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Sharing proven strategies for financial advisors to maximize time, profit and freedom. The co-founders of Emerging Advisor, a practice management and marketing company, Scott Dougan and Sean Lee join host Walter Storholt each week for engaging conversation about how to improve your financial advising practice one step at a time.


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Sharing proven strategies for financial advisors to maximize time, profit and freedom. The co-founders of Emerging Advisor, a practice management and marketing company, Scott Dougan and Sean Lee join host Walter Storholt each week for engaging conversation about how to improve your financial advising practice one step at a time.




Ep 10: Overcoming the Challenges Currently Facing Advisors

The obstacles facing advisors over the past year have been well-documented but we want to keep pushing for solutions to continue growing your business. Today we’re joined by Bill Johnson, an author, educator, and tremendous marketing consultant, to explain his LogicTrac process and how to apply it to your business. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-10-overcoming-the-challenges-currently-facing-advisors/ About our guest: https://www.logictrac.net/ What we discuss on this episode: 1:38 – Background on how we met Bill 3:07 – Bill’s professional background 5:13 – LogicTrac 10:15 – 3 different closes to be used 13:38 – Power of professional relationships 20:09 – Scott shares a story about a great client referral 22:37 – Positive approach 25:32 – If you want to learn more about this process


Ep 9: What We’ve Learned from Teaching Virtual Classes

The transition from working with prospects and clients in-person to a virtual setting has been challenging for every advisor. Changes bring growing pains and learning experiences, but it’s essential for the future of your business. Today we bring on Daniel Allgaier, CFP®, from our team to talk about his experience teaching virtual classes and the process he uses to get prepared. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-9-what-weve-learned-from-teaching-virtual-classes/ What we discuss on this episode: 0:48 – Introducing our guest today 3:00 – The two weeks leading up to the class 6:20 – Importance of practice 7:31 – The routine on the day of classes 9:28 – It’s a time commitment 11:44 – Not a high-pressure sales situation 13:50 – Recapping the experience


Ep 8: Embracing New Technologies & Processes with Don Anders

We’ve talked about using this time in 2020 as an opportunity to evaluate and improve your business. One area that needs the attention of many advisors is marketing and lead nurturing. Today we welcome on Don Anders of Advisor’s Platform to tell us how to embrace new marketing platforms and processes to reach prospects and convert them into clients. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-8-embracing-new-technologies-processes-with-don-anders/ Connect with our guest: https://www.advisorsplatform.com/ What we discuss on this show: 0:45 – Joined today by Don Anders 2:34 – When he first started marketing on Facebook 4:20 – Shift from direct mail to digital 6:39 – How you should think about list-building and your database 14:50 – Lead management 15:28 – Coffee Drops 19:12 – Consistency is key 23:38 – Digital marketing companies 27:04 – Don’s story of how he transitioned his business to virtual 34:07 – Use this time to be introspective about your business 39:56 – How to learn more about what Don does


Ep 7: Finishing Out 2020 & Planning for the New Year

In our November edition of the Advisor to Advisor webinar series, Scott will focus on this final stretch of 2020 Q4 and talk about where your attention should be. Then we’ll look ahead to 2021 and talk about planning virtually, marketing strategies, and answering the most important question about your business. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-7-finishing-out-2020-planning-for-the-new-year/ What we discuss on this show: 0:57 – Starting the webinar 2:06 – Goals for today’s show 3:15 – Having a growth mindset with your business 4:19 – What we’re focused on for keeping momentum in Q4 6:01 – Success from just picking up the phone and calling 7:27 – Thanksgiving plans 8:25 – Preparing for another possible shutdown 10:48 – Hit the ground running at the beginning of January 12:00 – What we’ll be doing 13:40 – Marketing and innovation 17:58 – How do we deliver the advice for you? 19:45 – Is your business serving you? 22:42 – What improvements do you want to make in 2021? 25:20 – Who and what do you need to work virtually?


Ep 6: The Keys to Effective Communication with Adam Cufr, RICP®

Building a business is all about communication and we’re all looking for ways to improve in that area. Today we talk with Adam Cufr, RICP®, to learn more about the strategies he utilizes to connect and serve clients. Plus, we’ll talk about the importance of using this year to evaluate your business and determine what communication fits you best. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-6-the-keys-to-effective-communication-with-adam-cufr-ricp/ About our guest: https://fourthdimensionfinancial.com/author/adam_cufr/ What we discuss on this show: 1:06 – Beginning of the webinar 3:14 – Adam’s writing background 4:42 – Improving the number of ‘touches’ with clients 7:58 – What to communicate with clients 12:57 – Being intentional about the growth of your business 16:40 – What this year has taught us 22:13 – A key question you need to ask yourself before sending out something. 23:05 – Thoughts on a focus group Scott had with families and his employees. 27:03 – As relationships mature, communication methods change 30:51 – Summarizing today’s discussion


