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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.


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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.




Energy Stew- Let's look at how miracles happen

I think we all have miracles every day. Of course there are other miracles we'd like to have but they seem out of reach. Brent Michael Phillips is a healer creating healing miracles for many people who have possibly given up on themselves. Brent has developed techniques that dive into the subconscious of people and knows how to ask the right questions to uncover blocks. He's had great success and teaches how to do this. I know his students are dedicated because so many of them had emailed me to interview him. There's also an interesting story about Brent's life and how he came to this place of helping people. Tune in to hear about this great miracle process.


Energy Stew- Laura Eisenhower talks about the eclipse and more

I've been following Laura Eisenhower's work for the last 11 years admiring the depth of her knowledge and passion. Laura is an incredible astrologer and there's so much talk about the current eclipse that I wanted an expert to tell us about it. She'll get into this time of expansion and change in ways that we all have to know ourselves better and perhaps make new and better choices to align with more powerful energies. Laura is an internationally acclaimed speaker and an expert on health, exopolitics, alchemy, metaphysics, astrology and galactic history.


Energy Stew-How do you see the future of artificial intelligence in our lives?

Jerry Kantor has written some recent blogs about the nature of AI and what we can expect from it. I read them and was intrigued enough to invite him to share his profound insights. There's a lot of talk nowadays about what AI can do and how it could possibily take over our lives. This podcast is a look at the strengths of AI and what its limits appear to be. It certainly will take over a lot of our daily living as it will know so much about us including our horoscopes and Human Design. It will know all the outward details of our lives and help us run them more efficiently. The question is, what are the limits?How can we trust that it won't have power over us? This show will be a deep dive into many AI questions. Jerry Kantor is a dedicated practitioner and has written a few books. He was a guest on a previous show to talk about his book, "Sane Asylums, The Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lots its Mind". His most recent book is "The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness" An earlier book he wrote is "The Toxic Relationship Cure", which looks at many solutions to different emotional conflicts.


Energy Stew- How could your soul have been planning this all along?

Don't you feel like you're just making it up as you go along? Aren't you dealing with life as it arises and have no idea what's coming next? Maybe your soul knows better and you're following a plan it set up before you were born. You don't even realize that so much of your life was arranged ahead of time. Oh what a surprise that you meet many of the important people in your life. Maybe your soul wasn't surprise at all and only sees that the plan is being followed. For so many people, this is a new concept and how do we even know it's true? When you do a life between lifetimes hypnotic regression, you get to see yourself choosing and making plans for this life. You'll be surprised at the particulars of the plans that were made. Robert Schwartz has studied this phenomena and his book "Your Soul's Plan, Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born", describes all the details that our souls go through to get ready for your birth. He's also written the book, "Your Soul's Gift, The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born".


Energy Stew- The Secret Intelligence of Water interview with Veda Austin

We know that water can hold information but we're only learning how sophisticated it is. Veda Austin is a true pioneer of crystalography and is teaching us how to communicate with water through creating ice crystals. She gives water information that upon freezing can respond with visual images. She can even speak to it and it will show her the meaning of her words. It's actually something we can all do. Since so much of us is water, including out blood, this gives us thought about the information that our bodies hold and how we have to be responsible for that information.


Energy Stew- Why Can't We Be More Like Trees?

We're only learning how trees support one another and live in community and harmony with each other. For instance, if a tree can't get enough sunlight being under larger trees, the bigger ones will share their nutrients with it through their roots and micelium. They look out for each other. They have vast networks of communication and manage the environment together as much as they can. Judith Polich, the author of "Why Can't We Be More Like Trees", is an environmentalist and shares the emerging narratives that support nature and climate.


Energy Stew- Is there ever a final judgment about your life?

David Suich was living a normal, somewhat "limited" life when he started to hear about near death experiences (NDEs). He didn't have one of his own but was strongly moved by the stories that were spoken about them. He decided to learn more and has eventually interviewed more than 1200 people who had NDE experiences. It powerfully altered his life and it's extremely different from before. In this interview, he'll be talking about the nature of judgment on the other side and who do we really have to answer to. He'll also be talking about the nature of our universe and what's possibly ahead for us all. It's fascinating to listen to him so enjoy this interview and you can also read his book, "God Took My Clothes".


Energy Stew- So many twists and turns on the road to power

Barbara Berger authored the best seller "The Road to Power, Fast Food for the Soul" which has been published in 30 languages. This is the 3rd interview about her personal road to power. Many people have asked how she achieved the wisdom to write that book and she realized she needed to tell us about her journey, thus her newest book, "My Road to Power, Sex, Trauma & Higher Consciousness" She's back to tell us more about this amazing life journey where she challenged herself with very difficult adventures. Barbara's purpose was to find ultimate answers so she could help all of us. Indeed, she discovered great truths about life and how we can live in the power we all strive for. Don't miss this opportunity to hear her very unique, extremely fascinating recollections that absorbed my full attention on every page of her book. It's really very brave of her to offer these personal stories that have been waiting to be told.


Energy Stew- How are we handling the difficult nature of our evolution?

In this time of evolution, we are all looking for progress but perhaps we have to earn it. What does it take? It feels like we're in the "dark night of our souls" as there's so much confusion and fear of the future. Perhaps these are the experiences we need to go through to get to the other side. Michelle Howe, of Empath Evolution, has wonderful insights about this time and our process/progress to advance. It's wonderful to talk with her and appreciate her wisdom.


