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Tina Sharkey, Brandless CEO: It’s Gotta Have Soul

Tina Sharkey is an entrepreneurial force. Since the days of the dial-up modem, she has been building communities, companies, and brands “with soul.” Today, she’s co-founder and CEO of Brandless, a fast-growing startup that’s putting everything from gluten-free hand cream to healthy snacks into the hands of more people at affordable prices. Sharkey says she’s “so done” with false narratives. Instead, she’s focused on scaling kindness. On the podcast, she explains the DNA of Brandless and how...


Jeff Beer, Fast Company: The Best a Brand Can Be?

Trend chasing does not make for great advertising. It’s not a business model, either. As Jeff Beer, staff editor at Fast Company sees it, advertising is everything a brand does -- from creative execution to the CEO’s political donations. Recorded on location at the 2019 NRF Retail’s Big Show conference, Beer talks about what he’s learned from a career spent reporting on brand advertising and creativity, and what to look out for in the year ahead. Listen to this episode to learn: • Purpose is...


Beth Comstock: Life as an Outsider Inside

As Beth Comstock sees it, most companies simply aren’t ready for the massive change happening in the world. After nearly three decades in senior leadership roles at GE and NBC Universal, she’s learned a lot from her successes (and failures) in navigating change and fostering creativity. It’s why she wrote her book, Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change. Comstock joins the podcast to share ideas from her book and why she describes herself as an “outsider inside.”...


Rita Gunther McGrath: What’s Next for Strategy?

Author and Columbia Business School Professor Rita Gunther McGrath is a world-renowned expert on strategy, innovation, and growth. Her work has been a beacon for companies during times of uncertainty. She and Ian MacMillan created “discovery-driven planning,” a foundational idea for the lean startup methodology — and her bestselling book, The End of Competitive Advantage, is considered the definitive strategy playbook. McGrath joins the podcast to talk about how growth strategies and...


Mike Sepso: ‘Esports are a New Layer of Sports’

From Asia to the Americas, there are 320+ million esports fans around the world -- and the audience is expected to double by 2020. But the professional sport of competitive gaming is not just another sport. It’s a new type of global entertainment. Mike Sepso is one of the pioneers of the modern esports movement. He and his partner, Sundance DiGiovanni, founded Major League Gaming, and, as SVP at Activision Blizzard, Sepso helped create and launch the Overwatch League, a new type of...


Hasbro: A Blueprint for Play

Play is a product of our imagination and creativity. It’s up to play companies to turn great play ideas into fun experiences, then get them to market, fast. And there’s no bigger “play company” in the world than Hasbro. It owns classics like Nerf, Transformers, My Little Pony, Play-Doh, and Monopoly. Jane Ritson-Parsons leads Hasbro’s global brand and consumer teams. She visits the podcast to talk about how her team observes what’s trending in consumers’ worlds and works with them to design...


Scott Belsky, Adobe & Behance: “The Messy Middle”

We often hear stories about the genesis of a brilliant idea. Or we celebrate we the end result of a big, creative endeavor. But what about all the stuff that happens in between? The volatile moments of a project when there’s no clear end in sight, but the moments that are nonetheless critical to success. Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and the Chief Product Officer at Adobe, talks about his new book, “The Messy Middle,” and gives advice for how to navigate the highs, lows, and uncertain...


Randall Lane, Forbes: ‘Drama Critics of Capitalism’

Randall Lane has interviewed the world’s power players. Jeff Bezos, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump. Just to name a few. Now we’re interviewing him. As the chief content officer and editor of Forbes Magazine, Lane is reinventing Forbes’s editorial coverage -- and its business -- to reach its highest-ever readership. Lane talks about Forbes’ new emphasis on young entrepreneurs, “microbeats,” expanding global coverage, and how he’s building the “biggest newsroom in the world.” Listen to this...


Peter McGuinness, Chobani: ‘Never Market the Middle’

More than a decade ago, Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani’s founder and CEO, took out a loan to buy an old food factory. At the time, nobody predicted that he was about to start a Greek yogurt revolution. But he did. Greek yogurt today accounts for more than 50% of all yogurt sold in the U.S. Chobani remains one of the most successful CPG companies in the grocery aisle. It’s privately owned and growing at an unprecedented pace. Peter McGuinness, Chief Demand Officer at Chobani, explains the brand’s...


Scott Galloway and "The Four": Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook

Scott Galloway is an expert on the companies that rule our world: Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. He wrote a bestselling book about it, called The Four. Galloway joins the podcast to discuss themes from the book, including how these companies rose to power, why each is so successful (and, in many ways, unstoppable), and what every marketer, brand, and business can learn from them. Listen to this podcast to learn: • How Amazon uses capital and customer centricity as its advantage • How...


