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Conversations exploring life together.

Conversations exploring life together.






Conversations exploring life together.






Ep. 68 – Dr. Katie Rinald – The Pee & Poop Episode! Toileting 101

Toilet training is a significant first step on the long and winding journey of learning self-control, and it's a step we want to celebrate with our kids. In this episode of family360 we’re with warm and humorous educator, Dr. Katie Rinald, discussing ways to lose diapers without losing dignity - your child’s or your own. If you’re about to undergo an adventure into underwear, listen in for some great tips and encouragement.


Ep. 67 – Tony Ho – Insomnia: Now Playing In A Person Near You

Insomnia affects 40% of adults and we can lie awake worrying about having it! Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia is the recommended route to restore sleep patterns for people struggling with insomnia and in this episode, sleep specialist Tony Ho describes how CBTI can realign our relationship with sleep. Tony is the director of Quadra Wellness & Counselling Centre in Vancouver Canada and a mental health specialist. Join us!


Ep. 66 – Dr. Rod Wilson – Thank You. I’m Sorry. Tell Me More.

High-quality relationships start with high-quality connections. We’re constantly scanning our relationships for social cues on whether we belong and are valued. This week on family360 our guest is psychologist, family therapist and author Dr. Rod Wilson who writes about ancient traditions and teachings central to building authentic and trusting relationships.


Ep. 65 – Teacher Tom – Preschoolers: Let Them Learn!

This episode is filled with engaging and enlightening stories from early childhood educator and international consultant, Tom Hobson. Through decades of study and practice with preschoolers, “Teacher Tom” understands how children ‘learn how to learn’ through play. He writes, "Time and again, when I've had faith in children, when I've held them as competent, for more often than not, they show me they are." He now shares that knowledge around the world, describing how we create classroom...


Ep. 64 – Dr. Tina Payne Bryson – How To Be A Harbour When Your Child Is A Storm

This week on family360, we’re in conversation with New York Times Bestselling author, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, talking about being present for our kids so they feel safe, seen, soothed and secure. Seeking safety is a biological instinct. Our kids will naturally head for our harbour as long as they feel welcome, regardless of the storm. Listen to our conversation to learn more about the power of showing up.


Ep. 63 – Tara Mitchell – Sleep Baby Sleep (Pleeeze!)

The phrase, “all you need is love,” rings true until all you need is sleep… then ‘love’ takes a close second. In this episode of family360, pediatric sleep specialist Tara Mitchell talks about the toll sleep deprivation takes on family functioning and offers counsel for sorting out sleep in a way that allows our children to rest in our care. Check in to hear her personal story and how she’s helping put the joy back into parenthood, one good sleep at a time.


Ep. 62 – Dr. Jo Boaler – Limitless Mind: Building Kids Brains Beyond Barriers

Until the 21st century, we thought skills and capacities discovered in childhood set the standard for adulthood. We assumed people grew from a ‘fixed mindset’, giving way to phrases such as “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Ongoing discoveries in neuroscience reveal that not only can we teach old dogs, but that the new tricks are the ongoing path to brain growth. In this episode, Stanford professor and author Dr. Jo Boaler talks about our limitless minds and how our brains and our...


Ep. 61 – Dr. Michele Borba – Thrivers: Building Character In Kids

Michele Borba is an internationally renowned educational psychologist recognized for her decades of research and study on the teaching of character. She’s a dynamic and engaging writer and speaker and in this episode, you’ll hear story after story from her years of experience working with educators around the world, discovering why it is, that in the midst of calm or crisis, some kids struggle and others shine.


Ep. 60 – Dr. Deborah MacNamara – Attachment, Separation & Belonging

We’re wired for togetherness above all else. Separation is like the fire alarm that goes off in our brain crying, “Somethings wrong here! Pay attention!” In this episode of family360, clinical psychologist Dr. Deborah MacNamara describes 5 key things to know about ATTACHMENT and how to repair it when there is rupture. Deborah writes, "The secret to developing secure adult/child relationships is helping a child see that it’s not their job to strive to hold on to us but to take for granted...


Ep. 59 – Michelle Mitchell – Self Harm: Why Teens Do It & What Parents Can Do To Help

In 2019, months before the beginning of the COVID pandemic, author and teen specialist Michelle Mitchell released a prescient book titled Self Harm: Why Teens Do It And What Parents Can Do To Help. Since the beginning of COVID, medical reports indicate an alarming rise in self-harm behaviours in teens. Self harm is the act of deliberately harming your own body to cope with emotional pain, frustration or uncertainty. In this episode, Michelle weaves stories and strategies that help parents...


