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Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod

Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod






Real conversations. Real people. A guest-focused podcast about the world for curious minds! Available everywhere you get podcasts! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth, @bigredryan01. Facebook & Instagram: @LifeinRedPodcast Twitter: @LifeinRedPod




April Haggart | LIR on Trauma Recovery

On this episode: April Haggart, a Trauma Recovery Coach, comes on to share her mental health & trauma story, as well as how a Trauma Recovery Coach can help heal you and your inner child. We talk about her experience trying to heal, exploring and learning about her own trauma, why she decided to become a coach, what a coach actually can do and does not do, the stigma surrounding trauma, ways to heal and more! For more information or to book a free consultation:...


Anushka Kurian | LIR on The 2022 Ontario Election

On this episode: Anushka Kurian, a Political Commentator, Analyst and Strategist, comes on to share everything you need to know about the 2022 Ontario Election on June 2nd, 2022. We talk about our democracy, state of our discourse & the political climate, the importance of voting, the story of this election, the main issues candidates and parties are focusing on, the strategy of each leader and party, challenges they face, the promises & platforms and more! For more politics and analysis,...


Noah Tile | LIR on Mental Health & Religion

On this episode: Noah Tile, a Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Resolvve Inc. and Host of the Change Talk podcast, comes on to share his perspective on the intersections of mental health and religion. We talk about some of the experiences he sees in his practice, how the pandemic has affected children psychologically, his study of becoming a Rabbi, how his professional experience relates to his spiritual practice, antisemitism and it's impacts on mental health and more! Find out more about...


Angelica Galluzzo | LIR on The Revolutionized Mind

On this episode: Angelica Galluzzo, a Mental Health Advocate and Host of The Revolutionized Mind, comes on to share her mental health journey and talk about the impact of her podcast. We talk about when she first noticed she was struggling with her mental health, her lowest point and how she overcame it, the balance between being a high performance athlete and mental health struggles, why she started her podcast, how it's changed her, why she started publicly advocating and more! Find The...


Rob Pintwala| LIR on First Session & Therapy

On this episode: Rob Pintwala, Founder of First Session, comes on to share and talk about his mental health platform, First Session. We talk about why he developed this service, how it works, finding the right therapist, the importance of therapy, how you can start the journey of therapy, accessibility and diversity in therapy, his own story and more! Learn more and find the right therapist for you: Follow First Session on Social Media: Instagram:...


BethAnn Pardo | LIR on Long Covid

On this episode: BethAnn Pardo, an Advocate for living life with Long Covid, comes on to share her story on her 2 year battle with the complications from the virus. We talk about her life as an ultra-marathoner before her initial diagnosis, contracting the virus and her physical and mental battle with it, how her symptoms never went away, when she realized she might have long covid, her treatment, how it's changed her life, why she started to share her story and more! Learn more about her...


Best of 2021: Top 10 Listened to Episodes

5:12 - #10: Summar Bourada | LIR on Endometriosis & Women's Health 16:18 - #9: Amanda Bernardo | LIR on Mental Health & Advocacy 27:35 - #8: Kasia Szyszkowicz | LIR on Stress, your gut & your brain 40:48 - #7: Christie & Alicia | LIR on Nurising During COVID 54:10 - #6: Debra Savoy | LIR on Energy & Mediums 1:04:28 - #5: Kate Punnett | LIR on Flowers & Social Artistry 1:13:24 - #4: Ainsley Kirkpatrick | LIR on Pregnancy & Birth 1:26:54 - #3: Becca | LIR on The Unashamed...


Jared Salekin| LIR on Journey with Jared

On this episode: Jared Salekin, Host of The Journey with Jared Podcast, comes on to share his mental health story and talk about men's mental health. We talk about when he first discovered he was having challenges with mental health, how stigma prevented him from realizing it, how joining a group for men changed his perspective, how he started to heal, men's mental health, embracing healthy masculinity and more! Listen to The Journey with Jared everywhere you get...


Christie Cowan | LIR on Beyond the Bedpan

On this episode: Christie Cowan, a Nurse, Blogger and Host of Beyond the Bedpan, comes on to talk about the urgent issues healthcare workers are facing. We talk about how healthcare workers are dealing with the pandemic, the anxiety around the new variant, the mental health challenges and extreme burnout healthcare workers are facing, Bill 124, why so many nurses are leaving the profession, how that will impact the future of healthcare and more! Listen to Beyond the Bedpan everywhere you...


