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Voice For The Voiceless w/ Pete Paxton

Pete Paxton is an undercover investigator who has infiltrated over 700 puppy mills and rescued many dogs as a result. While dogs and other animals can’t always speak up for themselves, Pete tries to help them out and make sure they’re treated right. In his new book – Rescue Dogs: Where They Come From, Why They Act the Way They Do, and How to Love Them Well – he talks about the different terrific dogs he’s rescued and gives advice for anyone adopting or living with rescues. FEATURED LINKS •...


Second Chance w/ Marika Meeks

Marika Meeks is an entrepreneur, wife, and mom who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 41. Unsure of survival, she made it through and found her joy and purpose again after her dog Stella came into her life. Now, she’s made it her mission to give a second chance to other dogs, just like she was blessed with. Marika is doing this through her own non-profit, named Incredibull Stella. The organization spreads pit bull breed awareness, teaches the benefits of pet ownership, and supports...


Fresh Start w/ Mark Imhof

At a time of professional crossroads, Mark Imhof decided to go to grooming school after realizing with his own rescue dog how much difference a cleaning had made. He started volunteering at shelters around New York City, grooming hundreds of dogs over time. Not only did it make a big difference on the dogs being rescued (those groomed would often instantly get adopted), but it also lifted the dogs spirits themselves and gave them confidence. After becoming known as “The Dog Guy” around the...


Live For The Moment w/ Lynn Heatherton

Lynn Heatherton is the creator of a website called Dogsized and the owner of a Havanese named Kobi. She started Dogsized in 2007 as a way to share what she was learning as a new dog owner, and to have it serve as a resource for others in the same boat. And while Lynn has learned a lot about being a dog owner, what she’s learned most from her dog is to make sure you live in the moment since it can be so hard to forget sometimes but dogs always are able to do so. FEATURED LINKS Kobi The...


Settling Down w/ Timothy Braun

Timothy Braun is a Professor at St. Edwards University, where he primarily focuses on teaching playwriting and screenwriting. While he used to travel around the country as a playwright, getting his dog Dusty led him to becoming more grounded as a person and eventually staying in one place (Austin, Texas). With his furry sidekick, he learned the power of growing more stable in his routine. They even did so much nonprofit work for the local community that the Mayor of Austin named a day of the...

Uplifting The Team w/ Austin Moss

Austin Moss is the owner of Zoë, the first emotional support dog on an NFL team. Working for the San Francisco 49ers as their Director of Player Engagement, Austin’s job is to help the team’s players across the board. Zoë is a French bulldog who has become the team’s official emotional support dog, and has helped Austin in his role. Players spends time with Zoë before and after games, between practices, and any windows of time they may have. She provides a valuable escape from the rough...


Meant To Be Together w/ Birgitte Philippides-Delaney

Birgitte Philippides-Delaney is a beauty expert and non-profit founder who has worked with big names like Beyoncé, Anna Wintour, Mick Jagger, Natalie Portman, Jerry Seinfeld, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and more. But after finding professional success, she still felt like something was missing. After wanting a dog since she was young, she finally got her first dog in her 30s and it brought her a sense of fulfillment that she had never experienced before. Now, while her two dogs she...


Along For The Ride w/ Sonali Nigam

After being raised in India and coming to the United States for college, eventually making it her new home, Sonali has learned a thing or two about traveling. But when she got her current dog, a rescue named Ella, there were issues with separation anxiety. So she started taking Ella with her and her husband on trips. Sonali realized how hard it was to just plan around traveling with a dog. The idea was then born to start Petminded Travel, a resource for people to use to know what cities to...


Priceless Partners w/ Joey Teixeira

Joey Teixeira has a family of dogs with his partner, one of those being popular social media star Mervin The Chihuahua. He is the Director of Philanthropy at the ASPCA and has worked with a variety of dog and animal companies over the years, gaining professional experience that has expanded his outlook on the dog-human relationship and the different ways we can all co-exist with our dogs. FEATURED LINKS Mervin The Chihuahua on Instagram -...


Always Consistent w/ Prairie Conlon

Prairie Conlon is a mental health therapist who specializes in bringing animals (particularly dogs) into her practice, a love and connection which comes from growing up on a cattle farm in Kansas with plenty of animals around. She has also been a military wife, whose own dogs have given her a sense of stability, comfort, and a common bond with her family over the years – even throughout difficult and uncertain times. FEATURED LINKS Prairie Conlon’s Website -...