Ep 5: Running Your Practice Virtually

Nearly every business across the country has been forced to implement some sort of virtual work environment and advisors are no different. From meetings to webinars, Sean and Scott have embraced the changes and adjusted to accommodate the needs of the client. Let’s talk about how that process has gone in our offices, what you should be doing, and why virtual is here to stay. Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-5-running-your-practice-virtually/ What we discuss on this episode: 1:37 – What we want to talk about today. 2:14 – What changes Scott’s office has made. 3:20 – Client meetings going virtual 4:47 – How Sean has made the transition. 7:05 – How to teach virtually 10:18 – Virtual is here to stay and we have to rethink our practice 13:01 – One thing advisors should do right now


Ep 4: Get Results Using the 3 Ms of Marketing

Developing a plan for driving new clients to the business can be a challenging and frustrating process but it doesn’t have to be. Marketing can be separated out into three pieces – the 3 M’s – and when those are all working together, results will follow. Today we’ll explore this strategy and share examples of how Scott applies this to the business. Show notes and additional resources: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-4-get-results-using-the-3-ms-of-marketing/ Today's rundown: 1:21 – Today we’re talking about the three M’s in the results triangle. 3:02 – Explaining the three M’s are: message, market and media. 4:51 – You need all three of these to be in place simultaneously. 5:45 – Scott shares an example of how he’s applying this for upcoming classes. 12:10 – Why podcasts are such a strong medium right now. 14:39 – Messaging changes from market to media 14:43 – More examples of how all three legs of the stool need to be in place to be effective? 17:45 – Which part of the triangle do advisors struggle with the most? 19:56 – Scott shares another example of how this works with Social Security.


Ep 3: Setting a Profit Target for Your Business

Do you have a profit first mentality when it comes to your business? If not, now is the time to start shifting your thinking. Today we’re going to explain why profit needs to be your ultimate measurement of success and how you can utilize a profit target to get to keep your goals on target. Show notes and additional resources: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-3-setting-a-profit-target-for-your-business/ Today's rundown: 2:29 – Scott shares the epiphany he had a few years ago about making sure the business serves you. 4:53 – Profit first should be the priority but many business focus on different goals first. 6:24 – We’re talking about this book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz 7:01 – How many of us don’t know what our profit margins are until taxes are prepared? 7:49 – We’ve created a profit target using a new equation. 8:50 – Another scenario that advisors are probably familiar with. 11:37 – Was it difficult for Scott to make the shift in mentality to profit first? 13:14 – What is the Parkinson’s Law? 16:10 – You have to stay true to the process and be very structured to reach your goals. 19:07 – What can you do right now to take your first steps towards a profit first business?


Ep 2: Putting Together the Ultimate Practice Blueprint

The key to success for any business is creating a gameplan, implementing the steps, and following through with consistency. That’s no different for advisors and we’ve put together our Ultimate Practice Blueprint that gives you the map to generating and maintaining a successful business. We’ll use this episode to share that blueprint and how we developed it. On this episode: 1:28 – What we’re talking about on today’s program. 1:41 – What is the Ultimate Practice Blueprint 2:42 – We break down the practice to three basic silos: client attraction, client acquisition, client retention. 4:17 – Staying organized and being structured with each of these silos. 5:01 – When we’re going to create a campaign, there has to be steps along the way. 5:58 – It’s like that Ritz Carlton experience – it’s all similar, high class, and consistent. 6:44 – The initial blueprint took about six months. But we think it as the map that we’re all going to follow. 8:18 – Everything that we do – small and large – is written out and built into our system. 10:51 – If you’re going to do this, you need to think about all of the steps involved from attraction to retention. There’s a massive amount of steps in that process. 12:30 – How long should an advisor expect to take to get the point where the process is automated? 14:43 – Diving into the client retention silo a little deeper. 17:33 – If we aren’t providing a high level of surface, our clients can leave and go elsewhere. 18:43 – Consistency separates businesses in the industry. Show notes and additional resources: http://emerging-advisor.com


Ep 1: The Genesis Story Behind Emerging Advisors

Before we really get going on this podcast, we wanted to take a little time to share our journey so far and how we got to this point. On this first episode, Scott and Sean will share the story on how they met and formed this business, the mission of the company, and what they hope people will get out of the show. http://www.emerging-advisor.com/ 0:23 – Let’s introduce you to our hosts. 1:25 – What to expect on this first podcast. 3:18 – Let’s get to know Sean and Scott’s story. 3:58 – How their relationship began. 7:24 – What did you not like about your practice before you met and how did things change in your relationship? 9:35 – Building this company around family was important. 11:19 – What do you hope people will get out of the Emerging Advisor podcast?