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3 Rules of Wealth for Bull Markets

At the risk of over-simplifying, I crystallize my favorite principles into lessons for all future bull markets (0:45) - Navigating the Bull Market (6:00) - Following The Smart Money (8:45) - Kevin’s Market Melt-Up Recipe (11:30) - 3 Wealth-Building Rules for Bull Markets (18:00) - A Quick Look at How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain (27:50) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


Your Brain On Risk: 8 Questions to Check Your Investing Biases

Why do the same bad investing decisions keep cropping up for some people? (1:00) - Are You a Trader or Long Term Investor? (5:00) - A Quiz on Your Psychology of Investing (10:45) - Should You Be Listening To Everything Your Advisor Says? (13:50) - What Should You Do With An Inheritance? (21:15) - How To Navigate A Market Correction (25:10).- Loss Aversion, Confirmation and Availability Bias (35:40) - Long Term Investing vs. Short Term Trading (41:40) - Episode Roundup:...


Apple iPhones Give Me the Feelies

Long before anyone noticed what smartphones did to kids, a wise teacher warned us about the dangers of our devices (0:30) - Judgement Day: Big Investors Write a Letter To Apple (5:30) - Smartphone Addiction: How Did We Get Here? (8:20) - Neil Postman: A Wise Teacher Ahead Of His Time (11:00) - The Medium Is The Message (17:30) - Perfecting Captivation: Tantalizing Television (22:40) - Technopoly: The Dystopia That’s Not Fiction (36:15) - Can Everything “Bad” Be Good For...


What's The Undoing Project All About?

Resist as he might, Michael Lewis couldn’t help but write the story of the partnership that created the most exciting economic power since the invention of money (0:30) - The Collision of Markets and Psychology (5:30) - The Great Partnership of Kahneman and Tversky (12:00) - CES in Vegas: What Should You Be Watching? (20:00) - The Undeniable Force Behind The Undoing Project (31:15) - Train Your Brain for Market Strategy with Probability (33:35) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Your Investing?

AI is not a replacement for stock-picking, but it will become a powerful ally against bad decision-making (0:20) - qplum: Deep learning & AI Based Trading Strategy (3:30) - AI Disruption On Asset Management Industry (7:00) - Customized Portfolios: How AI Is Useful To Investors (11:00) - Adjustment and Rebalancing Strategies of qplum (15:30) - Tax Efficiency & qplum Integration With Brokers (18:00) - qplum's Assets Under Management & Performance (21:10) - How Will qplum Survive The...


12 Lessons Before You Trade Bitcoin Futures

New risk management for the newest asset class is a welcome innovation, but requires different knowledge and skills than buy-and-hold (0:45) - Bitcoin Surges Over $12,000... then $13K (5:10) - 6 Starter Insights to Trade Bitcoin (15:45) - How Will Large Futures Traders Impact Bitcoin? (18:40) - What's Good About Futures Contracts? (26:50) - The Crucial Function of the Clearing House (30:10) - Contract Specs: CBOE & CME Bitcoin Designs (36:00) - Futures Trading Can Be A Double-Edge...


Bitcoin or CRISPR: Which is the Bigger Disruptor?

In just 5 years, two new "exponential technologies" have been created that will dramatically change the world (0:25) - Nothing Changes Economics and Behavior Like New Technology (4:00) - The "Fear Of Missing Out" On Bitcoin Pushes it Over $10,000 (11:10) - 4 Thinkers Who Influence Bitcoin Mania (18:30) - Genetic Disruption: CRISPR-Cas9 (23:00) - CRISPR Creator Becomes Its Cassandra (28:30) - The Brave New World of Gene Editing (32:40) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


Don’t Fight the Gravity of Exponential Change

Technology is reshaping life and business so fast that intelligent adaptation could be the #1 skill of the 21 century (0:30) - Hot Topics for Family Get-Togethers (4:00) - Exponential Technologies: Change at the Speed of Light (10:30) - Futurist Alvin Toffler's “Predictable” Life (16:00) - Anti-Technology Ideology: Neo-Luddism (21:00) - Overview of Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes (24:45) - Jennifer Doudna: CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing (33:00) - The Internet of...


Bitcoin $20,000 Before Zero

Why the leading cryptocurrency has been strongly validated in the past month and dispels the bubble talk (1:30) - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Revolution (12:00) - Bitcoin Volatility: The Hard Fork (17:00) - Square Testing Integration Of Bitcoin (22:00) - Zimbabwe Coup Spikes Bitcoin Over $13,500 (27:00) - CME Bitcoin Futures: Regulated Price Discovery & Arbitrage (36:00) - Xbox One X and Tesla Updates (41:30) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


Blockchain 101: If Bitcoin’s a Fraud, How is Ethereum Different?

Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan just launched a Blockchain platform based on a very different cryptocurrency. (0:25) - Bitcoin Surges Past $7,000 on CME Futures Contract (4:00) - Jamie Dimon: "Bitcoin Is A Fraud!" (11:00) - What the Heck is a Blockchain? (14:40) - Ethereum = Expanded Capability vs. Bitcoin (18:20) - The Blockchain Revolution: Why Cryptocurrency Matters (23:45) - Bitcoin = First Generation of World-Changing Idea (32:20) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


Deep Learning Goes to Wall Street

Fintech innovations are changing investing tools and behavior in powerful ways that you must begin to explore. (0:30) - Automated Financial Management: Betterment & Wealthfront (5:30) - Burton Malkiel: Are Markets Too Random? (9:00) - Resources for the Deep Learning / AI Future We Face (16:40) - qplum: Automated Investing Using AI and Data Science (25:45) - Concerns with qplum: Will the Same Science Work for All? (31:00) - Takeaways from qplum (35:45) - Episode Roundup:...


AI in Action: DeepStack, DeepMind, and Deep Learning Intuition (Part 2)

The power of AI will take over the world with “invisible robots” making life easier, better, faster (0:30) - AI and Deep Learning: Tools Not Tyrants (6:00) - How DeepStack Uses Intuition in Poker (14:45) - DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero Drops a Bomb (19:30) - Psychology Meets AI: Mariano Sigman (24:40) - The Invisible Robots Are Coming! (35:00) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


AI in Action: Deep Learning Cracks Poker Code (Part I)

How engineers taught a computer to beat poker pros using its "intuition" (0:30) - What Is AI? (2:00) - An Inside Look At Nvidia (9:00) - What Not To Do In The Stock Market: Phil Hellmuth (14:30) - Facebook and Intel's AI Partnership (19:00) - AI Plays Poker (24:00) - Creating A Computer With Intuition (31:00) - Episode Roundup:Podcast@Zacks.com


Thaler’s Nobel: Brilliant, Lazy, Humble

After this high-profile prize in economics, investors might just be ready to admit how irrational they can be. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:45) - Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman (5:45) - Active Traders Already Accept Their Irrationality (9:30) – Psycho-Economic Thinking for Investors (12:00) - Richard Thaler: Nobel Praise Where It’s Due (16:45) - Dan Ariely's Nod Before Nudge (21:30) - Save More Tomorrow: Applying Behavioral Economics (25:00) - What To Takeaway From...


Monty Hall and Probability 101

In honor of the late great Let's Make a Deal host, I offer some good and fun reasons to learn more math. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (1:00) - What The Framers Couldn't Imagine (7:00) - Monty Hall: The Probability Brain Buster (12:30) - Jeff Yass: The Power Of Rational Thinking (18:30) - Breaking Down The Probability Of The Monty Hall Problem (24:00) - Daniel Negreanu: Probability Simulation (28:45) - Episode Roundup: Podcast@Zacks.com


The Secret Meaning of FANG

Beyond a mere momentum fad, 3 of these companies are part of tech renaissance that will last decades. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:30) - FANG Stocks: Momentum Fad or Millennium Fuel? (3:30) - The 6 Exponential Technologies (8:45) - Is Facebook an Exponential Change-Agent? (12:30) – A Long-in-the-Tooth Bull Market: Is It Peaking? (15:30) - 5 Secrets of This Bull Market (21:15) - Abundance Excerpt: Igniting The Enlightenment (26:00) - The Rising Billion: The Impact Of...


Indecision Won’t Kill You, But It Will Take Your Money

This episode is all about the risk and reward of decision-making. Sometimes we avoid making decisions, and often we never learn from our bad ones. I was fortunate that I became a high-frequency currency trader 20 years ago and learned how to make lots of decisions every hour that I could never regret, and only learn from. But that doesn’t mean I don't still fall prey to the bad habits we all have when faced with uncertainty and risk.Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:20) –...


What You See, and What You Get: The Neurology of Perception

While "the biotech century" cures cancer, it's also tackling dozens of neurological diseases investors should learn about. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (1:00) - Neuroscience: The 4 Theaters Of The Brain (5:00) - Investors Train Their Brains to Trade: Assumption and Perception (10:00) - Neurology Is The New Oncology: The Boom In Brain Sciences (14:00) - Biotech Companies With Breakthrough Research (21:00) - Appreciating Differences: The Story Of A Misdiagnosis (34:00) -...


Why the Apple Ecosphere Could Own Augmented Reality

One analyst predicts AR/VR markets to grow to $100 billion in 4 years and diagrams 4 hardware + software waves Apple owns. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (1:00) - Facebook Hires Regina Dugan: Former DARPA Engineer (5:30) - Tim Merel of Digi-Capital: AR & VR Expert (8:45) - Pokémon GO's Success (11:45) - 5 Big Challenges for AR (16:30) - Tim Merel's Four Waves of AR (18:45) - Why Apple Will Own AR (23:30) - Alibaba: The Amazon of China (27:00) - Episode Roundup:...


The E.T. Economy: Disruptive Technology and the Behavior of Shopping

Welcome back to Mind Over Money. I’m Kevin Cook, your field-guide and story-teller for the fascinating arena of Behavioral Economics. Please pick a time stamped topic below: (0:30) - Disruptive Technology and New Shopping Behavior (2:10) - Google, Facebook and Alibaba Making Waves in the News (8:30) - Facebook Ads: Creating a Revolution For Small Business (10:00) - The E.T. Economy: It's All About Consumer Experience (15:20) - The Gig Economy: Thumbtack, TaskRabbit,...