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Good Mornings with host Chris Oaks is a fun, hip and lively show that has everyone talking - featuring conversations with local, state and nationally-known politicians, authors and experts in fields ranging from current events to technology, finance to modern lifestyle topics.

Good Mornings with host Chris Oaks is a fun, hip and lively show that has everyone talking - featuring conversations with local, state and nationally-known politicians, authors and experts in fields ranging from current events to technology, finance to modern lifestyle topics.


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Good Mornings with host Chris Oaks is a fun, hip and lively show that has everyone talking - featuring conversations with local, state and nationally-known politicians, authors and experts in fields ranging from current events to technology, finance to modern lifestyle topics.




Thursday, December 3, 2020

Misinformation on social media and the internet is nothing new... but when it comes to medical advice, discerning fact from fiction could be a matter of life and death (at 13:44) --- Around Town: In a year when so many are in need, we have details on this weekend's Coats for Christmas distribution event (at 21:47) --- Having already announced the SUV and Car of the Year, MotorTrend has now revealed their pick for 2021 Truck of the Year (at 29:23) --- Throwback Thursday: For the 65th year,...


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Even as we're beginning to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, doctors fear the long-term impact of COVID-19 may be the acceleration of an already growing health crisis for millions of Americans (at 13:57) --- What's Happening: History is being made everyday in the way we're all dealing with the coronavirus pandemic... the Hancock Historical Museum wants to preserve those stories (at 23:34) --- Keeping the Faith: Christmas is the story of God made man, the birth of Christ the...


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

For nearly 30 years, Wreaths Across America has been remembering the fallen during the Christmas season... and the tradition continues, even amid the pandemic (at 12:22) --- To Your Health: For all the talk of a 'twin-demic' of COVID-19 and the seasonal flu, there is yet another respiratory virus posing a potentially life-threatening risk (at 19:46) --- It's Giving Tuesday... how non-profit organizations have learned to pivot their fundraising efforts online in 2020 (at 26:46) --- What's...


Monday, November 30, 2020

Fears of a post-Thanksgiving surge in coronavirus cases have local health officials on full alert and preparing for the worst... and where does this leave us heading into Christmas? (at 13:33) --- At a time when so many millions of Americans are in need, the impact of Giving Tuesday takes on even more significance (at 25:54) --- What's Happening: Details on December programs and activities from the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library (at 44:47)


Friday, November 20, 2020

Proponents claim that healthcare providers are fighting new price transparency rules because it will put an end to huge profit margins... but critics say be careful what you ask for (at 15:44) --- High school basketball tips off next weekend... FHS head coach Jim Rucki previews the Trojans' season on WFIN, and Riverdale's Craig Taylor breaks down the opener to be broadcast on WKXA (at 27:02) --- Everything else is different this year, so why not switch things up and try a Thanks-Grilling...


Thursday, November 19, 2020

''We Gather Together''... exploring the history of our American Thanksgiving tradition reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for, even at a time when it can seem so difficult to see (at 16:25) --- Around the Area: Reimagined for 2020, Bluffton's Blaze of Lights remains a must-see holiday tradition in Northwest Ohio (at 24:28) --- Between the rising number of coronavirus cases and the onset of cold and flu season, everyone wants to prevent a 'twin-demic'... and there's an app...


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Cold and Flu and COVID-19... BVHS' Dr. Bill Kose talks about the outlook for the holiday season and best practices for preventing viral spread at this critical time (at 16:22) --- During the pandemic, doctors and healthcare workers have been getting the kind of recognition usually reserved for members of the military... here's how you can show your appreciation for those on the front lines of this war (at 26:53) --- Retailers are getting a jumpstart on Black Friday and Cyber Monday... so we...


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Having already named their top pick among SUVs, Motor Trend has now announced their 2021 Car of the Year (at 13:45) --- The 50 Most Influential Projects of 2020... the Project Management Institute's list highlights the challenges of a most unusual year, and the work that will have the most impact on our lives for the long-term (at 21:08) --- To Your Health: Cancer is already a difficult battle... imagine how much more frightening it is with the increased risk of COVID-19 complications to...


Monday, November 16, 2020

Despite advisories against it, experts expect millions of people to travel for the first time this year during the upcoming holidays... but special precautions will need to be taken for those who decide to hit the road or take to the skies (at 14:28) --- Advice on cutting your holiday expenses down to size... because if there's any year you don't want to go overboard, this would be it (at 22:07) --- For years, we've heard that the 5G revolution is coming... with more compatible devices...


