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Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, interview Hell’s most infamous residents and chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation. A Rooster Teeth Production.

Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, interview Hell’s most infamous residents and chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation. A Rooster Teeth Production.


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Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, interview Hell’s most infamous residents and chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation. A Rooster Teeth Production.




Building a Cybernetic Battle Demon - Doug Gug Chaos 2.0

Clayton plans a surprise attack on Heaven with his new secret weapon: a half-demon, half-robot cyborg built using the remains of the longtime dead war veteran, Doug Gug Chaos. Doug Gug Chaos 2.0 played by Jeremy Dooley from Achievement Hunter, Off Topic, and Chump! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Sponsored by Hello Fresh! ( , code 10goodmorning)


Edgar Allan Poe, The Ghost Writer

Clayton brings on the ghost of famous author Edgar Allan Poe to help write his memoirs. Unfortunately for Clayton and Chris, Poe is even weirder than they expected. Special Guest Edgar Allan Poe played by Pacific Obadiah from SCP Archives and Bloody Disgusting, go check him out at! Follow us on social media by clicking here:!


Wingmanning for Cupid #63

After a tough year of matchmaking on Earth due to the pandemic, the guys try to help Cupid find love -- a difficult task that requires the help master translator, Fawn Risinger. Special Guests Cupid and Fawn Risinger played by Gus Sorola and Jon Risinger, respectively. Check out Jon's new show The Real Canon: Check out Chris and Gus' show Black Box Down: Find all the other Good Morning from Hell stuff here;...


Spicier Than Hell #62

Representatives from Hell's Latin Union stop by to teach Chris and Clayton about spicy foods, party etiquette, and the true meaning of Sundays. Special guests Celia Usnavi and Jacque Lacey White played by Daniela Di Giacomo and Mariela Irala from the podcast "Porque Aja"!


Good Morning From Hell Presents: The Real Canon Podcast Trailer

Check out Rooster Teeth's new nerd culture podcast made by our good friend Jon Risinger and Charles Pulliam-Moore from IO9. We really like it and think you will, too!


Team Building with Heaven and Hell #61

Clayton and Chris meet in purgatory with the general of Heaven’s army to negotiate terms of war and conduct some team building exercises with the help of a mediator. Arch Angel Lucy and Purgatory Dory played by Fiona Nova from Achievement Hunter and Off Topic and Hannah McCarthy from Red Vs Blue Zero and Role Initiative. Check them out in the new interactive mystery show, Dead Little Roosters! Follow @MorningfromHell on Twitter, IG, TikTok, and Facebook:


The David & Goliath Rematch #60

It's a rivalry as old as time, David and Goliath go face to face once again in a wrestling event of biblical proportions! Special guests David and Goliath played by Ivan and Curt from Recreyo! Go watch the hilarious animated Good Morning From Hell x Recreyo collaboration on their channel at! Also, check out new podcast "The Real Canon" ! Interact with us on social media and get our merch here:


The True Story of Hansel & Gretel #59

The adorable kids from the classic fairy tale explain how they escaped the evil witch that tried to eat them and what their lives were like afterwards. Featuring the comedians Greg Hess & Holly Laurent from Mega The Podcast as Hansel & Gretel! Interact with us on social media and get our merch here: . Sponsored by HelloFresh ( , code: 10goodmorning) and Gabi (


An Interview with Santa’s Elf #58

Napkin the Christmas Elf visits Hell to spread holiday cheer, but under all the joy lies a terrible secret about the North Pole. Napkin the Elf played by Ryan Hailey from Funhaus! Interact with us on social media and get our merch by clicking here: Sponsored by HelloFresh ( , code 80goodmorning)


Siren Seduction - #57

Two mighty Sirens show off the darkest and most evil power of all... Voice Acting. Special guests Samoninitis and Skugeles played by voice acting legends Tara Strong and Greg Cipes from The PowerPuff Girls, My Little Pony, The Fairly OddParents, Rugrats, Teen Titans, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more beloved shows. Check out their new podcast, The Ship-it Show! Also, give the gift of Hell this holiday season with GMFH merchandise over at Sponsored by...


