitars! Frank shares his experiences of writing the book and talks about his own guitar addiction. Frank traveled to Japan and met the people responsible for crafting his very first...


We'll be back soon!

Just hang in there, we'll be back soon with a great guest! In the meantime enjoy this song off my album "It Was Totally Evil Me" which you can download for free in it's entirety here


Episode #20 - Chad Sine Halloween Extravaganza!

Podcast Episode #20 better late than never Halloween Special with Chad Sine! I made it to 20 Episodes! I start off the show by talking about the Dan Hosker Continuum and play a crazy, scary, trippy song by Dan Hosker off of his album “They Call Me Damn Hostage” that very much fits the Halloween spirit! Afterwards (but actually before) my old friend and sometimes Co-Host, Chad Sine stopped by on Skype to share some scary Halloween stories. We talk a bit about The Mothman, the weird old Bugs...


Podcast #19 - Dino Felipe!

For podcast #19 I talk about my trip to Delaware, then the greatness of the Ventures and an awesome documentary I saw on youtube about them. I also talk about my love of instrumental music and how I was never able to successfully start a surf rock band. After that, Miami based experimental musician, Dino Felipe stopped by on skype and we had a talk about creating music, the woes of performing live as a solo musician, and just joke around a bit too! Dino is a super creative guy and glad he...


Podcast #18 - Agni Zotis | Art and Meditation

I return after a 3 week hiatus for podcast number 18 with an amazing guest, Agni Zotis! Agni is a brilliant visual artist who has been living in NYC since she was 4 years old. In addition to art she has started a meditation after-school program for teens called M.A.Y Kids Transform. Agni and I had an amazing talk about art, her late 20s explorations through India and the middle east, spiritual journeys, concepts of time, the simultaneous enlightenment and insanity of society and many other...


Podcast #17 - Neale Hoerle - Corporate Salesman Turned Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor

On this episode I say thank you to everyone who helped me meet my goal for my vinyl LP kickstarter, then I talk about the complexities of mastering for vinyl. Then I had a great guest, Neale Hoerle, who is a Brazilian Jujitsu instructor based in Morgantown, WV. Neal and I had an amazing talk about him leaving his full time corporate sales position to become a jujitsu instructor. We talk about living life the way you want, and what really matters and brings fulfillment to one’s soul. We also...


Podcast #16 | Robert T | Ambient Air Traffic Controller

Electronic musician Robert T stopped by on skype for a great interview where we talk him leaving his job as an Air Traffic Controller where he had worked for 20 years and then becoming a musician. Robert now has a Bandcamp page and just released a new cassette EP! Robert and I had a great talk about the healing effects of music, massive gear nerd-age about synths, using hardware to perform, remixes, cassettes, vinyl, cds, digital music, and creativity. We also talk about getting over fears...