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Happy 4th with Evil Corp: The Board Game

Happy 4th July to everyone in the United States of America! So far I'm celebrating with podcast editing but I'm about to go catch the end of the Cubs game at a friend's patio so I'll be celebrating properly there in Murican fashion with baseball! I'm very excited about this episode, I had a fun and interesting conversation with my friends Alfie Dennen and Allix Harrison d'Arcy to talk about the board game they designed, currently being funded on Kickstarter, Evil Corp. Evil Corp is a...


Season 3 Debut: News, game mechanisms, upcoming guests

About time I get back to publishing after a 6 month long Christmas break from the podcast! This is an experimental update talking about what I've been up to, skiing, talking about board games and game mechanisms, upcoming guests and a few more bits and pieces. Mentioned in this episode: Evil Corp Board Game on KickstarterAlien Frontiers (board game)Kingsburg (board game)The Voyages of Marco Polo (board game)Chicagoland Games Dice DojoGenConFolsom Custom SkisWorker Placement board game...


Happy Holidays Season 2 Finale

Happy Holidays everyone!! Perhaps not that much of a seasonal climax, this year we finish the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast sans guests, just a few minutes of yours truly to wish you happy holidays / Christmas / Chanukah (at the time of recording) / Festivus / Kwanza / However you celebrate the end of year - and a happy new year! That's about it, I've just arrived in the South of France to spend the holidays with family in the Pyrénées Mountains and am looking forward to it! The show...


Under Think It with Santy Chief Strategy Officer Adam Pierno

The podcast is back with a new episode after a brief Thanksgiving hiatus - also slightly due to scheduling breakdowns too. I'm excited, this was a great conversation. Adam Pierno, Chief Strategy Officer at creative agency Santy, reached out to me on Twitter and invited me to be a guest on his podcast, The Strategy Behind Everything, in which we talked about tabletop games. I finally managed to organize my schedule properly to have Adam on my show to talk about his background as a creative...


Artist Vicky Hoffman on Art & Advertising

I haven't had any guests having worked in both advertising agencies, in marketing as a client, and in fine arts so far. I thought it would be a great perspective to have so I invited my friend Vicky Hoffman to join me for a conversation. It's a little bit shorter than usual, as I'm exploring and experimenting with different lengths for the show, and admit I was running out of time to plan for this episode as well. We talked about Vicky's experience studying metalsmithing and enamels, her...


Happy Halloween Update

Hi there! Unfortunately I've been running behind original plans for the podcast and don't have a guest today. New guests coming up, in the meantime just an update for a few minutes talking about what is going on right now. In short: I have been freelancing at Energy BBDO in Chicago for a few months now, an advertising agency. and officially switched to working there full time. Ice Cream for Everyone will keep going on here on the website, blog, newsletter, podcast pretty much as per...


Professional Magical Girl & Podcast Host Meghan Dornbrock

For this new episode of the podcast, I had an excellent conversation with fellow gamer and podcaster Meghan Dornbrock. Meghan has a lot of different and fascinating projects going on, including a video game in development, many illustrations, the Modifier podcast (which is also part of the One Shot Gaming Podcast Network). I first learned about Meghan and her podcast via Twitter, liked the different projects I came across on her main website, enjoyed listening to a few episodes of her...


Itchy Feet Web Comic & Travel Game Creator Malachi Rempen

I had a great conversation with Malachi Rempen: screenwriter, traveler, and creator of the Itchy Feet web comic and travel card game. Malachi recently and successfully crowdfunded the Itchy Feet Travel card game. We covered some good ground talking about storytelling and the importance of having the end in mind, travel stories, marketing, the Kickstarter project he recently finished, cinema influences with the Coen Brothers, writing advice, and much more. Enjoy! Some of the information...


Thomas Brush, Designing Pinstripe & Atmospheric Story-driven Games

I hadn't played any video games in a long while and I'm glad I got back into it thanks to Thomas Brush's beautiful Pinstripe game. As I explain in the episode, I came across Pinstripe's Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last year, really liked what I saw and participated in bringing the game project Thomas had already been working on by himself for several years to fruition. The game was released on Steam a few months ago and I played through it. I really enjoyed the design, style,...


Siftly's Expert Job Matching with Frank Striefler

I had the chance of organising a conversation with seasoned brand strategist turned entrepreneur Frank Striefler. Inspired by dating sites matching potential partners, and frustrated by his own experience as a candidate and as a hiring manager in the creative communications and marketing industries, Frank created a job matching site: I've had Siftly on my radar as it had been growing in popularity over the past few years, and also because it started as a dedicated platform by...