Tesla vs Edison: Battle of the Brains - #56

This week, Hell's two biggest nerds face off in an invention competition to see who has the biggest brains. Special guests Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison played by Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan, respectively. Check out their hilarious podcast over at Needing ideas this holiday season? Give the gift of Hell by going to!


The Presidents of Turkeys - #55

The leader of Earth’s most magical creatures, turkeys, details how his species arrived on Earth and what they are doing to combat the horrific event known as “Thanksgiving.” Special guests Mustafa and Cluck Featherstone played by podcaster Brandon Farmahini and comedian Zach Anner! Find us on social media and buy some merch: . Sponsored by HelloFresh. Go to and use code GOODMORNING90 to get $90 off including free...


Dr. Frankenstein and Her Monster - #54

The infamous Dr. Frankenstein reveals what it's like raising/building a toddler that's 9ft tall and attempts some on-the-fly upgrades for him using body parts borrowed from Chris. Special guests played by Chelsea Rebecca and James Janisse from Dead Meat! Find us on social media and buy our merch here: Sponsored by Gabi (


Neil Armstrong - Hell’s First Astronaut - #53

The famous astronaut Neil Armstrong dispels the many myths of space travel and tells the TRUTH about the man-made, cheese-filled Moon 2. Sponsored by Hello Fresh (, code GOODMORNING90)


The Election From Hell - #52

It all comes down to this, who will become the next President of Hell? Will it be the reigning champ Satan, the super-duper-mega underdog Clayton, or a surprising familiar face? Get your GMFH merchandise now at!


The Case of Freddy v. Jason - #51

In a special small-claims courtroom episode, our hosts arbitrate a legal dispute between Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees over victim custody, late rent, and other roommate issues. Special guest Eric Baudour from the Face Jam podcast and comedian Andrew Rosas! It's a fire sale! Use our code HELLOWEEN on Saturday Oct. 31 (Halloween) to get 6.66% off all merch! Sponsored by Blue Chew (, code GOODMORNING) and HelloFresh (,...


The Girl from The Ring: Where is She Now? - #50

One hit wonder horror icon, Samara, visits Hell to talk about the challenges of using VHS tapes to haunt people in 2020, what it was like growing up as a famous child murderer, and how she stays in shape now that she's nearing 40. Special guest Samara played by Paige Wesley from Cult Podcast! Cast your vote for President of Hell with some merch! Sponsored by ExpressVPN ( and HelloFresh (


The Tale of the Vegan Werewolf - #49

To celebrate Halloween, our guest this week is a misunderstood vegan werewolf who wants to clear up some misconceptions about werewolves and tell the TRUE story of Little Red Riding Hood. Special guest Skylar Paltrow the Werewolf played by Armando Torres from Cult Podcast! Eat some delicious GMFH merch at!


The Not-So-Grim Reaper - #48

Death visits the Good Morning From Hell podcast... Oh! No. Not like that. No one dies, we’re talking about THE Death (aka The Grim Reaper)! Special guest Death played by Cole Gallian of Rooster Teeth’s Animation team! Get piping hot GMFH merch at! Sponsored by HelloFresh. Go to and use code 80GOODMORNING to get a total of $80 off across 5 boxes, including free shipping, on your first box! Also sponsored by Blue Chew. Head to...


Greek Bros Party HARD - #47

Two wild frat bros from Ancient Greece dish about the first Olympics, the fall of Troy, partying with Aristotle, and getting f***** up with plague rats. Tuckertes and Chadus played by Conor McGrath and Patrick Brown from Inside Gaming! Go buy our merch here! Sponsored by Blue Chew. Head to and use promo code GOODMORNING to get your first shipment FREE!