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Scrooged – ep 24 – OMRM – 1988

Bill Murray and Christmas. It should be a great fit. Heck, Bill Murray and anything is a great fit. So what happened with “Scrooged”? It’s a dark, comedic (?), very 1980s revival of “A Christmas Carol” with Murray firing ad libs with reckless abandon. There are a couple of iconic moments here, but also 90 … Scrooged – ep 24 – OMRM – 1988 Read More »


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – ep 23 – OMRM – 2001

Back in 2001, on the cusp of adulthood, we old millennials saw the first Harry Potter movie. Maybe we didn’t appreciate it so much at the time (we were jerky teenagers), but we eventually turned into major Potter Heads. How does the film hold up 17 years later? How did our kids react to seeing … Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – ep 23 – OMRM – 2001 Read More »


Beethoven – ep 22 – OMRM – 1992

“Beethoven,” like many 90s children’s movies, is more disturbing than you remember. The villain is a veterinarian who needs a giant dog so he can test out some exploding bullets. Charles Grodin mistakes the licks of a St. Bernard for the flirtatious kisses of his wife. Stanley “The Tooch” Tucci is here as a henchman … Beethoven – ep 22 – OMRM – 1992 Read More »


In the Army Now – ep 21 – OMRM – 1994

They’re the few. They’re the proud. They’re the Waterboys! Back in the 90s, there was a thing called Pauly Shore. “In the Army Now” is the movie where Pauly shaved off his gorgeous mane and went to the desert to face scorpions, cultural stereotypes and a streaking Andy Dick. Pauly Shore may be a punchline now, … In the Army Now – ep 21 – OMRM – 1994 Read More »


Teen Witch – ep 20 – OMRM – 1989

Top This: An average teenage girl gains magical powers and turns her life into the ultimate 80s High School Movie fantasy. Big Hair! Spells! Locker Room Dance Numbers! Stilted White Boy Rap Music! You loved “Teen Wolf,” but you forgot about “Teen Witch,” the movie with the single greatest scene ever committed to film. Why’d … Teen Witch – ep 20 – OMRM – 1989 Read More »


Event Horizon – ep 19 – OMRM – 1997

The hero of your childhood, Dr. Alan Grant, goes to space to brave a psychological hellscape and terrifies a whole generation of kids in the process. It’s “Event Horizon,” and Larry Fishburne is pretty peeved about it. Old Millennials Remember Movies Podcast Show Notes: What We’ve Been Watching (Start to 20:00) Event Horizon (19:50) A … Event Horizon – ep 19 – OMRM – 1997 Read More »


Predator – ep 18 – OMRM – 1987

Are you ready for the greatest handshake/impromptu arm wrestling match you’ve ever seen in your life? Special guest Chris Elam (Netflix’s Nailed It) joins the podcast for some hot takes on the iconic music and a discussion on characters that can survive arm dismemberment. Also Discussed in this episode: Making It (2018) Nailed It (Season 2, … Predator – ep 18 – OMRM – 1987 Read More »


The Monster Squad – ep 17 – OMRM – 1987

It’s the best NON-Goonies Goonies movie you’ve ever seen, with Dracula, The Mummy and all your favorite monsters. We discuss one of the 80s most under-rated and inappropriate children’s movies. Lots of swearing and gun play kids! Show Notes What we’ve been watching: Venom (2018) with Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams What Tyler’s Been Watching … The Monster Squad – ep 17 – OMRM – 1987 Read More »


The River Wild – ep 16 – OMRM – 1994

Even the most experienced river rafter can’t handle the Gauntlet. That’s why criminal Kevin Bacon needs Meryl Streep’s help to get him down the river, but he DOESN’T want to deal with Timmy from Jurassic Park or a resourceful dog named Maggie. It’s The River Wild, NOT the wild river. What’s We’ve Been Watching (00:00 – ~20:00) A Star … The River Wild – ep 16 – OMRM – 1994 Read More »


Can’t Hardly Wait – ep 15 – OMRM – 1998

Can destiny be determined by a shared love of strawberry Pop Tarts? How drunk does a jock need to be before he’s nice to a nerd? And can a normal human being stand to be locked in a bathroom with Seth Green (wearing giant goggles) for an entire evening? It’s “Can’t Hardly Wait,” a teen … Can’t Hardly Wait – ep 15 – OMRM – 1998 Read More »


