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In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy

In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy






In this podcast Greg chats with some of the interesting people that he meets along the way from many different walks of life, about their lives, what it means to achieve their goals and hopefully with a smile on their faces! #WinHappy






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New Zealand here we come!

My son Brendan and his girlfriend Ayla, who comes from Auckland in New Zealand begin their journey to New Zealand complete with visas and Covid tests and face a two week quarantine period in a hotel when they get there. As we know New Zealand was one of those regimes that successfully took this approach to protecting their citizens. The prize for them after all of this endurance will be a two month mask free well earned break visiting family, meeting friends, meals out, packed pubs, gigs...


Thumbs up or thumbs down for the economy in 2021 with Economists Jim Power and Chris Johns

In this episode renowned economists, Jim Power and Chris Johns assess 2021 putting forward both a "realistic" negative and a positive outlook for the year. We discuss both sides of the coin including the likely effects of Brexit, Covid and the aftermath of the Trump chaos and arrive at a conclusion.. Is it a negative or a positive outlook? PS : And we also discuss some music! Enjoy the show! This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and...


“How Not to be a Hater” with Briona Gallagher

Briona Gallagher has a crazy, bumpy and colourful story from start to finish, as she went from being the extremely quiet girl in Ennis to the weed smoking tattoo artist in California, to the writer who "found" herself in part with the help of a 71 year old housemate in Cork! Through her "How Not to be a Hater" website and book (to come soon), which has just launched, she hopes to help others through some of the life lessons she has learned along this zig zag road of hers, and by sharing...


I had a GREAT 2021 because..

For the last few years I have been doing this simple exercise at the start of the year to help me get focused around things that are important both personally and professionally. If you have a few moments you might try it, to get your year off on the right track and on that last working day of the year you might find yourself with great satisfaction saying... I had a great 2021 because... #WinHappy This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic...


2020 - What a year! Covid, Black Lives Matter, Trump and how all of this affected us and 2021 wishes are discussed with some special guests

I couldn't let 2020 go without trying my very best to capture exactly what the hell happened this year! With very special guests Economist Jim Power, Marketing and podcast legend Christopher Lochhead, GAA legend and food producer Tommy Doyle, Singer songwriter Brendan Murphy of THE 4 OF US, new mother and new entrepreneur Nadine Hughes Campbell and Dr. Gerry Waldron, Assistant Director of Public Health in Northern Ireland, we try to make sense of the year. From early hopes and dreams, to...


Journalist Sam Sokol, a New Yorker, who lives in Israel with his family gives us a Jewish perspective of life at this unusual time

New Yorker, Sam Sokol, a journalist with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, is living with his family in Beit Shemesh, which is in between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel. We chat about growing up in New York, mandatory service with the Israeli army and his work as a journalist for the JTA, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and the Israel Broadcasting Authority. We chat about his book "Putin's Hybrid War and the Jews", the fake news playbook, Donald Trump's popularity in Israel, the...


Another Covid outbreak - how a different approach can have Ireland Back to Normal by St.Patrick's Day with scientist Tomás Ryan and economist Jim Power

The Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) are recommending a 7 point plan to the government, which they say will have Ireland mask free, enjoying life and "Back to Normal" for St. Patrick's Day, With the backdrop of a much sooner than expected third lockdown being imposed on the country I have Tomás Ryan of ISAG and Assistant Professor at the School of Biochemistry & Immunology, Trinity College, discussing their proposal with renowned Economist, Jim Power. This will save jobs, save...


The healing powers of horses with Noreen Roche

In this episode I chat with Noreen Roche from Epona Retreats. When Noreen explained to me that she was a 'transformational equine therapist' and how horses have very special healing powers, I just had to hear much more. Noreen chats about her life and her career, the bumps along the way and how her path brought her to this special place in Rathcormac, Co. Cork, which she named "Epona", She also chats about reiki healing and how she heals her clients with the help of her very special...


It takes two engineers to make an architect says the founder of the Design POP Festival, Amy McKeogh

In this episode I chat with Amy McKeogh the architect who founded the Design POP festival, which debuted in Cork in 2019 and unfortunately had to be cancelled last minute in 2020 due to Covid. She tells me it is DEFINITELY happening in 2021 and we chat about founding her own architectural firm, Fíor Studios so early into her career, her early decision to stay away from the very "commercial" side and potentially lucrative side of the industry and what influenced her to choose her career...


The state of our mental health in the middle of Covid along with the other life pressures

On this episode Ray Henry (Chairperson) and Bernie Hackett (Vice-Chairperson) of the Irish Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP) discuss their careers and their profession, the pressures of modern day society on people, changes down through the years and the role of the organisation. We also chat specifically about the extra pressure of Covid and that delicate balance between restrictions and mental health. Enjoy the show This show has been brought to you by Fuzion...


