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Playful Strategy In the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast, host Willem van der Horst has candid conversations with a range of creative professionals inquiring into the nature of play and work, creativity, games, design, brand strategy, marketing communications, and more.

Playful Strategy In the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast, host Willem van der Horst has candid conversations with a range of creative professionals inquiring into the nature of play and work, creativity, games, design, brand strategy, marketing communications, and more.
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Playful Strategy In the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast, host Willem van der Horst has candid conversations with a range of creative professionals inquiring into the nature of play and work, creativity, games, design, brand strategy, marketing communications, and more.






Summer update on the way from Chicago to Paris

Well for a change I'm kind of behind on all sorts of things (mainly the podcast, newsletter, and other similar side projects and ideas - like designing a board game, that hasn't gotten any love in a while. But I digress) I was about to fly from Chicago to Paris yesterday on the 4th July and after nearly 4 hours delay, the flight was cancelled. It just so happens that I'm in the middle of moving from Chicago to Paris, so they put me up in a hotel near the airport, rebooked on a flight a...


Brewing the Sour Stouts of Roleplaying Games with Jason Pitre, Designer & Publisher at Genesis of Legend

I first met Jason at GenCon in 2018, and have been meaning to have a conversation about his game designing since. We had a brilliant chat about coffee roasting, roleplaying game writing and design, some of his history, what he believes his game design is about, and some pointers for people interested in trying out tabletop roleplaying games. "I'm trying to make memorable, emotionally moving games that make people think about serious issues so that we can use games to teach people how to...


Being helpful & enthusiastic with Jessica Greenwood, Chief Strategy Officer of R/GA US

I had a brilliant and lively conversation about the value of being helpful, enthusiasm, the craft of writing, storytelling, today's media landscape, and more with Jessica Greenwood, Chief Strategy Officer of R/GA. Jessica was a journalist before being hired as a strategist and advocates the importance of writing as a craft for strategists in the creative communications industry. Jess was named to Ad Age U.S. Women to Watch Class of 2019. "The big rub on strategists is that they prefer...


Brave Storytelling with Ama McKinley, Freelance Strategy Consultant

I am happy to share the inspiring and fun conversation I had with Ama McKinley a few weeks ago. I came across her Linkedin profile while browsing as I sometimes do, read her profile, some of her writing, and reached out given she seemed to have an interesting background. Ama is a freelance strategy consultant, poet, a griot (storyteller), writer, and more, based in Atlanta. Here are a couple of thoughts from her about storytelling in the marketing industry: "I think the word...


Master P for Planner with Steve Bayley, Creata Strategy & Insights Director

Steve reached out a couple of months ago with an interest to be on the podcast, he seemed like he was up to a lot of interesting things so we organized meeting up for chat. We ended up unexpectedly talking about rap and hip hop, Steve's circuitous journey to becoming a planner working in advertising and marketing, his involvement with soccer, the non-league he launched, and many other fascinating stories. Steve is a compelling proof that a planner can come from all sorts of different...


Designing Marketing Experiences with Jennifer Severns, AMA Chief Experience Officer

I've had an excellent conversation about design with Jennifer Severns, including some fun geeking out on Marvel superhero movies (tiny spoiler for Captain Marvel, FYI) and video games. Jennifer is the Chief Experience Officer at the American Marketing Association, they recently went through a large rebranding exercise and a complete overhaul of their internal systems that we talk about in the episode as well. "I have an infographic of the scientific method printed out in my office,...


Soulful Brand Design with Jim Pietruszynski, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer at Soulsight

I invited Jim to be a guest on the podcast and he was gracious enough to invite me to chat in person at the lovely Soulsight offices in Chicago's downtown Loop. Soulsight is an award-winning branding agency working with some of the largest businesses in the world, such as MillerCoors, Kraft-Heinz, or Pepsico. They rethink and design the experience of brands such as Blue Moon, Sol Mexican Lager, Henry's Hard Sodas. Jim is a partner in the agency, and co-authored The Big Book of...


Living Playfully with Emma Worrollo, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The Pineapple Lounge

I had a fantastic conversation with Emma Worrollo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Pineapple Lounge. It's a research agency specializing in better understanding children, teens, families, and helping brands connect with them. I came across the Pineapple Lounge and Emma while participating on an expert online panel about play, I thought the agency and Emma's work at the intersection of brands, creative communications, families, and play seemed fascinating. Emma shared her...


Revealing Uncomfortable Truths with Mark Pollard, Strategy Writer

I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be looking forward to this conversation, and for me it's sort of been a while coming. I met up with Mark Pollard over a couple of years ago in London, had just bought a new digital audio recorder I didn't really know how to use properly (and barely do now, just about enough to record one-on-one conversations), so the recording wasn't particularly good and to set that episode aside. I was happy to catch up with Mark and we had an excellent conversation...


