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This podcast series gives you brief and insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies and as former CEO of PMIWDC to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.

This podcast series gives you brief and insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies and as former CEO of PMIWDC to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.
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This podcast series gives you brief and insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies and as former CEO of PMIWDC to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.






48. New Releases: Conversations with the Authors

In the beginning, there was the PMBOK®. Then came the deluge! If you are looking for information on the latest trends, philosophies, and cutting edge methodologies in Project Management, there is no shortage of books and articles to explore. The questions is, where to begin? In this episode, host Kendall Lott interviews three authors of recently published books: Ted Kallman, co-author of Flow: Getting Everyone Moving in the Right Direction…and Loving It; Michael O’Brochta, author of How To...


47. PMBOK® Guide - 6th Edition: Quality

What does the PMBOK® Guide - 6th Edition say about Quality? It refers to the cost of Quality. And there is a cost to quality – in terms of both money and time. But lack of quality also has a cost. Being able to measure quality helps us to juggle and flex project requirements. How exactly does quality fit into the overall project scheme? Is optimum quality even a high priority of any given project? The Project Manager who is well informed and kept up to date on the full program perspective...


#46: Change Management

Being creatures of habit, humans have a hard time with change. But resilience and adaptability have kept us going through the millennia. Projects inevitably bring about change – whether its related to culture, processes, systems, environment, or all of the above – and it’s the Project Manager who must shepherd the team or the organization through the sometimes painful process. That means dealing with resistance. (There are some interesting philosophies about that.) It means planning for...


#45: PMBOK 6: The Agile Effect

This is the second in a series of roundtable discussions on PMBOK® 6. The focus here is Agile and the Agile Practice Guide, which is included as a supplemental volume in latest PMBOK® Guide. For this discussion, one of the co-authors of the guide, Jesse Fewell, joins two previous panelists, Michael Hannan, and Randall Iliff, to talk about the decision-making process that went into the guide, and what it means for PMs who must learn to adopt a more hybrid approach to project...


PMBOK 6: Scope & Schedule

For this probing look at the newly released PMBOK 6, we convened a panel of experts for a rousing roundtable discussion. Host Kendall Lott talks with Stephen Devaux, Michael Hannan, and Randall Iliff about what’s good, what’s interesting, and what’s missing in the latest iteration of the PMBOK Guide. Among the topics covered are: projects as investments; time as a resource; flow; and more. Listen, learn, and get a free PDU! An educational podcast with PM Guests discussing key technical...


PM Point of View #43: Winners

Winners PMI Award Winners discuss projects and their philosophies vis-à-vis Project Management. Learn about how these outstanding PMs went about laying out their vision, handling the stakeholders, addressing the risks, and successfully completing some challenging projects. This inspiring episode offers great ideas and food for thought for PMs at all levels. Listen, learn, and get a free PDU!


Project Management in International Development

Looking for a challenge? Try managing a project whose stakeholders represent a cross section of cultures, languages, and even governments; where funding can come from multiple sources, often many steps removed, physically and culturally, from the beneficiaries; and where the results can’t be measured in any meaningful way until months or years after project completion. Welcome to the world of International Development. In this episode we hear from three experts, who have been in the field...


Looking Ahead

This is a compilation of some of the earliest PM Point of View episodes, covering new directions in Project Management. Robert Brese, former CIO of the Department of Energy, talks about risk and what he looks for in a Project Manager. John Cable, Director of the Project Management Center for Excellence at the University of Maryland, discusses PM in the Academic sphere. Greg Balestrero, CEO Emeritus of the Project Management Institute, focuses on sustainability in Project Management – and...


Influencers Part V - Teamwork

Project Management is a team sport; projects are rarely implemented by a single individual. But the minute you bring two, three, not to mention fifty or hundreds of team members together, you open yourself up a range of potential group dynamics issues. In fact, the pressures of time and budget, along with the drive to get results, can lead to bullying and other unproductive behavior. It’s up to the project manager to set the tone, define standards, establish lines of communication, and...


Influencers Part IV - Quality

Quality is difficult to define, so how can you guarantee that your project will result in a quality outcome? There are tools you can use and steps Project Managers can take to ensure quality results. Clearly define quality expectations up front, and make sure all the stakeholders understand and agree. Pay attention to Voice of Customer. Do lots of testing along the way, with a highly critical eye. Ensuring maximum quality goes hand in hand with minimizing potential risk. Three experts on...


