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Guest houses, ADU’s, Granny Flats, Short term rental homes, Tiny and Smaller homes, Studios and Offices.

Episode 44: Guest houses, ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units), Granny Flats, Short term rental homes, Tiny and Smaller homes, Studios and Offices. With our Kit Homes, Landmark Home and Land Company helps you design and build one for your specific building site anywhere in the country.


ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) For California

Episode 43: ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) for California! Guest Homes, Granny Flats, In Law homes or a Tiny Home. Designing and permitting for your new ADU Kit Home. California has opened up and made it easier to get your ADU approved.


From Home Ideas To Plans To Prefab Homes

Episode 42: Helping people turn their new home ideas into real plans and then a panelized home. More ideas about site planning, civil engineering, utilities, septic and more. Are plan service plans usable?


Kit Homes, Working With Building Departments & Their Quirks

Episode 41: Kit Homes, working with building departments and their quirks! Unique sites and neighborhoods and designing your home fit within them. Discussion of zoning issues as well as more details on energy codes and mechanical systems.


Kit Homes and Difficult Building Sites

Episode 40: Unique and difficult building sites and how to design a Kit Home for these beautiful areas. Taking advantage of great views, sun and how Landmark helps you make it happen!


Off Grid Kit Home Design and Building

Episode 39: Off Grid Kit Home Design and Building! Sun, Breezes and Natural Benefits of home design! Organic Design concepts.


Budgeting Your New Kit Home

Episode 38: Budgeting your new Kit Home! What if a building department asks for more information than they initially requested. Do building departments need HVAC, electrical, plumbing and gas piping design? How is a foundation designed?


Prefab Homes and Custom Design Capabilities

Episode 37: Architectural design and all of Landmark Home and Land Company’s custom design capabilities. Designing for unique sites and how to make a challenging site beneficial. Technology and safety items in homes.


History of Landmark Home and Land Company

Episode 36: History of Landmark Home and Land Company. The desire to design a custom home specifically for each customer’s needs and building site. Custom plans for lifestyle and building sites. Review of Landmark Home and Land Company’s reputation for exceptional customer service.


Why build your own panelized home?

Episode 35: Why build your own Landmark Panelized Home? Save money, understand and control your new home project. Build the new kit home you want versus buying an existing home to remodel.


First Time Kit Home Builders

Episode 34: First time kit home building and Owner Builders. Quality plans for your Owner Builder project. Building Codes and building permit application and approval.


Tiny Homes, ADU’s (Additional Dwelling Units), Granny Flats and Guest Homes

Episode 33: In this episode we cover Tiny homes, what they are and why they'are becoming so popular. What is the difference between ADU's Additional Dwelling Units, guesthouse, and granny flats.


Customer Service Impact On Better Kit Home Plans & Panelized Home Packages

Episode 32: Customer Service and Support makes for a better set of plans and panelized home package. Can changes be made to my new home plan and panelized home kit? The value of quality home plans and how they benefit your new home build.


Kit Home Design Process

Episode 31: New home design processes from picking a plan to turning them into plans for permits and building. What are “engineered plans” and do I need them? Landmark reviews building department permit requirements. Delivery of a panelized home.


New Kit Home building in the city, suburbs and rural areas

Episode 30: New Kit Home building in the city, suburbs and rural areas. Home Owners Associations and Architectural Review Boards and how they affect my home and new home building. Do Historic areas affect my new home design? What if I am in a flood zone, are there home plan issues?


Off Grid Kit Home Building and Organic Design

Episode 29: Off Grid Kit Home building and Organic Design. In this episode we talk about how organic design and off the grid design can merge. We can help people with the orientation of the house, the energy calculations to make sure the house is efficient in keeping heat or cool that it creates. We work with you on solar design to make sure the solar capabilities are taken advantage of and we’ve had customers that have worked with wind power as well.


Kit Home Building Contractors

Episode 28: General Contractors versus Sub Contractors and what is their role in the new kit home building process with an Owner Builder. Should they be involved with the design processes of a new home? Assembly of Landmark’s panelized home package.


Kit Home Energy Efficiency

Episode 27: Energy efficiency, Calculations and how it affects new kit home design. What are the options for insulation? Solar power and hot water heating for my new home. Landmark Home and Land Company can help with Energy efficiency to lower utility costs.


How Does Your New Panelized Home Stand Up?

Episode 26: How does my new home stand up? discussions on foundations: basements, crawlspace, pier or slab foundations. Poured vs cement block foundations. WUI, Wildland Urban Interface and how is protects from wildfires. Do I need fire sprinklers? Engineer stamped plans are reviewed by Landmark Home and Land. What are Engineered lumber materials? Can I repurpose items for my new home?


Kit Home Finishing. Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Siding and More

Episode 25: An easy going discussion on finishing items such as cabinets, doors, windows, siding and more. Mechanical system design. Insulation for an efficient home is discussed along with some structural details and roof loading. Details on kit home site planning.