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How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry


The No 1 podcast show for the hair industry – giving the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level.

The No 1 podcast show for the hair industry – giving the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level.


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The No 1 podcast show for the hair industry – giving the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level.








163: How to Become a Successful YouTube Hairdresser, with James Atkinson (The Life of Hair)

What does it take to become a successful YouTube hairdresser? Well this is what we are to learn about in todays episode as we are joined by the UK's leading YouTube hairdresser, James Atkinson (aka The Life of Hair). Currently with 30K subscribers and over one million downloads, it's fair to say James knows a thing or two when it comes to finding success on YouTube. And today he's going to share that journey with us all. I'm sure it will motivate you to why you need to be creating great...


EP162: Become a Fan and Take Your Hairdressing Career to the Next Level

I couldn't be more excited to finally share this episode. Today's 'How To Cut It' episode is my big reveal of our members Patreon Fan Club that I have been working towards launching for the better part of a year and half now. But why and what is the How To Cut It Patreon Fan Club you may ask? Today I'm going be talking to you about this exciting monthly member fan club and why having your support of the podcast will enable us to create more innovative content and concepts for the hair...


EP161: How to Retail Successfully in 2020 with Emil McMahon

Today's guest Emil McMahon says,"I don't believe hairdressers should sell anything." Curious? I want you to learn from this conversation with Emil that to retail successfully in 2020 is not giving hard sales that you're uncomfortable with, but more on how you need to be educating your clients on the products that you are using and why. This is part of a great salon service that your clients both want and expect in 2020. Drawing on his personal experiences, salon business and the challenges...


EP160: Kai Wan – You’re Not ‘JUST’ a Hairdresser

Be honest with me here. Have you ever been guilty of saying 'I'm just a hairdresser'? Well let me tell you that you're not just a hairdresser. You're so much more! Many of us including myself and today's guest, Kai Wan, have at times all been guilty of saying this. Today I'll be chatting with Kai on why we should value being a hairdresser, but not for the reasons of being an award-winning, educator, influencer, social media guru or anything else that we all seem to be transfixed on becoming....


EP159: Always Wanting to be a Hairdresser, with Christel Barron Hough (Lundqvist)

Has hairdressing been something you've always wanted to do? For todays guest Christel Barron-Hough (Lundqvist) founder and creative director of STIL, this is always what she has wanted to do since being a young girl growing up in Sweden. If you're looking for a reminder on why you wanted to be a hairdresser then this conversation will be the perfect listen. It will make you reconnect with the endless opportunities a hairdressing career can give you. You'll hear Christel share her inspiring...


EP158: Why the Hair Industry Must Change, with Farah Khan

Discrimination and lack of opportunities for Black, Asian and minority ethnics (BAME) in 2020 is sadly still very real in the hair industry. In light of the recent events around the world, I feel it's the right time to bring you this podcast covering this matter. Joining me for it is Farah Khan, an asian hairdresser who has worked in many leading salons. Sharing some of her personal experiences within the hair industry that includes discrimination and lack of opportunities Farah says, "This...


Podcast Special: Government Guidelines to Hair Salons and Barbershops Reopening, with Hilary Hall

In this very special and important podcast we're set to go deep into the government guidelines for hair salons and barbershops reopening in the UK. Joining me to answer your questions on this is Hilary Hall chief executive of the NHBF. Ahead of many of us preparing to go back, theres been a lot of varying opinions on whats guidelines, whats law and yes, whats fake news! Well let me tell you that listening into todays interview will put your mind at rest, knowing firsthand that the NHBF have...


EP157: The Art of Avant Garde and Long Hair Styling, with Anne Veck

The art of avant garde and Long Hair styling skills can bring out the best in your hairdressing creativity. Today's guest Anne Veck has certainly found her passion for this art and in doing so has seen her described as "One of the most iconic hairdressers in the world” by Hair magazine. If you want to explore a new side of hairdressing and how it can help you raise your industry profile, then Anne's story will have you psyched on what you could achieve in the art of avant garde and long hair...


EP156: Rise of the Vivid Hair Colourists Part 2, with Heather Mackenzie & Jaymz Marsters

Are you excited by vivid hair colouring? If so, then today you're in for a treat as I'm about to bring you Part 2 of our series titled: 'The Rise of the Vivid Hair Colourists'. Joining me for this, we again have a bonus of two interviews all rolled into one mega episode, as I'm in the company of two outstanding vivid hair colourists, Heather Mackenzie and Jaymz Marsters. With their vivid hair colour posts on social media, both Heather and Jaymz's career currency and online presence has gone...


EP155: Rise of the Vivid Hair Colourists Part 1, with Becky Sutherland & Sam Kerswell

Are you into creating vivid hair colour transformations? If so, then today you're in for a treat! I'm about to bring you two separate interviews all rolled into one big juicy episode. A series titled: 'The Rise of the Vivid Hair Colourists, joining me for Part 1 of this series is Becky Sutherland, owner of LUSH, followed by Sam Kerswell, owner of Mode Hair Lab. With their vivid hair colour posts on social media, both Becky and Sam's industry and online presence has seriously grown over the...


