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Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 21 - Drew Martin

Season 1 Finale! Our final guest of Season 1 of the Gravity Lift Podcast is Drew Martin. Drew is a fellow Seattle DJ who shares very similar tastes as my own, and our paths cross quite often. He has graciously accepted our invitation to DJ at our Wedding Afterparty, along with a star studded list of influencers and taste makers in Seattle. In this episode we delve into Drew's world of career changes, dog adoptions, new passions, and Formula 1 racing. If you keep an eye out, you might find...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 20 - BBBB (Bailey, Jackson & Elissa)

Family Podcast Time! You will greatly enjoy our confusion as they teach us internet culture and communication from the Millennial/GenZ world...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 19 - Mike & Priya

This episode is brought to you by Toby's Feed Barn...well, according to Mike at least. We had a blast with these two characters, and I'm sure there will be a part 2 sometime in the future. Mike is a freelance Content Creator, with previous experience at Creative Life and Cody App, and Priya is a Sign Language Interpreter. Mike's Website: Antonella's Cody App/Alo/Alo Moves Breast Implant Journey Video:


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 18 - Brian & Melissa Charlton

Melissa and Brian have a combined 20+ years in the fitness and wellness industry. Personal training, yoga (of all kinds), health and wellness coaching.... Though their themes and intentions might be similar, they each have a unique approach and style all their own. You can find them teaching Yoga classes and workshops out of Bala Yoga in Kirkland and Fremont, private Personal Training in Capitol Hill and Kirkland, as well as local and exotic Yoga retreats in Leavenworth, Kauai, Mexico and...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 17 - Gravity Lift feat Lauren Hruska

We switched things up a bit this episode and had a previous guest of ours interview us - Lauren Hruska Round 2! We go way back with Lauren, and I highly recommend listening to Episode 12 for a bit of context on how we know her and why we gave her the reigns this time around. I love how in-depth we were able to go on so many different topics, which is apparent by the 3 hour run time! Maybe you break this one up into several parts, or digest it all at once - your call.


Gravity Lift Podcast 15 - Allen Oh

Allen Oh is an entrepreneur born in LA and raised in the Northwest. He founded Bitcoin ASIC hosting, the first public datacenter for Bitcoin miners in the Central Valley and has been organizing and promoting music events for the past 8 years. He has interests in eastern philosophy, Blockchain application and strategy games. Thrive Event with Allen Oh & Gravity Lift: Facebook Profile: IG: @a11enoh


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 13 - Dimibo

Our guests for this episode are Loch and Filip, AKA Dimibo. I've known Loch for around 7 years now, and I have an insane amount of respect for the dude. Filip on the other hand....haha just kidding, Fil is an absolute WIZARD on the production end of things, and it was so great to pick the brains of these two up and coming artists. I really believe these two are the next big thing, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them. Upcoming Show with Seven Lions, AKA SVEN (his psytrance...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 12 - Lauren Hruska

Lauren Hruska is a millennial whisperer, certified life coach, and human connection expert. She has been working in the personal growth field since January 2015, graduating from Seattle Life Coach Training, completing The Empowerment Partnership's NLP Practioner Training, and studying nonviolent communication (NVC). Currently she is apprenticing under Erin Merrihew, cetified NVC trainer, after completing Merrihew's Essentials of Compassionate Communication course, and is enrolled in Erin’s...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 11 - Savitri

Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 11 - Savitri by GravityLift


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 10 - Faraday

In Episode 10, I (Jordan) sat down with Connor Drazil, AKA Faraday. He had just released a new track, and I'm a big fan of his work, so I had him swing by and chat with me for a bit. The convo got a little whacky, but that's pretty much exactly how I want this podcast to be - free form & fun/random. Enjoy WEBSITE: BIO: "Faraday (real name Connor Drazil) has always considered himself a dreamer and a musician. Coining himself as a 'digital composer', Faraday has...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 9 - Dr. Patti

Dr Patti Shelton holds a bachelor's degree in neurobiology and a doctorate of medicine (MD), both from University of Washington. She has a variety of yoga and meditation certifications and her book, The Yoga Doctor, was published in 2015. Patti teaches anatomy in yoga teacher trainings and we are thrilled that she will be joining our Gravity Lift yoga school this summer! Patti also teaches yoga and meditation classes in the Seattle area and beyond (including retreats around the world). She...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 7 - Dirtybird Campout East Coast Recap

Welcome to a special episode of the Gravity Lift Podcast, where we both sit down and chat about the awesomeness that was Dirtybird Campout East Coast! We also snagged interviews with few attendees and a couple key DB players, so check it out. Links to all the related goodness: Dirtybird: Yo Yo Yoga: Our DJ Mix from our Yo Yo Yoga class: IG info:...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 6 - Walter Yoga

Our guests for this episode of the Gravity Lift Podcast are Kate Swarm & Gordon Ogden. We met these two essentially via social media, but right away we knew there was something special about them...something that transcended far beyond the often-fake world of Instagram. After a couple memorable face-to-face interactions, they invited us to teach an all-immersive experience with Walter Yoga down in Arizona, and it was absolutely AMAZING. We're so excited to have connected with these two...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 5 - Christian Jackson

Today's guest is Christian Jackson, a Seattle based lighting designer, programmer, and operator specializing in the world of electronic dance music. His resume includes Lighting Director for Zomboy, Lighting Programmer for Anjunabeats, Technical Director at Q Nightclub, and various roles with USC Events festivals. His Youtube channel has almost 40k subscribers with nearly 5,000,000 views, and has come in clutch for me several times with various CDJ/mixing issues. I had a blast talking with...


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 3

Antonella takes the hot seat for episode 3, as we get to know a bit more about my Woman Crush Wednesday #wcw. Keep an ear out for Blue, who makes a couple cameo appearances haha


Gravity Lift Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Gravity Lift Podcast, with Jordan & Antonella. The podcast series is basically just us talking about random topics that we hope you'll find interesting or entertaining in some way (or not). Sometimes we'll have guests joining us, and other times you'll just have to deal with our nonsensical ramblings...think of it as a sneak peak into our weird brains. More often than not there will be a specific topic to guide the conversation, and the topic for this...