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Join us as we discuss life’s great distractions from an introspective and creative point of view. In each episode we focus on a new and interesting topic and let the conversation flow! We hope that every episode leaves you with, if nothing else, something to ponder!


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Join us as we discuss life’s great distractions from an introspective and creative point of view. In each episode we focus on a new and interesting topic and let the conversation flow! We hope that every episode leaves you with, if nothing else, something to ponder!




86 - Where From Here?

Viral disease, pandemic, racism, police brutality, rioting, elections, crazy economy! With all this madness going on we thought it time to sit down and have a chat about where this all might be heading. What difference will all this make in the end? We are also celebrating our two year anniversary! Yay for us! Thank you everyone out there who's still listening! We're looking forward to getting back into it after this long Corona Life break!


85 - Illusions - Freedom

In this addition to our Illusions series we discuss the illusion of freedom. How free are we really in this country? And how real is freedom as a general concept? We take a session to discuss the reality of freedom and some of the constraining factors of it in our society, culture and country.


84 - Life Transitions

From finishing school, getting married and having kids to career changes, retirement and everything in between we go through a lot of life altering transitions throughout our existence. We thought we'd have us a chat about some of the more common ones and a couple not so common ones and discuss how they changed our lives forever. There's a little something for everyone in this episode and who knows, it may even leave you with a new perspective on your current situation!


83 - Apocalypse

It seems like every generation in this country has had their own unique fear of some coming apocalypse. Be it nuclear war, EMPs, disease, religious dooms, communists, or zombies, there seems to have never been a shortage of ways to keep us distracted and afraid. We discuss a few of these fear mongering and money making tactics and then, just for fun, talk a bit about what we might do should the end of days actually occur.


82 - Sexual Normalcy

Why are some sexual behaviors normal to us and others taught to be horrible or shameful? Why are some accepted in society while others perceived as taboo? We talk about how society defines for us our sexual behaviors and how such definition is and has been different in different places and times. We also talk about a very unique tribe of people that have some extraordinary and shocking practices for teaching the sexual nature of there culture to their offspring.


81 - American Internment Camps

During World War II millions of people all over the world were ripped from their homes and placed by force into internment camps. We usually only hear about the Jewish internment camps in Germany, but actually there were internment camps everywhere including right here in the United States. In this episode we are going to focus on the Japanese-American internment camps that relocated well over 100,000 people of Japanese decent for years during the war. We were very fortunate to meet a couple of wonderful ladies who actually lived through these times and were kind enough to sit down and tell us their story. We really hope you enjoy this piece of American history that most of us were suspiciously not taught about in school. It's an important part of this country's history that ought to be remembered!


80 - Sex - Art vs Porn

In another addition to our series on Sex, we ponder the gray area between art and pornography and how that line has thinned and skewed over the last few decades. These changes have greatly affected how we see sex and how it ties into various mediums of art. What used to pass for an R rating is now PG-13 in movies for example. Have we made these decisions or were they made for us by the powers that be? And how does one go about deciding which is which?


79 - Human Life Expectancy

Human beings are living longer than ever before and it appears the trend of average life expectancy is only going to continue rising. What's causing this trend and are we actually living healthier or just longer? How long can humans really live? And why do woman live longer than men? Lot's to think about with this topic!


78 - Television

Where in the world would we be without the TV??? We consume soooo much of it! Latest stats show the average American consumes almost FOUR hours A DAY! Yeah you know we had to sit down and discuss this one! Enjoy!


77 - Personal Hygiene

Think you're clean? Are you sure?! Who told you were clean? More importantly but not pondered as often, who told you that you were dirty in the first place?! In this episode we discuss the seemingly simple concept of personal hygiene and where some of the most common perceptions of cleanliness actually came from. It's always interesting to learn more about the ways our minds get reshaped by marketing from large corporations just to make a buck!


75 - Illusions - Morality

Is morality real? Or is it just based on a given time period and geographical location? And if that's the case, what is it actually worth and how does it differ from ethics? We go a little more philosophical in this episode and discuss concepts that have plagued the rulers of mankind for centuries. Plenty of good mental-munchies in this one. Enjoy!


74 - Gender Fluidity

The times they are a-changin'. And it seems that even genders can't escape the change. These days genders are a hot topic and with advances in medicine over the years people have options now that are quickly becoming more accessible. Some folks have even opted to go with no gender. Some, to change gender based on how they feel. Such a fluid nature of identity is a tough and confusing thing for the masses and we thought it'd make a great topic to sit down and discuss. If this is the first you've heard of it or you're still confused about it, we'll try and lay it out for you in some simpler concepts.


73 - Maker Culture

What is the Maker Culture? We have talked quite a few times before about how important we feel it is to have productive outlets. Be it hobbies or artistic endeavors we are firm believers that giving oneself a creative outlet leads to a happier and healthier mind. Maker Culture is just that. It includes people of all ages in a wide spectrum of activities, from electronics to knitting the philosophy behind "Making" has something for everyone! In fact we consider ourselves "Makers" and if you have even the slightest creative bone in your body you'll enjoy this topic and hopefully get more involved in the movement!


72 - Taboo - Profanity

Adding to our Taboo series, this time around we cover the taboo nature of profanity. Yes, you know, that colorful language you use around your friends but hide from your co-workers or perhaps your family. We discuss why profanity exists and where it might have come from. And of course we have some fun using choice descriptive words!


71 - Credit Cards

Cumulatively we Americans are in a MOUNTAIN of credit card debt! As a nation thick with consumerism we've all got 'em, and we all use 'em! Because we've all gotta have things we can't afford and want them now! Even if that APR is 30% or more! We take a moment to step back and ask how all this came to be. How did they ever convince us this was an okay way to live and why have we accepted it as a normality? And how did they figure out ways to punish us for not having credit cards?! All that and more in this episodes discussion!


70 - Altered States - Marijuana

Continuing our Altered States series, we add the next episode in line which focuses on Marijuana. It's a hot topic these days and one that a majority of the population can relate to We figured it would be an easy next step in this category. Get ready though as this is our longest single episode yet! We thought about separating it but there was just too much to talk about to break up the flow! So sit back, have a toke if you're so inclined and join us for an all about weed episode!


69 - Origin of Common Phrases

Ever told someone a "rule of thumb" or to have a little "hair of the dog" to cure that hangover? Or perhaps told them to go "balls to the wall" and win that competition "hands down"? Have you ever wondered where phrases like this come from and what they referenced? Well we dedicated an entire episode just to that! Looking up old phrases and talking about their meaning and origin. And did we ever find some weird stuff!


68 - Taboo - Tattoos

Adding another topic to our Taboo series, we have a talk about where tattoos fit in the view of today's American society. During the last few decades a lot has changed with respect to the general populations opinions of body art. Be it in beauty in the modeling industry or professionalism in the work place, the way people view tattoos is not what it used to be.


67 - Loneliness of Humanity

Human beings are lonely creatures. There is an intrinsic sense of solitude that lies in all of us. It is this part of the human condition that we base this discussion on. How and why we as a species are we alone? Is it our nature or do we nurture this into ourselves? What would happen if we found another intelligent species? There is some great food for thought in this topic!


66 - Gender Equality

So where do the genders sit these days with respect to our differences in society? In this episode we cover how such a question is measured and talk a bit about some areas of society that are often hot points of debate in the media. As always we try and keep our discussion as unbiased as a group of guys from California can and this one has a lot of sensitive subjects in today's culture. Definitely fuel for some good conversation!