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5 Ways to Make Your NETWORK Your NET WORTH

If I travel back to 2012, one of the first business mentors I came across was Todd Durkin. Todd said this to me… ‘Your Network is your Net worth” Just read that out loud a couple of times and let it sink in 😊 What he meant was the bigger the network you have, will ultimately lead to a bigger net worth. Because let’s say one day, you have a product launch, like a book release. Besides doing everything you can marketing wise and spending money on advertisement, could you imagine the...



Picture this… You are lost in a forest. You can’t figure out how to get out of the forest because there’s so many trees, clutter, and confusion. You have 2 options: A) You can continue to find your way out and most likely be stuck in the forest for days or weeks B) You can get help and have someone in a helicopter guiding you through the forest to get out quicker We don’t know about you, but we will choose option B all day. This was an analogy Bedros Keuilian used during our...


How to Solve Bigger Problems to Help Billions of People with Cole and Sanja Hatter

A mentor of mine once told me “Business is about solving problems and the bigger the problems you solve…usually the more impact you make.” Comment below if you agree with this? I definitely think this is true. Another mentor of mine, Cole Hatter, just told Chris and I this when we were at his house interviewing him and his wife Sanja. He told us this powerful story where he was on a billionaire’s yacht in Seattle, and to make the story short, he stepped out to solve a problem for his...


Q&A and What We Did Before Building Dynamic Duo Training

If I travel back a decade ago, I was helping underprivileged high school students get into college. I was a college access advisor and I managed a group of high school students, making sure they were passing their classes, applying to colleges, and basically being a mentor. I absolutely loved it and would probably still be doing something along these lines if it weren’t for Dynamic Duo Training. NOW, ERIC, ON THE OTHER HAND…. Your going to have to listen to our NEW podcast episode to...


How To Create Your Ripple of Impact Without Seeking Validation From Others with Khaled Elmasri

Do us a favor and just imagine this (it’s a true story by the way)… Moving from the Middle East to the US when you are 5 years old. You don’t feel like you fit in due to not speaking English and being from a different culture. And to top it off, you stand out like a sore thumb. You then go on to build a well-known and growing fitness business conference the past 5 years that’s making an IMPACT on thousands of fitness professionals’ lives. Would you agree that’s a hell of a STORY? A...


Overcoming Dissatisfaction With Your Body Image & Empowering Women To Be Strong with Molly Galbraith

80% of women in the US and Canada are dissatisfied with their body image… Shocking right? What if we told you that 81% of 10-year old’s have been on a diet and mothers are the number one influence on young girls and their body image? We just learned about these stats from Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong, Molly Galbraith. We had a chance to sit down with Molly and have a POWERFUL CONVERSATION about women, body image, self-worth, and how to create an empowering environment to overcome...


How to Find Your Calling Through Creating Moments in Life with Mike Zeller

We are excited to share this amazing conversation we had with Mike Zeller with you today! Mike is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, has a masters degree in Christian Leadership, and an all-around great guy! What we love about Mike is he has a huge heart for humanity, making the world a better place, and helping people find their true callings with creating moments in life. Mike has a great story about when he was first working in real estate and had a lot of success, but...


4 of Our Real-Life Stories on Sacrificing to Get to The Next Level

Eric and I were having a conversation last week about our next podcast topic and we wanted to talk about sacrificing to get to the next level. But, we didn’t want to just go back and forth about our own definitions of what it means to sacrifice. Instead… We want to share 4 of our top real-life stories on sacrificing to get to the next level. We also, want to ask you… What is it in your life that you want to SACRIFICE to get to the next level? What do you need or want “to give up or...


How to Live your Best Lifestyle and Evolve into It with Emily Hayden

Let’s talk really quick about Lifestyle… One of Chris and I’s main WHY behind our businesses is to impact others to live what we call a “Dynamic Lifestyle.” It means to not be complacent or mediocre, to play big, take some risks, do what you ultimately love to do, share your unique gifts and talents with the world, and live a bad ass lifestyle! You with me on this? I’m excited to share this recent conversation we had with the awesome and talented, Emily Hayden. In April 2017, we had the...


How to Create the Perfect Day to Become More Productive with Craig Ballantyne

Are there times where you don’t feel very productive and just don’t get a whole lot done? Truuuuust me when I say I have had those same feelings. There’s been times in the past where I’d beat myself up for not scratching off every item on the “to do list.” I’ve even popped off on Chris for not getting a few things done that we agreed on during our weekly meetings. Poor guy! Kinda…he is the baby of the family after all 😉 But on a serious note, we just had an incredible conversation...