The Case For Boredom with Rob Estreitinho, Senior Strategist

This new conversation with Rob Estreitinho went by in a flash, it was a brilliant chat and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. I even wondered if it was a little abrupt in my managing the end of it, but I was just conscious of time. We talked about meeting in London a few years ago, how Rob views strategy and defines it for people not in the creative communications industry, about his growing up in Portugal and what he enjoyed playing at and with growing...


Planning Dirty & Playing In Nightmares with Julian Cole, Strategy Consultant

In this new episode of the podcast, I had a great conversation with Julian Cole. Julian is a communications planner with a wealth of experience with some of the best creative advertising and marketing agencies. He was Head of Comms Planning at BBDO in New York last, and recently got back from 14 months traveling to many far flung and exotic locations. I'd come across Julian's work quite a few times. I appreciate the originality of thinking, that he shares and teaches the way he does...


Introducing Playful Strategy

I can't believe it's already been nearly three months since the last episode I published for the podcast! I've been spending time formulating what Ice Cream for Everyone is about, and finally got to a version I'm happy to share, and is on my updated website front page as well. In the episode I'm quite simply sharing what I've been up to over the winter, this sort of manifesto, and a set of personal beliefs that I've been working on and helped me refine what the website, and this show...


Creating Beautiful Games with Jamey Stegmaier

Happy Holidays everyone! It's nearly the end of the year and while it has been a slow one for the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast I'm really happy to finish the year with an awesome guest, Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games. Jamey is an award-winning board game designer, particularly known for quite intricate, strategy oriented games with beautiful pieces and design. He's also known in the industry for the knowledge he shares about design and crowdfunding. He raised $3.2 million on...


Designing Custom Folsom Skis with Co-Founder MikeMcCabe

A month already since the last episode of the podcast, and a (low) record breaking number, this being only the 4th episode published this season. I recorded this a while back over the summer, so it's a little overdue and at the same time it's right in time for the skiing season. My guest for this episode is Mic McCabe, one of the co-founders of Folsom Skis in Denver, Colorado. As you may know if you follow me on social media, I really got back into skiing pretty seriously two years ago. I...


Disney Strategic Alliances & Radical Toymaking with Jack Riback

In this podcast episode I have a fascinating conversation with Jack Riback, who created and headed the department of Strategic Alliances for Disney Studios. I met Jack quite randomly while listening to jazz at the Green Mill Lounge, in Uptown Chicago, got talking and it seemed he had interesting stories to tell so I invited him for a recording. That said I also have to apologize for the quality of the sound, we had a few technical issues and I ended up calling Jack's phone, which didn't turn...


Happy 4th with Evil Corp: The Board Game with Alfie & Allix

Happy 4th July to everyone in the United States of America! So far I'm celebrating with podcast editing but I'm about to go catch the end of the Cubs game at a friend's patio so I'll be celebrating properly there in Murican fashion with baseball! I'm very excited about this episode, I had a fun and interesting conversation with my friends Alfie Dennen and Allix Harrison d'Arcy to talk about the board game they designed, currently being funded on Kickstarter, Evil Corp. Evil Corp is a game...


Season 3 Debut: News, game mechanisms, upcoming guests

About time I get back to publishing after a 6 month long Christmas break from the podcast! This is an experimental update talking about what I've been up to, skiing, talking about board games and game mechanisms, upcoming guests and a few more bits and pieces. Mentioned in this episode: Evil Corp Board Game on KickstarterAlien Frontiers (board game)Kingsburg (board game)The Voyages of Marco Polo (board game)Chicagoland Games Dice DojoGenConFolsom Custom SkisWorker Placement board game...


Happy Holidays Season 2 Finale

Happy Holidays everyone!! Perhaps not that much of a seasonal climax, this year we finish the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast sans guests, just a few minutes of yours truly to wish you happy holidays / Christmas / Chanukah (at the time of recording) / Festivus / Kwanza / However you celebrate the end of year - and a happy new year! That's about it, I've just arrived in the South of France to spend the holidays with family in the Pyrénées Mountains and am looking forward to it! The show will...


Under Think It with Santy Chief Strategy Officer Adam Pierno

The podcast is back with a new episode after a brief Thanksgiving hiatus - also slightly due to scheduling breakdowns too. I'm excited, this was a great conversation. Adam Pierno, Chief Strategy Officer at creative agency Santy, reached out to me on Twitter and invited me to be a guest on his podcast, The Strategy Behind Everything, in which we talked about tabletop games. I finally managed to organize my schedule properly to have Adam on my show to talk about his background as a creative in...


Artist Vicky Hoffman on Art & Advertising

I haven't had any guests having worked in both advertising agencies, in marketing as a client, and in fine arts so far. I thought it would be a great perspective to have so I invited my friend Vicky Hoffman to join me for a conversation. It's a little bit shorter than usual, as I'm exploring and experimenting with different lengths for the show, and admit I was running out of time to plan for this episode as well. We talked about Vicky's experience studying metalsmithing and enamels, her...