Energy Stew- Stephen Popiotek is back to fascinate us with Universal insights

Stephen Popiotek is one of the more unique souls on this planet. He's able to tap into many higher frequencies and realities most of us have never heard of or know very little about. He works with information about how energy patterns are affecting us in all dimensions, especially those we're familiar with and being exposed to every day. The information he delivers is so helpful for our greater awareness and we can have a much deeper and solid sense of this time we've been exposed to. How do we manage our unique soul paths in light of the soul paths of our communities? How are they strengthened or endangered by the many powers that be? Stephen can enlighten us about the many forces at play on all sides and their hidden agendas.


Energy Stew- The angels speak about your unique divinity

Of course you can say we're all of the divine but life doesn't look like divinity is on an equal playing field. There's so much in our world right now that looks totally out of place with the divine. How does that check out? The angels can give us a deeper look at what divinity means and how we can relate to it in all aspects of life. Many important messages will be offered in this interview that can help us all appreciate the process better. Be sure to tune into this deep discussion about divinity. Adria Estribou is our guest again to connect with the angels and bring them our questions to hear their wise answers.


Energy Stew- More details about Inner Earth from Lowell Johnson

I've been hearing about Telos, in Middle Earth, for decades and have been fascinated about its likely existence. A number of people have channeled info from there but no one has claimed a visitation until now. My guest, Lowell Johnson, had a life changing experience visiting this culture of crystaline people who were living with advanced consciousness. He was given the opportunity to become an ambassador of a higher realm in order to show us what we can aspire to. In this interview, he'll talk more about this inner world that is found below our very feet.


Energy Stew- Are you getting the most out of your life?

Grace Gravestock wants to show everyone how to live more powerfully in the expression of themselves. We would all like to get better and better and Grace has organized a summit with brilliant people who can show the way. Grace is an author and practitioner of the Human Design System which has catapulted her into the life of her dreams. She wants to share the excitement of self-discovery that ignites our visions. To do so, she's created the "Know Yourself Revolution" which is a summit of experts and begins tomorrow, January 20th.


Energy Stew- Loss & grief go hand in hand

Everyone experiences different losses in life and with that come different levels of grief. Some losses in life are of loved ones and these can be extremely difficult to handle. How we deal with both our own losses and those of others is different for everyone. There can be no judgment about this, both within ourselves and with others, as we're all on complicated journeys and there are no rights or wrongs. Of course, it's good to be well versed on how to best communicate with others as senses are often very fragile. Heidi Dunstan is a wonderful grief guide and, in this interview, she offers profound insights into the behaviors of grief both personally and socially. Be sure to tune in for your own guidance no matter how well versed you are as it's such a deep subject matter.


Energy Stew- Forecasting 2024 - What are its energies?

This new year will have its own personality and we'll be immersed in it. Maybe it's a good idea to uncover some of the energy patterns at play for the year. Alexander Dunlop, Vikie Scudieri and I will examine the major themes for 2025 and you'll be amazed at how understandable and predictive they are


Energy Stew- Why is light so important at solstice time? - interview with Lisa Denton

Lisa Denton is a close friend who I feel has a great understanding of our human journey and how it's managing this current time. Lisa was president of the Lightfield Foundation and worked with me to help develop its technology to harmonize consciousness. She has profound intuitive abilities which assist her in recognizing how universal multi-dimensionality functions to move humanity forward. Lisa will talk about the importance of light in our lives and the information it carries. She's a wonderful teacher who leads 2 meditation and discussion groups each week that you're welcome to join.


Energy Stew- How come you behave differently?

We're all born into a Human Design that we can't help but live with. You don't even have to know about it but you can strategize your life better by knowing the details of who you're born to be. For this show, I'm going to talk about the different hexagrams/gates of the Human Design System and how they influence your behavior. Knowing the language of your unique personality traits allows you to better understand your own behavior as contrasted to others. I'll talk through about a third of the hexagram/gates so you can understand them and yourself and others better. If you don't already have your own chart, I can make one up for you. You would need to email me your birth data (date, time & place) and I can get your chart back to you.


Energy Stew- Linda Backman talks about the nature of souls

Many people have heard about or experienced past life regression. It's the best way to understand our soul journey through many lifetimes. If you appreciate this journey, you'll understand its purpose. We're always seeking growth and our higher self will take us wherever it feels it can do its best. We're here now to represent that. Linda Backman has regressed thousands of people to see not only their past lives but often who they are in between them. They also have the opportunity to learn about their higher selves which is our master self that embodies all of our lifetimes. Linda's vast experience has taught her how diverse our souls are as we make our way from lifetime to lifetime. She's a very fascinating person to talk with. She's also been my teacher who has certified me to lead people into past life regressions.


Energy Stew- How to manage the fabric of time & space

There's a clear science and art of working with time and space which are very relevant to our consciousness. We are each the creators of our own universes and they respond to our intentions. We just haven't learned how to tap into them with our will. Marion Mace is a wonderful teacher of the world of distinct intentions along with receiving universal knowledge. When you put them together, life is more in your hands. It's wonderful to speak with her about how we can all weave and mend time and space.


Energy Stew- Are you using your information fields?

We live in a world of information fields. As a matter of fact, we're loaded down with them and should learn how to find our way among them. It's a good idea to learn how to discern the best of them for our greater benefit. Perhaps the most ideal are coherent and bring us into greater harmony. Ross Newkirk is a scientist who develops coherent energy devices so we may indulge ourselves in their properties. Tune in to hear Ross talk about the opportunities that coherency can bring us. He'll also be talking about the amazing properties of Vogel Cut Crystals.