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Episode 21 : Penny Marshall Tribute (A League of Their Own)

Right at the end of 2018, we lost the legendary actress/director/producer, Penny Marshall. We felt we’d be remiss if we did not discuss this brilliant woman’s life and the films she left behind, with a specific focus on one of our favorites, A League of Their Own (1992). ▶️ (4:00) A League of Their Own is the fictionalized version of the true story about the first season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). We’ll discuss the history behind film, how the idea...


Episode 20 : Sequels That Don't Suck!

Sometimes there comes a movie we never want to end. Whether it’s the characters, storyline or just a opportunity to capitalize on a movie’s initial success, this is when the Sequel is born. And while there are many, many Sequels That Don’t Suck in existence, Episode 20 is our lovesong to some awesome sequels that shouldn’t be forgotten. ▶️Main Features: LETHAL WEAPON 3 (1992) and GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990). 🎥Danny Glover and Mel Gibson re-team with Joe Pesci and newcomer Rene Russo...


Episode 19 : My Cousin Vinny

There’s almost no way My Cousin Vinny wouldn’t have been a hit in 1992. You’ve either seen it or know the title of the film. The story mixes a serious crime into a film that’s clearly a comedy, and it’s easy to see why it received such critical acclaim upon its release. A well-paced, entertaining watch, and though it may seem run-of-the-mill, Vinny is a unique movie that shouldn’t be swallowed into the bin of lost films. ▶️ While on a road trip, two boys are arrested for murder they didn’t...


Episode 18 : The Ice Storm

We close out November with one of the best dramatic films to come out of the 90s, Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm (1997). It’s a simple story, but how this Rick Moody novel was adapted into a movie perfectly embodies American families going through transition. Although it was highly praised by critics and viewers alike, this movie often slips by the radar. Lee takes human realness, struggling with the mundane, familial claustrophobia and sexual repression, then wraps it into a story that feels...


Episode 17 : Kids

A dark November begins with our most controversial movie yet, Larry Clark’s, Kids (1995). It received an NC-17 rating upon its release, and in the subsequent years, a lot of kids have felt accurately represented on film, while parents are still shocked and the rest of the world feels sucker-punched in the gut. Nineteen-year-old Harmony Korine wrote this film about an unsupervised teenage world full of immediate gratification, curiosity, unbridled vulgarity and never thinking about...


Episode 16 : Fright Night (1985)

Finally, the Halloween episode has arrived! And no other movie better illustrates the scary, fun-loving spirit of the season than Tom Holland’s Fright Night (1985). It’s not just a run-of-the-mill vampire flick... it’s responsible for altering the entire vampy genre, which has been around since the beginning of moviemaking. In the years that preceded Fright Night, many felt the vampire genre had become stale and played out, definitely moving away from being anywhere near terrifying. And in...


Episode 15 : A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Bonus episode time! And in celebration of Halloween, we wanted to stick to a classic horror film — Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). It’s the movie that revived the tired slasher genre of the 1980s with a pizza-faced, claw-wielding fiend named Fred Krueger. Nightmare made him a household name, spawned six sequels and influenced countless films after it. Non-stop merchandizing for Nightmare still persists today, thus showing what a strong hold the film still has on the psyche of...


Episode 14 : Serial Mom

Horror movies don’t always have to scare you senseless or be overflowing with blood. When you’re a legendary director like John Waters, horror could certainly mean violence, but it can also be the horrid human behavior capitalizing on said violence or the suppressed psycho living under your same roof. Serial Mom (1994) is a perfect satire about a murderous mother’s influence on pop culture and how society views these unbelievable, “true” crime events. ▶️ When an ideal, all-American mom...


Episode 13 : Pet Sematary

We’re kicking off October with another Stephen King brainchild, Pet Sematary (1989). King has always been a sought after writer, but during the 1980s, people started to get burnt out on seeing his name. Director Mary Lambert takes this incredibly dark, heartbreaking story and makes it come to life with the ability to scare on multiple levels. ▶️ When a father crosses into some sour, supernatural territory and brings the family cat back from the dead, the way he approaches death moving...


Episode 12 : Quick Change

We’re big fans of Bill Murray here at the podcast, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t have a special episode the week of his birthday. This time out, we went for some stellar deep cuts, focusing on 1990’s Quick Change. It’s been called the best Billy Murray movie you’ve never seen, so we think it’s high time to reintroduce this mainstream, yet obscure favorite. ▶️ Three New York bank robbers (Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid) successfully pull off a multi-million dollar heist, but that...


