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10 Questions We Answer on How to Create True Influence & Impact

I remember in 1996, Eric and I were really into soccer and the MLS (Major League Soccer) had just started and the closest team to where we lived was the San Jose Clash (now called the San Jose Earthquakes). My dad used to take Eric and I to these games and we would have a blast. I used to idolize these star soccer players that were on the Clash. At the time, I didn’t know any better, I put them on pedestals and said, “one day I want their lifestyles and to be like them.” Truth is, I only...


The Importance of Staying on your Path to Live your Best Life with Brian Decosta

Have you heard the song… “I’m Living My Best Life!” I know you’ve heard this song and that’s why I’m excited to share this powerful conversation Chris and I had with Brian Decosta! I truly believe at the bottom of my core that everyone should be striving to “Live Their Best Life.” Is it easy? Absolutely not. But everyone has a choice to go after what they want, live the lifestyle that makes them happy-fulfilled, and ultimately live their best life. Brian is a very courageous man. He...


How to Get Online Fitness Coaching Clients Through Instagram

Here’s an actionable step you can do right away using Instagram: ***Your Instagram Content Should be Short, Actionable, Goal Oriented, and Easy to Consume*** You are most welcome 😊 To be quite honest, a lot of people have no clue what they’re doing within Instagram. And to keep this in context, we are specifically talking about online fitness coaches. Opening an Instagram account and posting a bunch of shirtless selfies and you working out at the gym has no value, intention, purpose,...


How to Increase your Focus and Self Awareness to Make your Brand Stick out More with Mark Lack

Ever wonder why its so expensive for companies to snag a spot for a commercial during the super bowl? Its because of the millions-billions of eyeballs that are watching the super bowl and commercials. You have a chance to get a ton of attention on your brand or company. In today’s social media society…the brand, thought leader, or business that can grab more people’s attention has a higher probability of scaling. In order to grab people’s attention these days, it takes a combination of...


Lessons from a Pro Skater to a Serial Entrepreneur with Mikey Taylor

Did you ever watch the X games? To be honest, I didn’t really either. But whats cool is Chris and I sat down with Mikey Taylor, an ex-pro skateboarder that participated in the X games, and he’s now a serial entrepreneur. Imagine the good majority of your entire life was centered around skate boarding. Literally, skateboarding every day for 5 hours. That’s the kind of work ethic it took Pro Skateboarder, Mikey Taylor, to get to the X games! Mikey had a successful professional...


How to Change your Environment to Become the Best Version of Yourself with Travis Chappell

Picture this… You are selling door to door Solar Energy and Alarm Systems, you are the top sales rep, and then you shift to full time podcasting… That’s why we are so pumped to share this awesome conversation with Travis Chappell. Travis is the host of “Build Your Network” Podcast, its an amazing podcast where he talks about how to network, add value, be a giver not a taker, and to ultimately do what you want to do. Travis also has a background in Bible and Church Ministry, starting...


Q & A Round 2 with Chris and Eric

You heard the bell… And that’s the sound for round 2 of a Question and Answer episode with us 😊 Our first Q & A episode was a ton of fun, great questions, and we provided a lot of value. That’s why we are pumped to bring you round 2! Make sure to check out the questions below. Here we go! In This Episode, You Will Learn: 1) Do you guys ever get bad clients and how do you handle them on a professional level? 2) What are your top 3 books for our personal development and why? 3) What...


How to Become a Specialist in your Coaching Business and Play Bigger with Vince DelMonte

“ALL THE JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE, WILL GET WIPED OUT.” The quote above was from father, husband, business coach, entrepreneur, and all-around stud, Vince DelMonte. We are excited to share this awesome and impactful conversation we had with Vince DelMonte. WE HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING VINCE AND HIS GROWTH THE PAST 5 YEARS AND WHAT WE CAN REALLY RELATE TO WITH VINCE, IS WE BOTH HAVE BUILT SUCCESSFUL ONLINE COACHING BUSINESS, INVESTED IN HIGHER LEVEL MENTORS AND MASTERMINDS, AND HAVE...


The Power Behind Being Innovative and Avoiding Job Disruption with Jay Samit

Did you know that in the next 3-5 years, 40% of jobs in the US will be disrupted? This is why we had a fascinating conversation with author, speaker, entrepreneur, and disruption expert, Jay Samit. We met Jay 3 years ago at Tai Lopez’s mansion, he was a guest speaker in the mastermind, and he blew his talk out of the water with innovation and disruption and we knew we had to have this Rockstar on the podcast for you. Just look back at how many jobs are being disrupted by innovation and...


10 Marketing Predictions for Online Coaches

Have you heard this before… “Whoever experiments the most in life wins” The quote above was from one of our mentors Tai Lopez. We remember he told us this a couple years ago when we were in his year long mastermind and it stuck with us ever since. Things are constantly changing and evolving these days in the online world and if you are an online coach, you should be doing the following: A) Keeping up with all the changes and evolvement with technology, social media, marketing, and...


