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Episode 44: How a new ‘decentralized web’ will change the world of work

There’s a growing group of inspiring people from around the world who believe that the web is failing us, and envisage a new web, which is more open, private, secure and fun, known as DWeb. Paul speaks to Wendy Hanamura, who tells us more about the DWeb movement; explains why we need to reboot our relationship with technology; and describes what a new online world could, and should, look like. Featuring: Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships at The Internet Archive, and Event Producer for...


Episode 43: Inside Adobe and GE: Natural worlds of work

As new generations come through; as people seek purpose (and passion) in their work; as the consumer’s voice becomes more and more powerful – is the organization moving from a mechanistic view to a natural, living system view? Listen to this enlightening conversation unfold as Paul and his guests discuss topics such as human-centred design, prototyping, AI and machine learning, and whether these are ushering in the digital-age’s “organization as a living system”. Featuring: Nick Allen,...


Episode 42: Marc Bramoullé, Ubisoft: Digital Workplace Leader of the Year

Paul Miller talks to Marc Bramoullé, Director of Knowledge Management Services at Ubisoft, who won the Digital Workplace Leader of the Year Award 2019. Tune in to hear from Marc as he talks about knowledge management, machine learning and user-centred design at Ubisoft; tells us about his leadership approach and philosophy; and shares what’s next for him and his team. Featuring: Marc Bramoullé, Director of Knowledge Management Services, Ubisoft Show notes, links and resources for this...


Episode 41: What universities can teach digital workplace people

University of Leicester is leading the way with its “Digital Campus”. More than just the university’s web presence, Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital), and Lauren Vargas, Digital Fellow, explain what the “Digital Campus” is and share some remarkable examples of how technology is being used across the university to enhance learning and teaching, facilitate research and improve efficiency in management and administration. Featuring: Ross Parry, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor...


Episode 40: Chatbots: Why small is beautiful, with Douglas Pamplin

Douglas Pamplin managed the rollout of BNY Mellon’s internal chatbot in July 2017. Since then, they have resolved more than 174,000 queries without the need for a human behind the help desk. How so? They started small; they identified the specifics that would simplify their processes and they perfected them. Follow the conversation as Douglas tells us more about looking after 55,000 employees 24/7 and what’s next for BNY Mellon; shares his thoughts on the best use cases for virtual...


Episode 39: How Nationwide’s intranet went from caterpillar to butterfly

Within the space of three years, Nationwide climbed from near the bottom of Digital Workplace Group’s benchmarking tables to almost top. In this episode, Paul Miller talks to Jon Simons, Digital Channels Senior Manager at Nationwide, about how the team achieved such a radical result, and how DWG Benchmarking and Membership helped the organization go from caterpillar, through cocoon, to butterfly. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: Blog post series by Shimrit Janes: From...


Episode 38: Human + Machine – with Accenture’s visionary leader Paul Daugherty

In reaction to the dystopian view of AI and unwilling to accept it, Paul Daugherty and H James Wilson set about writing Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Written as a guide to help people make informed decisions and plan for the future, Paul Daugherty talks to Paul Miller about some of the key themes from the book. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: ‘Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’, by Paul...


Episode 37 How Philips Put Power Back Into Its Intranet

Philips employs more than 70,000 employees in 100 countries. Before it launched its new intranet, Communication Channels Director, Dennis Agusi, relayed the organization’s global message through a myriad of local intranets. But with Philips’ strategic shift into the healthcare sector, came razor-sharp focus for the new intranet, which boasts content governance, content lifecycle management and a hugely successfully search functionality. Dennis is also a studio guest on Digital Workplace 24...


Episode 36- Fluid, agile, radical – that’s Dutch bank ING

ING has recently undergone a huge project to bring 500 intranets in 40 countries into one shared intranet. As well as that, ING has restructured the company to enable the organization to get the best out of technology. Paul Miller talks to Joris Kok, Product Owner of ‘One Intranet’, who is in charge of the ongoing development of the platform. Joris tells us about the benefits of their agile approach; how to create the optimal team; and how the building itself has been renovated to reflect...


Episode 35 - A travel guide for your social collaboration road trip

Geert Nijs has almost finished writing his book “A travel guide for your social collaboration road trip”, which is an ingenious alternative to the traditional user guide or training manual. Recorded in person at a DWG Member Meeting in Amsterdam, Paul Miller talks to Geert and Syngenta’s Nicki Allitt about this new approach and the power of storytelling. The trio discuss bringing stories to life; digital conversations; how actions speak louder than words; and why more organizations aren’t...


