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It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.

It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.
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Radio America


It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.






Dr. Jack Stockwell - How Does Your Immune System Work?

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell explain how your Immune System works and how to make it stronger. More and more people are taking three or more Prescription Drugs and how their interactions may affect depression. Next, Dr. Jack explains the values of Wild Alaskan Salmon and what happens when you prepare it on Aluminum Foil. Do you know why Aluminum is used in Vaccines? Cleaning your Barbecue Grill the wrong way could have serious effects on your...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Cannabis Drug Approved By FDA

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss a new Cannabis based drug that the Federal Drug Administration has just approved for Epilepsy sufferers. Next, advice on how to select a Diet that works best for you...Vegetarian or Carnivore. Learn which foods have the most antioxidant value. Finally, what you can do to decrease your your chances of Sudden Death from a Cardiac Event.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Watch Out For Venomous Caterpillars!!!

Dr. Ken Kronhaus and Host Doug Stephan discuss a new study that suggests that Intense Emotional Stress may be as bad for your heart as Smoking. Do we really understand the importance of having a healthy Immune System? Next, a warning about Venomous Caterpillars! Studies now show that most teens don't get enough sleep, increasing their risks for heart disease. Do you know about the new Household Metabolism Monitor and The Memory Diet? Finally, a new blood test that can tell all about your...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - This is Your Brain, on Fats and Carbs

Dr. Jack Stockwell and Host Doug Stephan reveal what happens to your brain, when you combine Fats with Carbs. Learn how to get your Type II Diabetes numbers down to the twos. Would you like to learn how to build muscle, when you've tried just about everything? Find out the link between Herpes and the lack of Calcium. A new study shows that Walnuts are good for your Gut. What 6 menu items would MacDonald’s employees tell you to avoid? Finally, one of Mr....


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - How To Survive Cancer

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus discuss the three main actions you can take to survive Cancer. Next, there's news that over one-third of us taking drugs suffer from Depression, and Dr. Ken lists those drugs. New study shows that having your child's Tonsils removed shouldn't be automatic. And, there's more good news for those who drink three of four cups of coffee per day. Guess what? If you're under 65, you can't make up for lost sleep during the week by napping on the weekend....


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Walk Your Way To Better Health

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell review a new study that reveals why we have such a hard time stopping from biting our fingernails. Next, the myths and risks of Sunscreen Pills. Did you know that The Sun is not the cause of Skin Cancer? Then, Dr. Susan Hutchinson a headache specialist and board-certified family practice physician joins Dr. Ken and Doug to talk about a new earplug thet helps control weather-related migraines,...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Brand New Relief for Migraine Sufferers is Here!

Host Doug Stephan asks Dr. Ken how he deals with patients who display suicidal behavior. A new study indicates that young people who develop mild hearing loss are likely to be candidates for Dementia. Is there now a pill that can protect you from The Sun? Next, Dr. Ken tells us how many minutes of moderate exercise we need per week to stay healthy longer. Finally, the FDA has just approved a new drug to prevent Migraines.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - 70% of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Don't Need Chemo!

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss new studies that show that 70% of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer don't need Chemotherapy. Too high of an Insulin level could clause inflammatory issues in your body, which makes you susceptible to Viruses. Dr. Jack explains why we need alkaline foods and what happens if we get too much. Finally, the reasons why we sometimes crave an apple, and other foods.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - BULLETIN: Fish Increases Fertility and Improves Your Sex Life

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus go over new guidelines for Colon Rectal scanning. New study shows that Obesity increases the risk of 12 types of cancer. Don't look now, but egg yolks are good for you! Dr. Ken reveals how Fish can make you more fertile and improves your Sex Life. Finally, Personal Trainer Brian Attebery joins Dr. Ken and Doug and explains how to find a good personal trainer and why seniors need to stay in shape. Brian founded RESULTS...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - What's The Best Replacement for Table Sugar?