How to Live a Dynamic Lifestyle with 10 Top Entrepreneurs

Ask Yourself This Question… ”WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME TO LIVE A DYNAMIC LIFESTYLE?” Everyone is going to have a different definition and that’s the beautiful thing about asking this question. When you look up the word “DYNAMIC,” it means non-static, strong, energetic, and constantly evolving! This is the lifestyle that we live and breathe daily. But we wanted to know what these top 10 entrepreneurs definition of a dynamic lifestyle, their daily habits, routines, non-negotiables, and what...


How to Use the 80/20 Rule to Get Better in All Areas of Life with Jason Ferruggia

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? The 80/20 rule is also known as the “Pareto Principle,” that states, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. What’s great about this 80/20 principle is it can be applied in all areas of life such as: • Business • Fitness • Health and safety • Sports We just had a DYNAMIC conversation with fitness icon, Jason Ferruggia, who lives and breathes the 80/20 principle in all areas of his life. Jason loves simplicity and...


The Power of Being Yourself to Building a Dynamic Webinar and Raising the Stakes with Casey Zeman

Chris and I had an amazing conversation with this incredible man that physically went down to Haiti, fought for weeks against the adoption system, and finally brought his two sons’ home. He literally came back every single day when they told him “you will have to come back tomorrow.” He was RUTHLESS about his pursuit to bring his sons home. He said to us: “There’s always going to be road blocks and thick barriers to stop you from your goals and dreams. You have to be ruthless to break...


Our Wins and Losses in 2018 & How YOU Can Take Massive Action in 2019

Exactly a year ago, we did an episode on our wins and losses in 2017, and the feedback was amazing on the episode.Exactly a year ago, we did an episode on our wins and losses in 2017, and the feedback was amazing on the episode. So, we decided to go back at it and SHARE OUR WINS, LOSSES, AND LESSONS LEARNED FROM 2018. The biggest difference this year is we really went deep on the practical applications, so you can take massive action in 2019. Because the truth is, we can all have...


Behind the Scenes of Being a Celebrity Personal Trainer for 16 Years with Chad Landers

These days in the fitness industry, a gym owner is lucky to be able to keep the doors open for a few years.These days in the fitness industry, a gym owner is lucky to be able to keep the doors open for a few years. With all the competition out there, such as crossfit, big box gyms, mom and pop gyms, F45, Orange theory, etc. It is tough for a gym owner to stay in business. What if we told you our good friend, Celebrity Personal Trainer, and gym owner of Push Private Fitness in LA, has...


The Power Behind Putting on Your Daily Mental Armor to Empower Others with Diana Mills

Yep you heard that right!Yep you heard that right! We Just INTERVIEWED Fitness Icon and Legend Les Mills Granddaughter, Diana Mills. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the fitness icon, legend, and mega brand, Les Mills. Les Mills, a four-time Olympian, founded his first gym in his garage in Auckland, New Zealand. This was 50 years ago, back before personal fitness was even really a thing. Well, his awesome granddaughter, Diana Mills, was here in LA on a...


How to IGNITE Your Relationships, Career, and Well-Being with Adi & Sophie Jaffe

Do you want to know how to IGNITE your lifestyle? Specifically, your relationships, career, and well-being? Let me dive into this a bit more with a story that will help… When I was fresh out of college with my fancy degree in business-communications 😉 I put career goals at the forefront for a full year, put relationships in the back burner, and my well-being, was…ehhh… so so. After a year of this hot shot college grad ego recipe of mine, I wasn’t happy. Flat out! And it was because I...


EXTREME 190 Pound Weight Loss and Overcoming Addiction with Noah Kingery

PICTURE This… You gain 210 POUNDS IN A YEAR, LEAVE PLAYING PROFESSIONAL SOCCER, FACE THE VICIOUS BATTLE WITH ADDICTION, AND LOSE YOUR FATHER TO CANCER. That is a lot of adversity for someone to face and overcome. But, like I’ve discussed before, those that have gone through hell, have a special set of lenses that others don’t have, and I’m fascinated with their stories. So, when Eric and I sat down and had a deep conversation with Noah Kingery, we realized his story is much deeper than...


5 Ways to Make Your NETWORK Your NET WORTH

If I travel back to 2012, one of the first business mentors I came across was Todd Durkin. Todd said this to me… ‘Your Network is your Net worth” Just read that out loud a couple of times and let it sink in 😊 What he meant was the bigger the network you have, will ultimately lead to a bigger net worth. Because let’s say one day, you have a product launch, like a book release. Besides doing everything you can marketing wise and spending money on advertisement, could you imagine the...



Picture this… You are lost in a forest. You can’t figure out how to get out of the forest because there’s so many trees, clutter, and confusion. You have 2 options: A) You can continue to find your way out and most likely be stuck in the forest for days or weeks B) You can get help and have someone in a helicopter guiding you through the forest to get out quicker We don’t know about you, but we will choose option B all day. This was an analogy Bedros Keuilian used during our...