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Interesting chats with interesting people and interesting things

Interesting chats with interesting people and interesting things
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Interesting chats with interesting people and interesting things






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Keeping the fires burning on Climate Action with Elaine Nevin of ECO-UNESCO

In this episode we chat with Elaine Nevin, the CEO of ECO-UNESCO, which can be described as the organisation for youth environmental action in Ireland. Elaine shares her early life stories growing up in a farm near Galway and the appreciation for nature and the environment that this experience brings her. After a spell teaching in Spain she returned to Ireland and her passion for the environment brought her to ECO-UNESCO. Elaine tells us about the incredible work the organisation is doing...


Bacon, Chips and a National Broadband Scheme that would save the taxpayer 2.2 Billion euros

In this episode of Greg chats with Jerry Sweeney, Founder and Managing Director of CloudCIX in Cork. Jerry, from an entrepreneurial family chats about his career, the huge changes he has witnessed in the technology industry in Ireland and the connected world. He also chats about the National Broadband Plan and a different solution that could save the Irish taxpayer 2.2 Billion euros, that could be rolled out quicker and could even be better in the long run. Enjoy the show!


Part 2 - The successful career after Hozier, Conor McGregor, the music industry and short films with Director, Brendan Canty

Sometimes you have to work really hard to make opportunities happen for yourself and when it's your turn you have the chance to make opportunities for others. In part two of a two part podcast we chat with film director, Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost and how his career evolved after the global success of the Hozier, 'Take me to the Church' music video. Brendan talks about changing for the commercial world, about adjusting for big projects with big budgets, which even included the...


Part 1 - ‘Take me to the MTV MVA Awards Church’ and making things happen for yourself with Director, Brendan Canty

Sometimes you have to work really hard to make opportunities happen for yourself. In Part 1 of this two part podcast we chat to film director, Brendan Canty, whose talent shot to everyone's attention when he directed the incredible music video 'Take me to the Church' for an unknown musician called Hozier. Brendan talks about working with talented volunteers, creative collaborations and grabbing every opportunity to practice your art. He also chats about his early career that incredibly...


The Dub, the Urban Designer, the Londoner looking for the “Good Life” in Cork

In this episode we chat with Shane Clarke, the Urban Designer and CEO of Nano Nagle Place. Shane, originally from Dublin has returned from London with his family, where he was holding down key roles in city management, culminating in managing a Business Improvement District for the London Bridge area. He was attracted to the "Good Life" in Cork and the exciting role as CEO of Nano Nagle Place. Shane talks about the challenge of managing a city district and has some powerful insights about...


The Big Social Media Trends with the Fuzion Digital Team

In this episode Greg and Alma from the Fuzion Communications digital team discuss the findings in the Social Media Examiner 2019 report. We discuss the big trends and findings as reported by nearly 5,000 digital marketers and reflect on these based on our own experience with our clients. We finish the episode with some of our own social media tips, which will hopefully help you in your organisation. Enjoy the show! A big thanks to the good people from Social Media Examiner for such a...


From PhD to protecting the world's bee population with Cork woman, Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy

When this curious mind, this lover of Pokemon and fantasy novels chose to study engineering in college it led her on a fascinating path. Working with wireless sensor networks for her PhD in UCC, Fiona Edwards Murphy wanted to see how sensors could be used to monitor the health of bee hives. It turns out that her work could solve a huge problem, which is a serious threat to one third of the world's food supply. Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy is now the CEO of her company ApisProtect, which has...


The Power of a Decision with Emer Halpenny, Co-Founder of Anu

When this wild child had to make the biggest and most difficult decision of her life and give up her baby boy for adoption, a new life path was born. In this episode, Greg chats with Emer Halpenny who after making this colossal decision, she discovered a passion for dramatics, which led to her opening her own drama school. 27 years later, she has closed the school and has a new career as the co-founder of Anu, a natural skincare and candle business. Emer's story has been eventful, with...


Henrietta Chevalier, Gemma Sands and the bravery of “extra” ordinary people during WW2

Henrietta Chevalier could not turn her back on people whose lives were at risk during World War 2 in Rome. She offered her home as a safe house, helping Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty as part of the Rome Escape Line, while her children met POWs and escorted them safely around the city and out of danger from the Nazis. In this episode Greg chats with David Sands about his grandmother, Henrietta and his mother Gemma Sands about their incredible bravery at this perilous time. We also talk about...


Sam Derry WW2 Hero - The Rome Escape Line

Greg chats with William and Claire Derry, two of the children of World War 2 hero, Sam Derry. Sam Derry, a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army was one of the key figures who along with Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty were part of the 'Rome Escape Line', which kept 6,500 POWs and civilians safe from the Nazis during WW2 in Rome. Sam left his pregnant wife and the family business behind to embark on a fascinating period of his life, which included being captured by the Germans twice, two...


