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#33 - The Feels of 2018

The guys take a look back on a wild year and share the feelings that inspired, moved, and challenged them in 2018. Also in this episode: - they divulge their (embarrassing) Spotify "Year in Review" results LIVE - Gabe survives a bike-totalling crash - Jaemin's tips on plugging away at chronic illness - when a friend becomes a Twitter-famous meme - and much more! Show Notes (1:20) Live Spotify "Year in Review" Results (6:03) The Feelings of 2018 Gabe's #1 Feeling: Gratitude "When I think back...


#32 - Exploring Gender Fluidity (w/ Andrew Dunn)

We sit down with Andrew Dunn (Co-Founder of Siempo) to hear about his journey with gender and the surprising challenges and joys along the way. We also dive into: how embracing the feminine helped Andrew’s startup thrive, why yoga pants rock, the ever infamous “bro voice”, and how Gabe learned to embrace the color pink. Mentioned Zebras Unite Sister - feminist business school Find your local LGBTQ center Alex S. Morgan (Gender coach in the SF Bay Area) Follow Andrew on Twitter...


#31 - From #MeToo to #WeToo (w/ Amanda Biccum)

Jaemin and Gabe sit down with Amanda Biccum, a health & mindfulness coach for men, to talk about masculinity in the #MeToo era and the growing #MenNeedSpaceToo movement. We also dive into: the hidden pain that men carry (and often hide from themselves), the difference between masculinity and divine masculinity, what dance + creativity + sex have in common, and where the #MeToo movement is evolving to next. Learn more about Amanda's work at: Check out Amanda's podcast: Driven...


#30 - Mindfulness for Lawyers (w/ Annette Wong)

Jaemin and Gabe are joined by Annette Wong (mindfulness coach) to dive deep into mindfulness: why it matters, how it's changed our lives, and why burnt-out professionals need it! We also talk about: the joys of becoming a morning person, how meditation is like lifting weights, realizing you are not your thoughts, and why you should stop time traveling. Learn more about Annette's coaching at: Check out Annette's podcast: Breakform


#29 - Quick Picks: Sleep Tracking Rings, Kombucha, and Barefoot Shoes

Jaemin, Gabe, and their resident lawyer & culture expert, Alan Ai, are back with another round of Quick Picks! Their recommendations include: sleep tracking rings, barefoot shoes that DON'T look stupid, growing your own living drinks, minimalist wallets, and GPS guided walking tours (perfect for the date that Jaemin set you up on!). Send us thoughts, feedback, and Quick Picks of your own at Mentioned: Detour - Guided Walking Tours Vivobarefoot Shoes...


#28 - Feelings on Crazy Rich Asians

This weekend saw the opening of Crazy Rich Asians, the first studio film with an all-Asian cast in 25 years - and you know we had some feelings about it! Jaemin and Alan discuss why this is such a monumental event for them, what their theater experience was like, and what this means for movies and people of color going forward. Mentioned The Stakes Are High for 'Crazy Rich Asians' — And That's the Point (Hollywood Reporter) Read the Letter That Convinced Coldplay to Allow "Yellow" in the...


#27 - Starting Your Own Men's Group (w/ Brian Thompson)

Jaemin and Gabe bring on Brian Thompson (founder of IRL Men) to break down how to start your very own men's group - and why it's such a damn good idea! We cover a TON of territory in this episode, including: how men's groups bring greater intimacy to all your relationships, how to get bro's to talk about their feelings, and whether or not you should get your therapist's name tattooed on your arm. Learn more about Brian's men's groups at: IRL Men Check out Brian's therapy radio show/podcast:...


#26 - Ketamine Therapy: A New Hope for Treating Depression? (w/ Sharon Avesar)

Jaemin and Gabe welcome Sharon Avesar (integrative therapist) to talk about her work using ketamine, a controversial club drug, alongside therapy to quickly and effectively treat severe cases of depression. We talk about the surprising breakthroughs Sharon has seen with her clients, why ketamine combined WITH therapy is so damn effective, the future of psychedelics for treating mental health, and also how attachment theory can be a gamechanger for men's romantic lives (as it was for Jaemin)....


#25 - The Rise of the Asian Hunk

In this special episode, Jaemin and Alan dive deep on something they've been waiting their ENTIRE lives for: The Rise of the Asian-American Hunk! The guys discuss how shittily Asian men have always been portrayed onscreen (silent, serious, and sexless) and how that's finally starting to change. They explore Jaemin's lifelong struggle with his Korean identity, the power of seeing yourself represented on-screen, and why Jet Li never got to kiss Aaliyah. Find Us Online Gabe’s Twitter Jaemin’s...


