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#1 Podcast discussing how we manage the convergence of the Wired, the Tired, and Technology

#1 Podcast discussing how we manage the convergence of the Wired, the Tired, and Technology
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#1 Podcast discussing how we manage the convergence of the Wired, the Tired, and Technology






Mindful Leadership: A Business Imperative

Pandit Dasa, a former monk, has an extraordinary vision for Workforce 2030, quite different than the dystopian view of robots and machines kicking us out of jobs over the next decade. Pandit imagines a workforce where leaders and managers inspire, support and encourage; where ego battles don’t stifle progress; where colleagues celebrate each other‘s success ; and employees develop positive social connections at work. But he also warns that without all of us being more mindful, our workplaces...


Conflict Management Can Be Like Fertilizer

“Conflict can be like fertilizer. It stinks while you’re in it, but in the long run, it fosters growth,” says our guest Kira Nurieli, founder of Harmony Strategies Group. During this episode Kira reveals 3 crucial skills every manager and employee must learn to resolve and leverage conflict management. She describes why she recommends “Circles” strategy and how she has applied it to boost productivity, increase engagement, and help people feel like they matter.


Artificial Intelligence and HR

How would you explain artificial intelligence to your 4 year old or 95 y/o mother? That might seem like a silly question to ask our guest Ben Eubanks when our audience includes so many HR professionals and business executives. Sadly, it’s not. Because according to the author of "Artificial Intelligence for HR," 90% of HR leaders don’t have a firm grasp on what AI is and how it works. That’s a huge problem because more than half a billion dollars flowed into AI-enabled HR technology last year...


Using HR Tech to Humanize Recruitment

HR has a human bandwidth problem. The demand for talent is skyrocketing at the same time companies struggle with unprecedented competition for labor. Unfortunately inefficiencies and task-intensive workloads overwhelm recruiters and HR, diverting them away from engaging top talent quickly and frequently - even when they come knocking. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day or resources available to do what's needed to deliver a spectacular candidate experience. The solution is simple:...


Leadership When SHIFT Hits Your Plane

When Dave Sanderson sat down on that plane 10 years ago, he had no clue that he was about to experience a "plane crash moment" that would alter his life forever. Prior to that day, Dave had no flight or rescue training. But his lifelong investment in personal development and a belief that you must lead yourself to lead others paid off. Dave was literally the last passenger off the plane that day and the first to realize it was time to pay it forward. You don't want to miss a minute of this...


Your Recruiting Sucks, Stop Lying and Fix It!

Talent acquisition is at the tipping point. The way talent acquisition gets done should scare the SHIFT out of management. Recruiting is broken and for many companies, that means it’s either game over or game on. The labor market looks nothing like it did 20 years ago. Heck, it’s almost unrecognizable to what it was like just 5 years ago. And yet HR and TA still functions like it has for decades long gone. That’s why we turned to our guest Tim Sackett, author of The Talent Fix and one of...


Prediction Isn’t My Job, Rehearse the Future

What good is a futurist if he can’t predict? According to our guest Frank Diana, “prediction isn’t my job.” That seems to be a pretty odd thing for a futurist to say. But Frank’s response unleashed a flood of ideas when he said “It’s my job to help people rehearse for the future." Frank belongs to a growing community of thought leaders from all walks of life and backgrounds who are trying to help people make sense of a world of unknown unknowns. "Connecting the dots has never been so...


Leading Change with Empathy

The American Workplace is Broken. Eighty-three percent of workers say they’re stressed about their jobs and 50 percent say it’s interfering with their sleep. We can no longer expect our employees to compartmentalize their personal emotions and still show up to work at their very best. In fact, in this new age of HR, care for the whole employee should be the biggest goal. Leadership must change the way they manage and communicate with people. What is causing all this stress and disruption?...


Video Learning: What You Need, When You Need It| Season 02:027

When you purchase a device and you need help learning how to use it, it's likely you tap your screen and search YouTube. When employees want to learn a new skill, they typically have to request time off or wait weeks or months for training. That's all about to change as eLearning companies are adapting to the the way workers want to learn, train, and reskill. Video is transforming learning management systems (LMS). Within the next 60 seconds, 3.5 million videos will be watched on YouTube....


Did the Future Come Too Soon for HR? Lessons From #SHRM19 | Season 2:026

The future came too soon for HR, according to HR veteran and one of HR's top bloggers Mike Haberman. He joined us just a few days after #SHRM19. Mike attended quite a few session on AI at the conference including mine (Ira S Wolfe) and offers his unique perspective. Mike was one of the 1st people in HR talking about artificial intelligence. Although "HR is catching up", he's dismayed by how many HR folks he sees struggling with HR technology and social media. His big take-away: many of the...


