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009 – Wildflower Beauty with Kendra Harris - Lash Boss Radio

Hey lash bosses! Kendra Harris is the owner of Wildflower Beauty Bar in Gilbert, AZ. She's also a Lash Affair trainer. She has such a sweet spirit and is an amazing leader. If you're a part of a strong team, you'll definitely relate to this episode! You can find Kendra on Instagram or Facebook under @wildflowerbeautybar. As always, you can contact me at or on Facebook and Instagram under @lashbossradio.


008 – Lash Tribe with Julia Mann - Lash Boss Radio

Hey everyone! Julia is so kind to grandfather the Lash Boss listeners in to the promo price for Live Lash Lessons. Will update the link shortly so that you can redeem the offer! Please contact Julia at in the meantime. As always, if you are enjoying this show, please let me know! You can find me at @lashbossradio on Instagram and Facebook or


007 – Lash Makers with Elena Asher - Lash Boss Radio

Welcome back for Episode 7! Elena is a world renowned trainer and the founder of Lash Makers. She's one of the most motivational and inspiring lash bosses in the game! She trains hundreds of artists a year all over the world, but mostly out of her very own Lash Makers Studio (aka the lash castle) in downtown Miami. One of her most notable accomplishments is that she invented the Lash Box. Follow @lashmakers on Instagram to see Elena's journey, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy this episode...


006 – Borboleta Beauty with Kimber Jaynes - Lash Boss Radio

Enjoy this episode lash bosses! Look out for the Instagram giveaway on the @lashbossradio page following this interview ;) In this episode, Kim and I talk about the start of Borboleta and how much it has grown since then. Kim is so sweet and I loved getting to hear her perspective on everything. I am sure that you will have something to take away from this episode. Let me know what you think! I'm on Instagram and Facebook under @lashbossradio or you can reach me at


005 – Behind EBL Lashes with Lindy Williams - Lash Boss Radio

Welcome back for Episode 5! I am so happy to bring you all this episode with Lindy because she has such a genuine heart and all around great energy. EBL lashes is known for being super personal with their customers and for providing great products and customer service. Lindy has provided a discount code for your next order. Enter lashboss for 10% off. It is a one time code and not able to be combined with any other offers or discounts. Visit the EBL site HERE to view products Let me know...


004 – Lux Uncut with Lana Wyer - Lash Boss Radio

Hey everyone! Lana is a lash boss from Scottsdale and is wise beyond her years. At 20 years old, she is a trainer and a killer lash artist in Arizona. She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and is always helping other artists improve and work smarter. Hope you all enjoy the episode! Keep up with the guests on @lashbossradio on Instagram on Facebook. To reach me, email


003 – A Lash Affair with Jenelle Paris - Lash Boss Radio

Take 10% off of your Lash Affair by J. Paris order by using code LASHBOSSRADIO. Jenelle is the founder of Lash Affair by J. Paris (@lashaffairbyjp) and is here discussing her start in the industry as an artist and then as a brand founder. She's played a huge part in my lash story and I'm sure that there's something you can take from this interview for yours. Thank you for all of the love and support! To get in contact with me: or @lashbossradio on Instagram and...


002 – Lash Chronicles with Krystal Ruiz - Lash Boss Radio

The very first Lash Boss to be interviewed on the show, Krystal Ruiz (@lashchronicles) is here with me today discussing her start in the industry and where she is now. Krystal is a good friend of mine whom I’ve looked up to for a long time. We had the pleasure of meeting while working with Lash Affair and I quickly noticed that she truly does have a passion for this industry and a love for helping others. I am honored that she accepted my invitation to being interviewed on the show and...


001 – How to be a better artist - Lash Boss Radio

Hey everyone! A question I see bouncing around a lot is how to get better at some aspect of lashing. I think maintaining a healthy lifestyle, investing in my education, being coachable and making practicing a priority has helped me the most in my career. I hope you find these tips useful. I'll be interviewing a very special someone on Episode 2 so make sure to subscribe! You can contact me at in the meantime.


Trailer - Lash Boss Radio

Lash Boss Radio is a destination for artists wanting to learn about the best business practices in relation to the lash industry, hear reviews on lash products, learn about upcoming conferences and trainings, and of course hear from SPECIAL GUESTS! I hope that you are here March 1st to hear the first official episode. You can reach me at in the meantime.