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Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 112 – Lakers Bucks Kings Pistons Analysis

The Lakers are without Lebron, but that made it an even more interesting week to learn about the Lakers. What did we take away from watching them this week? The Bucks are goooooooooddddddd! Are they a contender? Even close? The Kings are so much fun to watch and are taking good step after good step. What is the ceiling for this season? The Pistons win and lose in bunches this season. Can they find something to unluck to deliver more consistency? Also, who got our awards this week? All of...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 111 – Hornets Bulls Knicks Blazers Analysis

The Hornets are hanging around in the Eastern Conference and they are getting solid contributions from the young Malik Monk and Miles Bridges. What are realistic expectations for them. What is the impact of constantly being small at both the 1 and the 5 positions? Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn are back and now the Bull significantly more fun to watch. The rebuild is not in its origin they have a number of young players to start building with. How is the coaching staff helping or hurting...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 110 – Magic Heat Mavericks Suns Analysis

The Magic are sitting in the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. What are they doing that’s working? Is is sustainable? The Heat are playing their best basketball of the season. What changed? Have they fixed what needing fixing? The Mavericks are winning more games than they are losing. How are they making that happen? Is it sustainable? The Suns are 1-9 in games Devin Booker has missed. They are 9.0 points better when he is on the court. They should be better than Atlanta, Chicago, etc. We...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 109 – Celtics Cavaliers Timberwolves Thunder Updates

The Celtics seem to have found their footing. The have gotten right on offense against a mostly easy stretch in their schedule. There are reasons to feel encouraged about their play. What are they? The Cavaliers picked up a few wins prior to watching them this week. They are still a mess on defense. What observations did we have about their improvement on offense? The Timberwolves are officially in the post-Butler era. What does the new rotation look like? Will they play with confidence in...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 108 – Pelicans Wizards Clippers Hawks Analysis

The Pelicans are scoring the basketball as well as almost any team in the leauge, but they are a bottom 5 defensive team to this point. What’s missing on that end of the court? Where might they be able to turn for some help on that end of the court? The Wizards are a mess up and down the organization right now. They got a couple of wins this week. Will it help? The Clippers are one of the bigger surprise teams in the league so far. Tobias Harris might be an all-star. Montrezl Harrell won’t...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 107 – Kings Rockets Pacers Jazz Analysis

Despite the front office silliness, the Kings are having success on the court. Key youngsters are demonstrating real and meaningful progress. Sactown should be nothing but 100% fun right now. Can they get back to that and sustain it? The Rockets are playing back to their own level of expectations. But there are still important depth issues. Now that they are out of the running for Jimmy Butler, what’s next? The Pacers have been a little up and down but from a record standpoint they are in...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 106 – Nuggets Grizzlies Warriors Nets Analysis

The Nuggets got off to a fast start and are the best in the league in Defensive Rating… how did that happen? Is it sustainable? The Grizzlies are winning games in grit and grin fashion. Are they the Grizzlies we all remember? Is there anything new the Warriors are doing? And the Nets have been competitive so far, is winning a realistic goal for this season? All of this and more. Follow Dane on Twitter: @DaneMooreNBA Follow us on Twitter: @willis_glen / @LawtonWillis / @presspodcast Learn...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 105 – Raptors Bucks Sixers Pistons Analysis

How’s the upper tier of the Eastern Conference shaping up so far. No offense Celtics fans but we are wanting to see Gordon Heyward and Kyrie Irving back at 100 percent before we drar any would-be premature conclusions. The Raptors and Bucks are scorching the conference so far. What’s powering that? The Sixers are struggling to meet expectations but we are not surprised. Why? And the Pistons won their first four games but have not been able to get another victory since. What’s going on in...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 104 – Lakers Spurs Blazers Timberwolves Analysis

We are happy to return to our in season format in which we watch 4 teams each week and provide analysis. How do the new look Lakers lead by Lebron James grade out? We like a lot of what we see from their young players but they’ve not been able to get settled on the defensive end yet. The Spurs look great on defense. But all of the concern we’ve had about their roster being constructed to be successful on the defensive end have proven to be legitimate thus far. The Blazers made some...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 103 – Offseason Updates for Lakers Clippers Warriors

The NBA season is here. And we need to complete our offseason updates. We had been holding out on the New York and LA teams to see if Jimmy Butler’s situation would impact a roster. In this episode we cover the LA teams. What to make of the veteran players the Lakers signed to one year deals? The plan on any Lebron team is to surround him with shooters. Is the roster constructed for that? What are we looking to see from Ingram, Lonzo, Kuzma and Hart? The Clippers look to be trying to change...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 102 – Offseason Updates for Knicks Nets Raptors

