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Taylor Twellman - ESPN Soccer Analyst

Taylor Twellman has been ESPN’s lead soccer analyst for nearly a decade, and he provides perspective on using data in television and communicating with non-analytics types. Among the topics discussed… - The objective information he looked for as a player - His prep process for broadcasting a game - What makes a stat good and useful for him - Challenges of working information into a soccer broadcast - What’s interesting about expected goals - What he wishes he could quantify and what he’d...


Jeff Bennett - VP, ESPN Stats & Information

Jeff Bennett oversees ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, which produces statistics and analytics that power all of ESPN’s platforms. Having been at ESPN for 25 years, Jeff’s career parallels the rise in sports data and analytics, and he is one of the most influential people in mainstream sports stats over the last quarter century. In this podcast, he discusses: * What ESPN’s Stats & Information Group does * How his interest in sports and numbers developed * Joining the ESPN research team and...


NESSIS, Part 2 - Laurie Shaw & Sam Gregory

This episode features two soccer-related presenters from last weekend’s NESSIS conference in Boston: Laurie Shaw and Sam Gregory. Both guests talk about their presentations and research, which use player-tracking data. Harvard’s Laurie Shaw presented on using player-tracking data to classify and analyze team strategy, by identifying formations in different situations. Laurie has a background in astrophysics and hedge funds, and he talks about how his previous experience helps him in sports...


NESSIS, Part 1 - Ron Yurko & Dani Chu

This episode features two NFL-related presenters from last weekend’s NESSIS conference in Boston: Ron Yurko and Dani Chu. Both guests talk about their presentations and research, which use NFL player-tracking data. Ron Yurko’s presentation focused on in-play valuation, which can lead to live models for expected points and win probability, instead of the traditional pre- and post-play models. Ron also touches on how sports analytics is gaining acceptance in the greater analytics community....


Jared Hughes - Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher

Jared Hughes has been pitching in the majors since 2011, and the new wave of data is crucial to his preparation process. Among the topics covered: - How he uses analytics to prepare and review - Pitching during the launch-angle revolution - Statcast numbers he finds interesting - What he wishes could be quantified - Communicating analytics to players Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!


Michael Lopez - NFL Director of Football Data & Analytics

Michael Lopez has been the NFL’s Director of Football Data & Analytics for over a year, and he’s also a statistics professor at Skidmore College. He brings a strong academic background and a coaching perspective to his NFL job. Among the topics covered… - What he does in his role for the league - State of analytics in the NFL - The league’s relatively new NGS player-tracking data - Working with the NFL competition committee - The NFL’s first Big Data Bowl (and the next one?) - Advice for...


Lucy Rushton - Atlanta United Head of Technical Recruitment & Analysis

Lucy Rushton is the Head of Technical Recruitment and Analysis for Atlanta United, which has won three trophies in its first three MLS seasons, including last year’s MLS Cup. Before joining Atlanta in 2015, Lucy was Head of Technical Scouting at English club Reading, and prior to that, she was a Player Recruitment Analyst for Watford. She also grew up playing the sport and won the English Championship as a player for Reading. Among the topics covered: - How Atlanta incorporates data into...


Daniel Adler - Minnesota Twins Director of Baseball Operations

The first guest on Expected Value is Daniel Adler, the Minnesota Twins Director of Baseball Operations, who previously worked in the NFL with the Jaguars, Browns and Patriots. Among the topics covered: - What a Director of Baseball Operations does and how analytics are involved - The Twins home run explosion this season - Differences in baseball and football analytics - What he looks for when hiring analysts - A Bartolo Colon story


Episode 0 - Expected Value trailer

A preview of the Expected Value podcast, which goes inside the sports analytics world. Expected Value features conversations with sports analytics insiders about what they do, how they do it, and how they got there. Guests include people working for teams, leagues, media and more, covering sports including baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. Please subscribe, spread the word, and enjoy!