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Martin Wong Chat deep dives into meaningful conversations with intriguing guests from different industries such as cosplay, gaming, photography, and much much more.






Martin Wong Chat deep dives into meaningful conversations with intriguing guests from different industries such as cosplay, gaming, photography, and much much more.






Martin Wong Chat #50 - Briana White

Briana is the voice of lead character Aerith Gainsborough in the video game Final Fantasy VII Remake, her first voice acting role that she didn't expect to get. At a young age, she was determined to pursue acting, a journey with many hurdles, which eventually also lead her to streaming and gaming. Briana also shared her experience with the filming industry in Los Angeles and her gleeful attitude toward challenging times.


Martin Wong Chat #49 - negaoryx

negaoryx got to experience being a viral meme during her Last of Us gameplay a year ago, but her content doesn't just stop there. Like many others, being a full time streamer was never her plan but it has definitely taken over her life as a content creator.


Martin Wong Chat #48 - Riot Gene

Being a senior developer relations at one of the biggest free-to-play video game, Riot Gene showed me a look into the professional video game industry with an unique insight.


Martin Wong Chat #47 - MineralBlu

If you follow cosplay videos, then you might have seen one of his videos on YouTube or MineralBlu has traveled all across Northern America and has covered many events, his videos truly captured the variety of cosplay we have seen in America.


Martin Wong Chat #46 - Erika Ishii

Erika is an extremely talented actor with an impressive VA portfolio. We always run into each other in the nerd community and entertainment industry, so it was super nice to get to sit down and have a real long conversation for once.


Martin Wong Chat #45 - Skooch

Skooch (Kevin), who recently got back to USA on the last flight from the UK during the pandemic, talked about his journey being a YouTuber. From the irregular hours to YT view chasing, we shared our experience of the hardship of being a content creator.


Martin Wong Chat #44 - Hoku Props

Hoku Props is not only a prop maker but also a great cosplayer, however, we got to deep dive further into the business aspect of being a content creator.


Martin Wong Chat #43 - Angela Bermúdez

I met Angela through the world of cosplay, the same world that she met her husband. She shared her wonderful love story about how she met her lover and their motivation for each other with art.


Martin Wong Chat #42 - Mari Takahashi

It's never easy to work in the entertainment industry, but it's significantly more difficult when battling against racism and sexism. Mari Takahashi, an Asian American woman, overcame those hurdles and became one of the most well-known content creators in the gaming industry. From her appearances in Smosh Gaming to her own films, Mari is definitely well-versed in front and behind the camera.


Martin Wong Chat #41 - Barbara Dunkelman

Take a peek at how large production teams like Rooster Teeth transition into work-from-home during the quarantine days, Barbara Dunkelman told us her story from starting out as a Rooster Teeth fan to being one of most involved members. We also got to explore how we are tackling internet culture and dealing with new social media platforms.


Martin Wong Chat #40 - Ladee Danger

The journey after cosplay is endless, Ladee Danger left cosplay to find her path in streaming, hosting, and rediscovered new ways to channel her creativity. We also talked about the current situation with COVID, BLM, and her own personal struggle & experience growing up in a biracial family.


Martin Wong Chat #39 - Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott

If you have seen some of the popular parody series on YouTube such as DragonBall Z Abridged, then you have heard his voice before. Curtis also took us on a journey to his personal struggles and shared some insights on his battle against addiction.


Martin Wong Chat #38 - Reagan Kathryn

Reagan is not only a good friend but an amazing cosplayer who recently ventured into YouTube and streaming with great success. My favorite part is talking about our experience getting ghosted by companies!!


Martin Wong Chat #37 - Mark Meer

Many people have seen Mark Meer, but even more people have heard his voice, especially with his role as Commander Shepard from the popular video game Mass Effect. Mark shared his stories and experience being a voice actor and also how his improv experience translates over to D&D and theater.


Martin Wong Chat #36 - Athel Rogers

Athel has entered the cosplay photography since a few years ago but has always shown promising photography work in and out of the cosplay community. Being a cosplay photographer myself, we share a lot of common interest and also frustration within the cosplay community.


Martin Wong Chat #35 - HendoArt

Hendo is a multi-talented cosplayer who has a passion for crafting, DND, and psychology. And we have gotten a chance to talk about all three things!


Martin Wong Chat #34 - Lindsay Elyse & GrimisS

Lindsay and GrimisS (Zach) are some of the people that I have met in the early days of my cosplay photography days, and they have instantly become friends for the rest of my life. Not only they cosplay, but they also stream almost daily with entertaining content and amazing charity events.


Martin Wong Chat #33 - Ashleeeeean

Ashleeeeean (that's right, with five e's) is a long time friend of mine, so we get to share many stories about the cosplay and streaming industries. On top of that, she is a charity success manager with Tiltify, I got to learn a bit about doing charity streams!


Martin Wong Chat #32 - Destiny (Steven Bonnell)

Steven Bonnell, aka Destiny, is a streamer but unlike most gamer, not only he stream video games, but he also streams debates. I got a chance to pick his brain and find out his view on many current topics!


Martin Wong Chat #31 - OhNips

OhNips is an exciting artist with a huge portfolio, from fan arts to 18+ content, from comics to manga, her passion and dedication definitely show through her work. It's always lovely to converse with other artists, and we got to talk about journeys become content creators in the social media world and the struggles we face as digital artists.