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Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 135) - Check out the mouth on this one

Hey hey friends… happy Sunday! Hooray for another episode up on the weekend and a big thanks to Blue for stopping by this weekend to help ensure I had content up for y’all. This is just two good buds talking about a whole mess of geek news, comics, tangents, and then a full-on spoilerific Captain Marvel review. Lots of fun and laugh for you to enjoy. Here’s a short list of what we yammer on about: Shazam estimated to have $40 million plus opening weekend Ben Affleck might want to direct a...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball #134 – All Hail the Fuzzy King

Well hello friends! So happy to finally get an episode up during the weekend. Extra time off my feet courtesy of the above monster gave me some catch up time. This episode is lots of news and geek TV reviews. There’s also a non-spoiler Captain Marvel review. That’s actually the reason I recorded this on a Saturday versus getting this up on Friday. Anyhoo… enjoy this installment of life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. Here’s what’s in this episode: Let the Wookiee Win...


Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 133) - CBM Defenders... Battle of the Supermen

Well… there’s times you think you have plenty of time to record a new episode and then it’s Monday and you’re no closer because of schoolwork. Thankfully, I had an episode saved just in case even if I hadn’t planned on using it so soon. Grad school is a time suck… the end. This banked episode is another edition of the CBM Defenders and it is always nice to defend “bad” comic book movies. For this edition, Blue and I were joined by our friend Justin to defend two Superman movies. It’s sort of...


Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 132) - After 150 shows… Humanity is Effed

Hey hey friends! So after my rambling last episode, I realized this week was technically the 150th recording put out for y’all. In a fortuitous way, I’d already planned on recording with Danny the Deuce and then it got even better when Blue Lightning said he could join and dragged Justin and a Shadow Guest to the podcast studio with him. With our dongs out, we geeked out for almost two hours to commemorate the show, friendship, and the geeky culture we love to be a part of. Lots of...

Laugh It Up Fuzzball #131 – Rambly Fuzzy Hemingway

Monday… doo doo duh doo doo… Monday! Hey hey friends… grad school craziness continues but here’s the latest episode full of my ramblings, geeky news, laughing at myself, and geek TV. I guess there’s always time for life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. This is normal solo style. Never bad to have an excuse to enjoy my geeky loves in weeks mired by work and school. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. Here’s what you can fin in this installment of the show: Fuzzy...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball #130 – Sportsball!!! Disney’s rich!!! Woo?

Ugh… why won’t technology let me save with a question mar? The world may never know… Anyhoo… Wookiee aka The Slowsh managing to get an episode up late for all you dear listeners. This is me just doing a firehouse news round-up of all the geeky schtuff I’ve heard over the last few weeks. Lots of news friends. Hopefully you appreciate some of it… the good news is I am my usual weird self throughout it and I know there’s moments to make you laugh while I ramble through news topics. Speaking of...

Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 129) - Hulk-Sized CBM Defenders

Whoof… Grad school already has me floundering for free time and I’m already late with a Monday episode. I really tried to record yesterday but no dice. Thankfully, I had a banked episode of the CBM Defenders just in case. It’s always nice to defend “bad” comic book movies and that’s just what Blue and I do for not one, but two Hulk movies. Blue and I chatted all about (and also spoil the heck out of) the solo movies based on ol’ Jade Jaws. You may find these films to be less than good but...

Laugh It Up Fuzzball #128 – What’s up Danger

Well hey there friends. Here is the next episode of the podcast which is essentially everything I didn’t have time to include in the last one. Hilarious to me… it’s an hour and twenty minutes and I still had to leave some out. Let’s just say being sick for a week left me a lot of content. Good news, lots more for future recordings. Here’s what you can find in this installment of life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. Fuzzy Thoughts Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack Eff...

Laugh It Up Fuzzball #127 – This is Dragon Monkey Adulting

Hey hey friends and fellow fuzzballs! Welcome to the latest level of the podcast. School is starting soon so we’re back to weekend drops for episodes. This one started as a solo episode with all the segments but before I knew it, I rambled for an hour and hadn’t even made it to all the TV and comics I’d read over a six day cold from hell. I figured why not break it up and make sure there’s content for the future. Bonus… it means I can talk more TV and comics on the next go round. Here’s...

Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 126) - Three Bromigos... 2018 years... one review episode

Hey howdy hey to all my fuzzy friends/listeners! Before you pass out in shock from an episode going up on a Tuesday… welcome to a super-sized episode all about the year that was. What to say about 2018… well… we certainly try. Danny, Blue and I got together to do Top 5s for geek TV and movies and true to form, we talked for two hours. If you’re looking to break this into a two-parter, around 56:47 we transition between TV and movies. This was a ton of fun to record and I hope you enjoy it...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball #125 - For Kandor… a Giant-Sized Fuzzy Comic Review

Happy gnu year friends! Why are the wildebeest so happy? Well because I am putting up the first episode of 2019 earlier than the weekend. It helps to have a bunch more free time on my hands and why not use it to talk about a ton of comics I’ve read. Here’s what I cover in this mega-review of the funny books: The Immortal Hulk issues 1 to 10 X-Men Gold issues 6 to 12, 16 to 30, and Annual #1 X-Men The Wedding Special #1 Hunt For Wolverine Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost issues 1 to...


Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 124) - Danny and the Wheel of Karma

Nothing like the week after Christmas. No school, no plans, and plenty of time to record a fun episode of the geeky podcast about life, the universe, and everything with a good friend. This is just Danny and me talking about whatever we thought was worth chatting about. A good holiday time for your earholes. Bonus: my lovely Heather is giggle backround for the episode and even joins for a quick second. Fair warning… after 55:36 it goes full Danny Spoils Everything… if you skip though… make...

Laugh It Up Fuzzball Bonusode #14 - Happy Into the AquaSpiderMas... A Holiday Review

Hey hey holiday fuzzies! It’s Christmas time in Wookieetown and I figured what better way to show my holiday spirit than to give a bonusode gift to all you awesome listeners. What day is it boy? Go get a large goose for the Cratchetts and enjoy this bonusode on Baby Jebus’ birthday with reviews of two geeky movies I just watched on the Eve of said day. If you wanted to know my non-spoiler thoughts on Aquaman and/or Into the Spider-Verse than this will be right up your alley. Here’s hoping...

Laugh It Up Fuzzball #123 – Easy as ABC Simple as Doh!

Hey hey friends! Grad school is done for now and somehow I found a way to be busy and still not get an episode up until Sunday. In my defense… work, life, blah blah blah. Hopefully this winter break will mean me making it up to you.Time will tell. So.. here’s a fun solo episode of the normal show with news and reviews that somehow ended up with a smiley Wookiee blabbing while doing laundry. Hopefully you enjoy my silliness, Here’s what you can find in this level of the podcast: Let the...

Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 122) - Me and Blue do the MCU

Happy Saturday friends! So it’s crunch time in the Wookieeverse as I write at least 32 pages of historical writing to finish this semester of class but thankfully frequent co-host Blue Lightning stopped by so I could get an episode out this week. We weren’t sure what to go over that wouldn’t take a ton of prep work and the result was us geeking out for over an hour all about 20 MCU films. What a time to be alive friends. Hopefully you enjoy this trip down the geeky goodness of the MCU from...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball #121 - News, TV, and me... glayvin!

Hey hey hey friends and fuzzballs! Another week, another solo episode talking geeky news and TV. Hopefully life is going well for you and thankfully the show goes on amidst crunch time for school. Here’s what you can find in this installment of the show: Let the Wookiee Win (Star Wars) Nick Nolte joins impressive cast of The Mandalorian Stephen Schiff named as showrunnner for the Cassian Andor series Rumor of Rey and Rose teaming up in Episode IX Reddit claims Episode IX will happen...


Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 120) - Voicing it Up with Dirty Danny

Woo to the hoo fellow Fuzzballs! No late episode for this week courtesy of Danny stopping by just to talk geek. We had no agenda… just figured we’d record us talking geek while we enjoyed hanging out after too long a break. The result is the classic long episode with all sorts of ridiculousness but if you enjoy this even half as much as we did while recording… well, that means we had twice as much fun as you so THANK YOU for listening. Without further ado… here’s what you can find on this...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball #119 - @$$h@t$ and more

Crikey! I almost missed a week of the show but never fear… content is here even if it meant loss of sleep. Suffice to say life is busy and school is for fools like me. Here’s what you can find in this installment of late night Wookiee: Fuzzy Thoughts Rewatch of Blade and Blade II @$$h@t$ Army Hammer and Bill Maher re: Stan Lee Let the Wookiee Win (Star Wars) Lucasfilm trademarks Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures R2-D2 Christmas Funko Pop! Ron Howard wants to do...


Laugh It Up Fuzzball Bonusode #13 - A Beastly and Fantastic Review for a Part Deux

Happy Thanksgiving! On this day where Turkey may or may not be consumed leading to sleepiness all based on contentious history, I find myself thankful for many things. Among these is all the amazing listeners for this podcast. In honor of you, of whom I am thankful, I decided it was time we had a week with an episode up earlier than the weekend. Even better… a bonusode! I had the pleasure of recording all about the newest movie form the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my roommates and...


Laugh It Up Fuzzballs (Ep. 118) - The Magnificent Maestro of Marvel... RIP Stan Lee

Well hey hey friends. Happy Monday! As usual there is a lot going on in the geek sphere but the biggest headline of the week was of course the passing of Stan Lee at age 95. Lots of people more important than me have said all the things but I did not feel like a podcast like this about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff could not talk about this comics legend. This is Blue Lightning, Darth John and me talking all about the man, the myth, the legend… Stan Lee. RIP good...