She’s All That – ep 14 – OMRM

Rachael Leigh Cook is an art NERD, with GLASSES! How could she possibly become the prom queen!? Maybe because she’s already completely gorgeous? You might remember She’s All That as being a pretty good teen comedy. Well your memories are wrong! Admitting to liking this movie in high school is actually pretty embarrassing now. How did I … She’s All That – ep 14 – OMRM Read More »


10 Things I Hate About You – ep 13 – OMRM – 1999

So the title says 10 Things I Hate About You, but if you listen closely, it’s more like 12 or 13…tune in as we discuss the movie that made the world fall in love with Heath Ledger, and he doesn’t even begin the movie as a main character. It’s based on a Shakespeare play, but … 10 Things I Hate About You – ep 13 – OMRM – 1999 Read More »


Cool Runnings – ep 12 – OMRM – 1993

It’s the true story of the first ever Jamaican bobsled team. Except it’s not a true story. At all. We discuss one of the last John Candy performances and whether or not the movie is, um, well, racist. Show Notes What we’ve been watching: Revenge (2018) First Reformed (2018) Mission Impossible III Washington Post article, … Cool Runnings – ep 12 – OMRM – 1993 Read More »


Robocop – ep 11 – OMRM

Part human, part robot – ALL COP. Don’t even try to dismiss this as a cheesy 80s relic. Robocop was awesome then, and it’s awesome now. We breakdown how Paul Verhoeven’s classic has gotten even better over time. Some of our favorite moments include stop motion robots, henchmen decisions to stupidly attempt to shoot down Robocop, the … Robocop – ep 11 – OMRM Read More »


Signs – ep 10 – OMRM

It’s happening. Our first 2000-era movie on the podcast. Our first guest on the podcast joins us to talk about creepy kids possessed by dead mothers, whether the glasses of water and conveniently placed baseball bats make the ending great or terrible. This discussion is out of this world. Show Notes Watching Recently: BlacKkKlansman (2018) … Signs – ep 10 – OMRM Read More »


My Girl – OMRM – ep 9

My Girl is much more than a movie about Macauley Culkin dying from bee stings. It’s a relatable story of a girl growing up in a strange and morbid home. Does this movie hold up over time, or is it too shelled in our nostalgia for us to see it objectively? Some highlights of the … My Girl – OMRM – ep 9 Read More »


Mission: Impossible – OMRM – ep 8

Tom Cruise will perform ANY stunt, including skipping out of a ground-level window with some aquarium water dribbling after him. We remember the first Mission Impossible, before Tom Cruise had a death wish and started insisting on completing a bunch of his own insane stunts. Does the movie hold up? How does it compare to … Mission: Impossible – OMRM – ep 8 Read More »


Mars Attacks! – OMRM – ep 7

Director Tim Burton gleefully dispatches a bunch of A-List celebrities in Mars Attacks! But is his audience in on the fun? We explore the 1996 cult favorite? Tune in for a couple new segments, including What Did Roger Say? as well as a surprise segment for Tyler. Mars Attacks! Show Notes What We’re Watching Equalizer 2, in Theaters Chappaquiddick, on … Mars Attacks! – OMRM – ep 7 Read More »


Little Big League – OMRM – ep 6

One of the most underrated baseball movies of all time, featuring the Minnesota Twins (the best team in the world), the legendary Metrodome in Minneapolis, a scary Randy Johnson, and superstar Ken Griffey Jr being kind of a turd. Also, a 12-year old who manages a Major League Baseball team. Join us, Tyler and Angela, … Little Big League – OMRM – ep 6 Read More »


Neverending Story – OMRM – ep 5

The Neverending Story, that movie you watched a thousand times as a kid, is CRAZY as all get out. Giant wiener dog dragons, stuffed wolf things, rock biters and some other stuff that probably gave us nightmares when we were kids (see the agonizing horse death). But is it any good? We explore. Also Discussed: … Neverending Story – OMRM – ep 5 Read More »