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Ep 15 – Don’t be a hero

We have way to many wannabe super heroes in our society and you shouldn’t be one of them. Why is that? And why do you have to be on the lookout for martyrs in your organisations? In this episode Sam will talk about these two topics and when it is better to quit than to … Continue reading "Ep 15 – Don’t be a hero"


Ep 14 – Leadership: Who are your role models and why?

Most of us have some kind of idols and/ or role models that we look up to. In this last episode in our series about leadership Sam talks about leaders like Daenerys Targaryen, Frank Underwood, Leia Organa and Captain America and how you can improve your own leadership by listing four role models strengths and … Continue reading "Ep 14 – Leadership: Who are your role models and why?"


Ep 13 – Leadership: Always be prepared to invade Canada

Time for our fourth episode in our series about leadership. This time we will talk about the importance of planning and what kind of scenarios you should plan for. And Sam also discusses why the U.S. military has a plan ready for the unlikely scenario that they would to deploy troops and attack Canada. YouTube: … Continue reading "Ep 13 – Leadership: Always be prepared to invade Canada"


Ep 12 – Leadership: Spider-Man has got it right

Welcome to our third episode in our series about leadership. This time we will talk about Sams favorite super hero of all time, Spider-Man. There is probably almost no one who hasn’t heard the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” and there is actually a lot of truth to that quote. It has been … Continue reading "Ep 12 – Leadership: Spider-Man has got it right"


Ep 11 – Leadership: Robyn is not a leader

We continue our series about leadership and this time we are going to talk about Robyn, the Swedish pop artist and why she is not a leader. Other than that we are going to focus on your first follower and why that person is the most important person when you are building an organisation and … Continue reading "Ep 11 – Leadership: Robyn is not a leader"


Ep 10 – What is the purpose of a leader?

To create something bigger than a dinner party you will need other people involved and you will therefore soon find yourself in the role as a leader. And maybe the most important tool and skill you have to master when you organise events is therefore leadership. This is the first episode in a series about … Continue reading "Ep 10 – What is the purpose of a leader?"


Ep 9 – Text logo is the way to go

The common idea is that you have to have some kind of graphics profile and logo when you market your event, organisation or company. But what kind of logo should you have? Sam explains in this episode the reason why NärCon has a text logo and then tells you their arguments for why you should … Continue reading "Ep 9 – Text logo is the way to go"


Ep 8 – Meetings are toxic

In most organisations, events and companies there exists a strong meeting culture and a lot of time is put into meetings. But how productive is this really? In this episode Sam talks about their view on meetings, explains NärCons meeting culture and why you shouldn’t have almost no meetings at all in your organisation. YouTube: … Continue reading "Ep 8 – Meetings are toxic"


Ep 7 – Why does your event exist?

What is the meaning of your event, what are your goals and in what way do you want to conquer the world? In this episode Sam explains why it is important to have a mission statement and a clear understanding of why your event exists. Many events, companies and organisations can’t answer the question of … Continue reading "Ep 7 – Why does your event exist?"


Ep 6 – Bikeshed

Have you heard the story about the bikeshed? It’s a great way to explain some basic human behaviour which decreases productivity and makes you focus on the wrong things. We can see it in all organisations and companies, including events. And you like Sam are probably doing it as well from time to time and … Continue reading "Ep 6 – Bikeshed"


Ep 5 – Everything is marketing

Do you have a marketing department in your event organisation? No, good, let it stay that way. Sam talks in this episode about the simple concept behind marketing and why everyone in your event organisation should think about it. YouTube: Soundcloud:


Ep 4 – We’re all just dudes

The world is just filled with a lot of dudes doing not so impressive things. Since you also are a dude as well that means that you can accomplish that same kind of stuff, like for example creating awesome events. Sam talks about how you should think when facing new problems and why the knowledge … Continue reading "Ep 4 – We’re all just dudes"


Ep 3 – Building your organisation

If you are going about starting up an event you will propably need some kind of organisation. How many people should you get involved and in what kind of organisational structure should they operate? Here in episode 3 Sam explains their idea about all of this and tells you how NärCon is organised. YouTube: … Continue reading "Ep 3 – Building your organisation"


Ep 2 – Scratch your own itch

If you are going to start an event, what’s it going to be about? Esport since that is all the rage? Beer because there is always good money in that? Or should you just pick whatever topic that you find the most interesting yourself? In this episode Sam talks abouts why NärCon is mainly about … Continue reading "Ep 2 – Scratch your own itch"


Ep 1 – Stealing your way to success

Welcome to the very first episode of Organise Events 101! In this episode Sam talks about stealing ideas, is it simply wrong or a great way to start your event? What has Sam stolen over the years and does completely new ideas really exist? And if someone steals ideas from your event, what should you … Continue reading "Ep 1 – Stealing your way to success"