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell review more data on the Cholesterol misinformation that we've been let to believe. Recordbreaking flu epidemic continues to take more lives. Dr. Jack explains the different types of fibers. Finally, we learn what is the best replacement for table sugar.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - High Cholesterol May Not Be As Bad As We Thought

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss how recent studies have shown that Cholesterol numbers of 300 may not be bad for you, and why. Want to learn how to avoid Ticks and Mosquitoes? Next, Actress Brittany Snow discusses "The Fruit Tree Project" to help save orchards all over the country. Next, Doctor Jack talks about the sugar content in oranges. Finally, news about...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Tequila, Bueno!!!

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus discuss new medical news that says Yogurt is good for you, in a number of ways. Frequent napping can be good for expectant mothers and their babies. Dr. Ken offers ways that you can "bulk-up your brain." Next, the recently discovered benefits of Tequila are revealed. Finally, Dr. Ken explains all that we know about First Lady Melania Trump's recent visit to the hospital.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - The Doctor's Quack List

Host Doug Stephan has news about "National Women's Check-Up Week." Dr. Jack Stockwell talks about the web site Doctors Are and the doctor's quack list. New Anti-Aging drug Resveratrol will soon be available but learn the natural foods where it's already present. A new book claims that The American Heart Association is nothing but a propaganda machine for Big Pharma.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - New Drug Makes Colonoscopies More Tolerable

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus discuss the risk of stroke for PTSD patients, POT's short-term and long-term effects, how much sleep do you really need, dementia and being married, prostrate cancer screening, what babies like to hear, a new drug that makes colonoscopies more tolerable and finally eat, eat, eat nuts, nuts nuts!


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Beets versus Spinach. Who Wins?

Dr. Jack Stockwell and Host Doug Stephan discuss the benefits of Spinach and Beets. Guess which one wins. Other topics: Chinese Diet Pill problems, Depression and Weight Gain and the truth about Cholesterol and Heart Disease.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Sunscreen Banned in Hawaii! What!!!

Host Doug Stephan talks about his friend, who just lost his battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and Dr. Ken Kronhaus explains what it is. Doug asks Dr. Ken about how he makes patients comfortable in their final days. Next, could anxiety lead to Dementia? Did you know that people who grow up on or near farms have fewer allergy problems? It's true, Hawaii has banned certain types of Sunscreens. Finally, news that four to seven Saunas a week can reduce your risk of stroke by 60%.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - FDA Approves New Non-Invasive Wrinkle Killer

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss a new study the shows there are more two to four-year olds on Psychiatric Drugs than ever before. And, predicts that by the year 2025, one of every two children will be Hyperactive. Dr. Jack explains why all newborns need to be fed Mother's Breast Milk. Next, a thorough review of the causes and effects of 2nd Hand Smoke Emphysema. Want to lose wrinkles, without Invasive Procedures? One's just been approved by...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - What You Should Know About PMS and Alcohol

Dr. Ken Kronhaus explains to Host Doug Stephan which of the sexes is less tolerant of Alcohol, and why. Next, you might be surprised to learn the effects that Alcohol can have on PMS. Do you know the differences between good bacteria and bad bacteria? Dr. Ken explains what can cause a fetus to fatally reject its own mother. New studies show that Advil and Tylenol do a better job at pail relief than Opioids. And finally, Warning, Warning! If you experience a sudden extreme headache, get to...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - The World's First Penis and Scrotum Transplant

Dr. Jack Stockwell makes it clear to Host Doug Stephan why we should always shop for Organic products. Next, learn all you need to know about Kombucha Tea. Then, there's news of the World's First Penis and Scrotum transplant and the big question: "will the recipient ever be able to function sexually?" New studies show that smoking is forbidden in 3 out of 4 households and learn which state leads the nation for the Number One spot. Dr. Jack talks about his...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Protect Yourself From All Kinds of Dangerous Bacteria

Dr. Ken Kronhaus and Host Doug Stephan reveal some recent news about Salt intake and the secret of correct Hydration. New studies indicate that White Coat Hypertension can be dangerous to your health. Dr. Ken goes over the dangerous types of Bacteria in foods, and how to avoid them. Do you drink Green Tea regularly? You may want to reconsider. Finally, a warning to Day Sleepers, you may be a candidate for Alzheimer's.