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In Conversation with the Chief: #012 - Encounters of the Gangland kind...

In this episode Francis and the Chief discuss an execution style Murder that had everyone guessing from the get go... --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: #011 - No smoke without fire!

In this episode Francis and Chief Filenko close the discussion on last weeks case and the first part of the next one, which this time involves not many clues from the outset, no distinct reason on why police find a dead body, with clear signs of an attempted cover-up after being called out to a fire in progress. --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: #010 - What the f*** happened here?!?!

Another episode of the Chief and Francis chewing the fat on a case from Lake County, IL., the Chief gives the details, we discuss the possibilities and put the questions to you the audience. Then it’s up to you to decide what you think happened... in this episode we also find out the conclusion of the Alina Rybnikova case. --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: #009 - Murder Suicide Other - WhoDunnits Pt.2

In this episode the Chief and MurderMaps Podcast host, Francis, discuss the details of a brutal beating of one female, the vicious killing of another and what seems to be an execution style hit on a male, but is all as it appears to be..? Listen, join in on social media and put your detective hat on for this one as The Chief asks, was it murder, suicide or other - or perhaps all of the above?!. --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: Episode #008 - Whodunnits Continued...

In this episode Chief Filenko and host, Francis, discuss another head scratching crime scene with a multitude of potential outcomes, several different twists and turns in a case where the Chief asks you the audience once again, is it “homicide, suicide, other or as it was in the previous case - all of the above”?!. Listen to the facts, fit the pieces of the puzzle together and see if the detective in you is ready to make the call on this case!. Get involved and ask questions...


In Conversation with the Chief: #007 (Murder, Suicide, Other 2.0)

Carrying on a similar theme from our previous 3 cases, the Chief is putting 2 cases forward for discussion today - the second case he is going to leave out key information such as names, places and - by the way - the actual outcome! He is putting our audience to the test this week and seeing how many listeners are able to take the case overview and make the right guess as to whether the case was Murder, Suicide or Other... will you decide the right one?. Send your answers or ask for clues by...


In Conversation with the Chief: #006 (Labor Day Weekend Specials)

In the 3rd part of our Labor Day Specials our hosts, Francis and Chief Filenko discuss another case which - from the outset - could have been anything from murder, suicide to ‘other’... our listeners are taken down the case ‘rabbit hole’ and get to take the evidence, as presented by the Chief, to make their own determination as to whether there was foul play in terms of murder. If it was a case of suicide or if it was the ‘other’ - once again we invite you to ask questions, get involved and...


In Conversation with the Chief: #005 (Labor Day Weekend Specials)

Episode two of the Labor Day Weekend Specials bring us to another case where Francis and the Chief discuss another case and the Chief asks; Murder, Suicide or ‘Other’... you get to either decide for yourself or go all the way to the end and see how these cases unfold. The Chief shares intimate details of each case from his time in law enforcement and heading up the Major Crimes Taskforce. If you thought you knew it all about criminal investigations with homicide at the core, we can guarantee...


In Conversation with the Chief: #004 (Labor Day Weekend Specials)

On Labor Day weekend our hosts, Francis and Chief Filenko have put together a 3 episode special where the Chief is sharing 3 unique cases and the details of the investigations surrounding them and asking you, the audience, is it “Murder, Suicide or Other” something he asks when he is teaching new law enforcement officers about investigating homicides and other incidents that result in death. We are putting it to you the listener to give us your answers, let us know what you think the outcome...

Duration:00:43:14 - Ask the Chief and Other Updates from the MurderMaps Team

In this episode we have details of how our listeners can send their questions directly to Chief Filenko and get involved in the show and ask anything you want about cases, law enforcement or whatever the burning question is for you!. --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: #003

In this episode our Hosts, Francis & Chief Filenko discuss a particularly vicious criminal who was sentenced not once but on 2 separate occasions having gotten out of prison on a technicality only to wreak havoc once again, taking another life in the process and being convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Leaving several victims in his wake he shattered the lives of many and took life away from a number of innocent victims who deserved justice to prevail on their behalf. The Chief...

Duration:01:00:48 - Right Or Wrong to publicly name “suspects” before Trial?

In this interlude episode, Podcast Host, Francis, asks, along with a number of our listeners: is it right or wrong to publicly name those who are arrested, even charged with a crime before they have a fair trial and are convicted of the crime? We put this question to you the audience, get involved on Twitter and Instagram @murderdatabase and on and join the debate! --- Send in a voice message:


In Conversation with the Chief: #002

In this episode Francis & Chief Filenko discuss a particularly heinous crime which left 2 Children dead and their Grandma paralysed from the neck down. In true gangland form, there are twists and turns that go from the weird to the downright absurd in this case which touches the heart and mind on different levels. --- Send in a voice message:

Duration:01:18:12 - What’s Coming Next?

In the second episode Francis explains what’s happening with & websites as well as the Podcasts... we are excited to say that we have many different ideas that we are currently working on and many more planned for the near and far future!. Francis also lets you know how to get involved with our other Podcast series and if you are a True Crime Writer or Reader, we have something planned especially for you too!. --- Send in a voice message:...


In Conversation with the Chief: #001

In the first published episode we discuss a case outside of the chronological format of the series purely based on case profile and what lessons were learned whilst investigating the disappearance and what would become the homicide of a young mother of 2 children. --- Send in a voice message: