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This podcast is about meeting coaches who have been where you are now in your mindset, how they overcame it, & how you can, too! Learn for some of the experts in their respective fields and gain some value from the amazing guests that feature on the show

This podcast is about meeting coaches who have been where you are now in your mindset, how they overcame it, & how you can, too! Learn for some of the experts in their respective fields and gain some value from the amazing guests that feature on the show
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This podcast is about meeting coaches who have been where you are now in your mindset, how they overcame it, & how you can, too! Learn for some of the experts in their respective fields and gain some value from the amazing guests that feature on the show





Sarah Ross is an international award winning speaker and bestselling author who uses her own experiences with Burnout and Depression to help others avoid the dark place that she found herself in when she left the corporate world. She founded “Your Reason to Breathe” as a way to show those burning out at work that there are steps that can help turn the dark and depressing into an empowered and fulfilling life. FB LI...


Interview with Viktorija

What is NLP? My guest on this episode explains and gives us insight to this discipline and what it entails. --- Send in a voice message:


What's your passion

Charletta Taylor is a Business & Life Coach. Her company is Another Level Coaching & Consulting. She helps entrepreneurs and individuals reach their goals by helping them to tap into their gifts & talents and by showing them how to use their own authenticity to take their vision to another level. She also serves as a volunteer for several non-profit organizations. Social Media Links: Instagram - @anotherlevelcoachingconsulting FB - @anotherlevelcoachingandconsulting Twitter-...


Law of Attraction

The Zorro of Coaching and The Fire Woman have a bit of fun chatting about all things concerning the law of attraction. It's a long show but it is so worth the listen. --- Send in a voice message:



Want to join a mastermind? Then catch this episode that will clear everything up on the topic of why we must join a mastermind. Jodeen Bergstrom hosts a Think And Grow Rich Mastermind and has helped so many entrepreneurs and coaches through the group. So what you waiting for go connect with her. --- Send in a voice message:


The event planner with a difference!

Samantha Bellinger is an event planner with over 10 years of experience. She helps fellow suffers of Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, and other related illnesses plan their weddings. She is also the author of Screw Your Wedding: A Candid Guide to Wedding Planning by a Jaded Event Planner. For more information about her work, visit her at --- Send in a voice message:


The Book Corner- Book Review

My guest on this episode is an author who has an interesting twist on the self help genre. Kim Vermaak wrote The Great Dragon Rescue which allows the reader to learn the same lessons as the main character. If you are teen or adult looking for an exciting book that motivates and inspires you then look no further! Act now and download the first three chapters however I must warn you there are a limited amount of downloads so go download before it's too late Free Download Join the podcast...


Getting happiness and fulfillment

In life, we go around chasing happiness and searching for some fulfillment in life. In today's episode, we have Caroline Emile who specializes in this field. Just to give a background on Caroline: Egyptian-born Caroline is a global citizen who has lived on three continents. She lives in London. Caroline Emile is a happiness & fulfillment coach, speaker and author, on a mission to inspire and empower people on every continent to unleash the best version of themselves, with a view to...


Exercise and nutrition

Jessica Stapleton is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, accountability coach, corporate wellness speaker and the founder of Jessica Lee Fitness. She works virtually with professionals, busy moms, and entrepreneurs who are struggling to find a way to make wellness sustainable in their hectic lives. We briefly spoke about practical and sustainable approach to healing your mind and transforming your entire life through movement, proper nutrition, and mental...


Why Self-publishing

Why self-publish? This has been the question on the lips of authors for decades, and Dr. Emee Estacio clears the smoke on why it is worthwhile to self publish. Go check her Facebook Group out if you looking for that extra support. Self Publishing Made Simple Give us some love send us a message and I will get Emee to answer some of the questions you might have as an author. --- Send in a voice message:


What is your story?

In this episode I am joined by David Saville were we unpacked why your story is so important. David mentors Life Coaches to discover their Deep USP - what is truly unique about them - and trains them to develop Superhuman Coaching abilities that creates radical transformation with their clients, making their service worth any fee they set. He also coaches them to develop a Gravitational Presence which means that wherever they are, and whatever they are doing, they draw the right kind of...



Are you communicating properly with your friend, partner or family? So many time we find ourselves frustrated because people do not understand us especially in the dating world. Check this episode out from my own personal experiences. Be warned I do get a bit passionate haha. If this is your first time listening welcome and be sure to catch Book corner session Friday session. --- Send in a voice message:


Update: Book Corner session coming up!

Update on what the Book Corner is all about. Check out our facebook page for more info when the session will land Facebook Group --- Send in a voice message:


A surprise for all the listeners

Normally I publish a episode only on a Friday however, I had to publish this one! As a professional confidence strategist, coach, speaker and empowerment photographer, Melissa re-ignites the lives of over-achievers who are ready to end their battle with self-sabotage and regain their kickass confidence. Bridging the gap has never been so god damn fun and filter-free. Email: Website: LinkedIn:...


Mindfulness and Meditation

Today we have Hannah Galliers who spoke about mindfulness and meditation and the importance of it. Hannah Galliers - the mindfulness coach. She have been running a successful coaching practice for 2 years. Her background is finance and having experienced burn out first hand led to her passion of helping those in high demanding roles to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their lives to help eliminate stress. Go follow her on: Facebook: Themindfullnesscoach Instagram:...


Are you ready for next week?

Come join me and my guest on the 31st August as we really dive into her story. Go check the facebook page Fight For Life Podcast for the reveal of who the guest speaker is for next week. --- Send in a voice message: