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Heart of Connection Podcast is about listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is our source of energetic connections and we will hear how what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

Heart of Connection Podcast is about listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is our source of energetic connections and we will hear how what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.
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Heart of Connection Podcast is about listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is our source of energetic connections and we will hear how what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.




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Episode 27 – Heart of Community Connection – My Conversation with Laura Connor

For 18 years this wonderful lady has lead the community connection in Torquay famous for Bells Beach. The centre is the heart of community connection a gathering place to meet and connect. [3:17] Connection is vital [4:14] Our Disconnection via Economy of Materialism [7:27] A full moon my gift of emotional health & self-care [9:33] Disconnecting my mind through love [11:27] Providing A Purpose for People In Our Community [13:41] Connecting Can Heal Mother Earth [17:27] Felt Compassion for...


Episode 26 – Being Guided by My Source ~ My Conversation with Dale Stone

The tough learning on the street has opened my heart to give back to young children through my charity Change4Kids. Life has opened my learning to deepen my heart of connection. To quieten my mind I find the inner solutions from my source of who I am. [0:20] Creating my own Charity for Kids [3:25] Learning to Open Up & Trusting Others On the Street [5:00] Learning To-Go beyond My Limits [6:58] Learning to be with My Emotions [10:38] The Intuitive Solution is from the Source of Who I am...


Healing & My Aligned Path of Purpose ~ My Conversation with Zoe Bell

Zoe Bell is an Intimacy Alchemist and an Accredited StarMagic Healing Facilitator of the soul. She has the gift to touch the hearts & soul with her words, pure intention, healing touch, and remote energy healings guided by intuition, clairsentience and clairvoyance. [2:43] Coming into the Heart we By-pass the Mind [7:05] Connection of Freedom beyond the Mind [8:32] No Analysis in the Deeper Connection to Self [13:03] Peace of Heart, Peace of Mind [19:06] The Layers of Healing Will Heal when...


Episode 24 ~ The heART of My Souls Connection – My Conversation with Sharyn O’Brien Murfett

We have both been trained in Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counselling (ATEP) and love connecting to help others heal themselves. Sharyn has deepened and blended her work with mixed media art. Her powerful art is in the transcript. [0:38] Early Childhood training to the Portiuncula centre in Toowoomba [3:00] Finding My Art Work Calling [4:45] Art Work Connects Really Touches Deep Part of Your Soul [7:28] Connecting to Others Is Bring A Gift of Self Reflection [8:08] Seeing Myself in that...


Listening to the Heart of My Body ~ My Conversation with Rebecca Gardiner

An incredibly powerful story of courage and resilience. The inner strength is through a foundation of family love. Wonderful conversation, thank you Rebecca. [2:07] Disconnection to ill-health and Connection to Improved Health [4:24] Aligning to Our Inner Knowledge & Wisdom [6:38] Grounding in My Centre stops the Slipping Slope [8:11] Intuitive Knowledge Radiates My Health [11:58] The Gratitude of Waking Up Each Day [13:12] My Foundation of Inner Strength [19:03] Battery Recharge after...


Episode 22 – “Healing the Heart of Our Inner Child” – My Conversation with Debra Mittler

Wonderful to have a conversation with my first international guest Debra Mittler from California where the sun is always shining. A deeply beautiful and powerful conversation about her journey to her Heart of Connection. [0:49] Unresolved Hurts Block the Connection to Our Hearts [1:23] Anger, upset, or any of these, they call it lower level vibrations. [4:05] Healing Our Hearts Deepen the Connection of Self to Loving Bliss [2:05] Healing Our Emotional Wounds & Trauma(s) [8:55] Loving the...


Episode 21 – Speaking From The Heart ~ My Conversation with Patrizia McCormack

I have known Trish for a long time now. I have to admit it was Trish, who taught me about having connections through social media. When she and Pete went overseas Trish encouraged me to get on Facebook back then, so I did to keep in contact with their travels. Wow, has Facebook changed since then. [2:21] Young & Free Didn’t Connect to My Heart [3:22] How the Heart Transformed Me [6:26] Like I’ve Been Here Before [9:05] There is More Self-Love Now [11:20 ] The Old Mind Takes Control [14:22]...


Episode 20 – Values From My Heart Guides Me – My Conversation with Matthew Hart

[2:29] What was it like to reconnect yourself? [5:15] In conversations with men, what is it that's blocking or preventing us men connecting more from the heart? [6:36] We are taught Not Too Experience Heart Vulnerability [12:27] Heart Connection Brings Peace, Clarity and Strength [15:01] Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind [18:36] Masculine Spirit Energy & Just Be [29:53] Letting Go of the Alpha Male


Episode 19 – Simple Steps & Little Connections Returns Me to My Lightness – My Conversation with Venita Dungey

The conversation with a long time friend and social work colleague. To sit in the natural space they have brought with it a relaxed and peaceful energy for a conversation about remembering to focus on the simple little things of connection. [1.04] My Connection To Nature Provides Me With A Lightness Excerpts [5:39] The Simple Benign Process of Letting Go Of Work ~ Thank you Myers [7:26] These Simple Steps Returns Me to My Lightness [10:33] Love the Fairy Lights They Go Wherever I live....


Episode 18 – Connection Within, Evolves a Spaciousness, Calm and Peace – My Conversation With Brad Clarke

A wonderful conversation about the evolving need for men to connect at Heart level. Moving beyond our reptilian reactions and letting go of our inauthentic facade. Accepting that through our vulnerability is a spaciousness of calm, peace and power within and not power over. [00:01:51] - Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award Led to Youth Working [00:03:45] - In Place to Talk About What Heart of Connection Means To Me [00:04:12] - Is there a difference for men and our journey around the heart of...


Episode 17 – Healing Presence of Soul & Love – My Conversation with Soleil Poynton

Being Solar Powered needs the Queensland Warmth Soleil thank you for being a guest on the Heart of Connection podcast. It’s lovely to reconnect and have a conversation with you and your wonderful practice Empowered2Happiness. […]


Episode 16 – Open Heart Stringing Moments of Enlightenment Together – My Conversation with Tammy Kerr

Reiki & My Spiritual Inward Journey Began Tammy introduced herself to listeners a mother of two boys. If you asked who are you she laughed and said that that would be a whole Podcast in […]


Episode 15 – Childhood World Travels Taught Me The Heart of Connection – My Conversation with Marley Dalziel

My Childhood World Travels Taught Me The Heart of Connection My life has been a really interesting one, I grew up overseas in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and from this experience I came to understand about […]


Episode 14 – Landscape & Community Connection took me Home – My conversation with Andrew Nolan

The sense of nature and community connection calling me home Great to connect by the magic of the Web. Andrew introduced himself and his working life in Social Work and Counselling (Southern Beaches Counselling) are […]


Episode 13 – The Broader Base to Live Life From – My Conversation with Vicki Newman

Open Heart is the Heart of Connection Wonderful to introduce Vicki Newman, from Mackay, a mother of 4 children and work in my own clinic, Connectology Natural Health Center and enjoy life as much as I […]


Episode 12 – Connecting to the Heart of Peace, Freedom and Love – My Conversation with Nicole Trickey

Connecting to the Heart of Peace, Freedom and Love Is a counsellor and I was lucky enough to be a student with Mark (me). Started my private practice Soul Pristine Counselling after I finished my […]


Happiness Is My Open Heart and Her Soul Singing – Episode 10 – My Conversation With Gidget Finn

Soul Sings Through My Open Connected Heart Gidget is originally from Tasmania and proud of it. It is a beautiful place. I have been here since I was 25 years old. Worked at Ford for […]


My Group Connection is Like An Energetic Home Coming – Episode 9 – My Conversation With Jules Eadie

Meditation Allows My Clearing Of The Past Been reflecting a lot over the past 19 months mainly about my own personality and my own journey in my life with different problems and with things that […]


Spirituality of Nature Provides A Connection of Peacefulness & Stillness – Episode 8 – A Conversation With Marjan Geertsema

Connecting Spiritual Sense Of The Desert & It’s People From a little country in Europe called the Netherlands where I spent the first half of my life. After I studied psychology I wanted to travel […]


Self-Prescription of Nature and Ocean & Nature’s Spirits – Episode 7 – My Conversation with Maur Finemore Aireys Yoga

My Check-In Connection to Self – A Practice and Regular Discipline. Heart of Connection. How do I connect to the heart of myself is with discipline and regular practice. Try to check in with myself […]