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Join Humanity Evolve for an awe-inspiring glimpse into the future, where we explore the intersection of AI, humanity, and industry.


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Join Humanity Evolve for an awe-inspiring glimpse into the future, where we explore the intersection of AI, humanity, and industry.



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AI-Powered Marketing: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Join us on a captivating journey into the future of marketing as we sit down with Siara Nazir, an award-winning global marketer and leader in the world of AI marketing. In this episode of Humanity Evolve, as global experts in AI and Marketing, we explore how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape, propelling businesses into a new era of customer engagement and brand success. We uncover the secrets behind harnessing the power of AI to create personalized, immersive, and hyper-targeted marketing experiences while delivering ROI. In a world where data-driven decisions are paramount, we share insights on how AI enables marketers to leverage vast troves of information, transforming them into actionable strategies that resonate with consumers on a profound level. Discover how AI-driven analytics can revolutionize your understanding of consumer behavior, making each interaction feel tailor-made. But it's not just about the technology. In this conversation, we explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI in marketing, emphasizing the importance of maintaining transparency, respecting privacy, and instilling a human touch even while we drive more automation. Learn how to strike the delicate balance between innovation and responsibility, ensuring that AI serves as a tool for good. In this thought-provoking episode of Humanity Evolve, we uncover: • The game-changing potential of AI in hyper-personalization to deliver human-centric ROI. •. Strategies for harnessing AI to create personalized customer experiences. •. The ethical considerations and responsible use of AI in marketing. Prepare to be inspired and informed as we take you on a visionary exploration of AI's role in shaping the future of marketing. Whether you're a marketing professional, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of AI, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we push the boundaries of what's possible and revolutionize the way we think about marketing in the age of AI. Don't miss out—tune in to Humanity Evolve and be part of the conversation that's changing the face of marketing, one AI-driven insight at a time.


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Unleashing FemTech: Empowering Women's Health

Join us for an illuminating episode of Humanity Evolve as we dive into the world of FemTech—a transformative movement leveraging technology to empower women's health. Our guest, Anna Tenstam, an esteemed Executive and Board Director in the Femtech industry, sheds light on the impact of innovation and investment in this essential area of healthcare. Discover the exciting growth of FemTech, with projections indicating a market worth over $103 billion by 2030. We explore how FemTech is finally addressing the unique health needs of women, propelling the industry forward at an impressive rate. During our conversation, Anna Tenstam takes us on her journey, highlighting Sweden's global leadership in FemTech and the groundbreaking advancements that have emerged in women's health-focused startups. Plus, sustained investment and business growth to scale organizations that reach millions of women worldwide. While FemTech's progress is promising, we also discuss the challenges that persist, including the historical underrepresentation of women in research studies and the disparity in funding. Through our exploration, we aim to foster awareness and inspire further efforts to bridge the gender gap in healthcare. Discover how FemTech is revolutionizing women's health through wearable devices, digital health platforms, and personalized care solutions. Together, let's celebrate the strides made and envision a future where technology is harnessed to ensure the well-being of every woman. Tune in for this engaging episode, where we explore the transformative power of FemTech and its impact on women's health for a better tomorrow.


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Being Human in a Rapidly Changing World

In a world characterized by exponential advancements in artificial intelligence and rapid transformations, it becomes increasingly crucial to explore how we can preserve and enhance our humanity. Join us on this episode of Humanity Evolve as we delve into the profound topic of Being Human in a Rapidly Changing World with our esteemed guest, Immanual Joseph. During our insightful conversation, Immanual Joseph Ph.D., a renowned expert in the field, will guide us through a transformative exploration of what it means to be human amidst the overwhelming influence of technology and constant change. Together, we will uncover the keys to nurturing compassion, finding inner peace, and establishing harmony within ourselves and our communities. Is it possible that we are on the brink of a new era, one that calls for the rise of super-humanity? Join us as we contemplate the potential of unlocking our highest capabilities to navigate the challenges of our time. We will reflect on the essential qualities that make us human and examine how we can coexist harmoniously with technology without compromising our fundamental values and interconnectedness. In this thought-provoking episode, we will explore the vital role of human inter-connection in our pursuit of happiness and survival. Discover practical insights and actionable strategies that empower us to foster compassion, empathy, and meaningful connections in the face of rapid change. Tune in to Humanity Evolve and embark on a journey of self-discovery, as we uncover profound wisdom and navigate the evolving landscape of human existence. Together, let's embrace our collective potential and inspire a future where humanity thrives amidst the transformative forces of our time.


