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S5:E11 Election Results, Beating up Students and Mass Shootings

In this episode it’s just Alexia and Tunde (Garfield had life stuff to take care of but he did drop in for a hot second). We discuss election results and why Black women, including Beyonce are getting blamed for some of the results. The conversation pivots to the president doing unpresidential things like having Jim Acosta’s white house press pass revoked and firing Jeff Sessions. We also talk about being an educator and putting your hands on students or having them physically assault you....


S5:E10 Being An Overachiever

This week, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7, and @Lex_topia discuss life as overachievers. It’s been a busy summer for the crew, and we’re feeling the stress of having a full plate. We would consider ourselves overachievers, but is that a good thing? Why are we like this? How do we keep from stressing out? How can overachievers keep from being so hard on themselves? Listen to this week’s episode, and let us know your thoughts and how you deal with being an overachiever. Also, don’t forget to leave...


S5:E9 Black Culture Commodified

In episode 9 we're back to our original format as we discuss things thats been happening in current events and pop culture. We also bring back 'Story Time with a Negro' and barbershop talk. We kick off the episode as Garfield does STWAN. He attended his first Nigerian wedding and he's no longer an edible virgin. Next we discuss the gubernatorial debate with Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis. We also talk about the person who's been sending bombs through the mail to notable Democratic...


S5 Ep8 Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

After seeing all the discussion around the recent episode of The Shop, featuring LeBron James & Drake; we decided to do an episode about friends. Take a trip to Pound Town with us, as we discuss what it means to disappoint a friend and if their disappointment matters, pillow talking, and what the parameters should be for pursuing someone that you know a friend has been with. As always, we’d love for you to leave us a review, 5 stars, and to donate to the show!


S5:E7 Vote or Die?

In episode 7 the entire crew is back to talk about all things voting. The topics we cover include our personal history and views on voting, the Supreme Court's ruling on voter ID laws in South Dakota that affect Indigenous people, Georgia purging thousands of voters in an attempt of voter suppression and Taylor Swift declaring her support of a Democratic candidate in Tennessee while urging citizens to register to vote.


S5:E6 Meet the Negroes- Tunde

In this episode we touch on Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice, and we finish our last installment of ‘Meet the Negroes’. In an interview format @Lex_topia asks @Taut_7 questions about everything from his greatest fears to how he wants to change the world. Tune in to get deeper insight into Tunde (who’s a prince by the way), and to hear about how he got dunked on by a guy who is 5’ 9”. We’re also still pushing support for the fourth annual benefit concert, TIDAL X Brooklyn,...


S5:E5 You Going to Jail Now!

In S5 Ep5 we take a break from our Meet the Negroes series to discuss current events and what’s going on in the news and pop culture. The discussion begins with the Carolina Panthers signing Eric Reid to play football. That topic pans out into delving into Black people seemingly giving up boycotting the NFL. Next we talk about Bill Cosby’s sentencing after his guilty verdict of sexual assault. We keep the ball rolling with another problematic, powerful man in the Kavanaugh Senate judiciary...


S3:E4 Meet the Negroes- Garfield

After we learned a lot about Alexia, next up in the series of 'Meet the Negroes' is @Smooth_orator. We cover all the bases including his Jamaican heritage and if he likes to get flown out by women. Tune in to learn more about the writer, the man, Garfield.


S5:E3 Meet the Negroes- Alexia

In this episode we kick off our first installment of ‘Meet the Negroes’. In an interview format we ask everyone’s favorite hostess with mostess, @Lex_topia. Tune in to get deeper insight about Alexia, including where she’s from and where she’s going.


S5:E2 The Breakup Episode

Breakups can be hard whether you see them coming or not. In this episode, @smooth_orator, @taut_7 and @lex_topia discuss past breakups, how they dealt with them, and the opportunities for growth that come out of breaking up with a significant other


S5:E1Welcome Back!

In this NWAP Season 5 opener, @Smooth_Orator, @taut_7, and @Lex_topia fill the listeners in on what they've been up to all summer and what's in store for Season 5!


S4:E25 #BelieveTheLie (Season Finale)

In this episode, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7, @Negroid_Android, and @Lex_topia discuss the police being called on a Black Yale student, the Cosby verdict, R Kelly's music being stripped from streaming playlists, Kanye West's ignorant rants, Donald Glover/Childish Gambino, meanings behind 'This is America,' @Negroid_Android says farewell, LeBron James, and the NBA playoffs Hit up @Negroid_Android to wish him well in his future endeavors! You can also donate to the show using Cash App at...


S4:E24 The Reformed Racist Episode

In this episode, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7 and @Lex_topia discuss why R. Kelly is free, Sabrina Claudio's racist tweets, Starbucks' racist behavior, and some interesting activity going down at Fort Valley State Listen for Lex's Cash App at the beginning of the episode and send her a request for $2 (you have by the end of the month lol) You can also donate to the show using Cash App at $nwapcast. If you have any comments, suggestions or need advice; email us at NWAPcast@gmail.com and rate us...


S4:E23 Cardi B, Bibby and Breaking Down Barriers

In this episode, @Smooth_orator, @Taut_7 and @Lex_topia discuss new music: Cardi B’s album, convo around Drake’s new song; the role of celebrities when it comes to breaking down barriers; the Bibby and Teddy Perkin’s episodes of Atlanta; and @Smooth_orator does storytime with a negro As a reminder you can now donate to the show using Cash App at $nwapcast. If you have any comments, suggestions or need advice; email us at NWAPcast@gmail.com and rate us on iTunes You can also leave comments...


S4:E22 No Shirt Summer

This week, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7 and @Lex_topia discuss: fitness & how they’re preparing their summer bodies, Fabolous and domestic violence, Stephon Clark’s tweets, women’s basketball, and @Smooth_orator does story time with a Negro As a reminder you can now donate to the show using Cash App. Our account is $nwapcast. If you have any comments, suggestions or need advice please email us at NWAPcast@gmail.com. And rate us on iTunes.


S4:E21 The Social Media Savage Episode

In this episode, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7, and @Lex_topia discuss: Killer Mike's odd thoughts on the NRA, 2nd amendment, and school walkouts; the downsides of social media and why it's okay to take a break from time to time; and responding to anonymous questions on social media via curious cat. As always if you have any comments, suggestions or need advice please email us at NWAPcast@gmail.com. And don't forget to support our 5 for 5 campaign.


S4:E20 Miami Ratchetness

In this episode, @lex_topia, @taut_7 and @negroid_android, discuss how Miami spring break videos have been driving the internet crazy. The conversation then stays in Miami with the pedestrian bridge collapse and Florida International University. We then talk about the beef between Desus & Mero and DJ Envy. After that we discuss how our brackets are trash. The conversation shifts towards the lack of empathy for the victims of the Austin bombings. We close out the show talking about the...


S4:E19 The Black Panther Live Episode

In this live episode, @Smooth_Orator, @Negroid_Android, @Taut_7 and @Lex_topia discuss all aspects of the Black Panther movie. As a reminder you can now donate to the show using Cash App. Our account is $nwapcast. As always if you have any comments, suggestions or need advice please email us at NWAPcast@gmail.com. And rate us on...


S4:E18 The Cement 3s Episode

This episode starts wth @smooth_orator, @taut_7, and @lex_topia listening to G's story time with a negro and his tale of copping the cement 3s. The conversation then shifts towards some Fox News lady telling LeBron James and Kevin Durant to "shut up and dribble" and the backlash to her statement. We then talk about Barack and Michelle Obama's commissioned paintings. The show closes out with us discussing the way Black people are showing up for Black Panther- is it cosplay or...


S4:E17 The Black History Month Episode

In this episode 17, even though G keeps calling it 16, @smooth_orator, @taut_7 and @negroid_android welcome guest, @XavierDLeau as they discuss the following topics: -the requirements of consuming the social media content of your significant other -Faking for the internet - stunting for the gram - living double lives -Getting financial help from your parents -What Black History Month means to you -If it’s appropriate for men to invite women to their homes for a first date As a reminder...