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Hosted by Anthony Oluoch, Padded Cell is a series of candid, blunt and passionate conversations on #MentalHealth.


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Hosted by Anthony Oluoch, Padded Cell is a series of candid, blunt and passionate conversations on #MentalHealth.




21: On Mental Health Action Day

It's Mental Health Action Day. A day when we move from awareness to action. These are some of my thoughts on what the day means, and what I will do take action on my mental health.


20: Anthony Oluoch - On HIV And Mental Health (World AIDS Day)

HIV and Mental Health for gay men in Africa. A look at mental health on diagnosis, the trauma of stigma and the theme for this year's World AIDS Day, Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility.


19: Dr. Robb Kelly - On Addiction and Recovery

World-renowned addiction consultant who believes in treating the problem of addiction not the symptoms, Dr. Robb Kelly talks about addiction and recovery.


18: Giles Addison - On Living With Bipolar Schizoaffective Disorder

Giles Addison, a freelance writer, mental health advocate and a friend who is a truly luminous being has a chat about living with bipolar schizoaffective disorder. The challenges and the hope. Photo Credit: Adam Khadaroo


17: Anthony Oluoch - On One Year of Padded Cell

The host, Anthony Oluoch, talks about a year of publishing a mental health podcast, the toll it has had on him, the resilience it has taken to keep it going and what to expect going forward.


16: Kevin Mwachiro - On Living One Day At A Time

I have a chat with fellow Kenyan, Kevin Mwachiro, a journalist, gay rights activist and podcaster. His fortnightly podcast, Nipe Story (Tell Me A Story), gives a voice to Kenyan short stories. We talk about his life, his journey and surviving cancer.


Bonus - Black Lives Matter

I spoke to Michael James, Kim Reynods, Treyvone Moo and Marc Thompson about Black Lives Matter. Here's what they had to say.


15: Victor Madrigal-Borloz - On Understanding Vicarious Trauma

The Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, will be chatting with me this week. We will be talking about his work, how his work affects people and how as activists, we need to think a lot about selfcare.


14: Ricki Kgositau - On seeking a queer theology

This week I shall be having a chat with Tshepo Ricki Kgositau, a human rights defender, a trans-feminist activist, and executive director of Accountability International.


13: Zukiswa Wanner - On The Writing Process

Zukiswa Wanner, winner of the Goethe Award, opens up about her writing process and how it affects her own, and other writer's mental health.


12: Bisi Alimi - On surviving his demons

This week, I have a chat with Bisi Alimi, a wonderful, exuberant activist from Nigeria living in London. We talk about some of the challenges he has faced in his life and how he has managed to handle them.


11: Nimu Githahu - On being able to ask for help

Nimu Githahu, a mental health practitioner talks to me about some of the issues raised in the Breaking The Silence series. She emphasizes the need to be able to ask for help and talks about some of the ways in which we can access mental health services.


Breaking The Silence - Egypt

This episode is in Arabic to reach the Arabic speaking audience in the African continent. From Egypt, [Anonymous] speaks to a fellow Egyptian about how mental wellbeing is often viewed as a luxury and not a priority in the country. They talk about the intersectional differences that exist in society and the need for access to mental health services.


Breaking The Silence - Zambia

Muzu Wandile, a public health professional from Zambia hosts this episode with Isaac Peter who speaks about his experiences growing up as a gay man in the country. They discuss the societal attitudes of hyper-masculinity and how they dealt with it.


Briser le Silence - Algérie, Burkina Faso et Burundi

Depuis l'Algérie, Zoheir anime cet épisode avec Star Rugori du Burundi et Solange Kibibi du Burkina Faso. Iels parlent de leurs expériences en tant qu'activistes qui vivent souvent l'épuisement intellectuel, et ne reçoivent aucun soutien. Cet épisode est entièrement en français afin de toucher le public francophone du continent africain.


Breaking The Silence - Kenya

Alessandra Ogeta from Jinsiangu, an intersex, trans and gender non-conforming organization in Kenya hosts this episode with guest Winnie Orodi, a psychologist working with the ITGNC community in the country. They emphasize on the need to focus on what we can actually influence in our lives in times of heightened anxiety.


Breaking The Silence - Kingdom Of Eswatini

Melusi Simelane hosts this episode joined by a being of pure light, love and energy, Alex Ndzinisa, founder and CEO of Who I Am. They discuss the importance of prioritizing mental health in the work we do and motivate us to find our true selves while knowing our worth and knowing that none of us is alone.


A Message Of Love

My message for the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Love!


Breaking The Silence - South Africa

Lethabo Mailula hosts this episode with Jamil Khan, a researcher, PhD Critical Diversities Studies candidate and author of the book Khamr: The Makings of a Waterslams. They give incredible advice to activists talking about the problems that we face in the work that we do, the critical importance of self empathy and the power of ignorance; specifically refusing to admit that you know something.


Breaking The Silence - Ethiopia

Due to safety concerns, Padded Cell Podcast did not find a host and guest based in Ethiopia. Bahiru Shewaye, an Ethiopian born activist hosts this episode with Zelly, a poet, writer, performance artist and human rights activist. They are both co-founders of House of Guramayle. In this conversation, they talk about their various coping mechanisms, dealing with anxiety and depression and the importance of knowing who you are. They also stress the need to be kind to each other, and ourselves.