#24 - Monogomy Isn't Dead Yet (w/ Connor Moss)

Jaemin and Gabe bring on Connor Moss (men's coach & therapist) to talk about a word that strikes fear into the hearts of men everywhere: COMMITMENT. We dive into the gifts of committed relationship, monogamy as a spiritual growth path, how a lot of guys are misusing polyamory, and why James Bond is a shitty role model. Find Us Online Connor Moss - Men's Coaching Gabe’s Twitter Jaemin’s Twitter – Jaemin’s latest post: Don't Call It Depression Music for the podcast: “As Colorful As Ever” by...


#23 - Ghost Busters

Today the guys tackle a topic that's afflicting millions of daters in our culture today: ghosting. Jaemin, Gabe, and Alan discuss what ghosting is, why it's affecting so many of us, how to STOP ghosting once and for all, and most importantly - what Drake thinks about all this. Have any ghosting stories or anti-ghosting maneuvers of your own? Share them with us at


#22 - Getting Mugged in Colombia (Live Story)

This week we have a special episode for you: Jaemin tells a story live, at The Embassy Network, on how getting mugged in Colombia helped him find an authentic life...and Chamillionaire. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how you still know the lyrics to "Ridin' Dirty". Mentioned: Jaemin's blog post on getting mugged


#21 - WTF Kanye?

Kanye's back on a tweeting rampage and you know we had to talk about it! Jaemin and Gabe bring back Alan Ai for a deep dive into Kanye's latest string of controversial tweets on Trump, love, and scoopity poop. We debate whether Ye's causing damage, wasting everyone's time, or spreading empathy & love across the political divide. Is Yeezy the hero we need right now? Mentioned: Kanye West's tweets on Trump Ye vs. The People (lyrics) The American Chopper Meme, Explained (Vox)


#20 - The Power of Men's Work (w/ Enrico Moses)

Jaemin and Gabe welcome Enrico Moses (entrepreneur, Multicultural Chair of The ManKind Project) to talk about the project and how the men's organization completely changed his life. We discuss the power of men's work, letting go of your fear of fucking up, discovering a new approach to parenting, getting in touch with your inner warrior (and lover and king), and more. Mentioned: The Mankind Project The Next Step Program Woman Within H.E.R. Weekend Find Us Online Enrico's Instagram - Twitter...


#19 - Quick Picks: Matchmaking, Earplugs, and Bojack Horseman (w/ Alan Ai)

Jaemin and Gabe welcome back their resident culture expert and lawyer, Alan Ai, to do an all Quick Picks focused episode! Their recommendations include: matchmaking your friends, concert earplugs, date nights, Esther Perel, board games, and a cartoon about a talking horse. Send us thoughts, feedback, and Quick Picks of your own at Mentioned: Bojack Horseman (Netflix) Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel Esther Perel's podcast: Where Should We Begin? Codenames...


#18 - Roses & Thorns, an Honest Love Story (w/ Sara Rezvanpour Rose)

Jaemin and Gabe welcome a very special guest - Gabe's wife, Sara Rezvanpour Rose. The two of them open up about their relationship: their strengths, struggles, and everything in-between. We discuss the joy of couples therapy, how breaking up saved their relationship, why community is a bedrock of their marriage, the importance of being "emotional detectives", and much more. Find Us Online Sara's Instagram – The Jungalow (Instagram) Gabe’s Twitter – Gabe’s latest post: We Have to Do This...


#17 - Breaking the Phone Addiction

In this Minisode, the guys share the tips that've helped them break free from their phone addictions and reclaim their sanity. Mentioned: Change Your Screen to Grayscale to Combat Phone Addiction Moment (iOS app) Ezra Klein interview w/ Tristan Harris Center for Humane Technology ( Jaemin's blog post on Breaking the Phone Addiction


#16 - Masculinity and 'The Mask You Live In'

In this Minisode, the guys discuss the Netflix documentary, "The Mask You Live In". They explore masculinity in our culture and themes such as: why our boys and men are going through such a crisis, how men are longing to connect with one another (and Gabe & Jaemin's own story with this), how we can better raise our sons, and how to help shift this problem. Mentioned: "The Mask You Live In" trailer 5 Ways to Help Reduce the Male Suicide Rate Tweet on Male Violence Share your thoughts,...


#15 - Deep Dive: Why Therapy Is Our Jam

Jaemin and Gabe dive deep on a topic that's completely changed both their lives: therapy! They discuss how seeing a therapist is like "5 years of growth in weeks"; how it may be the antidote to toxic masculinity; they share their own therapy journeys; and tips on how to find an awesome therapist. Send us thoughts, feedback, and Quick Picks of your own at Show Notes (2:14) Remembering Shirley Ford (5:34) Deep Dive: Why Every Guy Should Consider Therapy (7:43)...


#14 - In Defense of Tinder

In this special Valentines Day Minisode, Jaemin mounts a passionate defense of the app everyone loves to hate: Tinder. The guys talk about how Jaemin went from hating the Tinder experience to appreciating it, how it's enriched his life, and the one tip that'll make the biggest difference in your quality of matches. Share your thoughts, feedback, or your own experiences with Tinder at