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EP41: Alyssa Flores - Loving Yourself from the Inside Out

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I have an awesome guest for today’s episode. Alyssa Flores is a fellow teammate and competitor, better known as “Dumbbells and Doughnuts” on Instagram. She truly understands the mindset required to survive in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Alyssa has an incredible history of determination and successful weight loss; she dropped over 80 pounds just to compete on stage! Today, she shares tips and tricks on how to face struggles...


EP40: Eren Legend - Growing Your Brand to Legendary Proportions

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today, I talk with IFBB Pro Eren Legend, who is a friend of mine and a legend in Toronto who wears about 13 different hats. Eren does it all; he’s a celebrity fitness coach that models, acts, speaks, writes, and more! He knows what it’s like to hustle and struggle, and he understands the power of networking and how to build a community around your brand and business. I’m excited to share this episode with you because Eren has a lot of...


EP39: Day Trader Deni Hadziabdic - Daydreaming of Day Trading? Trading Tips for Beginners

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today, I have with me someone who has been on the podcast before, but not in this type of way. I have with me my husband Deni, and he’s been on the podcast before talking about stuff to do with our lives. But today I’m switching it up and talking about what he has going on in his life and how he makes his income, which is through day trading. Since I am trying to take the podcast in more of a personal development and entrepreneurial...


EP38: The Highlight Reel of Dropset Gorgeous Radio

Welcome back! Dropset Gorgeous Radio has been taking over the airwaves for just over 6 months now but has brought an insane amount of value. The special episode is a highlight reel of the most popular episodes released to date! The guests on this episode all have one thing in common: a relentless pursuit of their passions. Every guest has the drive to pursue their passions in life. If any of these guests struck a chord with you their full episodes can be found below: EP18: Online Business...


EP37: 5 Life Lessons You Don’t Want to Hear But Need to Know

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I have an extra special episode for you today! Today is my birthday and I’m super excited for you guys to hear the 5 life lessons that you DON’T want to hear but that you NEED to know. I’m going to share these life lessons with you and then correlate them to either an example in business, in fitness, or in relationships, because I feel everyone can stand to learn how they can apply these life lessons to their own individual personal...


EP36: See You Later Leaner Coach Adam Atkinson - The Business of Bodybuilding

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today, I have with me a very special guest. His name is Adam Atkinson, more commonly known as “See You Later Leaner” on Instagram. Adam is a contest prep coach who has worked with tons of amazing competitors that have done very well in the competing industry. Adam shares with us his experiences working as a prep coach, the differences in different classes that he’s worked with, and his overall experience in running his own business....


EP35: The Coach to Fit Pros Tanner Chidester - Online Fitness Business Best Practices

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today I have with me Tanner Chidester, a “fit pro”, who has successfully built his online fitness coaching business to well over six figures in under a year. He has an amazing strategy for business that he’s going to share with us today! He talks deep about business best practices, mistakes that he’s made in business, networking, and more. If you are a fit pro and you’re listening, this episode is going to be highly applicable to you,...


EP34: Inner Circle Coach and Coffee Connoisseur Jordan Syatt - The Keys to Content Creation on Social Media

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I’m going to start off this episode with a little riddle: What do coffee, Harry Potter, and fitness all have in common? I know the title probably gave it away; the answer is in fact Jordan Syatt, who is today’s guest! I’m really excited to have him join us today, and if you’re not familiar with who Jordan is, he’s known as @SyattFitness on Instagram. Look him up! He’s well-known for his Harry Potter-based analogies, and he also runs a...


EP33: How to Handle Competition in Business

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! We’re going to get into the topic of competition in business. This is applicable whether you’re in a B2B business or a B2C business. B2B businesses sell to other businesses like marketing agencies or coaches for coaches, whereas B2C business involves direct consumer marketing. There are two things about competition that we want to understand today. First, competition is healthy. Also, competition is relative. Four Reasons Competition...


EP32: Health Coach Nathalie Botezatu - Helping Women Find Their Inner Goddess and Repairing Relationships with Food

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today, I have with me health nut, “Health Nat”. Her name is actually Nathalie Botezatu, known as @HealthNat on Instagram; she is an amazing love and service-driven entrepreneur who works with women to repair their relationship with food and self-love within themselves. She’s got an amazing movement that she’s working towards building through her clients and through her content. I’m really excited to share her viewpoints with you on...