EP154: The Charles Worthington Story

I often get asked which hairdressers I would most like to interview. Well let me tell you that todays guest, Charles Worthington MBE, has been one of those hairdressers who's topped my Must-Interview list since first starting out podcasting in 2017. So if I sound somewhat pumped up about it, this is why. Whether you are newbie starting out or a seasoned pro in hairdressing, knowing the stories from some of our industries most respected and influential names are so important to us, and boy,...


EP153: A Social Media Masterclass, with Lisa Maynard-Atem

If you're looking to take your social media up a notch then you've come to the right place with this weeks podcast. This is a social media masterclass for hairdressers. Today we're joined by social media expert Lisa Maynard-Atem, and she's going to be covering everything from planning great social content, how to keep your audiences engaged, knowing your business objectives and the psychology of social media. Now I want you to be honest here. Think about the very last post you just made on...


EP152: Wella Colour Conversation Live from Manchester, with Melissa Timperly

In Partnership with Welcome back to the second instalment of Wella Professionals Colour Conversation event live from Manchester. Following on from the worlds first ever podcast live educational hair event recorded back in Episode 150, How To Cut It has again partnered up with our friends at Wella Professionals. Bringing you the second of these game changing event concepts, we rocked up to a room full of Salon Managers, Salon Owners and Freelance Hairdressers. In a exclusive...


EP151: The Hair Bros – New Kids On The Block

The Hair Bros are a new crop of breakthrough hair artists to a watch out for in 2020. Over the last year I've been following two hairstylists based at Hershesons London, Nick Latham and Sean Paul Nother aka The Hair Bros. I'm a massive fan on how they've been creating brilliant and engaging content on their @thehairbros Instagram account. They know exactly what their story is and why this has been key to their growing fan base a far – both to the consumer and across the industry media. If...


EP150: Wella Colour Conversation Live from London, with Jordanna Cobella.

In Partnership with Todays episode is very special for two reasons. Firstly, I'm delighted to reach the landmark of 150 'How To Cut It' episodes, and secondly, to celebrate this I'm bringing you a slice of hairdressing history – the worlds first ever recorded podcast live hair event in partnership with Wella Professionals UK, Colour Conversation. Thats seriously special! Back in early March 2020 pre-lockdown, I was delighted to be invited to host and record in front of a live...


149: Fergal Doyle – Everything You Need to Know to Becoming a Hairdressing Influencer

In todays podcast, I'm joined by Global Community and Engagement manager for Wella Passionistas, Fergal Doyle. In this episode he will be debunking the strategies to everything you need to know to becoming a hairdressing influencer. This includes choosing your social platform, develop the right content strategy, understanding your story and engaging with you followers. He will also be sharing how global brands identify influencers ,and in turn, what this could mean for you. Influencer seems...


148: Bernard Connolly – It’s All About Fashion, Darling!

David Bowie, Brian Ferry, Hugh Durrant, Grace Jones, Zandra Rhodes and Anthony Mascolo. Do these names mean much to you? Well let me tell you, they are some of the most influential names to come from the world of music, fashion and hair in the 1970's and 80's. And todays guest, British hairdressings most celebrated fashion stylist, Bernard Connolly, has worked with them all. A true icon himself! Renowned for his forte of glamorous styling and his larger than life personality, Bernard...


EP147: Ashleigh Hodges – Hitting Burnout, Pressing Reset

Starting a hairdressing career at her mothers boutique salon in a small UK county town, todays guest Ashleigh Hodges is proof you don't need to be from a big salon in a city to make it. Achieving many industry successes so early on in her career, Ashleigh is regarded by many in the industry as one of British hairdressings brightest stars. But this has come at a cost. Hitting burnout! Ashleigh's hairdressing story so far is one that you need to listen to. Not just because of her many...


EP146: Matthew Sutcliffe – Taking Self-Employed Salons to Another Level. Tint Leeds

Today's special guest is Matthew Sutcliffe. A former UK L'Oreal Colour Trophy winner and Creative Head 'It List Guy', Matthew is a hairdresser I've long admired. Most recently I've become a huge fan of the salon he co-owns, Tint Leeds. A salon where all it's stylists are self-employed, Matthew got inspiration to open Tint Leeds after the negative experiences he had when he went from being employed to a self-employed hairdresser. He hated it. In this HTCI podcast, Matthew talks us through his...


EP145: Two Leading Hairdressers Join Forces, with Katrina Kelly and Conor Doyle

Have you ever considered joining forces with a fellow industry colleague to create unique hair education? Interested to know more, then we've a treat for you today. In todays episode we have to heavy hitters of Irish Hairdressing, as I'm joined by the owner of Cut Social, Katrina Kelly, and L'Oreal Young Colourist winner, Conor Doyle. Both with an aligned common goal of collaboratively sharing to the industry their experiences and passions for their craft, I love how and why these two free...