Samantha Baugnon | LIR on Acting & Producing: Night Night

On this episode: Samantha Baugnon, an Actress and Creative Executive at K Factor Films, comes on to talk about her career and new film she helped produce, Night Night. We talk about her experience as a young woman in the film industry, working at the brand new K Factor Films, their mission to make the industry more inclusive, some of her prior work. We also talk about the film, what went into making it, reception and more! Learn more and watch Night Night:...


Barbie Liss | LIR on Restorative Justice & Healthy Aging

On this episode: Barbie Liss, an ANTI Anti~Aging Coach and Advocate & Speaker for Restorative Justice, comes on to talk about her mental health journey and what lead to her new perspective on life. We talk about her daughters assault and how that lead to a restorative justice process with her abuser, how that process changed the outcome for her, her daughter and everyone involved, how it lead to a new perspective on questioning traditional practices and systems, which lead to her transition...


Laura Oliver | LIR on Women's Hockey

On this episode: Laura Oliver, President of the Grindstone Award Foundation, comes on to talk about Grindstone Awards, their mission and women's hockey. We talk about Grindstone and why it was started, girl's minor hockey, the state of women's hockey, the saga between the PHF & PWHPA, getting more sponsors and media to support the game, how we can grow the game and more! Learn more about Grindstone, make a donation or apply for a grant: Follow Laura &...


John Dickson | LIR on The Self-Care Plan

On this episode: John Dickson, a Mental Health Advocate and Blogger at Righting the Shop, comes on to talk about his journey with mental illness and his self-care plan. We talk about his battle with depression and bipolar 2, why & how he developed his self-care plan, why he shared it with the world, how it helps him, how you can put together a plan and more! Learn more and check out the blog: Read the full Self-Care Plan:...


Riley McEntee | LIR on Trans Inclusion & Education

On this episode: Riley McEntee, a Trans Activist and Educator, comes on to talk about his story as a Trans person and how we can make the world more inclusive. We talk about his journey of finding himself, his transition, common disinformation surrounding things like puberty blockers, hormone therapy and safety, dating, how important Trans representation is, resources and how we can better educate ourselves and more! Follow Riley on social media: Twitter: @riles_mcentee


Emily, Jessica & Shannon | LIR on

On this episode: The team at Ladyloud Clothing Company, Emily, Jessica and Shannon, come on to talk about the mission behind their organization and issues women face. We talk about why they started this company to help women, equality, intersectionality, why they want to include men in the feminist conversation, violence against women, dating, creating spaces for ALL women, what we can all do to advance women's movements and more! Learn more and check out the Ladyloud Shop:...


Lindsay Healey | LIR on Forensic Psychology

On this episode: Lindsay Healey, a PhD Student at Carleton University in Forensic Psychology and Research Coordinator at the Royal Mental Health Centre in the Forensic Research Unit, comes on to talk about her research in Forensic Psychology and the system behind being Not Criminally Responsible. We talk about what Forensic Psychology is, how someone is found NCR, the myths behind someone with mental illness and NCR, rehabilitation in the criminal justice system, media's sensationalism of...


Mikaela Brewer | LIR on Mental Health in Athletes and Sport

On this episode: Mikaela Brewer, a Mental Health Advocate, Writer and Author of 'The Sifting Project' comes on to talk about her book and share her mental health story. We talk about the concept and process to developing her story, how writing has helped support her mental health, how mental illness and being a Div 1. Basketball Player intersected, her recovery, some of her mental health research and experience in athletes, her future and more. Learn more about and purchase your copy of...


Devon J Hall | LIR on Loud Mouth Brown Girl

On this episode: Devon J Hall, Founder/Creator of Loud Mouth Brown Girl, comes on to share her experiences and story on mental health, trauma and healing. *There is a trigger warning on this episode for S/A*. We talk about how and why she started Loud Mouth Brown Girl, her writing, her experiences of racism, abuse, violence and trauma, how she has healing, cannabis and more. Learn more about Loud Mouth Brown Girl and check out some of her work: Instagram:...


Mrs. Mott | LIR on Teaching in a Pandemic

On this episode: Leslie Mott a Grades 4 & 5 Teacher of over 25 years in the Ottawa area, comes on to share her experience on what schools and teaching in a pandemic has been like. We talk about the struggles of kids, parents and teachers, the transition into virtual learning, the safety of schools, learning loss & delay, the mental health of teachers, what the future might look like and more!


Kasia Szyszkowicz | LIR on Stress, your gut & your brain

On this episode: Kasia Szyszkowicz, a Mental Health Researcher and PhD candidate at the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University & Canadian Institutes of Health Research, comes on to share some of her research into how stress and other social factors play a role in overall health, mental health and more. We talk about what she studies, how specific stressors in life impact us in a biological and neurological way based on her research, things she's learned through her time...