The NBA season is here. And we need to complete our offseason updates. We’ve been holding out on the New York and LA teams to see if Jimmy Butler’s situation would impact a roster. In this episode we cover the New York teams. What should the objectives be for the Knicks and Nets this season. Some are the same; some are different. And we’ve been waiting to see as much Kawhi Leonard as we could. And well that was not encouraging. But the Raptors might have the deepest roster in the league. And...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 101 – Offseason Updates for Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz

The Hawks are leaning all the way in to their rebuild and have a new head coach that helped with the process in Philadelphia. They took some risk by traded back as to pass on Luca Doncic to acquire Trae Young. Is this going to work out for them? What are we looking to see from John Collins in his second year? What about Taurean Prince in his third year? Why are we so intrigued by the acquisition of Alex Len? The Jazz exceeded all expectations last season. But in the end they were a league...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 100 – Offseason Updates for Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings

We focus on two of the younger teams in the league on this episode. What is Aaron Gordon? What is holding him back from being a player that can bring a real impact on a game? We he and Bamba and Isaac be a good fit? Why is Khem Birch a mysteriously important part of the roster? In Sacramento last season we saw maybe the most clever tank jobs of all time. Why do we say that? Have a listen. We liked what we saw from Hield and Bogdonovic last season and they added Yogi Ferrell and Ben McLemore....


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 99 – Offseason Updates for Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets

This week we cover two teams that lost in respective game 7 conference finals. Boston really didn’t add anyone, but Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving will return. Kyrie’s pending unrestricted free agency at the end of this season might be the most intriguing in the league. We talk about how Isaiah Thomas reach near-MVP level production during his second full season under Brad Stephens. Will Kyrie have his best NBA season to date? How will Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum deal the return of two...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 98 – Offseason Updates for Charlotte Hornets and Dallas Mavericks.

This week we cover two teams who will presumably be trying to improve on results from last season. The Hornets have a new General Manager and new head coach. But they are largely running back the same group apart from the switch from Dwight Howard to Bismack Biyombo. Kemba Walker will be a free agent next summer. Is there an obviously correct path for them this season? No, but we discuss. The Mavericks finally secured DeAndre Jordan and they are largely running the same group back after...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 97 – Offseason Updates for Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs.

This week we cover the two teams that experienced the greatest amount of change and the top of their roster. What will the Cavaliers be in the second post-Lebron era? Kevin Love was the focal point of a pretty impressive offensive team in Minnesota in his mid-20s. How much of that Kevin Love is left? Do we know anything about have good of a head coach Tyrron Lue is? Are any of the young players on the roster capable of being a difference maker? All of a sudden in San Antonio it’s the...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 96 – Offseason updates for Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves

We don’t think the Heat front office is very excited about running this group back despite the fact that to a player there seems to be broad buy in to the Heat culture. Should the Hassan Whiteside experience be over? Or should Whiteside become a lower priority? What should Miami do with the multitude of guards they have on the roster? What should the plan be for this season regarding Justice Winslow? The Timberwolves made the playoffs last season for the first time in an eternity, but just...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 95 – Offseason updates for Washington Wizards and Oklahoma City Thunder

Dwight Howard has replaced Marcin Gortat as the starting center in Washington. Is that going to make them a better team? We saw more from Bradley Beal last season as John Wall missed half of the regular season. He made his first All-Star team. Will Scott Brooks stagger Wall and Beal’s time on the court this season? That has not been the plan in previous seasons. Should that be the plan? Oklahoma City was able to convince Paul George to return. They’ve been a first round out in the last two...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 94 – Offseason Updates for Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans.

We talk about a couple of surprise teams from last season. Both teams won 48 games and made some noise in the postseason. The Pacers pushed the Cavaliers as hard in the postseason as any team in the Eastern Conference. Victor Oladipo stepped up and had an all-NBA season and was awarded as the league’s most improved player. They are bringing back largely the same roster with the important addition of Tyreke Evans. What are the areas in which they need to demonstrate improvement? The Pelicans...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 93 – Offseason Updates for Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies

Detroit made bold moves last season but it did not move the needle for them. Stan Van Gundy is out and Dwayne Casey is in. Also in is a new front office leadership. The Pistons seem to be gearing up for a serious season but it’s hard to know invested the new leadership is in this roster. They had a hard time filling up a brand new arena last season, so that seems to be at least somewhat a part of the objective this season. We tackle the big questions. The Grizzlies are going to try to chase...