TED: Finding Ideas in Big Companies

TED is more than just TED Talks. It’s a global nonprofit committed to curating and spreading ideas — from science to business to global issues. Lisa Choi Owens, Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Global Partnerships at TED, joins the podcast to give a behind-the-scenes look at the TED organization, its mission, and how the nonprofit is partnering with big companies to find new perspectives that inspire change. Listen to this podcast to learn: • How companies like UPS, Merck, and Timmy Hilfiger...


Barry Beck, Bluemercury: Beauty Meets Anthropology

It’s been called Macy’s “secret weapon,” its engine for innovation and growth. Since Barry Beck and his wife Marla Beck started Bluemercury in 1999, and sold it to Macy’s in 2015, the luxury beauty retailer has been disrupting the beauty-sphere. In this episode, Barry Beck reveals the art behind the science of growing a luxury retail powerhouse and why Bluemercury’s obsessive focus on people, product and place has the beauty industry blushing with envy. Listen to this episode to learn: • How...


Tien Tzuo: The Subscription Economy

Netflix. Spotify. Amazon Prime. These days, we don’t buy, we subscribe. Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO of Zuora, has a name for it: the Subscription Economy. Subscription models open up more choices and new experiences for consumers, and huge financial opportunities for companies that rethink their entire business model around the customer. On the podcast, Tzuo talks about his new book, “SUBSCRIBED: Why the Subscription Model Will be Your Company’s Future – and What to Do About It,” and explains...


Monster: When Disruptors Get Disrupted

Monster is the original disruptor. But, over the years, the site that changed the way that people search for jobs itself got disrupted. Elliott Seaborn, SVP of Integrated Marketing at Monster, talks about how the company is using its strong brand and customers to regain its purpose of advancing lives. Listen to this podcast to learn: • How Monster is turning itself around from a “vicious circle to a virtuous cycle” • How customer insights and ideas became the company’s “connective tissue” •...


Twitter: The Art of Influence and Discovery

It seems like everyone in the world is on Twitter. Including brands. But what works, and what doesn’t? Alex Josephson knows. As Head of Global Brand Strategy, Alex and his team are helping brands to create outsized impact and get attention on the platform. He joins the podcast to describe how Twitter, and the way brands use it, has changed over the years, and what it takes to get noticed in the Twitterverse. Listen to this episode to learn: • What sets Twitter apart from other social media...


Consumer Reports CEO: Consumers as Changemakers

Consumer Reports has been on the consumer’s side for more than 80 years. The non-profit organization serves more than six million paying members, accepts no ads, and buys every product it reviews -- from cars to food to smartphones. CR also has an award-winning investigative reporting team that rigorously exposes unsafe products and services, and an advocacy division that secures strong pro-consumer policies and practices in government and across industries. President and CEO Marta Tellado,...


Marriott International: A Brand is a Promise

As an SVP at Marriott International, Julius W. Robinson is the global brand leader for Marriott Hotels and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, two iconic brands. He explains why it takes a lot more than a slick advertising campaign to create a world-class “brand.” It’s about creating emotional connections and guest experiences that will inspire customers to make a brand their own. Listen to this episode to learn: • What goes into being one of the “Most Innovative” companies in the world • Why...


The New York Times: Journalism Needs Change

Jodi Rudoren is a veteran journalist and an associate managing editor of The New York Times. She oversees the NYT’s new gender initiative and a team trying to grow and engage audiences outside the United States. She was also one of seven NYT journalists that made up Project 2020, a group tasked with advising the editor on how to change the structure and priorities of the newsroom to meet the challenges of the future. She joins the podcast to talk about profound changes happening at the NYT –...


Ford Motor Company: A New CMO’s First Act

Joy Falotico has been with Ford for 29 years. But she’s been Ford’s new CMO and head of the Lincoln brand for just a few weeks. Joy joins us at the New York International Auto Show, minutes after the unveiling of Lincoln’s new luxury SUV, the Aviator -- and shares how her background with finance and customer service has prepared her for what’s ahead. Listen to this episode to learn: • New technology trends that are reshaping the driving experience • Insights that inform the design of luxury...


Palo Alto’s CTO: The Smart Future of Cities and Society

Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D. is a world-renowned “smart city” expert, working for a city at the heart of Silicon Valley. A professor, author and speaker, Dr. Reichental discusses the future of urban living and explains the consequences of a future built around software, data and algorithms. Listen to this episode to learn: • Technology’s impact on transportation, economy, climate and democracy • What is a “smart city,” and why innovations like self-driving cars and solar energy could be...