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Welcome to the “Don’t Forget to Breathe Podcast” hosted by Sade and Anthony, a black couple living and thriving through fitness! We talk about our relationship, our goals, and our quest for self improvement through the lens of fitness and health.

Welcome to the “Don’t Forget to Breathe Podcast” hosted by Sade and Anthony, a black couple living and thriving through fitness! We talk about our relationship, our goals, and our quest for self improvement through the lens of fitness and health.


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Welcome to the “Don’t Forget to Breathe Podcast” hosted by Sade and Anthony, a black couple living and thriving through fitness! We talk about our relationship, our goals, and our quest for self improvement through the lens of fitness and health.




Sorry for the lateness Ep 33

Welcome back to the newest episode of the Don't forget to breathe podcast! Gone for a while but now WE BACK! In today's episode, we just give a few updates on some changes in our lives. We got a puppy, one of us finally got the courage to quit our jobs and see what we've been up to regarding our fitness and health! Leave a like/comment and subscribe for more!


Two weeks notice, finishing the year strong Ep 32

In this episode we discuss our absence from recording. We also discuss how the pandemic, work stress, and a new puppy have all contributed our slack gym habits. We also discuss Sade pursuing her dreams at a new job and the stress of quitting her job of the past 4 years.


The new gym routine and new workout plans - Ep 31

Fit Gurl: The Total-Body Turnaround Program


Dealing with the stress of it all Ep 30

In this week’s episode of our podcast, we talk about how we are dealing with the stress related to the COVID predicament and how its changed our lives. We recently realized how different our lives currently are regarding our careers. Anthony is able to work from home, while my job doesn’t have the resources to let their employees work from home. This is causing a lot of stress in my life due to the undergoing changes that are happening in the company such as, limited employees, reducing pay...


See what had happened was Ep 29

In this week’s podcast, we talk about how we’ve been doing the past few weeks of quarantine life since we have not updated the podcast for some time (we will do better, I promise!). We start off by mentioning some blessings that we’ve seen in our lives as of late, such as family, health and also some more materialistic things like new cars! We talk about why these things have helped us through our current situation and why they keep us moving forward. We then go into how our fitness habits...


Quarantine Fit-Ep 28

How has the corona quarantine effected our workouts and mental health. In this week’s podcast, we talk about how quarantine life is going for us and how our lifestyles have changed due to this. All gyms have closed to slow down the spread of the virus so our workout schedules have changed dramatically as we had to adapt to solely home workouts. Of course, you have to have more dedication when you rely on solely home workouts to get fit because you can easily just watch TV or play video...


When you lose your gym partner Ep 27

How not having your gym partner can negatively effect your workout and finding motivation. In this week’s podcast, we decided to go for a “free for all” vibe and talk about all of the current thoughts/events that are going on in our lives right now. Of course, this podcast is still coming together, meaning we are still in the works of figuring out how our segments will be formatted and if we will switch to just doing more random talks instead of having planned topics. When we do it this...


Sit down or get sat down Ep 26

Listening to your body and putting health before body goals. In this week’s episode, we decided to take a different route other than our usual “planned” topic. We opened up the podcast with a new segment called “don’t forget to read”, where we mentioned some of the latest books we’ve read or are currently reading and give a brief synopsis. We then move on to the topic of why we decided to slow down on our workouts (weightlifting in particular) and what mind frame we need to take on in order...


The Do’s, Don’ts, What’s and Why’s at the gym Ep 25

Gym etiquette to avoid gym fails. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen weird people doing weird things in the gym (just go Google “gym fails” and you’ll see what I mean) and didn’t know what to make of it. In this podcast, we start by sharing a few stories of experiences we’ve been through while at the gym including rude things and weird people. We then share some gym etiquette we believe everyone going to the gym needs to follow to avoid these stories/encounters we mentioned at the start of the...


Well, not just fitness – Fitness Podcast Ep 24

What is the difference between fitness and wellness? In this week’s podcast, we talk about the difference between fitness and wellness. We begin by going over the definitions of each: fitness is mainly dealing with just the physical body, while wellness describes all aspects of life, such as mental, financial and social health. We mention how having a “fit” body does not equate to a healthy body. There are plenty of people in the fitness industry that mainly focus on their calorie/macros...