Ep. 58 – Grief: When A Parent Dies – Dr. Carson and Kristin Pue, Dr. Scott Cairns and Carolyn Arends

If life and death occur in the natural order of our expectations, our parents pass away when we are well into our adulthood, but even when we’ve anticipated this loss, we’re often not prepared for our grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve the death of a parent. Grief is as unique and different as we are from each other. Yet sometimes it's helpful to have hints. We hope this episode offers some insight into what will inevitably happen for all of us and some solace for those to whom...


Ep. 57 – Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart – The 4 Horsemen Of The Relational Apocalypse

Did you know there are 4 communication habits that ruin relationships? Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. We often engage in these without knowing. Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is a pediatric specialist, a writer for The Gottman Institute, a parenting coach, and our guest this week on family360. She describes each habit and the antidotes to their ruinous reign in our relationships.


Ep. 56 – Rachel Cram – Social Development: Perils Of Parenting On Pride Rock

Social development starts at home and continues when our kids start school. Do you remember the scene from Lion King where Rafiki stands on Pride Rock, holding Simba for all to see? As parents, we can relate! We want to hold our children up for all to adore and admire. However, when we all arrive at schools with our little Simbas in tow, socialization becomes complicated with all our kids who ‘Just can’t wait to be King!’ The parental plan when our child is hit, hurt or not invited to a...


Ep. 55 – Dr. Shahana Alibhai – Perinatal OCD: One Physicians Journey

In this episode, Dr. Shahana Alibhai shares the story of her lifelong struggle with OCD, how it intensified with the birth of her child, and how she eventually sought help and healing. Content note: Please be aware suicide is mentioned briefly in this episode.


Ep. 54 – Dr. Brett Finlay – Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World

Everyone of us is covered in trillions of microbes, some of which make us sick. Antibiotics and vaccines save us from diseases these devastating microbes deliver. Unfortunately, they also kill many other microbes that would host our health and healing. Dr. Brett Finlay is a world-renowned microbiologist who is passionate about the well being of children and families. He is the co-author of the best selling book, Let Them Eat Dirt, and in this episode offers insight on saving our children...


Ep. 53 – The Warnekes – Mental Health: One Family’s Journey

In his mid teens, Cal and Suzie Warneke’s son Josh started to struggle with his mental health. This episode is the story of their family’s journey. 1 in 5 children experience a severe mental health condition sometime between the ages of 13-18. For parents, distinguishing mental health concerns from teenager temperament is complicated, yet early diagnosis is key to care. The Warneke's story sheds light on what parents can look for and how, when and why to seek help. Join us!


Ep. 52 – Dr. Vanessa Lapointe – Conscious Parenting: The Stories We Tell Ourselves Pt. 2

In her newest book, Parenting Right From The Start, Dr. Vanessa writes, “to believe that your thoughts are your concrete reality is probably one of the most torturous misconceptions humans experience.” In this episode, Vanessa describes how the practice of ‘thinking about our thinking’ allows us to select narratives that will best serve ourselves and our children.


Ep.51 – Dr. Vanessa Lapointe – Conscious Parenting: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Every moment of every day our subconscious mind runs stories that perpetuate our perspectives and practices that affect our parenting. We all do this! In this episode, the insightful and vivacious Dr. Vanessa Lapointe shares from her newest book, Parenting Right From The Start, exploring the implications of the stories we tell ourselves, and how "Conscious Parenting" is about bringing those stories to the surface so that we become consciously aware of our narratives that serve us or no...


Ep. 50 – Maggie Dent – Parental As Anything

What’s the biology behind our child’s tantrums and meltdowns? How do we navigate ‘screen time’? When to give our kids control? Why do we want a guinea pig!?! Accompanied by Maggie’s humor and warm heart, this episode covers a wonderful and wide sample of topics from Maggie’s newly released book, Parental As Anything. Join us for a conversation packed with practical takeaways, stories and encouragement for parents.


Ep. 49 – Monique Gray Smith – When We Are Kind

In her newest children’s book, Indigenous author Monique Gray Smith writes, “When we are kind we remember we are all related.” Monique’s celebrated works on Truth and Reconciliation offer a doorway into discovering our shared humanity - and kindness is the key. In this episode, she describes simple everyday ways that kindness unleashes our 'littlest citizens', and us as adults, to talk, listen, trust and love.