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Welcome to the Forty Six News podcast. This is a weekly show where we break down the biggest political news stories happening right now.

Welcome to the Forty Six News podcast. This is a weekly show where we break down the biggest political news stories happening right now.
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Welcome to the Forty Six News podcast. This is a weekly show where we break down the biggest political news stories happening right now.




Oklahoma: Stitt to Commute 2000 Sentences Before End Of 2019

Governor Stitt hopes to commute over 2000 sentences before the end of 2019. The governor made the statement speaking about the first round of commutations last Friday. The commutations are due to take place in stages over the next few months. Read full story:


New Study: 67% of Americans Believe We're on the verge of Civil war

A new study from Georgetown University Institute of Politics and public service says that 67% of Americans believe we're on the verge of civil war.


New Clarence Thomas Documentary: Sneak Peek Trailer

New Clarence Thomas Documentary: Sneak Peek Trailer Watch the video here:


Illinois School District: Preschoolers Have No Opt Out For LGBT Curriculum

Parents are fuming in Illinois after their school district says that the new LGBT curriculum is not only “age-appropriate,” but there is no Opting out of the teaching. If the curriculum were classified as sex education, then by state law, parents would have the option to opt-out. The creators conveniently claim the curriculum does not overlap with sexual education, saying, “There’s nothing in [the district’s LGBT curriculum] overlaps with sexual education that would require any form of...


Trans Activist Force Always to Make Feminine pads Gender Neutral

On National Period day, yes, that's a thing Trans activist went the assault to further erase what it means to be a woman. This time they went after companies who make feminine hygiene products. Where are the true feminists as men invade female spaces to co-opt aspects of femininity? Some feminists are speaking out about this, but most are silent. If men can become women just because they feel like it, what is so special about being a woman? You've trans activists invading women sports...


Exposed: Warren Caught Lying About Getting Fired For Being Pregnant

Elizabeth Warren can’t stop herself from telling whoppers. After the whole episode of being exposed for not being a native American, she’s now being called out for saying multiple times on the campaign trail that she was fired for being ‘visibly pregnant’ when she was a teacher. The problem is Warren told a different story during an interview in 2007. The Blaze: Warren gave a different explanation for why she lasted one year as a special needs teacher in a 2007 interview at the University...


Hundreds of Young Trans People Want to Transition Back to Original Sex

Hundreds of young trans people are looking for help to return to their original sex. I realize that most people probably hear that and say well that’s not really news we know that’s been happening. I think it’s important to pay attention to this particular story. I think that it points to some of the issues that are happening in the LGBTQIAP community as a whole. “I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly...


Stem Express CEO Admits to Harvesting intact Babies

Watch video: Here Stem Express CEO has admitted that some aborted babies are being aborted completely intact. So many abortions are administered via dismemberment so how is this happening? During the Obama Administration, a Pro life group released undercover footage of the inside of Planned Parenthood clinics along with meetings with major players in this industry. It revealed solid confirmation that baby parts such as arms, legs, feet and brains were being sold to stem cell companies. This...


A Nurse is Coming Forward & Exposing Infanticide During Abortions

Watch video: Here A nurse has come forward about the care of unborn babies receive after surviving an abortion. She recalled the words of Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, when he spoke about "comfort care" in a radio interview. A prochoice spokewoman spoke out on the heels of this interview and accused the republican party of twisting the words of Ralph Northam. She claimed that the only women seeking third trimester or late term abortions were women that had nonviable pregnancies or...


Church Vandalized for Not Supporting Drag Queen Story Time

Watch video: Here A church in San Diego, California was recently vandalized with satanic symbols. The executive pastor of the church shared in an interview that he believed this was retaliation after he and his congregation publicly opposed an event where drag queens were reading to children at a library, also known as Drag Queen Story Hour. The pastor mentioned that he was heartbroken by such an act of vandalism, but stated that he and his congregation would not be silent about protecting...


Oklahoma Governor Stitt Criticized for Lack of Diversity

Watch the video: Here Identity politics has come for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. The governor's cabinet is being criticized for having a lack of diversity. The charge unsurprisingly came from state democrats. Despite the cavalcade of hand wringing about diverse voices if Stitt put in a team of minorities who were rock-ribbed conservatives, they'd probably be none too pleased. I don't care if the table is diverse in terms of melanin or genitalia. I like most Oklahomans care that the...


It's Not Just Tech Companies Going After Conservatives

Watch full video: here First Story: It's not just tech companies going after conservatives major fortune 500 companies are gladly jumping into the fray. The left and activist in the media have been clamoring for major corporations to put you and me in the crosshairs. This isn't about the free market; these are planned coordinated attacks on institutions and individuals who express or support certain ideologies. These people used to operate in the shadows now they've taken the veil off and...