Dublin when the tide goes out with journalist and urban planner Paul Kearns

In this episode I chat with Paul Kearns, journalist and urban planner about a recent article he wrote for the Irish Times about how poorly Dublin has fared out during Covid compared to other large cities such as Stockholm and Barcelona. As a former urban planner with Dublin City Council he chats about the role of planning in the development of the city, poverty and anti social behaviour, the affect of decisions on the happiness of its inhabitants and why we need to have higher expectations...


The aftermath of the US Elections with economists Jim Power and Chris Johns

As the world is a happier place with the US presidential election win by Joe Biden, I am joined by renowned economists Jim Power and Chris Johns to try to make sense of it all. Is there economic currency in "happiness", was this a fight between good and evil, why the record number of voters, did media try to finally control fake news, did the moment pick Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and what will we get from them and ...did democracy win over populism by the slightest of margins? Enjoy the...


Life after Trump with Economists Jim Power and Chris Johns

After a brief chat about Covid, the failure of democracies and the Irish lockdown with renowned economists Jim Power and Chris Johns we dive right into the small topic of the U.S. election in a few days time. Is it the most significant election ever or is this overstated, what effect will the result mean for Ireland, the UK, the world and of course the U.S and what will life be like after Trump or in the worst case scenario with him in power for four more years? - I put all of these huge...


Well placed TNT to blow up your life plan with Bostonian Laura Edgerton

The Bostonian, Laura Edgerton on a 5 star luxury hotel break in Switzerland with her then husband decided enough was enough! A chat with a waitress in Portland sealed the deal and she divorced, sold her dream home, turned her back on a successful marketing career in financial services and moved lock, stock and barrel to Cork to pursue a new life and a passion for food. In this episode, Laura aka 'Culinary Cork' shares her brave story of breaking free and being the catalyst for change in...


Brendan Murphy with Fearless Sharon Vaughn, Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame

I was thrilled to be able to talk my friend, Brendan Murphy of the wonderful THE4OFUS into starting his own podcast and helping him along the way. Music fans will love this.. Brendan chats with Nashville Hall of Fame songwriter and good friend, Sharon Vaughn. She has been writing international hits since the early 1970's for artists as diverse Willy Nelson, Randy Travis, Kenny Rodgers, Boyzone and Aslan. She chats about making it in a mans' world, moving from the U.S. to Europe and...


Getting lost in the forest with singer songwriter Mark Geary

I caught up recently with the fantastic, deep thinking singer songwriter Mark Geary who is the middle of writing a new album and a big medical procedure on his hand to enable him to resume his playing. One of 10 kids, the son of a brick layer in Dublin, he has enjoyed huge success, boasts a brilliant catalog and has had a fascinating career which started by learning the ropes the hard way in New York playing in the legendary Sin E bar alongside artists and friends Jeff Buckley and Glen...


"Is money good or evil?" with Economist Chris Johns

Chris Johns, Financial and Economic Consultant and Irish Times Economic columnist talks about his extensive career working "with money" and the huge changes he witnessed through the decades working with the Treasury Department, various financial roles in the City of London, senior roles with Bank of Ireland, AIB, State Street and more. We discuss the role of money, the banking crash, the danger of money, some of the dangerous "jerks" that are in power now, ethics in business and the...


Instagram try to “reel” in TikTok, some Facebook changes,Twitter gets even angrier and LinkedIn is emerging - all on the social media podcast with Alma Brosnan and Michelle Harrison

I chat with our social media "gurus", Alma Brosnan and Michelle Harrison (on her podcast debut!) about some of the latest changes and trends including: - Instagram trying to "reel" in TikTok with new functionality - Shopping being introduced to Facebook and Instagram "live" - Twitter trying desperately to curb the rising anger with some functionality and finally - Many experiencing success on LinkedIn Enjoy the show! This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a...


A crisis of Leadership and the Triple Whammy of Covid, Brexit and the U.S. Elections with leading economists Chris Johns and Jim Power

On this episode I am joined by two leading economists, Chris Johns and Jim Power to discuss Chris's latest thought provoking article for the Irish Times "The Triple Whammy of Covid, Brexit and the U.S. Election". We discuss the status of Ireland and the UK, the shifting economic climate, the erosion of confidence in the last month, the long term damage to our large cities from Covid and the crises caused by lack of leadership, which is making solutions extremely difficult. We also talk...


WTF America...Trying to make sense of the madness with Sharon Vaughn and Christopher Lochhead

"WTF America" is my attempt to get some natives to help explain to me some of the madness that we see but just don't fully understand. Marketing and podcast legend Christopher Lochhead and songwriting goddess Sharon Vaughn explain to me how it really is over there. It turns out that politics in the United States is more tribal than following your football team and even when your side is clearly led by a dangerous idiot who lied about the Coronavirus that has killed 200,000 of your fellow...