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Outside In explores how the world is changing and how business is changing with it. Host Charles Trevail interviews executives, journalists, authors, and thinkers, exploring the customer-centric strategies and philosophies that are working successfully inside companies, and the consumer trends, industry disruptions, and cultural forces that are influencing business from the outside.

Outside In explores how the world is changing and how business is changing with it. Host Charles Trevail interviews executives, journalists, authors, and thinkers, exploring the customer-centric strategies and philosophies that are working successfully inside companies, and the consumer trends, industry disruptions, and cultural forces that are influencing business from the outside.


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Outside In explores how the world is changing and how business is changing with it. Host Charles Trevail interviews executives, journalists, authors, and thinkers, exploring the customer-centric strategies and philosophies that are working successfully inside companies, and the consumer trends, industry disruptions, and cultural forces that are influencing business from the outside.




Sal Khan, CEO, Khan Academy: Personalizing Education for the Knowledge Economy

In 2005, when Sal Khan was tutoring his young cousins, he started to see a pattern: personalized education (in this case, tutoring) helped students to master concepts and fill in the gaps in their knowledge, making it easier to advance to the next level. Sal, a hedge fund manager at the time, next took his tutoring lessons to YouTube, where his pleasant and intuitive instruction style went viral, resonating with students worldwide. Millions of views later, Khan left his day job to become the...


Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Air Lines: Restoring Confidence in Air Travel

Over the decades, the airline industry has had to grapple with the aftermath of several historical crises, including the Gulf War, 9/11, and the Great Recession. But none has unleashed as much economic devastation and created more uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, calls it “the defining crisis of our generation.” To get through the early days of the pandemic, he knew the company had to move quickly and, above all else, protect the health and wellbeing...


Ellen Langer, PhD, Harvard University: Finding Mindfulness

People often confuse the act of being mindful with the practice of meditation. But mindfulness isn’t a practice, says Ellen Langer, a Harvard University professor of psychology and author of the groundbreaking book, Mindfulness. “It’s an understanding of the inherent uncertainty in the world that leads you to pay attention.” But too often we operate in a state of mindlessness -- because we think we already know the right answers. We’re mostly oblivious to our mindlessness. But not knowing is...


Dr. Ashish Jha: What the Pandemic Teaches Us About Public Health

As an internationally recognized public health expert, Dr. Ashish Jha knew that a global pandemic wasn’t a matter of if, but when. In the early days of COVID-19, Dr. Jha predicted that the United States would handle the pandemic well because of the country’s advanced biomedical infrastructure, laboratory capabilities, healthcare system, and testing resources. A year later, his view on America’s ability to respond to a pandemic, both at the public and private sector level, has evolved. “I...


Lorraine Twohill, CMO, Google: Represent the World

When Lorraine Twohill joined Google in 2003, the nascent tech company was just beginning to expand beyond the United States into other countries. Google was also expanding beyond search, building new products like Gmail and Google Maps. Twohill’s role at the time was to help engineers get these products right for each country, taking into account local differences and cultural nuances. Today, as Google’s Chief Marketing Officer, Twohill says those early days built the foundation for the...


Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer, Tesco: Revitalizing a Grocery Icon

For a century, Tesco has been synonymous with British life. Today, the grocery retailer serves 80 million customers a week from the UK to Malaysia. But in the 2010s the business was faltering and becoming disconnected from its customers. The Tesco brand had become a drag on people’s perception of the quality of the food it sold. In 2014, Dave Lewis joined Tesco to turn the business around and in 2017, Alessandra Bellini joined the team as Chief Customer Officer, charged with revitalizing the...


John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods Market: Being a Conscious Leader

Many people are skeptical that companies set out to achieve a higher purpose other than profit and serve any group other than shareholders. But John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, has always pushed back against this notion. In 2013, he co-wrote the best-selling book, “Conscious Capitalism,” which laid out a philosophy that businesses should be guided by the value and good they can contribute to the world, not solely the profits they generate. His new book, “Conscious...


Dan Schulman, CEO, PayPal: The Philosophy of Never Standing Still

Five years ago, PayPal was considered a dinosaur in Silicon Valley. With an antiquated structure and business model, and new competitors like Apple Pay entering the market, the digital payments company’s future looked questionable. But in 2015, Dan Schulman took over as PayPal’s CEO. He brought with him a philosophy shaped by his experience studying the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga: never stand still. To constantly move forward, always be learning, and think expansively about the...


John Sauven, Greenpeace UK: The Fight to Save our Planet

Humanity is facing an existential threat. The destruction of ecosystems and rainforests, the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, rising carbon emissions and sea levels -- these wounds to our planet have dire consequences that affect us all. Since 1971, Greenpeace has been bringing attention to these threats through peaceful, direct action and standing up to the people and companies who are destroying the planet -- while risking arrest and harsh penalty. “You have to stand up for what you...