Friday, November 13, 2020

The expectation is that shoppers will spend less this Christmas season, but a new survey finds an alarming number of people are not concerned about the risks of adding new debt (at 14:11) --- Bargain hunters beware... advice on how to avoid getting ripped off by sellers of counterfeit goods that will be everywhere this shopping season (at 24:31) --- Everyday Agriculture: Is that turkey that's been in the freezer for a year or more still OK to cook and eat? (at 33:21) --- More...


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hancock Public Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi discusses the state of the coronavirus pandemic and the latest guidance from Governor DeWine (at 13:45) --- Throwback Thursday: Much has been made about Kamala Harris becoming the nation's first female vice-president... ''Leading the Way'' is a book for young readers all about inspiring girls to aspire to greatness (at 24:18) --- Keeping the Faith: For anyone who's ever wondered what the Bible really means, a new guide to help you read and...


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Voices from the past... a historic public affairs report created by the military in August of 1952 honors one of the many Hometown Heroes of the Korean War, and reminds us of the debt we owe to all those who have served (at 15:05) --- Each year, a quarter-million military members transition from active duty... these are the best cities for those veterans to begin new lives and careers after their service (at 21:47) --- Everyday Agriculture: 2020 saw a backyard gardening boom, which has led...


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

With Veterans Day this week, it is an appropriate time for a reminder that we all can play a role in helping service members who are struggling with the after-effects of their experiences (at 15:34) --- Thanksgiving is only about two weeks away, which would ordinarily signal the start of the year's busiest travel season... but like everything else, that will be very different in 2020 (at 21:58) --- Around Town: Thanksgiving is coming, and so is the traditional WRC Turkey Trot... virtually...


Monday, November 9, 2020

Amid last week's election uncertainty, Wall Street had its strongest rally in months... but what will happen with a protracted challenge of the results? (at 15:14) --- One in ten pregnancies ends in miscarriage... ''Rebirth'' is a guide for couples starting over after enduring an unimaginable loss (at 25:21) --- What's Happening: Details on November activities with the Hancock County OSU Extension and 4-H program (at 48:21)


Friday, November 6, 2020

Superintendent Troy Roth discusses the path forward for the Findlay City Schools after voters rejected their levy request for the third time this year (at 14:11) --- With the claim that prescription medication is the leading cause of death in America, Dr. Richard Ruhling doesn't shy away from controversy in his book ''Health, Happiness and Destiny'' (at 23:20) --- Hopewell-Loudon is the lone remaining area team in the high school football playoffs... head coach Brian Colatruglio previews the...


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Executive orders on healthcare price transparency have been finalized, but will they really have the kind of positive impact for patients that the Trump administration claims? (at 12:32) --- Between frigid weather and the upcoming holidays, winter is peak season for home fires... which means now is the time to prepare, and to eliminate the dangers where possible (at 23:53) --- Throwback Thursday: You think today's campaigns can get dirty? As it turns out, America has a long tradition of...


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Working at home long-term has been a learn-as-you-go adventure in 2020... but what if employees could build their own applications to make the remote office more productive and efficient, all without straining the company's IT resources? (at 13:25) --- For anyone looking to gain real-world experience while working toward a degree in a well-paying career field, Raise the Bar Hancock County is looking for you (at 21:44) --- Everyday Agriculture: This month marks the 100th anniversary of the...


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

At long last, Election Day is here... What you need to know as you go to cast your vote (at 13:07) --- The key swing states that will decide the Presidency and control of Congress... What experts will be watching for when the results come in on election night (at 20:56) --- Legal challenges are actually a fairly common election occurrence, but the stakes have been raised in 2020... could the results be determined by the court, and what precedent would that set for the future? (at 32:38) ---...


Monday, November 2, 2020

Too few, too slow, too much misinformation... why America still falls far short of what medical experts consider a basic level of proactive coronavirus testing (at 12:35) --- Mental Health Monday: Mental health issues and substance abuse are often different sides of the same coin... the Maternal Opiate Medical Support (MOMS) Program aims to help expectant women overcome those challenges (at 20:37) --- Life in the military is full of transitions... all of which are difficult, and many can...


Friday, October 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic may very well have changed the world of work forever... but whether that's a good thing or not depends on who you ask (at 14:31) --- The Arlington Red Devils are the final BVC team left in the high school football playoffs... facing off against former conference foe Hopewell-Loudon in this week's regional semi-final (at 23:45) --- Everyday Agriculture: Just like live Christmas trees can be recycled after the holiday, there are a variety of ways to put those pumpkins...