EP31: Strong Mom Laura Cabrera - Single Mom in a Singlet, Anything Is Possible Outside Your Comfort Zone

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today I have with me Strong Mom Laura Cabrera, a powerlifting mom and first grade teacher who will share how she prioritizes all of that in her busy schedule, and how she consistently chooses to not remain complacent and looks for new and exciting ways to challenge herself so she can fulfill her purpose and leave the legacy that she wants to on the world. It’s a really amazing episode and I can’t wait to share it with you, so let’s...


EP30: Quitting Your Day Job to Pursue Your Dream Job

Welcome to today’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I brought Deni back on to the show to do an episode that was highly requested. We’re going to be talking about quitting your day job to pursue your passion. I got an overwhelming amount of amazing feedback asking if we’d record an episode about this, so let’s jump right on into it! Why you shouldn’t base your life around fearCalculated risks and researching viable options for incomeHow you can’t just Google all the resources you need as...


EP29: Make Investments That Make You Uncomfortable

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I have a special shout out today for you guys! Last month was actually a record-breaking download month for the show! I wanted to take a quick moment and let you know that I’m so grateful for the fact that you are supporting the show and enjoying the content, and really just allowing myself and the guests I’m bringing on the ability to bore your ear for an hour a week, and provide value. Value that I hope helps you in moving forward...


EP28: Mindset and Life Coach Nick Tillia - Business Growth: It Doesn't Have to Be Hard to be Effective

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I interviewed Nick Tillia, who is a mindset coach and online business badass! He’s helped tons of entrepreneurs scale their businesses to levels they didn’t even think were imaginable, and he does it all through mindset work. It may seem a little odd at first, but honestly have a listen to Nick. Everything he says is so wise and so valuable. I have nothing but amazing things to say about him, and I’ve seen him help people scale their...


EP27: IFBB Bikini Pro Lauren Dannenmiller - Building Muscle, Mindset and Longevity in the Competing Scene

Welcome to this week’s episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I brought on another fellow Angel Competition Bikinis athlete this week. Her name is Lauren Dannenmiller. If you’re not familiar with Lauren, she was actually the overall bikini champion from Miami Nationals last year. She’s an IFBB Pro with a ton of experience, and a great outlook on competing that I personally admire and feel is really going to set her up for longevity within this sport. If you’re a competitor or are just interested...


EP26: What It's Like Dating an NPC Competitor

Welcome back for another episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Last time when I brought on Deni, it was such a successful episode and I got a ton of good feedback from you, so much so that I decided to bring him on again for another episode. I think he’d be able to provide a ton of value and a good, contrasting insight into what it’s like dating somebody who’s competing and how you balance having a relationship while prepping for a show. Deni’s experiences in dealing with someone who’s in...


EP25: ACB Athlete Liz Morgan - What You Need to Know About Competing from an NPC NQ Athlete

Welcome back to another great episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today I’ve got a special guest, Liz Morgan AKA The Halo Top Queen, on the show to discuss the ins and outs of fitness shows - from local to national and everything in between. Liz’s fitness and competition journey - from getting started to national level competitions. Realistic look at how much work goes behind all shows, especially a national level competition. Setting realistic fitness goals, competition ready is not healthy...


EP24: My Top 3 Don't Dos When Falling Off Track

Welcome back to another great episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! I’ve got another solo episode for you today, and I am excited to share it with you. We all get off track, and sometimes stall or even go backwards in progress towards a goal - but I’ve got some tips to help get you back on track. I hope that some of this resonates with you and gives you an idea of what not to do when you realize you’ve fallen off track. Three things to avoid when you feel like you’re falling off track....


EP23: Finding Love on Instagram

Welcome back for another episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio - this is going to be a very special episode and I am so excited to share it with you! Today I invited my husband, Deni on the show, to help tell the story of how we met and eventually found love on Instagram. Amber and Deni share their story, how they met and developed a relationship on Instagram. Noticing people who like your content, not just your photos or looks. Not settling in a relationship, finding what you want and need....


EP22: Online Coach Clif Brooks - All Things Online Training from a Coach and Client Perspective

Thank you for joining me for another episode of Dropset Gorgeous Radio! Today I have a special guest for you, and someone who I think you will find a lot of value from. Clif Brooks joins me today and we dive into anything and everything to do with online training - from both a coach and a client perspective. Clif Brooks personal fitness journey. Getting into personal coaching and online coaching. Short term results vs making a lifestyle change. Importance of developing a personal plan and...