Episode 11 part two : The Monster Squad (Interview w/ Andre Gower & Henry McComas)

For Episode 11: Part Two, Justin and Lindsay interview the creative duo behind the documentary about The Monster Squad, Wolfman’s Got Nards! André Gower, the Squad’s main star and writer/director/producer of the documentary, and writer/producer/cinematographer/editor/jack-of-all-trades, Henry McComas, talk about the ins and outs of making their film possible, the fans, legendary status of the original film that inspired this documentary, as well as their thoughts on contemporary cinema and...


Episode 11 part one : The Monster Squad

It’s not a horror movie. It’s not a kids movie. The Monster Squad (1987) is in a class all by itself. It’s a film you either have loved from a long time or have somehow escaped. And for its hardcore fans, it’s a movie that will never die. ▶️ Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy and Gillman all descend upon an unsuspecting town and it’s up to a group of kids to stop them from wreaking total havoc. Hey, it’s the 1980s, the time when kids totally battled evil, other worldly forces all...


Episode 10 : Robocop (1987)

We’re switching gears and going for a hardcore action film, groundbreaking for its time. And 30 years after its release, Robocop (1987) feels more contemporary than ever. Futuristic law enforcement may be a wave of the future we’ve yet to achieve, but the themes of this Paul Verhoeven film still hold true today. ▶️ Revisiting Robocop, themes of corruption, privatizing government, capitalism and ultra-violence run rampant all throughout. We’ll touch on the strength of the cast, heroes and...


Episode 9 : Stand By Me

If you’ve seen Stand By Me (1986), you remember it vividly. If you’ve somehow escaped this one, the time has come to experience this Stephen King coming-of-age tale that will surely tug at your core. ▶️ Half a heartfelt, bittersweet remembrance of childhood and half road trip without the car movie, Stand By Me follows four friends as they go in search of a missing boy from their school. Directed by Rob Reiner and starring River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell, this...


Episode 8 : Working Girl

It’s the 30th anniversary of Working Girl (1988), and Justin and Lindsay want to make sure you won’t forget this inspirational, underdog tale of success in the 80’s! ▶️ Directed by Mike Nichols and starring heavy-hitters like Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford, we follow a quick-witted woman trying to make her way in a boy’s club type world. Not many movies like Working Girl came out during this time, so the significance of the subject matter is discussed, along with the...


Episode 7 : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

It may be the most talked about movie you love or have never seen. In this episode, Justin and Lindsay discuss the uncomfortable summer horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). ▶️ Director Tobe Hooper’s vision for the film will be discussed, behind the scenes tidbits, why it’s still as frightening as ever, and also the film’s importance in cinema and horror movie history. We’ll also hit on how the movie differs from, and also set the stage for, many films to come after it. ▶️...


Episode 6 : Weird Science

It was only a matter of time before a John Hughes movie would come up. This time out, Justin and Lindsay discuss the ridiculous, fantastical world of Hughes’ 1985 classic, Weird Science. They hit on subjects like puberty, the role of Kelly LeBrock in the film, where this movie fits into Hughes’ career and a ton of reasons why Weird Science is an unforgettable watch. ▶️ Riding the Hughes wave hard this podcast, the Picks of the Week are She’s Having a Baby (Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth...


Episode 5 : Predator (1987)

Justin and Lindsay talk all things Arnold Schwarzenegger in John McTiernan’s 1987 action, sci-if thriller, Predator! Is this just another bro’d out action movie or maybe something with a deeper message? Don’t miss Justin’s confession about his favorite action star, while Lindsay gets mesmerized by Arnie’s eyes. Picks of the Week include Ivan Reitman’s totally believable tale of estranged siblings, Twins starring Arnie and Danny Devito; and Robert Zemeckis’ story of the Hollywood undead,...


Episode 5 : Predator (1987)

▶️ Justin and Lindsay talk all things Arnold Schwarzenegger in John McTiernan’s 1987 action, sci-if thriller, Predator! Is this just another bro’d out action movie or maybe something with a deeper message? Don’t miss Justin’s confession about his favorite action star, while Lindsay gets mesmerized by Arnie’s eyes. ▶️ Picks of the Week include Ivan Reitman’s totally believable tale of estranged siblings, Twins starring Arnie and Danny Devito; and Robert Zemeckis’ story of the Hollywood...


Episode 4 : Fatal Attraction

This week, Justin and Lindsay explore the legendary film that made men nationwide cross their legs a little harder, Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction. This bunnyboiler helped popularize the obsessive stalker movie trend that is still widely used today, and also forever immortalized those crazy Glenn Close curls! Picks of the Week: Justin chose Adrian Lyne’s coming of age first feature, Foxes. Lindsay went with the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner divorce saga, The War of th...