Hardstyle mixes on a regular base






Hardstyle mixes on a regular base






#55 – Harder MAHEm #26

I know it’s been a while and I’m really sorry that it took that long for a new episode. I was pretty busy with other stuff. But now here it is, including 47 tracks and 2h40m long. Tracklist: Refuzion – Crash & Burn Blasco feat. Anklebreaker – It Must Be Coone x Jelle Van Dael – Superman JNXD – We Are Assassins Coone – Dedicated To The Core (Defqon.1 Australia 2018 Anthem) Psyko Punkz – New Earth Blasco feat. Elizsabeth – Stars Forever Lost – Play Me Da Tweekaz & TNT feat. Matthew Steeper – Together Da Tweekaz – Forever Continue reading #55 – Harder MAHEm #26→


#54 – Hardstyle MAHEm #25

I’m already totally into the festival season! Last weekend I’ve visited Emporium, this weekend it’s time for Intents! Maybe we will meet there? Tracklist: Forever Lost – Justice DJ Isaac & Sound Rush – Find Me Coone – Young, Gifted & Proud (The Qontinent Anthem 2017) Ecstatic – Where God Is Crystal Lake – Always Bet on Red Dillytek – No Regret Unsenses – Take The Leap Da Tweekaz feat. HALIENE – Bring Me To Life Darren Styles – Switch Zatox – For Ever Rob Mayth – Feel My Love (Sub Zero Project & Devin Wild Remix) Headhunterz & Sub Continue reading #54 – Hardstyle MAHEm #25→


#53 – Hardstyle MAHEm #24

Huh?! Already Sunday again … Okay, here I have one more episode for you ;) Enjoy and share! Tracklist: Unsenses – All About U Da Tweekaz & Sephyx – This Is Special Refuzion feat. LXCPR – Ride Code Black & Da Tweekaz & Adrenalize feat. Matthew Steeper – Heart Like Mine Blasco – Infinite Sephyx – Sound of Sephyx Coone & Wildstylez – Here I Come Darren Styles – Us Against The World (Da Tweekaz Remix) Denza – Our Way NSCLT feat. Alex Holmes – Put Your Love JNXD – A Broken Dawn Sub Zero Project & MC Diesel – Continue reading #53 – Hardstyle MAHEm #24→


#52 – Random Mix (April 2018)

AAAND… I’ve got another one for you! Hope you have some beers left ;) Tracklist: Bass Modulators – Imagine W & W X Vini Vici – Chakra (Wildstylez Extended Remix) Audiotricz feat. Forester – Lovefool The Pitcher – Keep It Up Wildstylez feat. Michael Jo – Colours Of The Night TNT & Sound Rush – Right Now Keltek – Dance the Way I Am Stephanie – Razor Sharp JNXD – Kamikaze Atmozfears – Sacrifice Low-E & Zero Sanity feat. Maia – Crusade Endymion & GLDY LX – The Afterlife JNXD – Hard Is My Style Bass Chaserz – Only now Continue reading #52 – Random Mix (April 2018)→


#51 – Hardstyle MAHEm #23

Are you ready for the next?! It’s coming anyway. Grab a beer and enjoy :) Tracklist: Crystal Lake – Gravity Blasco – How Do You Feel Dillytek & Concept Art – Lose Myself Deepack – Unite Phrantic – Symmetry Of Sound Psyko Punkz – Teleportation NSCLT – Legends Tweekacore & Darren Styles – Partystarter G-Eazy – Crash & Burn (Hard Driver Remix) Zatox – My Strength Is Hardstyle Hard Driver & NSCLT – Different Dreams Cyber – MF BASS DJ Isaac – Let There Be Hardstyle Hard Driver – DOPE Phuture Noize – Anthem of Freedom (QAPITAL Anthem 2018) Phuture Continue reading #51 – Hardstyle MAHEm #23→


#50 – Random Mix (March 2018)

As promised, here is the next one for you! I still have more for you in the queue, subscribe so you won’t miss it! Tracklist: Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Mumbai Concept Art & Recoder – Back To One Serebro – Mi Mi Mi (Forever Lost Bootleg) Crisis Era – Jump Up Hardwell – Make The World Ours D-Block & S-Te-Fan – No Apoya No Folla Hardwell & Dr Phunk – Here Once Again Technoboy & Tuneboy – 1998 Zany – Get High The Prophet – One Of Us D-Block & S-Te-Fan – God Is A DJ Max Enforcer & Continue reading #50 – Random Mix (March 2018)→


#49 – Hardstyle MAHEm #22

Here we go again! Time for a new mix and a lot more to come. I really need to catch up on the music I’ve missed the last few months due to my injury. Subscribe and make sure to follow me on the social networks (I’m on this new Vero thingy too) so you won’t miss any future episode ;) Tracklist: Da Tweekaz – Essence of Eternity (Reverze Anthem 2018) Sephyx – Demons Ecstatic – Spiritual Reawakening Sephyx – Freedom Cyber – Movement Zatox & Luca Antolini – Open Your Mind Cyber – Delight Da Tweekaz feat. Anklebreaker – Respect Continue reading #49 – Hardstyle MAHEm #22→