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Leading Innovation: Insights from a CIO Turned Venture Capitalist

Join us on Humanity Evolve as we explore the exciting world of innovation and venture funding with our special guest, Yousuf Khan. With his extensive experience as the former CIO at several leading technology companies and his current role as Partner at Ridge Ventures, Yousuf brings unique insights into how technology is shaping the future of entrepreneurship and investment. In this episode, we delve into topics such as the evolving role of the CIO in the age of AI, the latest trends in venture funding, and the transformative power of innovation. Discover real-world examples and specific experiences that shed light on the opportunities and challenges facing leaders and entrepreneurs in today's rapidly changing landscape. Whether you're an investor seeking the next big thing or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make an impact, this episode will provide invaluable advice and inspiration. Tune in to learn more about leading with innovation and how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of venture funding. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Yousuf Khan and gain insights into the future of innovation.


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AI Revolution in Healthcare: Storytelling, Leadership, Transformation

In our show today, I talk with the amazing Irma Rastegayeva exploring the impact of storytelling on leadership and how it drives transformation. The conversation focuses on the use of AI in healthcare. Our discussion covers: •The role of leaders in ensuring the safety and cost-effectiveness of AI in healthcare transformation. •The power of storytelling in creating better outcomes for patients and organizations. •The challenges and opportunities of AI in healthcare, including claim denial, insurance misalignment, data bias, and regulatory issues. The show features case studies, examples, and recommendations from experts and patient advocates. Our discussion highlights the importance of early policy and regulatory guardrails to address potential downsides of AI in healthcare. Plus, we focus on significant advantages of AI/ML and how to thoughtfully engage in using the new tools to support healthcare goals. Ultimately, our conversation promotes a collaborative and empathetic approach to healthcare that combines the best of human and AI capabilities to deliver better healthcare worldwide.


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Encore Life Sciences: 3 Strategies for Industry Transformation

From AI to virtual clinical trials, the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is undergoing a major transformation. Will these improvements create better healthcare worldwide? What are leaders doing to create a sustainable positive transformation? What outcomes are being realized and how is this impacting their mission of greater well being for people and corporate business growth? In this session, we will discuss the latest insights from this important industry that is central to the response to the global pandemic. 3 areas include the impact of digital transformation, collaboration, and leadership to create corporate outcomes. The future is digital!


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Encore Stealing Fire: harness rare states of consciousness to solve critical challenges and outperform the competition

Steven Kotler's 20yrs of work training individuals and organizations in the use of flow—a non-ordinary state of consciousness with a long track record of improving performance- he discovered that these same people had been regularly utilizing a far wider range of altered states to help them heal trauma, boost creativity, augment collaboration, and tap into a level of insight and inspiration unachievable any other way. They couldn’t resist the opportunity to fully explore it for the first time and to open-source our findings so all can share in the benefits. Developments in four fields—psychology, neurobiology, pharmacology, technology—have helped us decode this phenomenon with science. As a result, people are gaining access to an unheard-of level of mental and physical performance. Studies show that altered states boost motivation and creativity nearly 400 percent, while cutting learning times in half. This proven revolution in human possibility will impact and improve all lives.


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Encore Digital future: why digital monies change everything for business

Completing our journey to a digital future - why digital monies, assets, and blockchain are likely to change everything for our businesses. Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era which manages Blockchain Co-investors - the world's leading blockchain venture fund of funds. Matthew takes a potentially complicated subject matter, our digital future, and lays out some straightforward expectations that we should have about what to expect and how it will impact our businesses. In this podcast, Matthew addresses some frequently asked questions about the emergence of digital monies and digital assets, their use of blockchain technology, and how this can help address the challenges of the existing Internet that we all rely upon Security, identity, and trust.


