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Aaron Jones presents a look behind the scenes at Fieldsports Channel - a gentle chat - shooting the breeze with the likes of Andy Crow, Roy Lupton, Paul Childerley, David Wright and Charlie Jacoby.

Aaron Jones presents a look behind the scenes at Fieldsports Channel - a gentle chat - shooting the breeze with the likes of Andy Crow, Roy Lupton, Paul Childerley, David Wright and Charlie Jacoby.


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Aaron Jones presents a look behind the scenes at Fieldsports Channel - a gentle chat - shooting the breeze with the likes of Andy Crow, Roy Lupton, Paul Childerley, David Wright and Charlie Jacoby.






Bill Harriman on the history of the bayonet – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 48

Bill Harriman – whom you may recognise as an arms expert from BBC TV's Antiques Roadshow – has written the definitive book on the bayonet. He discusses it with Charlie Jacoby at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre at the Game Fair, Ragley Hall, July 2021. Buy the book from Amazon Read this story in full here


Ian Coghill and why the UK’s Moorland Matters – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 47

Ian Coghill has written the book that the RSPB, the National Trust, Natural England and Wild Justice ought to read. But they won’t. He explains why moorland is so important to the UK, how gamekeepers have got it right when it comes to moorland management, and how the ‘conservation industry’ (the organisations just mentioned) have got it so, so wrong. To buy Ian’s book, visit


How are your foxes doing, Tony Blair? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 46

In 2004, Tony Blair restricted hunting with hounds because, he said, it was good for the welfare of the fox. Since then, some estimates put UK fox numbers down 40%. Former head of the League Against Cruel Sports Jim Barrington and journalist Richard Negus want to know if Blair was right or wrong. Plus they want to know what the current prime minister, Boris Johnson, thinks he is doing by introducing and animal sentience bill. They talk to Charlie at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in July...


Daniel Zeichner MP, shadow environment secretary – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 45

You can’t win an election without winning rural seats. That’s Sir Keir Starmer’s credo. The man he has appointed to shadow the countryside is Daniel Zeichner MP, and he came to the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre tent. It’s all part of Labour’s Rural England Policy Review. Take part in Labour’s Rural England Policy Review Click here for Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy Thanks to BASC for inviting him.


Adam Henson – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 44

Adam Henson talks about Jeremy Clarkson, BBC Countryfile and the importance of game meat. Country Food Trust ambassador Adam and CFT chief executive Tim Woodward are on the stage at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre for an interview by Charlie Jacoby. For the Country Food Trust, visit


What it's like to shoot at the Olympics – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 43

Peter Wilson and Matt French are two of the most decorated athletes who have shot for Team GB. Recorded with interviewer Charlie Jacoby at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre 2021, they explain what it's like to go into an Olympics as a shooter. However, their original sport, double trap, no longer exists at the Olympics. Peter criticises the way the International Shooting Sports Federation handled the cancellation of a clayshooting discipline. Matt now shoots Olympic Skeet and Peter Olympic...


How the French face the anti-hunting threat – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 42

While British antis put on black balaclavas and carry martial arts weapons, in France they put on clown masks and carry chainsaws. It’s a lot more dangerous and a lot more impassioned. How do you face this threat in the media? Step forward Richard sur Terre, a YouTube channel that has become one of the major voices in the fight against anti-hunters in France. In this interview, Richard explains what he is trying to do and how he does it. Click here for Richard sur Terre's YouTube channel


Debunking the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting – Fieldsports Channel Podcast, episode 41

Eduardo Gonçalves brought out three books in 2020 supporting his own Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and we have found someone who has read them. Charlie Jacoby talks to Jens Ulrik Høgh from the Nordic Safari Club For the full story, visit


Getting to know Cai ap Bryn – Fieldsports Channel Podcast, episode 40

A slight change in podcast style this episode as David and Aaron thought it would be a good idea to hijack the Fieldsports radio station and call Cia ap Bryn. you may know Cai as our star in the hunt & cook series. However did you know he works in the nuclear industry? Has discovered a taste for testicles thanks to his mate trigger, and he was born not only in the same village but in the same building as our very own David Wright! As you will hear Cai is passionate about hunting and...


