The exploration of self care from a variety of unique experiences and perspectives.

The exploration of self care from a variety of unique experiences and perspectives.






The exploration of self care from a variety of unique experiences and perspectives.




Eighteen: Redefining Vulnerability with Shari Hampton

Full Moon Monday!!! Yowza!!!!!! I’m so glad that when I decided to put this here podcast on the internets that I decided early on that Monday was the day to do it. I don’t know about you, but Mondays are generally tough days for me, so I’m really glad that no matter what, I will always have this tiny piece of joy and excitement no matter what happens, because it’s podcast day. And today is extra, extra rad because I got to sit with someone who I’ve admired from afar for quite some time and...


Seventeen: Becoming a Lighthouse with Niki Hale

It’s March! It’s Monday! It’s a grand day that’s inching us closer and closer to that blessed Spring Equinox! It’s also a fabulous day because I get to post the amazing conversation that I had with the incredible Niki Hale! Born and raised at sea level in the SF Bay Area, she, her husband, and the four-leggeds packed it all up last September to move to Colorado, an hour away from the mile-high city of Denver. This transition has her considering new directions in her work as an artist and...


Sixteen: Intuitive Healing with Amy Alaman (Part 2)

Hi all!! We’re back this week with Amy Alaman in Part 2 of Intuitive Healing. We talk life post-Africa which means we’re talking intuition, intentionality and about figuring out how to take care of ourselves (among other things of course lol!). If you missed it from last week…Amy is founder of Sacred Paintbrush Arts and is a Master Facilitator of intuitive painting, creative healer, and whimsy chaser. She has been clean and active in 12-step recovery since 2002, having gone to rehab at the...


Fifteen: Intuitive Healing with Amy Alaman (Part I)

Hilo!!! It’s Monday and amazing things are happening this week! Instead of trying to fit this baby all into one teeny, tiny imaginary box of one episode, I let it soar lol! The interview that I did with Amy Alaman was nothing short of magic so you get Part I this week and then Part II next week. It’s about intuition. It’s about healing. It’s about trust. It’s about so many beautiful things it was just too darn good to rush! Amy, founder of Sacred Paintbrush Arts, is a Master Facilitator of...


Fourteen: Radical Self-Love with Sonya Renee Taylor

We’re keepin’ it Radical this week folks! And yes…you read that correctly. I got to sit down with one of the most incredible teachers of all time, Sonya Renee Taylor!!!! Sonya is an Artist, Author, Activist and transformational leader who is a National and International award-winning writer and performer and published author. She is the founder and Radical Executive Officer of The Body is Not An Apology, an international digital media and education company committed to radical self-love...


Thirteen: Radical Fitness with Luca Page

First week in February and we’re killin’ it (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself lol!). This week, we’re continuing the impromptu “series” on all things body care with the incredible Luca Page. Luca has been a personal trainer living and loving in Oakland for over five years. After falling in love with working out, they wanted to share that passion with anyone who wanted to find it. As a queer person of color, they wanted to be able to open and run a gym for the LGTBQ/POC/Body...


Twelve: Body Liberation with Tiana Dodson

We’re starting out today with a little blast from the past. I cannot get this song out of my head and while it could be worse….it could be a lot better lol! So as I type I’m listening to NOFX way too loud and being transported back to my teenage years and liking the view from here waaaaaayyyyyy better. I digress…. It’s Monday, so that means another amazing guest that’s helping us (me) human and show up to conversations that often feel really complicated. This week we are joined by the...


Eleven: Who Am I? Understanding the Enneagram with Max Backer

Omgosh YESSSS!!!! Nurtured. is BACK!! It took me a bit longer to get back here than anticipated and honestly, I feel a bit like one of those beautifully scraggly bears after they come out of hibernation. I feel awkward at the mic, am experiencing being really outside of myself during interviews, and am having just all-around thoughts of “wtf am I even doing”???!!! Thankfully we get to kick off season two with this sweet little episode that I recorded back in November with a soul who means a...


Ten: Shadow Work with Pixie Lighthorse

It’s here! The last episode of the first season and I could not have been more honoured to have had the opportunity to share this space with the incredible Pixie Lighthorse. I have admired Pixie’s work since the moment a copy of Prayers of Honoring was gifted to me and her words are a constant in both my personal and professional practice. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so seen, held and known in the pages of a book before, but they have a transformative essence about them and I encourage...


Nine: The Art of Well-being with Marlee Grace

Hello and Happy December!!! I don’t know about you all, but I’m crawling across the finish line of this decade and having to be really REALLY intent on how I’m going to take care of myself in the last few weeks of this year. I always start out with good intentions in January, but by month 12 when the days are short and the nights are soooooooo long, I’m done. I was so glad to sit and chat with the absolutely f$%king incredible Marlee Grace last week and I couldn’t wait to post this episode...


Eight: Self-Advocacy with Mara Glatzel

Yes folks, you read that correctly. We are so lucky to cozy up this week with the incredible Mara Glatzel. Mara Glatzel, MSW is an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host who helps perfectionists and people pleasers reclaim their sovereignty. Her superpower is saying what you need to hear when you need to hear it and she is here to help you believe in yourself as much as she believes in you. She teaches everything she knows about identifying, honoring, and advocating for your needs in her...


Seven: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Dr. Tiffany Jana

Yes, I’ll say it again and I’ll keep on saying it. I WAS SO EXCITED TO PUBLISH THIS PODCAST!!!!! I sat down with the amazing AMAZING Dr. Tiffany Jana a couple of weeks ago and I’m still buzzing. A little about them…… Dr. Tiffany Jana has helped orchestrate TMI's growth over the past 16 years. This includes leading the merger of three companies that resulted in the launch of TMI in 2010. Dr. Jana subsequently established a national network of consultants and spearheaded the company’s...


Six: Belonging with Becca Piastrelli

Yay! Monday! Or as our incredible guest today would say – Moonday! This week’s episode fit perfectly after last week’s in that I got to continue the conversation about things like ancestral wisdom, healing, and belonging. And my friends, if you’re on a journey to continue that conversation, you are going to want to do it with the amazing Becca Piastrelli. Becca is a writer, podcaster, womxn's coach and ancestral folk medicine keeper. Her work centers around the invitation for womxn and...


Five: Collective Healing with Nathalie Farfan

Welp….Hello Monday! And Hello to a podcast that I have been SOOOOO excited to hit publish on! Our fabulous guest this week is the absolutely amazing Nathalie Farfan. Nathalie founded La Brujas Club as a way to ground women of color, and help them build community by embracing their heritage and honor their spiritual makeup... Nathalie is a storyteller who believes that a Bruja's power is sacred and authentic. It was born within families, passed down through generations, shared in hallowed...


Four: Life According to Sam with Sam Lamott

Welcome to Monday beautiful people! For some of you, my next guest needs no introduction (which is good because trying to put Sam in a box a bit challenging lol!). Sam Lamott is the founder of and the How to Human podcast – he’s a creator, a father, an activist of sorts, a friend, a mentor and just a fully whole human! Just as It’s hard to sum Sam up in a sentence or two…it’s also a challenge to describe what this week’s episode is about because we covered A LOT of ground....


Three: Healing the Inner Critic with Dr. Candice Creasman

This week’s guest is the AMAZING Dr. Candice Creasman. I found her when I feeling pretty low and was needing a bit of a refresher on how to be a bit kinder and gentler to myself. Her course on Insight Timer delivered just that and then some. You can check it out here or you can reach out to her on Facebook or directly at her website at In the interim, here’s the conversation I was lucky enough to have with her on all things inner critic. Enjoy!!! Note: I had a...


Two: Yoga and Social Justice with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Michelle Cassandra Johnson is an author, yoga teacher, social justice activist, licensed clinical social worker and Dismantling Racism trainer. She approaches her life and work from a place of empowerment, embodiment and integration and has a deep understanding of trauma and the impact that it has on the mind, body, spirit and heart. Much of her work focuses on helping people better understand how power and privilege affects the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy bodies. You...


One: Intro

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