Furry Reflections w/ Ivy Higa

Yorkies may be be small dogs, but they can have big impacts. Ivy Higa’s own “Brooklyn aka Mr. Aloha” is prime example. After going through a tough time and breakup, Ivy got Brooklyn – but little did she know how things would change. Through the eyes she looked at him, Ivy began to look inside herself. She realized how she wasn’t treating herself and her value with enough respect, and that the way she felt Brooklyn needed to be treated (with love and respect) was the way she deserved to be...


Change of Pace w/ Nina May

Nina May is the creator of Wunderdog Magazine, a new publication celebrating the rescue community. She has had experience through her own rescue dogs, Pippa and Goldie, who have been guiding lights to help her through personal struggles with mental health and finding her path towards fulfillment. Now, she wants to help share stories from around the world from the community and how impactful these dogs are. FEATURED LINKS Wunderdog Magazine website - Buy Issue...


Next Chapter w/ Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus holds a Master’s Degree in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. He worked as a government contractor, conducting background investigations, as well as investigating financial crimes for Ernst & Young. But while he may have been the most unlikely person to have written a children’s book about a rescue dog, that’s exactly what he has done. Now, he’s on a mission to educate kids and schools about the rescue world through his story with his dog, Gibson aka Bubbins. FEATURED...


Joy on Wheels w/ Tedi Sarah

Tedi Sarah initially fostered her dog, Pani, who came from Iran and is in a wheelchair. But despite Pani’s partially limited physical abilities, she has more energy than most dogs and her positive attitude and daily thrust for life has inspired Tedi to overcome whatever comes her way - and do it with Pani by her side, who she has now adopted as her own rescue dog. FEATURED LINKS Tedi Sarah website - Teid Sarah on Instagram -...


Classical Companions w/ Elisabeth Weiss

Elisabeth Weiss is a dog trainer who runs her own company “Dog Relations NYC” where she offers in-house consulting, training programs, online coaching, physical therapy, and more. She is perhaps best known for teaching dogs how to play music - a technique she even used with Lou Reed’s dog, who was her first client. Originally, Elisabeth was a violinist, and she has brought that background into her dog training, too. And now, while music still is part of her life, her own dogs and the ones...


Two of a Kind w/ Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is known for her amazing style and her stature within the fashion scene, someone who you can recognize right away. After being so career-focused within fashion, Linda is still active within the industry but has found a different and more meaningful path with her life alongside her miniature poodle named Winky - or, as she calls him, Winks. The two have been together for about a decade now and have matching stylish grey hair and magnetic looks. Linda has even led the charge on...


Created For This Moment w/ Courtney Burns

Courtney Burns works as the Middle School Director of Guidance, and 7th and 8th grade Counselor, at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas. After the school went through a traumatic experience at the time of the One October Las Vegas shooting, as well as other struggles, Courtney worked to bring in Esther - a comfort or therapy dog who has since helped the school, both the students and faculty, get through tough times and into a happier daily flow. And instead of the school...


World of Love w/ Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi is a fashion designer, author, and entertainer who’s best known for his work in the fashion world with his own brands. While he had a dog at a young age, it was really the first dog he got as an adult that made a significant impact on him. That dog was Harry, his hairy soulmate, who turned into his constant companion and rock. He even met his husband, Arnold, while on a walk with Harry in New York City - where the two are now based with their dogs of Dean and Kitty. Recently,...


A Million Times Over w/ Chrissy Beckles

Chrissy Beckles is the Founder and President of The Sato Project, which helps rescue abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. It all started when her husband was working there over a decade ago and she saw all the stray dogs. While most people would feel bad but not have the initiative to take action, Chrissy became more and more involved – especially after getting her own rescue, Boom Boom – and started The Sato Project. Eventually, she quit her job and took on saving Puerto Rico’s stray...


Higher Calling w/ AJ Albrecht

AJ Albrecht is a Legislative Attorney at the Best Friends Animal Society. She took her background in the field and merged it with her passion for dogs, animals, and rescue to find this new vocation. She also has dogs of her own including Mama Julep, who she does therapy work with at schools and hospitals, as well as Beau, who she co-founded the Positive Pittie Pack Walk for to help bring a group environment to dog walking for Beau and other dogs who do better...