Episode 34 - Creating unified employee experiences at BNY Mellon

With a background in online collaboration, communicative technologies and working out loud (WoL), Mike Fraietta was tasked with running BNY Mellon’s new intranet programme and encouraging its 50k+ employees to better connect to their tasks, to each other and to content. He talks to Paul Miller about the unusual approach to user migration; the challenges and triumphs of the programme; and the highs and lows of WoL. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: BNY Mellon NEXEN:...


Episode 33 - Accelerating Adoption in Your Digital Workplace

Adoption is critical to digital workplace initiatives if they are to thrive and deliver on their objectives. The discussion centres around DWG’s recent report “Digital workplace adoption strategies: Proven approaches to bring users on board” and includes the key findings from the report as well as real-world examples from practitioners at Scottish Government and . Show notes, links and resources for this episode: Digital Workplace 24:


Episode 32 - How Digital is Your Nation?

Our guests in this (slightly unusual) episode of Digital Workplace Impact, are both involved in innovative, global initiatives that challenge the current way of thinking. These two young, ambitious leaders offer their perspective on digital government – outlining the current situation, how governments will need to evolve and asking whether the nation state will even exist in 100 years. And, of course, we ask what all this will mean for the digital worlds of work. We also take a glimpse...


Episode 31: How 'Ethical' is Your Digital Workplace?

Today’s digital technology has the power to influence our behaviour on a global scale, for better and for worse. And with financial rewards often disrupted by the need for other workplace values, such as flexibility, it’s in an employer’s best interest to ensure its digital workplace is ticking all the right ethical boxes. But what does an “ethical” digital workplace look like? Join us as we discuss who’s got it right and who’s got it wrong, trust, user centricity and striking a balance....


Episode 30: Why experience is the heartbeat of a modern digital workplace

Employee experience has become an increasingly hot topic over the last few years, fueling many internal projects. Recorded live at Digital Workplace Experience in June, Paul Miller probes our guests on what employee experience means, how it compares to customer experience and the importance of strong leadership. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: Digital Workplace Experience 2018:


Episode 29: Inside track on ‘Digital Workplace of the Year’ awards 2018

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Paul Miller catches up with the winners of the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards 2018. Tune in and hear from Aaron Kim from Royal Bank of Canada, Liberty Mutual’s Troy Campano and Cisco’s Alan McGinty, as they tell us what it’s like to be recognized in these awards, what makes for a winning digital workplace, their lessons learned along the way and their focus for the future. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: Digital Workplace...


Episode 28: Work has left the office – the relentless rise of remote working

There’s no denying that remote working is on the rise. Despite the plethora of benefits that come with it, in this podcast, we ask Dion Hinchcliffe and Rita Zonius: how well-equipped are leaders for “network leadership”; what options will there be for those who choose not to work remotely; and are we really able to keep up with and make the most of the technology and tools in this space? Follow the conversation as they discuss the need for social interaction, disseminating culture,...


Episode 27: How technology is ‘renovating’ the Home of Cricket

Loved (at least by some!) and played the world over, cricket has reinvented itself to appeal to new audiences. Off the pitch, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is reinventing the way its cricket clubs operate transitioning them from legacy, paper-based processes to the digital workplace. From WiFi to biometric analysis, Damian Smith explains how technology is not only enabling cricket clubs to run more effectively, but is helping them to fulfill strategic objectives, enrich the...


Episode 26: Digital Workplace 2030: Preparing Now for the Digital Worlds of Work to Come

Looking 12 years ahead, how do you envisage the digital workplace will be? This forward-thinking discussion is framed by the four dimensions outlined in DWG’s brand new research report “Digital Workplace 2030: Preparing now for the digital worlds of work to come”. Wells Fargo’s Pete Fields, Adobe’s Toni Vanwinkle and Omar Divina from HyperScience share their experiences and opinions on “space”, “capability”, “intelligence” and “beauty”. Show notes, links and resources for this episode:...


Episode 25: How London’s Heathrow Airport is Preparing for Digital Take-Off

76,000 people work at Heathrow airport whom are employed by around 300 different companies. 60% of these people do not have a desk or a laptop, With that, Heathrow Airport is on a mission to deploy a truly mobile digital workplace. Neil Barnett, Senior Digital Communications Manager, talks us through the project to date, explaining how it accommodates the diverse workforce. He describes how the HR, IT and Communications teams are working together, the challenges they’ve faced, and goes into...