DREAMS Big! It’s Time to Reinvent Education | Season 2:025

The demand for skilled workers is skyrocketing. Workers need new and better skills. Unfortunately education is tied with prisons and churches when it comes to innovation according to Noelle Kellich, Head of Teaching and Learning, and Henry Fairfax, Head of The Revolution School in Philadelphia, which just opened its doors in September. The goal: break the status quo and prepare students for the future of work in an interconnected world. Noelle and Henry helped develop a unique experiential...


Did Google Just Blow Up Your Recruitment Strategy Again? | Season 2: 024

Happy birthday Google for Jobs! It's been 2 years since you disrupted recruitment marketing forever. To "celebrate" Google recently announced another major algorithm update. This time mobile-first indexing goes into effect for all new websites...and it will gradually impact all websites. What does mobile-first mean to your company job listings, career sites, and job applications? How will it impact your job listing rankings and employment brand? Listen to SEO experts Cyrus Shepard (MOZ),...


Warning! We're Living in Future Shock | Season 2: 023

50 years ago Alvin Toffler warned us about Future Shock, a time when "too much change in too short a period of time” would leave us overwhelmed, disconnected, and suffering from shattering stress and disorientation. Feeling the pain? According to trends-expert Daniel Levine, Future Shock is really here and now we’re now experiencing the 1st After Shock. His solution: learn to embrace the trend of acceleration. How? You’ll have to download and click play!


How Do You Unlock Employee Potential? | Season 02:022

Unemployment rates are at record lows. Employee turnover is at a 10-year high. Your competitors have undoubtedly placed targets on the backs of your top talent. Without training and development, these workers are 12X more likely to quit your company. It's time to unlock employee potential. The future of work and the future of your company depends on it. Join us during this "live" episode recorded at Cornerstone OnDemand #CSODconf19 when Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Heidi Spirgi...


Can Podcasting Open A Recruiter's Door to Top Talent? | Season 2 : 021:

Hey Recruiters? Looking for a way to attract and engage more top talent? I'll bet you never thought about podcasting for talent! Podcasting might just be that secret sauce recruiters need to reach more candidates. Podcasts are all the rage. More than 1/2 the population listens regularly and 2/3 of listeners are prime working age. Join us for this week's episode when Podcast Expert Michael Greenburg, founder of Call for Content, shares his secrets for successful podcasting, how companies and...


Season 2:020 Save Your Job: Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Worried about a robot taking your job? Boosting your emotional intelligence may be your ticket to a long, lucrative career. With machines becoming more intelligent every day, it is essential that all of us focus on skills and abilities that are uniquely human. EI or Emotional Intelligence is one of those uniquely human abilities. Also called EQ, it may also be the one human skill that can save your job! Join us on this episode of Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization when special guest Kerry...


Season 2: 019 Millennials, Labor, and 2020 Economic Trends

Wondering where emerging trends will lead our economy and labor markets in 2020? You'll want to tune in and hear from our guest today, Alan Beaulieu from ITR Economics. Why listen? His firm boasts an incredible 94.7% accuracy rate in forecasting business trends, including the 2008 Great Recession - 3 full years before it occurred. We recorded this as talk about Tariffs, Immigration, and the 2020 Election (TIE) threaten to disrupt our businesses, the unemployment hit its lowest rate in 50...


Season 2: 018 Crippling Costs of Caregiving Crisis

A caregiver crisis is growing at an alarming rate ... and we're not just talking about a lack of caregivers. Every day workers are forced to choose between being a good employee and being a good son, daughter, and parent. For some, it's a stress-filled, losing battle. Employees lose. Employers lose. Caregiving experts Jisella Dolan from Home Instead Senior Care and Zack Demopoulus, Raising 'Rents Podcast, discuss why employers must care and offer tips to create a Caregiver Friendly Workplace.


Season 2: 017 People Analytics: Can Data Save The H in HR?

Technology, globalization, and shifting demographics are emasculating the traditional ways and means of recruitment. Are candidates instantly engaged? Did they find it easy to navigate the job listing and apply? To win the race for talent, digital marketing tools like eye-tracking and ethnographics are helping companies revolutionize the candidate experience. Alathea principal Maja Ninkovic reveals how data-driven recruitment is helping companies navigate HR disruption.


Bonus Episode: Pre-Employment Testing: Junk or Science?

Listen to this podcast before using another pre-employment testing! Are pre-hire tests just junk marketing or based on predictive science? In this special episode of Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization, podcast host Ira S Wolfe switches roles with Jonathan Denn, Vistage Chair and author of Drumbeat Business Productivity Playbook, to chat about the myths, facts, and science surrounding pre-employment testing and the opportunity and challenges they present for businesses today.