Systems Engineering

Our PM methods face stress in the face of projects that are related to research and development…where systems engineering is the key discipline is needed. The focus is on the requirements that change, that the project scope is unstable, as there are decisions that will arise after the project is undertaken. The PM’s task becomes a focus on creativity over structure…but what are those trade-offs? We need to follow more conditional branching, tasks that aren’t executed, and tasks that are...


PM Point of View #37: Influencers Part III - Construction

“Projects are the machine that turns the investment into value…I don’t think we are in a shortage of money in the world, but a shortage of good ideas and of people making those ideas a reality.” Just one of the excellent quotes from the experts in project management in construction on this episode. Advanced Work Package, interactive planning, story-boarding, boot-time, and “running around for stuff”—it’s what happens in modern capital projects and for the PMs that manage it. Experts and...


Influencers in PM: Risk

Risk is an organizational problem that reaches into our ability to make sound business decisions. We should think of stakeholders (and activating them to be positive and helpful), remember to check assumptions, and recognize that risks shift as priorities and the external environment do. Beyond the project-level risks, and past even basic quantification of risk and impact, we need PMs to consider the ultimate business value of their projects – and whether the project should even be done....


Cultural Resources Management

Saving Priceless History! From cracks in the US Capitol Dome, to the dirt of Idaho, to the empty shelves of the Iraq Museum, experts protect the artifacts of our society. These artifacts are an important element of maintaining the lessons of who we are, of remembering what came before, and of having an appreciation of what we can accomplish. Encompassing historical archaeology, restoration, and even investigating the theft of priceless artifacts, it turns out these efforts have beginnings...


High Impact Community Leaders

Leaders ask the hard questions, the ones others don’t; and they push to get constructive results. And they do this will elevating others to be at their best, making not just a difference, but a continuous difference, by coalescing people around a vision. This motivates others to do what they didn’t even know they could do.” This is some of what you will hear on this episode that talks to the intersection of PMs and leadership. Listen, learn, and get a free PDU! PM Point of View®...



Security issues are everywhere, and it turns out, it’s a lot of projects and there is a need for both the PM discipline and PMs. From Law Enforcement, to National Security, to the world of private security, issues of scope, schedule, risk and quality abound…and communication can be everything. Listen in to this episode as three experts in Crime Scene Investigation, a Navy Seal, and a corporate security consultant, lead us through the PM related activities of the security sphere. Listen,...


PM in Outer Space

You’ve seen the movies: satellite imagery tracking the perfect storm, a landing on Mars, scientists peering into scary Deep Space. Now hear the professionals on this episode that actually manage, the real activities that puts humankind into this realm, this outer space. With NASA’s Roy Maizel, Dr. Eric Smith, Sandra Smalley, and Jim Watzin you can hear the costs, size, complexity and hoped for outcomes of these very non-fiction programs are, from a Project Management Point of View! And...


Advances in Project Management Part 3: The Organization Leans In

Projects exist within the context and value requirements of their organizations. This episode looks at three angles the organization can (should!) take to get the right projects designed for the strategy set by executives and the organization as a whole. From design, to portfolio management, to identifying where the projects may fail the strategy as they generate and collide with organizational constraints, these guests Charles Black, Steve Butler and Dr. Alan Barnard speak to us from the...


PM in the Federal Government: Navigating Complexity

PM, it’s everywhere, and one of the most interesting places to find it is in the US Federal Government. As one of the largest project-generating bodies in the world (just look at the budget!), the Government faces challenges related to size and budget processes…and yet, the culture of Project Management can mature and flourish throughout. Hear how three distinct organizations use Project Management techniques in various ways to achieve very different outcomes, from a program that is...


Influencers - Part 1: New Perspectives

PMs are often the product of their education—their technical education of how to handle the 10 knowledge areas and perform the activities required to maintain sound processes. Sadly, that’s not enough to show real value in the discipline, but rather a focus on getting the project completed, getting the team to function soundly, and wielding the influence necessary to navigate organizational challenges are some of the key strengths that are needed. Listen in to the beginning of this...


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