#48 – Back In Time (Part 6)

It’s time for another trip back in time. This time I dug in the box which holds good old DWX releases ;) Tracklist: Demoniak – Lock & Load Dr Rude – Feelings Coone vs Deepack – Mayday Dream Coone & Ruthless – We Don’t Care Dr Rude – Little Bit Louder (Pat B Remix) Fenix & Fosforic – Catch Ya Breath Dr Rude – Jump the Fuck Up Dr Rude – Drop the Mixtape Dr Rude – Burn in Hell Coone – Throw Ya Handz Da Tweekaz – Examination of Time Nitro Man – Techno Prime (Psyko Punkz Remix) Psyko Continue reading #48 – Back In Time (Part 6)→


#47 – Country Hard Battle 2017

As you may have recognized I’ve attended at the Harderstate Country Hard Battle 2017. Here is the set I mixed for it. Tracklist: Da Tweekaz – Komon Da Tweekaz – Moana NSCLT feat. LXCPR – Reborn Sub Zero Project – The Project Da Tweekaz & Sub Zero Project – DRKNSS NSCLT – Darkness Sub Zero Project & GLDY LX – Basstrain Sub Sonik & Sub Zero Project – Raise Your Fist Outbreak – Bassface Chain Reaction – The Record Breaking Bass Modulators – Bounce & Break (Atmozfears Remix) The Prophet – Skum Make sure to follow me on: Facebook Twitter Continue reading #47 – Country Hard Battle 2017→


#46 – Hardstyle MAHEm #21

Sorry for the long time of silence, as you may have noticed I broke my leg while I played Heroes during my set at Nature One. It took a few months for me to be fine again. Well… it still isn’t for 100 % but I can stand/walk again. Find the x-ray on the cover of this episode ;) Tracklist: Da Tweekaz – Frozen Da Tweekaz – Tequila Coone & Da Tweekaz – D.W.X. (10 Years Dirty Workz Mix) Da Tweekaz – Game Of Thrones (2017 Extended Edit) Paul Elstak – Luv U More (Da Tweekaz x Gammer Short Edit) Continue reading #46 – Hardstyle MAHEm #21→


#45 – Back In Time (Part 5)

Alright, it’s time for our next trip back in time. Lean back and enjoy! Tracklist: Project One – Rate Reducer (Headhunterz Remix) Noisecontrollers feat. Alpha2 – Moonraker Alphaverb – Got It! (Unoriginal Mix) T4t4nk4 – Let’s Rock (Original Zanza Labs Mix) Activator & Zatox – Oxygen Medley with Behind Blue Eyes Low-E vs. Alter Egosz – Vendetta Kutski vs. Bioweapon – One Project One – The Zero Hour Psyko Punkz – After Mf Scope DJ – My Vision The KGBs – Channel KGBs The R3bels – Keep The Rhythm Tuneboy – Sexbusters (Scope DJ Remix) Showtek – Early Soundz (Da Continue reading #45 – Back In Time (Part 5)→


#44 – Hardstyle MAHEm #20

I’m so hyped because of the festival season. I really can’t wait for the next party which will be Nature One, the Dirty Workz area to be more specific (What else?). Check out the lineup on their Facebook page! See you there! Tracklist: Deepack – Find The Light Josh & Wesz – Ride Denza – All I Need Refuzion feat. Christian Carlucci – Follow Me Cyber – Pulse Sephyx – Tree of Life (Anthem Fairytale Festival) Dr Rude feat. Jesse Lyons – Out of Heaven Mandy – Raggadrop Psyko Punkz – Dance NSCLT x MC DL – All About Hard Continue reading #44 – Hardstyle MAHEm #20→


#43 – Back In Time (Part 4)

Once again I take you an a trip Back in Time. Never forget your roots! Enjoy :) Tracklist: Tuneboy – Re-Generate It Wildstylez – In & Out D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Ride with Uz (Max Enforcer Remix) Steve Hill Hardforze & Pulsar – Unforgiven (Black & White Remix) Coone – Words From The Gang (D-Block & S-te-fan Remix) The Pitcher – I Just Can’t Stop D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Dreamers of Dreamz Ran-D – Living For The Moment The Pitcher feat. MC DV8 – Shine Dozer – Relax Project One – Life Beyond Earth Wildstylez – Push That Feeling D-Block Continue reading #43 – Back In Time (Part 4)→


#42 – Random Mix (May 2017)