August Sunny Foreshadowing

Quick August update to keep in touch with you all listeners as I'm preparing for future episodes, scheduling conversations with creators in the weeks to come. So this is just a few minutes long to keep you in the loop and mention a couple of things that caught my attention in the past week or so as I've been catching up on a backlog of email newsletters, as I'm considering a few possible changes to the Ice Cream for Everyone website (about time, it's slow and clunky now), and the Ice Cream...


Is Chicago's Au Cheval burger really worth all the hype, with JP Biondi

In this pretty experimental episode of the podcast, my good friend Jean-Paul (JP) Biondi and I attempted a wild and live recording out in Chicago's West Loop. We thought it might be a good idea to test the hype of Au Cheval, a restaurant that according to many reviews has one of the very best burgers in Chicago and even America. For those who follow the podcast, we heard of JP before in the Chicago Summer Sounds episode, but this time we have a proper conversation, punctuated by...


My Birthday & Game Chef 2017 Episode

It's my birthday! I haven't managed to organise a new recording with a guest and yet am committed to publishing every other week so I made a birthday episode, in which I basically beg you to rate and review the podcast on iTunes, and talk about the game design idea I submitted for this year's Game Chef design competition. Simply click the iTunes link above to write a review! That's about it folks, Enjoy the rest of the day and please take time to review the podcast if you enjoy it! It's...


Strategy Consulting & Complex Adaptive Systems with Allan Cohen

We're back with a new episode of the podcast, I had a fantastic conversation with Allan Cohen, a strategy consultant I had the pleasure of hearing as a keynote speaker at Landmark's recent Conference for Global Transformation in beautiful Monterey, California. I loved the two sessions I had the chance of checking out and thought it would be great to talk about business consulting with Allan and the kind of creativity involved in determining and solving a variety of business challenges of...


Scoundrels, Pirates & Game Design with Randy O'Connor

Better late than never, the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast is finally back! Thanks to a chance encounter for International Tabletop Day at the Chicago Public Library, I met Randy and got to play test his pirate board game, Scoundrels. It was great fun, so we got talking and I invited him to be on the podcast. I didn't know at the time that he happens to work from the Cards Against Humanity office and co-working space, so I got a visit and we were able to record in their studio, which was...


Updating the Show in Chicago

Apologies for the long hiatus and lack of updates about the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast! I took a few months off publishing for the show after one recording didn't work the way I wanted and then I've been traveling in the United States for the past few months. Now I'm settling in Chicago it's about time I update you with what's happening. The other main point to this update is to share the elevator pitch of what the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast is all about. A friend told me the show...


GetCRAFT Co-Founder Patrick Searle - Southeast Asia's Premier Content Network

This week I'm glad to talk my friend Patrick Searle about what is happening in Southeast Asia. Patrick co-founded content marketing network GetCRAFT; they have developed an online marketplace connecting specialist creators such as journalists, writers, videographers, photographers on one end with advertisers, brands and communications agencies on the other. After spending time working in China, Patrick travelled around Southeast Asia and based himself in Indonesia. Jakarta is increasing...


The Go Game, with Ian Fraser and Kelly Rogala

The Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast is finally back after an unexpectedly long and lazy end of year break! I hadn't originally planned not to publish in December but it just... flew by - sorry about that! I'm working to put the podcast back on the right track now for 2017. Some of the important news in this episode introduction is that I'm moving on from London and moving to the U.S. and that I'll be focusing my energy back on Ice Cream for Everyone as my brand & marketing strategy...


Maurice Cherry, Host of the Revision Path Design Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have abundance of all great things in life for the year ahead! We have an exciting guest on the show for this episode: I had the chance of meeting Maurice at the Podcast Movement Conference I attended in Chicago earlier in July this year. Since then I checked his podcast, Revision Path, and really enjoyed it so I asked Maurice if he'd be up for joining me for a conversation. By the way, I apologise for my mistake in the introduction of the episode, I say...


Kim Mackenzie, Brand Strategist and Ladies Who Strategize Founder

Time flies, I say a couple of weeks on the podcast intro recording when it's already been three weeks since my last episode! I've been both busy with the day job heading the strategy team at +rehabstudio and I also left for some holidays last week, horse riding and participating in a course about body language in Arizona, near Tucson - amazing experience! Now on to this new episode, I had an awesome and fun conversation with Kim Mackenzie, a fellow brand strategist based in New York City...