An alternative approach to guiding - Fieldsports Channel Podcast, episode 39

Oliver Rampley runs a new kind of guiding - a holistic approach to wildlife where hunting is one part of the story. ind out how he sees the world, and how he stalked an extraordinary perruque roebuck this summer. For more from Oliver, visit


Charlie's dad – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 38

Charlie Jacoby talks to his father, Martin Jacoby about Martin’s life as a natural historian, his views on how natural history and species work, the history of humankind, and why shooting butterflies is a good idea. He puts forward his ideas about DNA, why we hunt, and why hunting is an essential part of humanity. The Human Population Tsunami: how it could be managed by Martin Jacoby Grooming gossip and the origin of language by Robin Dunbar What is Life? by Addie...


Scotland's hare ban madness – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 37

The antis ambushed Scotland's political process and, in under a week in June 2020, they pushed through a ban on catching or killing mountain hares. The world of wildlife management has been left reeling. Scottish wildlife manager Niall Rowantree and English 'tourist' falconer Roy Lupton discuss what happened, and what's going to happen to Scotland's hares, with additional material from Clayton Fletcher in South Africa and Jason Doyle in Ireland. Thanks to Niall Rowantree...


What’s bothering the world of shooting? - FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 36

With battles to be fought including trophy hunting, lead shot and the future of gamekeeping, we ask the candidates for the 2020 BASC Council elections – people who care about their shooting – what their views are. How should BASC and the world of shooting approach these and other topics? Is it even BASC’s job? For the full story, visit To vote, visit


What does the British Game Alliance do? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 35

Will coronavirus lead to a game meat ban? Did the BGA sell out to BASC? Incoming BGA chief executive Liam Stokes talks to Charlie Jacoby about the future of his organisation and what he plans for members, for the public, and for government. For more about the BGA, visit For more listening options, go to


How teenagers get shooting permissions - FieldsportsChannel Podcast 34

How do you get started in shooting when you are young? In his Lockdown Chatshow, Charlie talks to organisers of some of the UK’s biggest young shots programmes: David Florent of the Schools Challenge, Rob Collins of Pass It On Young Sports and Richard Kirkham of Next Generation Shooting, plus deerstalker Alex Vankov. They explain what to do. UK-based young shots programmes BASC Young Shots The Schools Challenge Pass...


How the gun trade is helping hospitals - Charlie's Chatshow - FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 33

Beretta and Browning are making respirators for hospital to help the coronavirus effort in Italy and Belgium. Meanwhile, Blaser in Germany is making masks. Daniele Piva, Adrien Koutny and Frederic Hanner talk to Charlie about their companies' efforts. Thanks to: http://www.beretta.comhttp://www.browning.eu


The British Countryside #athome - FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 32

What's going on in the British countryside during the coronavirus? Charlie finds out. Thanks to: Garry Doolan at BASC Gamekeepers Welfare Trust video Tim Pilbeam, Rucksack & Rifle Simon Whitehead Frederic Hanner at Blaser Jon Bailey at Bailey’s Shooting & Countrywear Rob Fickling, Beyond The Divide...


Coronavirus chatshow - FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 31

It’s shooting sports in the time of coronavirus. What’s going to happen to the 2020 gameshooting season? Chris Horne from GunsOnPegs and gamekeeper / sporting agent Paul Childerley explain what’s happening to shoots. Niall Rowantree from West Highland Hunting talks about how the Highlands of Scotland are coping. What is the world of shooting feeling, as Boris Johnson exempts bicycling but says nothing about deerstalking and pest control? Garry Doolan from BASC talks about that, plus the...


How Bullets are Bad for Birds - FieldsportsChannel Podcast episode 30

Roy Lupton really doesn't like lead. He's a falconer whose birds have suffered from lead particles in gralloch and even lead shot in rabbits. He talks to Chris Parish in the USA, who enjoys hunting/shooting sports, and who is also an environmentalist who captures Californian condors and monitors them for lead poisoning. Between them, they show how a lead bullet ban is working for big raptors, including condors. Plus Chris explains how the various lead bans in the USA have affected...


Sir Ranulph Fibs - FieldsportsChannel Podcast episode 29

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is a much-loved national treasure - but when it comes to hunting tourism, he can’t help telling whoppers. Together with Eduardo Goncalves of the Campaign Against Trophy Hunting, he takes to the Sky News TV studio to try to encourage Boris Johnson to ban hunting overseas, even though that would harm conservation efforts across the world. In this podcast, Charlie Jacoby talks to Jens-Ulrik Høgh of the Nordic Safari Club about the mistakes in Sir Ran’s interview and the...