The Biggest Business Mistakes That Costed Us Over $250K

Remember the movie “Austin Powers?” Remember the movie “Austin Powers?” The part when he travels back into a time machine to try and get his mojo back that Dr. Evil stole from him? That’s how Eric and I felt the first six years of our business. We literally made $250,000 worth of business mistakes and we wish we could travel back in a real time machine and get that back. To be honest, about $200,000 of those mistakes, I can blame on big bro by 1 minute (Eric). Lol All kidding...


How to Manage Anxiety, Burnout, and Being Overwhelmed

Are you a fan of the “Team No Sleep” or “Hustle and Grind” mentality? Since social media has gotten so popular the past couple of years, there has been this trend that is being portrayed as cool and “In.” And that’s the “hustle and grind” mode, the “team no sleep” mantra, blah blah… We fell prey to this mentality and guess what, it back fired on us, led us to negatively affecting relationships, and ultimately leading to anxiety, being overwhelmed, and burn out. It wasn’t until we looked...


Overcoming a Stripped Identity and Starting from Scratch with Chris Harder

We have a serious question for you? Have you ever gone through a point in your life where you were having identity issues? Maybe feeling lost, facing tons of adversity, and just not knowing what to do? I know we’ve gone through this and we term it as “from hell and back” and that was six years of our lives from the ages of 18-24 where it was the darkest times of our lives. But, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel and found a way out. The truth is, we all go through this in life,...


How To Get In A State Of Flow In Your Fitness Journey

I want to share this formula I came up with that helped me get out of my fitness rut: FLOW + FOCUS +TRACTION--Adherence & Consistency = Results & Fulfillment After I figured this out, here’s how I started feeling within my fitness journey: Completely immersed in what I was doing aka Being FOCUSED. Completing task after task and taking massive action on everything aka Gaining TRACTION. Creating inner clarity. Knowing what needs to be done and knowing the activity is doable. A sense of...


How to Discover your Purpose in Life to Help Others with Stephanie Rowe

Do you ever have that feeling of “what am I doing with my life?” Kind of like in high school, when people asked, “what college are you going to?” I always hated getting asked “what college was I going to” during senior year. I also struggled for a long time with constantly beating myself up about what am I doing with my life. The turning point for me personally, was seeking my first coach in fitness. From there as the years went on, discovering my purpose in life became much...


How to Grow Your Business, Brand, & Community Using Instagram with Sue B Zimmerman

I want to be real with you, it’s not easy building a business, brand, and community. I’ve realized after 8 years of doing all this, it takes time, patience, grit, coaches, money, knowledge, etc. Chris and I have probably made over $100,000 worth of mistakes because we didn’t have the resources, coaches, knowledge, purpose, and patience that we have today. So, if you are a business owner or you’re thinking of starting a business, I want to help you save some of these mistakes we...


Overcoming Guilt, Shame, Insecurities, and a Scarce Mindset with Jill Coleman

I want to tell you a quick story… About a decade ago, I remember how afraid I was to start our business Dynamic Duo Training. I felt guilty because I had left my day job that consisted of helping underprivileged high school kids get to college because I created an incredible bond with them. I felt insecure because I didn’t feel I had the knowledge to get people in the best shape of their lives. And worst of all, I played small for so many years due to having a scarce mindset. So, there...


How to Manage Entrepreneurial Stress

Have you ever felt the following? Blood boiling… Knots in your shoulders and neck… Taking deep breaths… Pulling your own hair… Lashing out on others… These are all actions we perform when we are under stress. A lot of us deal with stress differently and we aren’t here to tell you we have figured out the secret formula to deal with stress because let’s be honest, there probably isn’t a secret formula out there. But, what we are here to discuss is practical ways we have learned to...


Being Bullied and Depressed Leads to Becoming a Reality TV Star and Celebrity Trainer with Jason Rosell

Have you ever wondered what the life of a reality TV star is like? Literally the day to day life, the emotions, the struggles, the highs, etc. What’s interesting is a lot of people think they have it easy and say things like “I wish I had their life.” But, we don’t know how green the grass is until we A) have lived in it or B) talk to someone that has lived in it. So, we took the latter and had the privilege to have an amazing conversation with reality TV star and celebrity trainer,...


Coming to the US with $150 and a Dream to End Obesity with Daniel Nyiri

Imagine this… You come to America from Hungary with $150 in your pocket, you’re an ex professional hockey player who got injured, and you’ve had multiple jobs such as: • A personal trainer • Waiter • Bartender • Model • Coached kids with hockey Pretty wild right? Well, we want you to meet Daniel Nyiri! Daniel has what we call “guts.” He also has an incredible and inspiring story and an enormous mission to end obesity and muscle atrophy for astronauts in NASA. He’s also an...