Chris Capossela, CMO, Microsoft: The Cultural Reinvention of a Tech Giant

**Our 100th Episode** Early in his career, Chris Capossela got an inside look into Microsoft that few, if any, 20-somethings get. As a speechwriter for Bill Gates, Chris traveled the world and learned about the company and its leadership through the perspective of the CEO. Today, he’s Microsoft’s CMO, working under the leadership of Satya Nadella. After a 30-year tenure at Microsoft, Chris believes the last six years have been an “awesome transformation” for the company, as it’s shifted from...


Tiffani Bova, Salesforce: Recovering from a Growth Stall

During the years Tiffani Bova was advising startups and Fortune 500 companies, she kept coming up against the same questions: how do we accelerate growth? And, more importantly, how do we recover from slow, flat, or even negative growth? The answers to these questions were complex, and they inspired Bova to write the best-selling book, Growth IQ, which details the ten paths to growth that any company can take. Today, Bova is the global customer growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce...


Kirti Singh, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer, P&G: Connecting with Consumers During a Pandemic

Ninety-five years ago, an economist named Paul "Doc" Smelser was working for Procter & Gamble when he set out to answer a simple question: What percentage of Ivory soap were people using to wash their face and hands vs. for washing dishes? The journey to answering that question was the catalyst for what is today known as consumer insights and market research. Today, 5 billion consumers around the world use P&G products everyday. Trusted brands like Gillette razors. Crest toothpaste. Tide...


David Lee, Impossible Foods: The Mission to Replace Meat by 2035

It seems impossible: replace the animal-based meat industry with plant-based alternatives by 2035. But that’s what Impossible Foods believes it will do. Why such an audacious mission? Because the animal agriculture industry is depleting the world's natural resources and releasing harmful greenhouse gases into our environment. The key to the fulfilling Impossible’s mission isn’t targeting vegetarians or vegans, but hardcore meat-eaters. Give them everything they crave about meat...just make...


Pamela Newkirk: Confronting the Reality of Racism in Corporate America

America was founded on principles of justice and equality. Yet, it has never lived up to these ideals in regards to how citizens of color are treated. The same can be said for many U.S. businesses, which, despite investing billions in ‘diversity and inclusion’ training programs, have also failed to truly diversify their workforces and leadership teams. Pamela Newkirk is an award-winning journalist, an NYU professor of journalism, and author of the critically-acclaimed book Diversity, Inc.,...


Scott Uzzell, CEO, Converse: Leading and Listening During a Pivotal Moment

The importance of this moment isn’t lost on Scott Uzzell, the CEO of Converse. “How do I bring the unique experiences of being a Black man in America to help people around me, other executives, society, the consumers that care about and love our brand...to make us better?” Uzzell also recognizes that, as the CEO of a global brand, he has a responsibility to listen and learn from others from diverse backgrounds with different perspectives -- and then, take bold action to create a more diverse...


Ravi Dhar, Yale School of Management: A Shift Towards Forward-Looking Insights

For decades, market research was considered an “auditing function” -- a department inside the business that looks backwards at an ad campaign or a product, and identifies all the reasons why it performed either well or poorly. But as organic growth became more important to a company’s success, market research transformed into a forward-looking insights function. “You can't have organic growth unless you understand your customers,” says Ravi Dhar, professor at Yale School of Management and...


Nicholas Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED: The Big Questions Ahead of Us

Nicholas Thompson once wrote that WIRED’s purview is the future and that “the only way to think creatively about the future is with something like optimism.” But it’s hard to think optimistically right now. Our old ways of living have been fundamentally altered -- and may never return. Nicholas joins the podcast to talk about the profound changes we’re all living through and the broad implications this pandemic will have for society, businesses, technology, governments, and our environment....


Mathew Sweezey: Contextual Marketing in an Infinite Media World

Mathew Sweezey is a marketing futurist for Salesforce. Based on his research, he discovered that June 24, 2009, was a tipping point for media and marketing. That’s the day consumers officially overtook brands and businesses as the dominant media creators. Since then, an infinite and uncontrollable stream of noise -- tweets, Facebook updates, texts, blog posts, Amazon reviews -- has been the foundation of the new media environment. It has inspired new consumer behaviors and forced marketers...


Bill Walshe, CEO, Viceroy Hotel Group: What People Want From a Luxury Experience

In luxury, “cookie cutter” doesn’t cut it. And for a luxury hotel brand, it has to strike a delicate balance between delivering a guest experience that’s both consistent and one-of-a-kind. Bill Walshe, CEO at Viceroy Hotel Group, says that consistency shouldn’t stifle the things that guests remember: spontaneity, authenticity, individuality, and creativity. He calls his philosophy “consistent individuality.” Viceroy Hotel Group maintains 15 properties around the world, from St. Lucia to Los...


Amy Edmondson: Creating Psychological Safety at Work

When Google embarked on an extensive study to understand what makes for a high-performing team, it was Amy Edmondson’s research on “psychological safety” that became the foundation of the company’s findings. Edmondson, a Harvard Business School professor and organizational behavior expert, joins the podcast to talk about her latest book, The Fearless Organization. She says that “psychological safety describes a climate at work where one believes that you can freely speak up with any idea,...