Hold up weight a minute – Fitness Podcast Ep 23

Is it good to weigh yourself daily? Can scales be wrong? In this week’s podcast, we talk about the misconceptions regarding using scales to measure weight and progress. Usually, people like using scales because they find it easier to measure their progress with simple numbers they can easily compare and they make them feel more in control. We touch on our personal experiences with scales as well and talk about the mistakes we’ve made when using them in the past. We leave listeners with a...


CheckIn – How are your resolutions going Ep 22

How to avoid falling off track at the beginning of the year Let’s face it, many beginners starting their fitness journey start off the New Year extremely motivated to reach their goals, only for that motivation to fizzle out and they quit. With this in mind, in this podcast, we talk about ways people can stay dedicated and avoid this from happening in the future. It is a fact that everyone on their journey will make mistakes along the way but as long as you are able to analyze those...


New year same bad habits Ep 21

Is making New Year’s resolutions beneficial? In this week’s podcast, we reminisce and contemplate on whether we met last year’s resolutions and go over some reasons we may not have been successful in completing a few. We explain how important it is to start by planning and recognizing step one before automatically jumping to step ten, making your resolutions/goals more reachable. I have an issue, where fear holds me back from even starting step one and Anthony jumps ahead to step ten,...


I’m Dreaming of a Meatless Christmas – Ep 20

I’m Dreaming of a Meatless Christmas… In this week’s (really last week’s but we forgot to post it oops!) podcast, we talk about our plans for Christmas and what we had on the menu. We planned on having a “meatless” Christmas so we mentioned some meat substitutes we’ve wanted to try. We also bring up the controversial Peloton commercial and give our opinions. After this, we touch on how someone can politely influence their significant other to workout and eat healthier. We also mention some...


Thanksgiving did not go as planned Ep 19

How we are getting back on track with health and fitness after our holiday break In this week’s podcast, we talk about our experiences over the Thanksgiving holiday and how we managed our food intake (new pescetarian diet) and staying on track while out of town. We highlighted how preparation is key after mentioning some of our setbacks during the trip. We both gave our own advice on how someone can get back on track after a long trip and possibly falling off a bit during this time. I think...


Can we maintain a plant based diet Ep 18

We talk about how we are challenging ourselves to give up meat and try vegetarian or pescatarian lifestyle In this week’s podcast, we talk about our new journey of wanting to go vegetarian/vegan. Some of our expectations from this change in diet are mental clarity, more endurance in the gym and also seeing more drastic results in our physiques. We are focusing on taking small steps up to completely being vegan, with the first being taking out meats such as, beef and keeping meats like fish...


Do or do not Ep 17

The risks we’ve taken and why we desperately need to take more In this week’s podcast we start off by explaining the technical definition of a “risk”. We then list some of the risks we’ve taken in the past, which we realize are mostly negative and came to the conclusion that we actually do not take enough risks with possible positive outcomes. With this in mind, we chat about some challenges that we can start by overcoming in order to get to a place in life where we can start taking some...


You are what you eat Ep 16

How what you use for news entertainment and can effect your mental health In this week’s podcast, we focus on the epiphany, “you are what you eat/consume”. We mention that it can be taken in a way of what you actually eat and put into your body can affect it positively or negatively and can lead to good health or slow death. Sorry to be so abrupt but this can be true for other factors such as movies, books, news, etc.. All of these platforms can have a lasting effect on your mental state...


Snake oils and gym powder Ep 15

Health supplements we have used and our thoughts In this week’s podcast, we mention all fitness related supplements that we have personally taken and provide benefits and also our opinions on if it is worth the purchase. These supplements include pre-workout, protein, BCAAs and creatine. They each have their own use and benefits such as aiding in building muscle, muscle recovery and helping to increase energy and endurance in the gym. We give some examples of supplement brands that stand...


Avoiding the Fall Falloff Ep 14

It’s nearing the end of the year and that means you’re either hastily rushing to achieve the last bit of your resolutions or just plain give up and brush them off until next year. In this week’s podcast we talk about our personal New Year’s resolutions we made at the beginning of the year and measure the current status of these goals. Some of these goals being fitness and nutrition related and others being networking and also sleep related. We mention how important it is to recognize your...