The Digital Brand Manager, Content Shock and Volunteering in Uganda

Greg chats with Doreen O'Mahony, former Fuzion Communications colleague and Digital Brand Manager with Laya Healthcare. This West Cork gal grew up in a small farm appreciating nature, great food and the value of hard work. She has had a number of roles including the HSE, Fuzion Communications, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Media Manager and now Laya. We chat about the value of a diverse education, the evolving nature of digital marketing and the danger of "content shock". Recently Doreen...


The Republic of Work with founder DC Cahalane

Greg chats with DC Cahalane, founder of co-working space and entrepreneurial hub, Republic of Work in Cork city. The boy from Dunmanway learnt a lot messing with his dad's computer at home and even more from extra curricular activities while studying at UCC. From event management in Dublin and London, to vodka distribution, to catering and then taking up key roles in two of Ireland's big tech success stories, Trustev and Teamwork. Itching to start his own venture again DC opened Republic...


Making Yes Easy with Peter Turley, CEO of Salestalk

Greg chats with former model maker and Sales Training expert, Peter Turley, CEO of Salestalk about rugby and the profession of selling. You can increase your sales by working harder to increase your leads or you can be very clever and use his sales process to increase your sales by improving your conversion rate. As Peter says it is all about "Making Yes Easy" Enjoy the show


Success and life with Marketing Guru and Niche Down author, Christopher Lochhead

Greg chats with Marketing guru Christopher Lochhead and podcasting legend 'Follow Your Different' who shares part two of his incredible success journey in Silicon Valley, which led to powerful game changing business insights. These are captured in his first book 'Play Bigger' and his second book 'Niche Down', which is all about winning by focusing on the things you are great at! In this episode Christopher does a "live" Niching Down case study with Fuzion Communications as the subject...


Ruling the Category Castle with Play Bigger author and Marketing Guru Sir Christopher Lochhead

Greg chats with marketing guru, great friend of Fuzion and author of inspirational books 'Play Bigger' and 'Niche Down' and host of the podcast 'Follow Your Different' Christopher Lochhead. In part one, Christopher shares his incredible story, which took him from near bankruptcy at the age of 21 in Montreal to being a millionaire in Silicon Valley at 28. A big part of his success is his ability to create and dominate new categories, which is the key topic of his book 'Play Bigger'. So,...


The Culture of Irish Food with Food Historian Regina Sexton

We are always fascinated how experiences when we are young can influence your career and life's passions. In this episode Greg chats with Food Historian with UCC, Regina Sexton who has just launched a post graduate diploma in Food Culture. Author of the books 'A Little History of Irish Food' and 'Ireland's Traditional Foods', which led to a RTE documentary, Regina goes deep into the history of food and talks passionately about the jewel that is our food industry. As a young girl she...


The Mission to End Leprosy and the Irish Story

When Ken Gibson from The Mission to End Leprosy called our office two years ago we honestly thought it was a joke. Sadly this ancient disease, is still isolating people in India, Brazil and Africa, but it can be cured by Ken and his team with the will and the right support. St.Stephens Green, Leopardstown and Galloping Green in Dublin, Lovers Walk and Castlemartyr in Cork are just some of Ireland's history with leprosy. In this episode, Ken Gibson, CEO of The Mission to End Leprosy shares...


From Disney to Destination Developer with Roger Hobkinson

Greg chats with the Destination Developer, the Londoner who fell in love with Ireland, Roger Hobkinson. When most kids wanted to go on another ride, Roger kept asking why was Disneyland in Florida! What do you do with the Millennium Dome, how do you bring the Wild Atlantic Way to life, how do you revitalise Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, what do you with Cork Docklands and what is the Cork brand? Roger has worked on these and many other projects bringing strategic thinking and adding long...


Discovering a Crock of Gold with singer songwriter John Spillane

In this episode of the Fuzion Win Happy podcast, Greg chat's with the poetic wordsmith, the passionate Corkonian, the dreamer, the singer songwriter, John Spillane. The young man who dreamt of being a forester, discovered music in his teens and a deep love of Irish and Irish culture. After spells with various bands John went solo and a fantastic journey began with a unique songwriting style immersed in a love of places, a love of Irish and a special way of capturing the things and people...


Learning how to effect big changes with Siobhan O’Donoghue, CEO of Uplift

Greg chats with Siobhan O'Donoghue, CEO of Uplift, the organisation that takes on causes it believes in, including housing, climate change, racial injustice, the rise of the far right and gender equality. As a young girl she stopped chickens from being killed on the farm, as a nurse she stood up for patients and patient care and as a community worker she stood up for the traveller community in Limerick and migrants in Dublin. From all of these roles, Siobhan learnt how to protest and fight...