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41 - Title Me Entitled

Millennials catch a lot of negative press in our society. From being self-centered and narcissistic to being lazy and entitled. It's lead some to call them the "Entitled Generation". We thought it might be interesting to discuss why this opinion came about and how much fact there is to the claims. If you were born in the 80's or have kids that were, you might find this topic particularly interesting.


40 - No Tech for Kids?

Early on as tablet and smartphone devices began hitting mainstream consumers there was a good amount of backlash from the science community and even tech leaders regarding usage by small children. Silicon Valley moguls were quoted stating they limit or do not allow their children to use mobile devices. There were also numerous studies and research showing how looking at these displays can have negative effects during early child development. Then it all kind of went silent. In this episode...


39 - Legality of Suicide

It is a common misconception that suicide is illegal. However that doesn't mean it's exactly legal either. Even assisted suicides aren't always an option even if legalized in a given state. Despite it being a generally dark tone in our society, we make an attempt to look at it from a different angle. There's some interesting food for thought in this topic and we thought it worth discussing.


38 - Retro Gaming Resurgence

As the kids from the 80's grow older the nostalgia grows stronger for the games played in youth. Retro gaming has become a huge market and has even spawned new age 8-bit themed games that have blown up with both new and old gamers. We talk about how this has shaped the market and remember the good days when games were simpler!


37 - Music

Why do we listen to music? What does it really do for us and why is it so universally loved by humanity? In this episode we talk about what listening to music means to us as well as some interesting biological reasons why we might be predisposed to enjoying music.


36 - Social Credit Systems

Imagine a world where everything a person does is rated with a numbering system and all those numbers are weighted and combined to create one primary score. Now imagine that score becomes every humans ranking in society and you are allowed or not allowed access to services or places based on that score. This is a social credit system and it's already being implemented in parts of the world. If you haven't heard of this concept you should definitely check this episode out!


35 - Online Dating - Part II

Having trouble meeting someone at the supermarket? People don't like being hit on at the gym? Bar scene not working out for ya? Exactly how does one make that romantic connection these days? You might consider giving online dating a try. It's a fascinating scene and we go over everything from social experimentation to scams a plenty! This episode packed so much info, we had to break it into two parts.


34 - Online Dating - Part I

Having trouble meeting someone at the supermarket? People don't like being hit on at the gym? Bar scene not working out for ya? Exactly how does one make that romantic connection these days? You might consider giving online dating a try. It's a fascinating scene and we go over everything from social experimentation to scams a plenty! This episode packed so much info, we had to break it into two parts.


33 - Obesity in the US

Obesity in America is a serious problem. It has been on the rise for many years and is a leading cause of many medical conditions and deaths. So how did we get here and what can we do to stop it? In this episode we talk about some stats and facts that have attributed to our current conditions and habits, as well as some ways we can make changes both within our society and ourselves.


32 - Online Privacy

Everyday the number of companies we give our information to increases as does the amount of information we give them. Are they handling it securely enough to keep it out of the wrong hands and when they fail are they informing us? Do we even know what exactly they have collected? Should they be paying us for all the free information we give them? We touch on a few hot topics in the vast world of online privacy in this episode and ask some questions all of us should be asking ourselves.


31 - Artificial Intelligence

A growing presence in our everyday lives, artificial intelligence is everywhere and becoming more advanced and further embedded in the world around us. However to most it is little more than a coined term whose common definition gets handed out via movies and TV shows. In this episode we bring in a professional guest working in the field of AI and discuss with him what's really going on behind the "mind" of the machines.


30 - How Much of You is You?

How much of what defines us is really of our own construct? How much is defined by things we had no control of and exist purely on a sub-conscious level yet affect us in our everyday life? Have you ever thought to ask why you're attracted to certain people or why you associate with a particular group? In this episode we discuss factors in life that affect us far more than we realize, where those factors come from and who stands to gain from controlling them.


29 - Time Sets the Standard

In this episode we ponder the concept of change and how if given enough time the powers that be can make anything the norm. Jokingly it might come off a bit "conspiracy theorist" sounding, but there is often a lot of truth said in jest. We choose a few examples ranging from technology to religion and pick apart how these changes have solidified themselves into our everyday lives and question if we as a people ever had any say in how they came to be in the first place.


28 - Cosmetic Surgery

Currently a $16 billion industry with 17.5 million procedures done in 2017 alone, cosmetic surgery is becoming a more popular trend every year. We found the stats fascinating and after looking further into the topic decided there was some interesting aspects here worth discussing. Be it for beauty, fame or addiction, there's a lot that goes into altering ones physical appearance.


27 - Death

Why is it we view death they way we do in this culture? We have such a dark, sad and ominous approach to it and treat it as an almost taboo subject in society. In this episode we discuss this odd outlook we have towards death, as well as a bit about how other cultures view it and some of the odd ways it's symbolized and celebrated elsewhere.


26 - Internet Porn

As studied up as we all are on it, internet porn has some surprising facts and stats that aren't commonly known. And the psychology behind why we enjoy it so much makes for some fascinating conversation. Even if you aren't a fan of porn, there's definitely some interesting information in this episode that you're sure to enjoy!


25 - Pet Peeves

We've all got 'em. Little actions someone else does that just annoy the heck out you. It could be someone chewing with their mouth open, or that obnoxiously loud person having a conversation on their cell phone in public. They're pet peeves, and in this episode we have a chat about the ones that really get under our skin!


24 - Introductions

After getting a few requests from listeners we figured it was time to do a kind of introductory episode where we talk a bit about each of the main hosts and how this podcast came to be. Some folks like knowing about the people they're listening to, so this is that. Might not be your thing and we get it, but in case you happen to be interested this episode will give you a little more background on us.


23 - Beer

Beer is one of humanities favorite pastimes! In this episode we talk a bit about the history, how micro and craft breweries are everywhere these days and beer culture in general and how much it's changed over the past decade. All while having a few ourselves!


22 - General Well Being

We've been talking a bit lately about things we do in our lives to try and make for better living and we thought some of it might be interesting or even useful to others. So we recorded an episode throwing down some tips and tricks we use to improve the quality of our lives. Not trying to tell anyone how to live there life, just discussing some things we've learned along the way.