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The Courage in Being a black Atheist w/ Alix Jules

I chat with secular activist, Alix Jules, about his work in the atheist community and delve into his interesting journey into becoming a non-believer. Here's a link to the my Patheos piece mentioned in the broadcast: ***Please consider donating to my Patreon if you find any value in the show...Thanks!***


Our Lives Matter, Too: A Conversation w/ Black Lives Matter Sacramento Founder, Tanya Faison

I chat with the Tanya Faison, Founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento about what it means to do grassroots work in an age of overwhelming state surveillance. We get into some generational differences in how today's youth resist state violence compared to their older and more critical Baby Boomer forerunners. As I expected, Sacramento's Stephon Clark's name was speckled throughout the program by the guest, as his death at the hands of law enforcement captured the attention of the nation...


America's Valjean: A Conversation w/ Lewis Conway, Jr.

I chat with Austin City council candidate, Lewis Conway, Jr. A contender for a seat representing Austin's District 1, Conway's run has captured the attention of the state as well as the country due to his status as a convicted felon. His candidacy could mark a change in societal attitudes toward felons, much less those seeking political office. Democratic socialism, Austin politics, second chances and the prison-industrial complex are all on the menu in this discussion. Links:...


Russiagate, the Deep State and then Some w/ former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney

I chat with former U.S. Representative of the State of Georgia and 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, about the Russiagate scandal and turning a skeptical eye towards the intelligence agencies claiming that the Russian Federation was behind the hacking of DNC (Democratic National Committee) servers in the summer of 2016. She also breaks down her concept of "Power Cells," a way of governing through direct democracy, as she finds democracy in its representative form...


Decolonizing the Mind w/ Woke Vegana

I chat with animal rights activist, Woke Vegana, about her journey in decolonizing her mind from the matrix of white supremacy. Vegana was the target of many a racist last summer when she posted a video of her burning a U.S. flag on her Youtube channel, as she holds that it represents slavery and genocide. The relationship between Black Americans (descendants of American slaves) and the Latinx community, Trump supporters and lack of non-white visibility in animal rights activism provided...


The Negro Who Cites Montesquieu Must Be Watched (The Frantz Fanon Episode) w/ Dr. Christopher J. Lee

I chat with Lafayette College professor, Dr. Christopher J. Lee, about the life and works of my all-time favorite revolutionary, Frantz Fanon. Dr. Lee penned Frantz Fanon: Toward A Revolutionary Humanism (2015), a synoptical work touching on Fanon's upper middle class upbringing on the island of Martinique, his days as an advocate and leading ideologue behind Algeria's armed resistance against France and everything in between. We go far and wide in this conversation and delve into how...


The Man-Not and the Precariousness of Black Male Life w/Dr. Tommy J. Curry

I chat with Dr. Tommy J.Curry, Texas A&M professor of philosophy, about his book "The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood." Using social dominance theory as the backdrop to explain the subjugated caste-like position of black males in the United States, Curry advocates for a study of black males in the American academy that utilizes data as opposed to relying on centuries-old stereotypes propagated in literature that depict black men and boys as brutes and...


The Counterrevolution of 1776 w/ Dr. Gerald Horne

I chat with historian Dr. Gerald Horne about his book the Counterrevolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America. This was a real treat considering that he continually tied race and chattel slavery of yesteryear to our current "Trumpian" state of affairs. The trade of Africans in the colonial Caribbean and North America was not for the risk averse or the meek of heart. Not only did those who engaged in trade and buying and selling of Africans face the...


A Black Atheist Experience w/ Mandisa Thomas

I chat with Black Non-Believers, Inc. founder and president, Mandisa Thomas on navigating being a black atheist when steeped in a deeply religious tradition. This was quite a treat because this was the first time I had actually talked to another openly black atheist about being a non-believer! Links:


Policing and Technology w/ Matt Stroud

I chat with freelance writer, Matt Stroud, a contributor to publications, such as The Verge, The Atlantic and The Intercept about his interesting niche of covering how police departments across the country use new technologies in their work. We also delve into the business aspect of it-- or how companies that manufacture items like tasers (which is an acronym and comes with a noteworthy history) and body cameras pitch them to those entrusted to protect and serve.


Agency (or How Much Control Do We Have?) w/ Jessica Pettitt

I chat with social justice/diversity educator and consultant, Jessica Pettitt, author of Good Enough Now, about learning to be comfortable in one's own skin, formulaic ways we tend to respond to new and stressful situations and what applying some her books wisdom to my life would look like in a very racially-charged scenario.


Anti-Intellectualism w/ Dr. Dane S. Claussen

I chat with Thiel College Communication professor, Dr. Dane S. Claussen, author of Anti-Intellectualism in American Media: Magazines and Higher Education (2004), about America's aversion to learning for learning sake and its manifestations in higher ed and politics.