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Encore Only Love Creates: Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

Born in Dana Point, CA and now working in Sao Paulo Brazil, Fr Ryan is dedicated to being the embodiment of love in action. The mission provides entrepreneurial development in one of the poorest regions of the world. In partnership with an NGO, they work to bring sustainable farming and native plant growth to create economic growth within their community. With love and little money, they provide social services and support for young women and all those affected by extreme violence and poverty. His stories convey how important it is to strengthen human connection & relationships. Feel joy even in tough times. Inspired by Saint Maximilian Kolbe & the Militia of the Immaculata, Fr Ryan's life is dedicated to building up the Civilization of Love, seeking to love and to serve each person who comes into his life. Creating positive impact. He is also my cousin! We share a deep conversation about technology & humanity operating from love in this complex world.


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Encore Creating Connections In a Virtual World

How can we cope with our new almost-all virtual reality and thrive? How do we create and sustain relationships during a more virtual world? How can we positively impact our own health and business growth? Change can be challenging and in today's episode, our guest Meryl Shaw, Leading Performance and Positive Psychology Coach, and host Catherine Calarco discuss how we can use neuroscience, best practices, and technology that enables better communication and connections even in virtual times. Our personal health, our community, and our professional growth depend on embracing change and learning to thrive in a new normal. How can we make it a better normal? We’ll be discussing the key tips to growing professional capabilities and performance during high stakes times. There are ways that together we can build trust, lead high performing teams, and do the best we can to create a better world.


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Encore How to live a confident and vital life! 90 sec to overcome negative emotions

In our talk today, we explore the link between confidence and dealing with negative emotions to live a full and vital life. The idea for Emotional Mastery™ emerged out of Dr Joan Rosenberg's personal and professional desires to understand what makes people do the things they do – a question that dates back to her childhood days, watching and wondering why people treat each other in harsh and unpleasant ways. Out of her psychological work with women over the last 20yrs, Dr Joan began developing the foundational ideas for Emotional Mastery™. Three decades, tens of thousands of hours of clinical practice and the past ten years of neuroscience research have been distilled into an approach that radically changes people’s lives. Neuroscience concepts explain why this approach to change works. Now, Emotional Mastery™ can help you live a confident and vital life! Digital Download/Bonus: To download an excerpt from Ease Your Anxiety – “What You Say to Yourself, Matters: How to Change What You Say to Relieve Anxiety, Diminish Doubt and Experience Confidence and Inner Peace”, visit


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Encore Exponential Evolution: Technology and Humanity!

From the impact of the pandemic across the globe to DNA testing to Innovations in digital currency, technology creates a unique shared experience and personal insight for all of us. Today we will discuss key technologies that are transforming our lives and what they mean for us and how to use them. Digital health, AI and healthcare, media and communications, our universe, and our environment.


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Encore Yes, You Can Make a Difference to Save Our Oceans!

Yes, the long-term trend shows that the oceans have become warmer since 1955 (NOAA). Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. The Netflix film Chasing Coral documents the bleaching of a coral reef. Is there anything that can be done? Yes, there are ways you can help -- Today, Chris LaFranchi and I talk about One Reef and the actions that work to save our reefs! Local communities are the most effective environmental stewards when armed with the right partnerships and resources. Also, we all can do one thing -- reduce plastic,support the Great Barrier Reef, bug your congressman, support local reef groups!! “It’s not too late for coral reefs… indeed, for many other ecosystems that are facing challenges from climate change. It’s still possible to reduce the rate at which the climate is changing, and that’s within our power today.” – Dr. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg


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Make Work More Human: 3 Insights from Leading in a Virtual World

How are we building more humanity into our work lives? Leaders recognize the opportunity created by the current virtual world -- we see in new ways and learn more about each other. It’s an opportunity to rethink what works best for employers and employees today. It's time to bring more humanity to work while we work on increasing productivity and delivering more well-being. Join Nancy Hauge, Chief Human Resources Officer at Automation Anywhere, and your Host, Catherine Calarco, in their thought leadership discussion. They explore the changes brought on by the pandemic and what HR and businesses should consider to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of this new world. Hear about: The role of HR in a working-from-home environment What to throw out and what to keep Maintaining well being and resilience for our heart and our brain How to create a high-performance environment based on trust What every business group should think about, not just HR


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Encore Encore: Women and Investment: Create Exponential Growth!

