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Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod

Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod






Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod




Matt & Addison | LIR on Healing & Support for Men

On this episode: Matt Zerker, Co-Founder & CEO, and Addison Brasil, Co-Founder and Spokesperson for Tethr, come on to explain their app, and the community that helps drive it! We talk about the story behind the app, men's mental health, the stories of their healing journey, how peer support works and has strong results for men, how they're building a strong community of accountability & resiliency and more! Tethr is a mobile, peer enabled mental health and well-being platform for men. We...


Tad Milmine | LIR on Bullying

On this episode: Tad Milmine, a Police Officer, Public Speaker and Founder of Bullying Ends Here comes on to talk about his initiative to end bullying and the story on why he created it. We talk about his traumatic childhood, stories of being bullied, mental illness, coming to terms with his sexuality, importance of representation & communication, how to address a bully, the story of Jamie Hubley and more! Follow Tad and help support Bullying Ends Here: Facebook:...


Ainsley Kirkpatrick | LIR on Pregnancy & Birth

On this episode: Ainsley Kirkpatrick, an RMT, Doula and Host of The Pregnancy Prep Podcast, comes on to talk about the entire process of giving birth, and shed light on how a doula can help. We talk about what a doula is, pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum, the partners role, how people can get ready, how giving birth is no longer just for same sex couples, why she started her podcast and more! Follow Ainsley and find out more on her services: Instagram:...


Alex Field | LIR on Being Vulnerable as a Man

On this episode: Alex Field, A Police Officer in the UK, comes on to share his story of a break-up in a pandemic. We talk about the differences in the pandemic between England and Canada, some of the challenges of enforcing pandemic restrictions as well as sharing what we have in common, both going through a breakup in a pandemic. We talk about what we did to get better, the power of sharing our emotions and feelings, the freeing feeling of being vulnerable, especially as men, and more.


Becca | LIR on The Unashamed Alcoholic

On this episode: Becca, Host of The Unashamed Alcoholic Podcast, comes on to share her story of being an alcoholic. We talk about when she recognized the was a problem, her road to recovery, how she remains sober, the stigma around being sober, how alcohol is engrained in our culture, what she's learned from her podcast and more. Follow Becca and The Unashamed Alcoholic: Twitter: @UnashamedAlc @Becca_No_Re


Cierra M | LIR on Surviving a Cult

On this episode: Cierra M, a Strength Training Coach, Mental Illness Advocate and Cult Survivor comes on to share her story on growing up as a Jehovah Witness. We talk about her childhood & upbringing, some of the outdated and patriarchal belief systems, why JW is considered a "cult", the turning point that lead her to leaving, her journey of healing and more. There is a trigger warning on this episode: Sexual Abuse. Follow Cierra: Instagram: @cierramm


Victor Janzen | LIR on Multiple Personalities

On this episode: Victor Janzen, a Mental Illness & Mental Health Reform Advocate, comes on to talk about living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder! We talk about his diagnosis and how it affects his life, his traumatic childhood, that manifestation of his illness, what an episode feels like for him, how the mental health system failed him, what made him want to share his story and be and advocate and more! There is a trigger warning on...


Best of 2020: Top 10 Listened to Episodes

5:05 - #10: Luke Carroll | LIR on Stuck in Peru During a Pandemic 15:77 - #9: Sydney Dean | LIR on Therapy & Mental Health Support 25:44 - #8: Sarah Vezina | LIR on The Occupied Mind 37:25 - #7: Dr. Heloise F. Stevance | LIR on Space & The Universe 48:26 - #6: Maddie Brown | LIR on CBD & Cannabis 1:01:02 - #5: Asante Haughton | LIR on Black Lives Matter 1:13:20 - #4: Chloe | LIR on Stripping & Sex Work 1:25:45 - #3: Dr. Rachel Lindvall & Erin McLeod | LIR on Mindfulness 1:42:15 - #2:...


Anna Tran | LIR on Home Buying & Real Estate

On this episode: Anna Tran, an Ottawa based Real Estate Broker, comes on to talk about real estate and home buying 101! We talk about her journey, finding success at a young age, how the markets work, home buying for young people, how to get started on choosing a home, the buying process, what being a realtor actually is like and more! Get Anna's Ultimate Ottawa Buyer's Guide: Follow Anna: Facebook: @annatranrealestate Instagram: @annatranottawa Twitter:...


Harriet Clunie | LIR on Restaurants & Scrap Cooking

On this episode: Harriet Clunie, Host of Scrap Cooking on YouTube & Rogers TV in Ottawa and Executive Chef of Das Lokal, comes on to talk about how the restaurant industry has dealt with the pandemic and her show! We talk about her journey into food, some of the business aspects of restaurants like serving and profit margins, why food delivery apps may not be as good as they seem, the idea behind scrap cooking, supporting local and more! Watch Scrap Cooking on Youtube:...


Natalie Rivier | LIR on Nutrition

On this episode: Natalie Rivier, Owner of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition comes on to give a crash course on nutrition and healthy eating! We talk about how she fell into this career, how proper nutrition helped improve her health, tips to eating better and improving your mental health going into the winter, supplements, fad diets like Keto and Intermittent Fasting and more! Learn more about the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition: Instagram:...


SabriNa & Cherelle | LIR on Mental Health

On this episode: SabriNa Lemay, A Mental Health Speaker, Advocate & JourNey Coach and Cherelle Jordan, A Mental Health YouTuber & Health Anxiety Advocate, come on to talk about our mental health struggles and how we work to overcome them. They both talk about their struggles with Pure O OCD and Anxiety, how they've learned to live with their disorders, how the pandemic has had an impact on our metal health, different things we do to try and improve our mental health that work for us and...


Mohit Rajhans | LIR on on Social and Digital Content

On this episode: Mohit Rajhans, an Author, award winning media & content strategist and Co-Founder of Think Start, comes on to talk about his books "Rethinking Your Content" and "How to Find Growth Beyond Your Personal Brand". We talk about why it's important to have a social media strategy, how creating content can benefit your business & personal brand, "paid" vs. "organic" growth, how to think about your digital footprint and more! Rethinking Your Content : Strategies to Synergies is...


Bobby Del Rio | LIR on "The Market" & Expression

On this episode: Bobby Del Rio, Writer/Director of The Market feature film, comes on to talk about his new movie and the long journey creating it! We talk about the inspiration for the play and film, why he put so much of his life into it and the story he is trying to convey. We also get into a broader discussion on free expression, speaking openly on sensitive subjects, cancel culture, art and more! You can watch The Market on Amazon Prime in US & UK, Vimeo on Demand for Canada....


Yujen | LIR on Hip Hop & Art

On this episode: Yujen, an Ottawa based Hip Hop Artist and Producer, comes on to talk about his music and about culture! We talk about how he got his start, his inspiration when writing, his new song and video for "Talking A Lot", hip hop history, music, the arts, politics, culture and more! You can listen to Yujen on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. Follow him: Instagram: @itsyujen YouTube: Yujen


Ste7en Foster | LIR on The Last Alias

On this episode: Ste7en Foster, Author of The Last Alias: True Stories and a Tale That Might Be comes on to talk about the stories that went into his new book! We talk about his life in anime, his life, his struggles with addiction and his sexuality, what he's learned, why he decided to share it all in the book and more! The Last Alias: True Stories and a Tale That Might Be is available to order on...


Gerry & Jamison | LIR on The US Election

On this episode: Gerry & Jamison, hosts of The Owl Podcast and indepedent American voters, come on to talk about the 2020 US Election! We talk about the possibilities and talks of civil unrest, rising tensions, what really matters to American voters, how they feel America is percieved around the world, the pandemic, possible outcomes after the election and more! You can download and subscibe to The Owl Podcast everywhere you get your favourite podcasts. Learn...


Laura Pieri | LIR on Singing & the Music Industry

On this episode: Laura Pieri, a Singer-Songwriter, comes on to talk about music and her career in the music industry! We talk about her move from Brazil to America to pursue music, working with music industry leaders, her experience in studying music, her recent single "All I Need", mental health, what's next and more! You can stream "All I Need" and the rest of her music on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and everywhere you listen! Learn more: www. Facebook, Twitter &...


Chloe | LIR on Stripping & Sex Work

On this episode: Chloe, a Stripper, Sex Worker and Host of the Stripper Stories Podcast, comes on to talk about some of the aspects of the sex work industry! We talk about how she got into it, the business, OnlyFans, relationships, sex, feminism, the dynamic between men & women and more! You can listen to Stripper Stories everywhere you get your favourite podcasts! Learn more: Twitter: @PodcastStripper Instagram: @stripperstoriespodcast


Chris Wyllie | LIR on Brain Transformation & Optimization

On this episode: The Game Changer, Chris Wyllie, a Neuroscientist and Brain Optimization Specialist, comes on to talk about how to transform your brain to help treat mental health issues! We talk about different techniques, the science behind improving your brain, why it helps, things you can do and more. You can follow Chris and learn more about his services: Facebook: @thegamechangerltd Twitter: @ChrisBBCAN8 Instagram:...