This time the mix is a little longer, I hope that’s not a problem ;) This time you get 90 minutes of Hardstyle power! Tracklist: Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Be Here Now Concept Art – Adventurous Atmozfears – Age of Gods Audiotricz – Let There Be Light Stephanie feat. Popr3b3l – Destiny Sound Rush – Mystical Expedition Bass Modulators – Mantra Phandelic – Defeat The Shadow Zany – Outta Reach Keltek – Down To Earth Avana – Nothing Like The Oldskool Zatox & Tatanka – Right Now Frequencerz – Victory Forever (Defqon.1 Anthem 2017) Digital Punk & Adaro Continue reading #42 – Random Mix (May 2017)→


#41 – Back In Time (Part 3)

It’s throwback Thursday! How else shall we celebrate this as with a mix full of classics? Tracklist: Headhunterz – Just Say My Name The Nasty Boyz – Angel (Hardstyle Masterz Cut) Builder – Her Voice Frontliner – The First Cut Donkey Rollers – Hardstyle Rockers (Neilio Remix) B-Front & Frontliner – Become the Sky Showtek – Laa-Di-Fucking-Daa Crypsis & Sasha F – Get Hit Ran-D & Adaro – Struggle For Existence D-Block & S-Te-Fan feat. High Voltage – Shiverz Crypsis – Dust In Your Eyes Dutch Master – Pride Crypsis & Luna – Torture The R3bels & Zatox – Choirs Continue reading #41 – Back In Time (Part 3)→


#40 – Hardstyle MAHEm #19

With so many great releases by DWX artists during the last weeks I thought it’s time for a new mix! Of course, Da Tweekaz’s new Disney remix is included! Tracklist: Coone & Da Tweekaz – D.W.X. (10 Years Dirty Workz Mix) DJ Isaac – Down With Me Sephyx – Future Unsenses – Where U Wanna Be Cyber – A New World Da Tweekaz – Moana NSCLT feat. LXCPR – Reborn (Official Rebirth Festival 2017 Anthem) Heatwavez – Lights Blasco – Go! Hoscult – Fly With Me (Galactixx Carnaval 2016 Edit) Sephyx – Save Me Denza – Broken Light Hard Driver Continue reading #40 – Hardstyle MAHEm #19→


#39 – Back In Time (Part 2)

Are you ready for your second trip back in time? Sit down, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your journey through time. Tracklist: SMD – Just Like U (Live Version) Dozer – The Church Of The Darkside The Pitcher – Serenity Showtek – Here We Fucking Go Max Enforcer – Gold (Bioweapon Remix) Coone vs. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Crank Noisecontrollers – Astral Technoboy – Rage (A Hardstyle Song) Ivan Carsten – Bumpin’ Hard (Tuneboy Remix) Bruno Power – The Saint Technoboy – Next Dimensional World Noisecontrollers – Faster ‘n Further Headhunterz – Megasound Technoboy – Ti Sento Make sure to Continue reading #39 – Back In Time (Part 2)→


#38 – Hardstyle MAHEm #18

It’s nearly April and I haven’t done a single Hardstyle MAHEm. Time to change that! Tracklist: Deepack – Our World Eiffel 65 – Blue (Team Blue Mix) Denza & Mandy & Unsenses – Code of Destiny TheFatRat feat. Laura Brehm – The Calling (Da Tweekaz Remix) Sephyx & Bonnie X Clyde – Where It Hurts Lowriderz – Chemistry Dr Rude – It’s War Hard Driver – Interconnected (Reverze Anthem 2017) Kygo – Stole The Show (Hard Driver Bootleg) Da Tweekaz & Sub Zero Project – DRKNSS NSCLT – Warrior Sound Phuture Noize – Fire Coone – Monstah (Fanatics Remix) Sub Continue reading #38 – Hardstyle MAHEm #18→


#37 – Back In Time (Part 1)

I don’t know how you feel, but I’m in the mood for some older music. Lean back and let me take you on a trip back in time. Tracklist: Pavo – Raven The Raiders – A Feeling (Tuneboy Remix) Isaac feat. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Music is Why A-Lusion – Visual Perception B-Twinz – Words Nutty T – Project Annexe (Da Tweekaz Remix) Gostosa – Never Say Never Scope DJ – Househeads Frontliner feat. MC Villain – Who I Am Davide Sonar – All Of Me Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez – Blame It On The Muzic (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix) Technoboy Continue reading #37 – Back In Time (Part 1)→


#36 – Hardcore Mix

I spinned some “older” Hardcore tracks yesterday and thought I should share it with you :) Lean back and enjoy! Tracklist: Kasparov – Living The Dream The Viper & Evil Activities – Raving bootleg Re-Style – Drop That Funky Mashup Re-Style – Get it Crackin (Final 2013 Edit) Gunz For Hire – Bolivia (Endymion Remix) Endymion feat. Ellie – Lest I Forget Kasparov – Around The World State of Emergency & Dyprax – Arise (Masters of Hardcore Austria Anthem) Kasparov – The 5th Gathering (Vendetta Anthem 2013) DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – Agony Headbanger – The Fucking Headbanger Continue reading #36 – Hardcore Mix→