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1.13 - Oh brilliant!

For the season finale of The Moment, I'm joined by Alyssa Franke (, to discuss the closing moments of the most recent Doctor Who episode, 2017's Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time. We discuss the departure of a beloved Doctor, the arrival of an exciting new Doctor, and the impact of this historic moment on the Doctor Who fandom. You can follow Alyssa on Twitter at @WhovianFeminism ( Special Guest: Alyssa...


1.12 - When you're alone, silence is all you know.

This week, I'm joined by Talcott Starr (, to discuss Abigail's song in 2010's A Christmas Carol. We discuss how this episode intersects with Talcott's own story, the themes of grief and love in Matt Smith's era of Doctor Who, and how love lets us see one another across time. You can follow Talcott on Twitter at @talcotts ( Special Guest: Talcott Starr.


1.11 - But you know what? I am good.

This week, I'm joined by Tai Gooden (, as we discuss Martha's departure from the TARDIS in 2007's Last of the Time Lords. We discuss Martha's long hard journey, the tendency of fandom to pit her against a certain other companion, and the importance of knowing when to get out. You can follow Tai on Twitter at @taigooden ( Special Guest: Tai Gooden.


1.10 - Binro was right.

This week, I'm joined by Luke Harrison (, as we discuss the encounter between Unstoffe the con man and Binro the Heretic from 1978's The Ribos Operation. We discuss the role of science and the supernatural in Doctor Who, the fundamental nature of truth itself, and briefly, the Chuckle Brothers. You can follow Luke on Twitter at @backintheussr6 ( Special Guest: Luke Harrison.


1.09 - Together, or not at all.

This week, I'm joined by Alex Cox (, and we chat about Amy and Rory's leap of faith from 2012's The Angels Take Manhattan. We discuss Amy's definitive choice, examine the family dynamic of the Eleventh Doctor era, and decide who's going to water the plants. You can follow Alex on Twitter at @AlexCox ( Special Guest: Alex Cox.


1.08 - It is our way.

This week, I'm joined by Erik Stadnik (, to chat about a pleasantly open moment with the Fifth Doctor from 1982's Kinda. We discuss what makes the Doctor a good traveller, how we interact with people aren't like us, and why it's good to confront the things that live in the dark places. You can follow Erik on Twitter at @sjcAustenite (


1.07 - Like I said, Gallifrey. The long way round.

This week, I'm joined by Lizbeth Myles (, to chat about an uplifting moment from 2015's Hell Bent. We talk about the conclusion to Clara's character arc (concluding The Moment's loose trilogy of Twelfth Doctor and Clara discussions), and examine how it sets up a the bright future of possibility for its characters, and for Doctor Who itself. You can follow Lizbeth on Twitter at @lmmyles ( Special Guest: Lizbeth Myles.


1.06 - Someone's playing games with our minds.

This week, I'm joined by Joy Piedmont (, to chat about a striking moment of tension from 1989's Battlefield. We look at the story's rather direct acknowledgement of racism, an unusual thing to see on Doctor Who. We also discuss Doctor Who's track record of East Asian representation, and why a moment like this can be both refreshing and disappointing at the same time. You can follow Joy on Twitter at @inquiringjoy...


1.05 - It's happening again.

This week, I'm joined by Lewis Combes (, to explore a world without the Doctor in 2008's Turn Left, and the rare moment of real, human horror in that story. The main topic is how human beings can be pushed to the worst kind of cruelty, but there's some fun stuff too. You can follow Lewis on Twitter at @floatoneast ( Special Guest: Lewis Combes.


1.04 - But you still have to choose.

This week, I'm joined by my friend Evan Teng (, to discuss the heart-to-hearts conversation between the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald from 2014's Mummy on the Orient Express. Along the way we talk about taking charge, changing who you are, and why the two of us both hold the Doctor and Clara's storyline together in such high regard. You can follow Evan on Twitter at @hvnlyevan ( Special Guest: Evan Teng.


1.03 - Goodbye, my Sarah Jane.

This week, I'm joined by podcaster and lifelong Doctor Who fan Rachel Donner (, to discuss the long-delayed farewell between the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith from 2006's School Reunion. Along the way we talk about Sarah Jane's history with the Doctor, including her first farewell in 1976's The Hand of Fear, and we explore the importance of goodbyes in the show and in our own lives. You can follow Rachel on Twitter at @rmiriam...


1.02 - You can't see me, can you?

This week, I'm joined by comedian and writer Riley Silverman (, to discuss a conversation between the Doctor and Clara from Peter Capaldi's 2014 debut, Deep Breath. We talk about what this moment meant for the character of the Twelfth Doctor, the tattoo this episode inspired Riley to get, and the resonance between this moment and the events in her own life at the time it aired. You can follow Riley on Twitter at @rileyjsilverman...


1.01 - Stay out of trouble, badly.

For the first ever episode of The Moment, I'm joined by Louis Mitas (, my former co-host on The Cloister Room ( We talk about a moment from 2010's The Beast Below ( It's fun, but fair warning, things get a little heavy during the back half of the episode. You can follow Louis on Twitter at @milesbelli ( Special Guest: Louis Mitas.


The Moment: Season 1 Trailer

Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them. Season 1 premieres July 11, 2018. This trailer includes audio from upcoming episodes featuring guests Riley Silverman, Lizbeth Myles, Louis Mitas, and Evan Teng. It also includes a bunch of audio clips from Doctor Who. A no-prize shall be awarded to the first person to correctly identify every episode or serial that I've excerpted.