Do you want to grow your business? Are you a women entrepreneur or work with women leaders? Do you want to mentor or advise women-led organizations? creates new models to fuel high potential entrepreneurs. Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, and I discuss how women-led investment and entrepreneur development programs provide inclusive teams and their ventures with unparalleled access to capital and advice at all stages of growth through to exit. In our conversation today, we will share significant depth and wisdom in the area of entrepreneurship. Listen to the show and gain valuable lessons and insights into how to grow your business and be part of a dynamic ecosystem for venture growth. Fire up that rock engine and create exponential growth!


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Encore: Mindfulness and Breath Training: manage stress in the moment

What can people do, in the moment, to decrease stress and perform at their best? Transforming stress and anxiety can be a simple as taking a mindful breath. In a moment, stress is reduced while continued practice of this technique delivers long term overall health benefits. In a conversation with Dr. Neema Moraveji, Co-founder/Chief Scientist at Spire, we review the breath and mindfulness practice and feedback technology proven to decrease stress and increase productivity. We will talk about the latest research and study findings in this area. Plus, he will lead you through the breathing technique that transforms the physiology of stress and anxiety to enable you to be calm and focused. Health Professionals, world wide, adopt technologies and techniques that positively impact the lives of millions. Neema shares his studies on how interactive products can mitigate the damaging affects of stress through augmented self-regulation. You can feel and perform better in a moment.


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Encore: Accelerate: 3 Strategies Entrepreneurs Realize Millions in Growth

Are you an entrepreneur or investor Interested in unique strategies to rapidly growth your business? In this episode of Humanity Evolve!, Sramana Mitra and I share global insights on successful entrepreneurship for a better world. Sramana is the founder of the One Million by One Million (1M/1M). The first global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley. They aim to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs. Here is a quick self-assessment that can help you identify the gaps in your business-building process: 1. Validation: Have you validated your business with customers? 2. Positioning: Are you able to articulate the precise positioning of your solution? 3. Monetization: How do you monetize? 4. TAM: How big is your market opportunity? Plus, more on Funding options, Customer Acquisition & Team! World class knowledge for your business success.


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Encore: Key Components of Conscious Leadership

Is it possible to be a $1B company and be a conscious compassionate leader? Are there ways to create positive impact on humanity and generate high valuation? Today, Catherine talks about insights from leading investors, MIT entrepreneurship Center and global leadership experience. This is the insiders guide of what really happens behind the scenes and how to make a transformational difference and lead for positive change.


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The Brain Always Wins: Human Performance Starts with Health

Today, Dr John Sullivan and I talk about elite performance and the brain. Peak human performance is not about mental toughness and grit. It starts with health-most importantly brain health. Human resilience is tied to the brain and our daily habits. Technology feedback and measurements provides the real science of flow. What can we learn from elite athletes to improve our health and performance? John P. Sullivan is a Sport Scientist and Clinical Sport Psychologist. He has over twenty years of clinical and scholarly experience, and for the past 16 years he has worked with the same leading team in the National Football League (NFL) coordinating clinical care and sport science. Dr. Sullivan’s experience also includes such work within the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, English Premier League, Australian Football League and Olympic national teams. He is an expert consultant for the military and law enforcement in regards to both welfare and performance needs.


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Power Women in Tech: the Insider's Story

Women’s participation in the tech sector is one gender gap that is unfortunately wide and growing.The gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) has widened since the 1980’s, when 37% of all computer science graduates in the U.S. were women. Today, that number is a mere 18%. By 2020, Girls Who Code estimates there will be 1.4 million computing related jobs in the US but women will likely only fill 3% of them. To change the trajectory of these statistics, there is much more work to be done. Women are needed, now more than ever, in the development of science & tech development. You can be that power woman in tech!! Today, our discussion is with three powerful women in wearables and health technology. Maggie Robb, Casey Wilson and I talk about careers in science and technology. It is our goal to inspire more women to participate in technology and enable a lifelong career.